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Old 12-29-2013, 12:10 PM   #1606
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Guess there's been a bit of misunderstanding here.... Like I said before, Taiwan by itself has a lot of beautiful places, as well as a lot of things you should be careful with. My concern is not about whether or not Esther will be able to survive in the jungle. After all the adventures she's had in her life I have every confidence she'll make it. In Taiwan as well as Alaska.

As such, she won't have anything to fear from dangerous jungle-creatures. The real danger lies in the consequences of putting your faith and money in people who have proven to be untrustworthy and deceitful. Me, my mother and a friend of ours have had this unfortunate experience.

My sister is headed straight towards misery. I don't see what's wrong about trying to talk some common sense in her. Again, not because of the snakes, or the unrealistic buildingplans, but because of whom she will end up dealing with, which is far more dangerous than any snake. So far she has no idea whatsoever about that.

I agree that people should have their own experiences in life, but only a fool would fall in a trap he's been warned about by many others. But if you think you need to experience the misery, then by all means: go ahead. Personally I hope you're wise enough to put your ego aside and take the advise from the people who went before you.

It's a bad plan, Esther. If ever there was a time to take the word of your youngest brother, now is the time. Trust me one this one.
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Old 12-29-2013, 09:54 PM   #1607
NomadGal OP
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My Christmas wall is pretty filled up by now!
Thank you so much:
Jim (LiveWire ADV) for the somewhat glittery card and the gift card inside. I haven’t decided yet what to use it for
NomadBoy and Daphne (ADV) for the holographic card and sweet well wishes
Ken (Limited Slip) for the home made card, those antlers look pretty dandy on you
Heike (MotoQueen) great to get a card from another woman rider!
Bob and Terry, KLRoller (KLRWorld) for the interesting antique Xmas card and the gift inside. Say, why did Santa have a black eye???
BMR Doug and Cheryl (ADV) for the cute doggy card
Brent BuzzardCo (KLRWorld) for the sweet card (PS your last name is Dutch!)
Last but not least Ryan, StraightenArrow (ADV) for the card, letter and photos. It was great meeting you in Haines Alaska. If I ever make it to Wisconsin again, I’ll be sure to look you up.

I thought I'd share with you how cold it can actually get here!
Remember I bought a heating blanket for my battery?
Well, the other day when I got to work, I plugged my extension cord into the wall at work I grabbed the cord that was hooked up to the engine block heater, the trickle charger and the heating fan inside the car, and plugged it into the extension cord. Then I grabbed the cord to the battery blanket but it was a tad crooked and wouldn't plug in at that angle. So I made the mistake of trying to straighten it out, and the cord just snapped in two! It had gotten soooo cold, it might as well have been freeze-dried! Amazing how such a thick cord can just snap in two! Of course it took me 20 minutes of pumping and turning the ignition to get it started when I was done with work.
The next day I went user the hood, bared the extension cord at a spot near the battery blanket, and connected the plug-lesswire to the cord. Well, that did the trick, and I will not have to worry about breaking that cord again. Now I just have to be careful not to break the main cord!

Well, you will either declare me totally insane form now on, or maybe you are curious to see if this will actually work, but I thought I'd take you with me on my new journey into my already existing future

For a while now I have been reading The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, and slowly practicing his suggestions.
Last night I watched "The Secret" which I found out is based on Haanel's book.
So today I am starting to feel and visualize and believe what it will be like to have what I want out of life.
My hobbit home, a great new touring bike, a nice guy to live and ride with me all over the world, and many other things that I would love to do.

My home, with bigger glass stained windows however!

My garden

flower boxes in front of the windows

A cello, something I've always wanted to learn how to play

And for the months that I will spend on the road with my guy, a great new motorbike (I found this pic of a girl riding, just awesome!)
Even though I loved being on the road by myself, I am visualizing being happy to experience living on the road with someone I love, and sharing the beauty and profoundness of this world.

So when this all happens, my Ride Reports will be different.
I'm wishing everyone a very Happy New Year with everything that you want to come true!

NomadGal screwed with this post 12-29-2013 at 10:07 PM
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Old 12-30-2013, 01:50 AM   #1608
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Nov 2011
Location: N. ILL.
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I like to see what you are up to and how things are going, in your world. I like your newest dream of a new bike, a Hobbit house, and a man too. On a cold night a man might keep you warmer, too.

They make cords that are more flexible in cold weather. Might want to make sure your main cord is that style.

Looking forward to where ever you head to once things begin to thaw up north.
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Old 12-30-2013, 06:05 AM   #1609
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Oct 2013
Location: Putnam County NY.
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If you like the hobbit houses, you'll probably enjoy the Mushroom houses in Charleviox Michigan. Just google them, very cool houses to see in person.
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Old 12-30-2013, 08:25 AM   #1610
Dharma Bum
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The house with a round front door is gotta be a warm happy place to live!
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
Bobcat Goldthwait is my mentor.
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Old 12-30-2013, 08:50 AM   #1611
Jettn Jim
This is Liv'n!!!
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Now your starting to follow your intentions! That's how I got the Washington Property sista WoooHooo
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Old 12-30-2013, 03:03 PM   #1612
NomadGal OP
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Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
Ester, It's time for you to come clean! You've got relatives in your closet it seems. you've mentioned a father once and a brother a few post back, and now NOMADBOY. AND started out in Hawaii....before you freeze to death up there, you got to give some history to this soap opera you've got us hooked on :)
OK I will try and put my life in a nutshell for you!
Born in Surinam, South America, moved to The Netherlands at the age of 5. Almost died of pneumonia at the age of 7 Saw the movie South Pacific a year later and told my mom that I would live there when I grew up. She smiled.
I grew up with 3 brothers, 2 have a different dad. Was repeatedly told in school to pay attention and not stare out of the windows all the time. I loved spending my afternoons in the woods climbing the tallest trees I could find. I got hooked on Taekwondo at the age of 14 and 2 weeks before getting my black belt I got kicked in my back by a guy who hated having lost a fight to a girl. I spend 2 months in bed healing. My martial arts days were over.

At the age of 17 or 18? I moved out and went to a school in another town. I also discover hitch hiking and started thumbing to England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and France. I met the most awesome people. Then when I was 19 I decided to experience life at a kibbutz in Israel. After working at one for 4 months I spend two more months traveling through Israel where, if you've read my way earlier post, I was shortly kidnapped.

After Israel I went to Turkey, Jordan Pakistan and India. Mostly by thumbing, and bussing. sometimes by air.
I loved India and spend 6 months hitch hiking around and living in caves and empty houses. I took a ferry to Sri Lanka and a train through the jungle going south. I loved Sri Lanka as well. Met Keith from England there and said bye to him when I found a sailboat willing to hire me to go to Africa. There were 4 of us on a 35 footer and it took us longer to get to Djibouti because of lack of wind. Ran out of food 2 weeks out because the couple that was hired as well, snuck into the pantry during the nights and ate the food that was meant for other days. So the last two weeks we only had noodles and oil.
Then on my watch one night the wind picked up and the waves started swelling. I was in heaven! It was the most amazing thing to see, until the captain stormed out and yelled at me as to why I hadn't woken him. Turns out that we were smack dab in the middle of a storm. So for hours we battled the by now 30 foot waves, but we came out just fine. The next day we found a family whose boat (made out of concrete had not fared as well, and we picked them up and gave them a lift to Djibouti. There the officials would not let me in due to lack of money. So my dad bailed me out and I was put on a plane going home. I was 20 years old by then.

I worked for a while in Amsterdam and paid my dad off, after which I moved south near my mom, and where I planned where to go next.
I ended up traveling to the US with a guy I didn't know who wanted to learn from me how to travel. He was okay but kinda got on my nerves. At one point in Quebec, where we got a tad lost in a national forest while hiking through knee deep snow ,he totally lost it and started whining about how hard traveling was. We did find an empty cabin with a wood stove where we dried our clothes. We had very little food left as the hike took more than the 4 days we had thought it would. Needless to say after we hit civilization again, he split to go home. (I did hear he never made it back because he found his true love in Nova Scotia I think)

I kept hitch hiking through Canada on my own. Hike may trail including the one from Bannf to Jasper. Worked in Kelowna and went south.back into the us. I traveled through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador where I had another life experience. The bus I was in at one point had to drive over railroad tracks as the bridge had been blown up. When we safely made it to the other side, we heard gun shots. We were being fired upon! Some idiots went and hid under the bus, close to the gas tank! Me I ran to the fattest tree I saw and hit behind it. I heard bullets zip over my head and hit the tree.
I made it safely, and sat there and waited for the shooting to end. The army showed up very soon and pushed the shooters back. Everyone hopped back on the bus and we continued as this was a normal occurrence! Hmmmmm
After El Salvador I went to Costa Rica, a place I loved! A strange thing happened to me there. I spend the night in my tent on the beach, and in the middle of the night I heard a car and saw head lights heading straight for my tent. I woke up screaming! It had only been a dream. The next day the locals told me not to camp there. Turns out a while back a girl got killed camping on the beach because a car hadn't seen her tent and had ran over her.
As I got to Panama the authorities turned me around, I did not have enough money to enter.

I went back to California where I met a guy and got married in Vegas.
The marriage didn't last very long and I was living in Chico at the time, when I saw the movie South Pacific again. I remembered what I had told me mom when I was young.
Needless to say, I my life changed after that. I found out where the movie was filmed, sold all my belongings with the exception of a couple of boxes and a mountain bike. and took a flight to Kauai together with my friend Phil who wanted to accompany me there and stay for a few weeks.
Once we landed on Kauai I felt as if I had come home. It was my home for 25 years and I met Mike there, got married and had two kids, my son Travis and my daughter Tamara. It was there a friend of mine introduced me to Lucid Dreaming which changed my outlook on life forever.

I left Kauai when Tamara wasn't doing to well in high school. She said the schools there sucked and that she would do so much better if she lived on the mainland. She picked Washington state and I pickedPort Townsend.
We had a great year there, but she flunked high school there as well. She hated it and I decided to let here live her own life . She could always go to college later if she wished.
So the only reason for me to be there was to help her, and seeing that didn't work I decided that I wanted my life back again. I think it was then that I had also heard and learned of The Secret and had started reading Haanels book. I didn't get very far because things started happening at such a rapid pace that I couldn't keep up. I was totally broke, but somehow I ended up with a motorbike (thanks to my friend Geoffrey from Kauai) Pelican cases and many other things (thanks to JettnJim) and many other things came my way and get me ready to hit the road. The rest of my story you know!
Hope that answers all of your questions
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Old 12-30-2013, 03:13 PM   #1613
me? what?
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Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
However, I do believe that each and everyone of us is meant to experience certain things in life to learn from and to make us stronger. So even though it might be good to be forewarned, there is a negative aspect in that most people will change their attitude toward what they have heard, and expect that to happen. Most of the time what you expect in a negative way wail happen!
If I decide to go, I will go there with an open heart and mind, and experience what it is that I need to experience. I'm not into tourism or shopping, and prefer to be in deserted areas. Snakes would be a new experience, but I do not wish to be governed by fear. If and when I die I will. But to not do something for fear of dying would make a horrible and stifled life!
I'm still not decided if I"ll go or not, it all depends on how whether or not I get Spirit all fixed up before I do.
My thoughts too. Go and experience it (as long as you have a return ticket), if it's not what you have thought, fly back, pick up spirit, and go somewhere else. The minimum you can get out of it is still a life lesson.

If I would have gone for safety and security, I would have had a very boring life and would still be somewhere over there
Cut´tle (k?t´t'l)
1.(Zool) A cephalopod of the genus Sepia, having an internal shell, large eyes, and ten arms furnished with denticulated suckers, by means of which it secures its prey. 2. A foul-mouthed fellow
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Old 12-30-2013, 03:56 PM   #1614
Dharma Bum
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Thanks Esther for the insight into your life,I will check out Haanels book and look into lucid dreaming,when I was a teenager I rode bulls for fun and hooked up with a guy named Gary Lefew,he taught me to ride bulls but he also gave me a life long connection to Buddhism,Buddhism always help put me where I like to be,as a lifelong eccentric and loner I am always searching for new ways to see and enjoy the world,the view into your life is very round and warm,thanks again for sharing.Oh and look up Terrance McKenna he had some interesting ways to see things.Mark
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
Bobcat Goldthwait is my mentor.
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Old 12-30-2013, 04:20 PM   #1615
Alaska Born Ducatisti
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Great stuff.

Very interesting.

Thanks for sharing, Mark H.
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Old 12-31-2013, 04:22 AM   #1616
Beastly Adventurer
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YOU HAVE DONE SOME INCREDIBLE STUFF!!!!! now i can see how you can survive that spot you're in up there. but you didn't tell how you became such a good cake decorator...and seamstress...i just can't imagine you sitting still for 25 years in hawaii after all the other stuff you've done. is hawaii that good?
2012 VSTROM ADV 650
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Old 12-31-2013, 05:05 AM   #1617
Sun Seeker
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Well that is quite the bio. Good to see your dreams are still in full colour. Best to you in the new year Esther.
“Most things don’t work out as expected, but what happens instead often turns out to be the good stuff.”.
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Old 12-31-2013, 07:57 AM   #1618
I do my own stunts!
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Happy New Year, Esther. You've certainly had some very interesting experiences and I hope your future unfolds as you envision it. As you know, a person's life is more affected by their decisions than their circumstances.
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Old 12-31-2013, 08:32 AM   #1619
Gnarly Adventurer
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OK Ester
After that bio I have to subscribe to your RR. You are an incredible person with way too may adventures for one person. Good luck with the rest of your life and if you ever get in my small part of the world, let me know.

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Old 12-31-2013, 02:46 PM   #1620
NomadGal OP
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Originally Posted by adventurebound9517 View Post
You are an incredible person with way too may adventures for one person.
You can never have too many adventures!!! That's what life should be, full of amazing experiences!
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