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Old 11-06-2012, 08:21 AM   #31
GT George
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Joined: May 2011
Location: "The Birthplace of Speed"
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KLR...the two wheeled tractor

When you buy a KLR you are not only buying a motorcycle, the most popular bike of all time,(*) but you are also buying into the lifestyle, and the image. Just buy owning one you are immediatly part of the collective.
Greetings HEKTOGLIDER....Great RR and photos. I'm in!! I hope to be riding in that part of the country next year. I agree that the KLR is a real pleasure and work horse. I'm convinced it's the dual sport bike for me after renting one recently in Ecuador. Hopefully one will be in my stable soon!

Enjoy the ride and keep the pics coming!

GT George
"A man's got to do what a man's got to do."
John Wayne in The Green Beret

Alpine Adventure - 8 Days, 5 Countries / MAY 2011
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Old 11-18-2012, 09:27 AM   #32
Hektoglider OP
One with Life
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Location: Lone Pine Ontario (or travelling)
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we were heading to Highline road, Seton portage.

I had seen pictures of these routes here on ADVRider and wanted to go ride them. It would be a lot harder to discover these places without the info on this site.

we found our way to D'Arcy and onto the dirt road leading up...Highline road.

looking back south, as Thorne climbs up in altitude....

looking back from where we came.....quite a gain in altitude.

the road ahead.....

a little further up....

a great ride.....

descending down to Seton Portage

From Seton we cross over the pass to Carpenter Lake. It was a clinb up lots of switchbacks on the gravel road.

looking back as the old reliable KLR chugs along.

After cresting the summit, we descend down the other side with our 1st view of the road

we get to the bottom, over the dam, and through the tunnel....

Onwards towards Lilloet. we ride the winding road along the river, looking for camping spots.Its a bit early to camp, but we keep an eye out.

we stop an a side road. There is a small sign there, it looks like an ok spot to set the tent up, but we decide to keep going.

The KLR's are running great. It's so good to be on the road day after day with a bike that you can trust. No nagging feelings or thoughts about the electrical system, or driveline or engine problems. Its not a real powerful bike, but on the longer rides, power and speed are not important. Being able to ride with confidence in your bike is worth it. The frame geometry and steering is almost perfect, just the suspension is not that great. So the KLR's are good.

Near the mining claim, we were back on pavement. We kept going along and made it out to Lilloet eventually.

We kept going and the free campsites just were not to be found. It was getting late. If we would have stopped in the valley before we could have got a spot along the river. We kept riding and hoped to find something. The terrain changed to more open country with nowhere to "hide". We ended up keeping on riding, up Hwy 99 and finally got to Marble Canyon. There is a small lake there, and a Provincial Park. We opted for the "economy site" which was up the backroad on the other side of the lake. Far above the water, and the noise of the highway, and the barking dogs, yelling kids, etc at the Park.....(free)

Perfect! just in time too. 45 mins of daylight left. Nice Bonzai pine tree too! Life is good.
Ride Our World

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Old 11-18-2012, 02:26 PM   #33
ignore list
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Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing, Hecktoglider!!!! Any fishing coming up?
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Old 11-18-2012, 03:18 PM   #34
Having a Nice Time
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Great ride and report! I love the "KLR proud" theme too.
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Old 11-19-2012, 07:08 AM   #35
Hektoglider OP
One with Life
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Location: Lone Pine Ontario (or travelling)
Oddometer: 2,536
Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing, Hecktoglider!!!! Any fishing coming up?

We did'nt bring the fishing gear this time. The fish were surfacing in the lake where we camp next !
Ride Our World
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Old 11-19-2012, 07:15 AM   #36
Hektoglider OP
One with Life
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Joined: Jun 2006
Location: Lone Pine Ontario (or travelling)
Oddometer: 2,536
Free Range KLR's

Aint no one here but us chickens......

Looking downhill to the water, the highway is just past there.....

Slept pretty good, out in the boonies. Breakfast on the campstove, coffee, tea. By now we are well immersed into life on the road, and all that comes with it. Sometimes you can "get into" that mode on a much shorter trip, but the longer rides always bring it on.

We popped out onto the highway and head east, but not for long we drop south onto the dirt again.

Hat Creek Road.

Some open ranch country. This is KLR country, where you don't ride in top gear, the big semi trucks are never a threat, and hardly any other traffic. It's a lot safer, as long as you don't ride over your head, take it easy and cruise.....

Further up the road begins to become less travelled. We turn east and continue on,Hat Creek road(Oregon Jack)
The road gets into the timber, and climbs up some cool switchbacks.

When we got to the top and came down the other side I saw signs for Provincial Park.The road cut back and forth through the trees descending down to the valley. This was one of my favorite backroad discoveries on the trip. I just looked at the mapbook and said"lets try this route" . Anything to get off the main highway. Sometimes it does'nt turn out too good. This time it did.

The country opened up as we got out of the valley towards Hwy #1 south of Ashcroft.

We stopped in Ashcroft to wait for the train to cross our path.

Run some pavement again, towards Logan lake. We tried to ride parallel to the hwy on Old Meadow Road, but the road was blockaded about 10km in or so. Further up we did get off the main Hwy onto Lac le Jeune road into Kamloops.

Arriving in Kamloops. The usual routine, lunch somewhere cheap, grocery store, fuel, maybe some motor oil for the next oil change, hows the stove fuel ? etc...then off to more backroads with a camp spot somewhere cool.

We left Kamloops, and I saw on the map Shuswap road, runs on the other side of the river, same direction we want to go.
Way less traffic(none hardly) and easy going.....

We met a few ADV style bikes on this road, locals obviosly know its the prime route.

this guy is coming down fast.....

he does a ditch landing right beside Thorne....

When we get to Chase, we cut across Hwy #1 and ride the Turtle valley road, pop out by Tappen, and onwards to Salmon Arm.

We ride slab down to Enderby, and I check the Mapbook. Looks like we can head into Mabel lake area and ride backcountry to Three Valley. Its getting late so we can camp somewhere back there,.....

A nice paved secondary road into Kingfisher. We turned onto the maze of gravel roads before getting to Mabel lake. We hoped to find a nice campsite back here. The road was rough and we climbed up and descended some serious hills. The road began to peter out kinda, descending a huge hill. I wondered if we were gonna make it through. If we had to turn back, fuel might be an issue.

I didnt get pics of the bad spots....

It seemed to take forever to ride this route, sometimes its good, other times its not. Maybe it was because it was late in the day, tired, hungry etc.....

Just when the road was getting pretty grim looking, we popped out onto a main "T" intersection of a bigger road. We began to follow it north towards the hwy near Revelstoke. I stopped at a few bridges, looking for a decent tent site, too lumpy, muddy etc....
We kept going....and then we finally turned the corner and found this.....

Wow. Its like we were rewarded for trying out that lumpy backroad. It was some good remote backcountry riding, but the scenery wasnt too great, the road was rough, and it just didnt deliver. The campsite was a real jewel.

I filled up the shower bag. I set it in the tree for my buddy. I went swimming in the extremely frigid water and had a "bath"

Theres no suffering on this trip. We eat good, we sleep good, and we get cleaned up good.

What a prime location. No traffic went by, just a couple quads. There even was an outhouse nearby.

The next morning we rode the short distance from Wap Lake to the Hwy and into Rev.

The road was much better....the head swivels from right to left to right, breathing in the fresh morning air

We get into Revelstoke and gas up. We have a KLR convention at the station. 1 guy has a tire that is "chunking out" spitting the knobs off. He was concerned about getting a tire. We all agree how great the bikes are....

Fine dining, while drying out some wifi......soon we will head for the ferry.

After lunch we head south on hwy 23 to Shelter bay. We dont get far and Thorne has her clutch cable snap.
I tried to shorten the housing and tie a knot, but end up butchering the cable. I take the cable off the 07 for the 06 and ride with visegrip foot clutch for a while. getting off the ferry was tricky.....

We ferry across to Galeana...

off the ferry we head for the Trout Lake loop....

Vintage gas pumps....

Stopping at a bridge for a break....

We continue towards Kaslo, and get on the good winding paved road. All the while I am wondering where I can get a cable.

We need to go where there are some motorcycles....scavenge up a cable....

Toad Rock Motorcycle campground. 1st thing I do is begin my cable repair. Grant was able to give me a scrap harley cable, and a "cable saver ferrule" and I soon was back in service....

it was a bit stiff to pull, but I was able to function with it.

Visitor at our camp-------and a visual tour of TRMC

We slept good. Pretty small day of riding, with the 2 hour lunch, cable problems, and early stop. Its OK. no schedule.

We missed the boat by 10 minutes. Oh well.....I guess I will celebrate the cable repair.

This will keep me going all day.....

Hippy folks abound in BC especially in certain areas. We are not that far removed from them. Imagine this guy with a KLR.
Ride Our World

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Old 11-27-2012, 05:13 AM   #37
Hektoglider OP
One with Life
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Location: Lone Pine Ontario (or travelling)
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We cross the water on the ferry, and are heading for the Grey Creek pass. The road was impassable earlier in the season, but word has it, that it is now open.The sign says closed but you can get through.

stop for gas after the ferry crossing....

No need to stop at the store and ask about the road. They would maybe tell us its closed. Perfect day for riding, sunny and dry, with the new clutch cable things are good.....

Sure enough...the road is closed.

We work our way up to the summit.

Easy-cheesy we make the summit. One place had evidence of a lateral slip occuring, with pins put in to monitor it. Otherwise not problem making it to the top.

close up of the sign

The problem areas must be further down on the east side....

one of the bad rough spots that was repaired

We met some dualsport bikes heading up from the east, after we descended out from the top. They asked how it was, we gave them the big thumbs up. The remainder of the road was rougher than hell. -really bad bumps and washboard shook the daylights out of us. Easy to ride, but real rough road.

We stopped for a luch break at St Marys river where I camped back in 08, and spoke to a fire warden ranger type guy. He told us they have to maintain the east side of the Grey Creek road to access some gov site up there, something to do with maintain a generator or fuel supply, can't exactly recall all the details.
We hit the pavement into Kimberly, and then headed North.

The smooth road was a welcome site. We motored north to the Whiteswan turnoff......

The dirt road was pretty dusty, but we made it to the hot springs.....

someone has a sense of humour....

This is a real nice site. The word is out now, lots of people here

we had a good soak of the bones, and jumped back on the KLR's heading to Fernie through the back way..

rounding the bend on Whiteswan....

This is a prime route. My camera quit working, but Thorne managed to snap some good shots.

From Whiteswan we got onto the Bull River road....

this is a fairly easy ride (Hartley pass might be a bit tougher)

Nice backcountry riding for sure.......
Ride Our World

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Old 11-27-2012, 08:45 AM   #38
Wonna Be ADVrider
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Old 11-27-2012, 10:16 AM   #39
I do my own stunts!
Joined: May 2011
Location: Charleston, SC
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Enjoying your RR.
After a few C to C rides on BMWs and a 6,000+ mile trip to Montana last year on a Versys...I'm looking forward to a journey on my recently purchased '12 KLR. I'll definitely include a spare clutch cable in my gear.
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Old 11-27-2012, 01:01 PM   #40
Gnarly Adventurer
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what a nice report
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Old 11-27-2012, 01:36 PM   #41
Studly Adventurer
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a little oil on that cable will make a lot of difference.
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Old 11-27-2012, 06:44 PM   #42
Wonna Be ADVrider
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CharlestonADV Today 11:16 AM
Enjoying your RR.
After a few C to C rides on BMWs and a 6,000+ mile trip to Montana last year on a Versys...I'm looking forward to a journey on my recently purchased '12 KLR. I'll definitely include a spare clutch cable in my gear.

I so wished I would have had a spare clutch cable with me 2 weeks ago. I ended up riding clutch-less over 200 miles.
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Old 11-28-2012, 08:59 AM   #43
Gnarly Adventurer
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Great Ride report and Photos

Hektoglider, great report and pictures.I'm thinking you and I were in the Kootenay area about the same time, going opposite directions. Really enjoying reliving the ride through your pictures.

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Old 12-02-2012, 05:35 AM   #44
Hektoglider OP
One with Life
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Location: Lone Pine Ontario (or travelling)
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We made it out of the Bull River road via the Hartley Pass. There was a few rough spots along the pass. It was a great backroad route from the hotsprings. We stopped at a freinds place in Fernie who was expecting us and we showed up kinda late. As we arrived, there was a bear in the carport that was cornered by the arriving motorcycles. It was a tense moment before it climbed up a pile of wood, and jumped over a wall. We had a nice dinner, sauna and caught up on some visiting.

Crowsnest Pass

looking back and saying goodbye to the Rockies.......its been good.

Frank who?

The famous Frank Slide....

We could feel the summer had faded away during our trip. We were into September and with the change in seasons the temps were not what they used to be....

It was time to head'er home. But not without some more Adventure.....

The wind blew real hard until Lethbridge, where we turned off the main highway.We rode #4 southeast, then onto Hwy 61 towards Elkhorn.

Big mental note: we should have fueled up in Lethbridge. Sometimes the long range of the KLR gets me caught off-gaurd, overconfident, and this is one of those times.

No gas in Elkhorn, we ended up in Orion. Population maybe 6 people But ...they had gas. The guy running the gas "station" was nowhere to be found. We knocked on a few doors, and one lady said Boyd was always home. Well for some reason he was not.
Pumps by rail crossing sign.....

It was almost supper time. We had food and water, we considered just camping by the baseball feild, and getting gas in the morning. Also we were going to ride to Manyberries, but there was no gas there either.

The lady did say that 50kms away at Elkhorn we can get fuel for sure......

We rolled the dice and decided to keep going....towards Elkhorn, the gateway to the Cypruss Hills....
A big part of me wanted to spend the night in Orion. It just seemed like such a cool remote low-key place.

Riding the dirt road to Elkhorn. Watch out for the small berms of loose stones....

Its getting late, we stumble upon this reservoir that is stocked for fishing. Camping/ picnic type area. Perfect, well good enough.

Free camping. The morning sun took awhile to burn through the fog.

Getting ready for another great day........

Wildcat road.....

The KLR's made it to the gas station. We did'nt have much left. A quick stop at the visitor center, we get some nice maps and figure some routes out. Aslo we refill all our waterjugs up, as we never know where we will end up.

We do a small tour of the local park area.....

After seeing a few sights, we head off to the east.....

We are up high, much higher than the surrounding plains, theres pine trees along the route. Ridiculous low speed limit though.

This area is certified KLR country, a nice way to travel across the prairies, tying in this section......

You get the idea? Hope the photos park fee to pay if you are riding through the road......

Crossing the border into Saskatchewan....

The Gap road....Thorne is getting good at this game. She deciphered it off the map at the Tourist center while I was in the bathroom.
Sure enough, its the best way to get to the "other" Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan.....

Remote backcountry prairie cruising......

No time crunch, no itinerary, thats what makes it so easy to ride these roads.....

The Gap Road......yea.....

left & right winding along.....

up into some hills....

Arriving at Cypress in Sask

Lunch break out comes the stove.....

Those tin cups slide over the bottom of a Nalgene bottle when not in use. very compact set-up...

and off we go again....

Ride Our World

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Old 12-02-2012, 06:45 AM   #45
Gnarly Adventurer
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Great Report!

Excellent report! I have an '09 KLR that I love. My KLR buddies kid me about carrying too much stuff, LIKE A SPARE CLUTCH CABLE! I figure it's cheap insurance. The KLR just plugs along, nothing flashy, but at the end of the day you smile...
One question though, why didn't you put more aggressive tires on as it seems most of your riding was on gravel/dirt?


*It's a KLR, I'll catch up*
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