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more reports please

I will be sad if there are no more reports from you two. Please continue to post up stories from the road, even if they are not epic adventures. I am sure that others would like to hear of your local rides also. All the best, Jan
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Deus ex machina
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Originally Posted by jbcaddy View Post
I will be sad if there are no more reports from you two. Please continue to post up stories from the road, even if they are not epic adventures. I am sure that others would like to hear of your local rides also. All the best, Jan
+1 I agree. And posting a new RR from Romania would bring back great memories for me. One day I am planning to come back and ride all it's nice places and meet people I haven't been in touch with for decades.
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Originally Posted by AnjinSan View Post
Hey Vic,


Regarding our follow up... I was considering if after this ride report (only 2 stories left from it) it it would be a good idea to start a series of smaller motorcycling stories from trips in Romania. Thinking that maybe it would be interesting for the guys from the other "side of the pond" :)

Go for it. You have a great writing style and I'm sure any ride report you did from anywhere would be interesting.
I ride, Therefore I Am.

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Absolutely beautifull, thks for nice report
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AnjinSan OP
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Thanks guys for all the support! It is Easter time here and I am getting ready for my first "vacation" after the long hmmm... they call it vacation but we all know it was so much more than that.

But before signing out for the next 4 days, I wanted to send you the last post from South America. After this... the story will take us all across the ocean in Europe.

Hope you will enjoy!

The New World V.8 – Gunnar takes off!

By: AlexMD On May 3, 2013 in Blog, Part V, The New World

Gunnar takes off! – 9 – 18 March 2013
Hmm yes, we were very close to our flight across the ocean, back to Europe. As we were laying on the deserted beach in the South of Brazil we found it very hard to think of that flight.
Come on, wake up! Stand up the wet sand and…. hmm, let´s just lay here for a while. I realize now that we didn´t have a deadline for months. No specific destination, no exact time to be in one place. And now, in 3 days, on Thursday, we have to be back in Buenos Aires to drop Gunnar off at the airport.
Then we have to find a way and get to Sao Paolo until Monday (3 more days) where we are supposed to board our Lufthansa plane that we bought tickets for some time ago.
And that´s a deadline we don´t want to skip. We already changed our flight date from 4th of February to 18th of March. Let´s try to make it. I am surprised of how calm I am thinking of all these as in the remaining days we have to cross a country (Uruguay), around 3 frontiers (2 by motorcycle), once we get to Buenos Aires, export the motorcycle out of Argentina to Europe and arrange transportation then find a way for us to get to Sao Paolo. Simple… We had a plan but we weren´t the only ones involved, it was not only up to is to succeed, we could only pray not to get any unpredictable situations.
Come on… we have to go now. Say “goodbye” to our hosts, actually our friends in Hermenegildo. Will we ever see each other again?
Uruguay border city, Chuy, is only 5 kilometers South. I am heading for the border control building as Andreea is laying in the sun for the morning sunbath. As I am walking towards the building I realize that Uruguay is the last (new) country of this journey. We counted 18 ever since we started this journey in Canada and for sure more than we dreamt of a year ago when we were planning all this.
Unfortunately we didn´t have too much time to explore Uruguay. We only had two or three days according to how soon we wanted to get to Buenos Aires. We were sorry we couldn´t stay longer, from what we saw from the motorcycle Uruguay has some beautiful places that we really wanted to explore and we heard the people and traditions are wonderful also. And the space is vast. This country has only 3 million inhabitants. There are 7 cows per inhabitant.
On the other side, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (its full name) turns out to be very expensive. At least for our budget. So we decide not no stop until we get to Montevideo where we had no idea what to see or do but we did wanted to go out for a walk. So we do a bit of Google research where Andreea finds an article on the old city centre, the port and a fish market. Fine, let´s go! We ask the man at the reception for a map of the city and (just to make sure) we tell him our plan convinced that we planned it very well. Well, apparently we didn´t, our guy crosses out on the map the area we wanted to visit: “no no, don’t go there, it is not safe”, suggesting us a few posh neighborhoods instead. Oh, come on, we´ve visited so many places without being afraid of what might happen and now, in Montevideo we are not we are no safe? How bad can it be? It´s still daylight, there are people on the streets… let´s stick to our plan. And we go!
After a while we notice that the streets are empty and things are not that interesting. Broken windows, dirty walls…. At least the graffiti is interesting.
It looked like Bucharest´s old city center before being renovated. We take one more picture and decide to put the camera in our backpack.
We found the fish market but it was closed when we got there so we look for another spot, we reach the bay (actually, this is not the ocean but Rio de la Plata´s estuary).
We leave Montevideo the second day and manage to get lost, we reach a railroad and a pedestrian crossing so it takes us more time to escape the city traffic.
We arrived safe in Buenos Aires, nothing to talk about in particular. Except the noisy parrots we couldn´t take our eyes off for half an hour as we were having dinner at a gas station in the light of the sunset.
It´s late when we get into the city and we book a room for the night at HolidayInn, using the last points I had from my corporate days. It was better like this, we were closer to the airport.
Ah, luxury again! For us luxury means clean sheets, private bathroom, windows and…. HOT WATER. And not just hot water for taking a quick shower but hot water for a big bubbly bath. Romantic stuff. Of course, this is not our approach, we have other plans with this bath tub. It´s time to do some washing, our T-shirts are waiting for this moment for some time now.
And since we were getting closer to shipping Gunnar we decide to make it more presentable. We didn´t wash it since Chile and it got pretty dirty. Not anymore, these guys made sure Gunnar will pass the German inspection in Europe
We use the extra bed in our room to separate our clothes and decide what to send with Gunnar and what to keep with us. We realize that all we have fits one camera shot. It´s amazing how little things you need in a journey. This is what we had with us for 9 months. And I am sure some of you will say we had too much stuff.
We go alone to the airport, straight to the cargo terminal.When I was doing my homework on how to send my motorcycle back to Europe I came across 2 possibilities: use a intermediary company (famous in Buenos Aires for facilitating the shipping of motorcycles) or try to do it ourselves personally getting in contact with the company that was making the shipment (Lufthansa).
We chose the second option mainly because it was cheaper without intermediaries and the second party company was rigid and inflexible. Our only regret for not choosing the intermediaries was that they would have sent a man at the airport guiding us through the airport/ customs procedures.
So there we are, just the two of us, at the airport, no intermediaries, no fixers, finding our way to Lufthansa cargo terminal trying to figure out the export and turn over procedure by ourselves. No worries. We can ask around. We found our way from Canada to Argentina. We should be able to find our way in the cargo terminal too. Gunnar is still the center of attention, even in the airport parking lot.
After knocking on a few wrong doors I manage to find the Lufthansa cargo terminal and I am welcomed by some very polite people that hand me some documents to fill in and some confirmations. After a few minutes I am back at my motorcycle with the shipping papers ready! Uhuuu!
Now all we have to do is take Gunnar to the hangar and start packing it for the road. We were supposed to take all the luggage off, put it on a wooden pallet and wait for the terminal employees to secure it.
There are two more guys next to us shipping their motorcycles home but they contacted the intermediary company that we decided not to use. They came here earlier and, helped by the guide, they managed to speed thing up a little bit. We we got in the hangar, they had the wheels out of the motorcycles and preparing to measure and see how to make the package smaller (for a smaller price).
On the other side, we had a fixed price based on weight. So the price would be the same as long as our package was under 500 kg, no matter the volume. We still want to make sure and ask our Lufthansa guy that came with us in the hangar: “are you sure we don´t have to take anything off the motorcycle to make the volume smaller? we did that when we flew here.” He tells us not to worry. “You can take the windshield off, just as a precaution, not to break.” “Yes, but we see the others struggling to take the wheel off and stuff, are you sure we can leave all these?” “Yes, sure! They don´t fly with Lufthansa, you do”… concludes with pride in his voice our guy from Lufthansa. With the moto all packed up, it was time to weight it. So here it is: motorcycle+gear+luggage.
A little bit on the heavy side I would say. But still well under the upper limit of 500 kg! Well, we are ready. Good bye Gunnar, see you in Germany!
We get out of the cargo hall and even though we were just in sandals and tshirts, somehow I was feeling a heavy hearten. I figure that for the last 9 months, we got used to be around the motorcycle. Or to have it around us. In cold or in scorching heat, in the mountains or in the deserts, day and night, well in good times and sometimes less than good, this motorcycle remained reliable and took us everywhere. So maybe it was undertandable why right now I was feeling a little bit strange, a little bit off, without it. And it was a feeling that would dissapear only when we will find it again, in Europe. But until then, we had more pressing issues: to find a way to get to Sao Paolo, some 2500 kilometers North from here.
Of course, hitchhiking was not an option, as we had little time. But we found a reasonable flight and soon enough, next day we are greeted by Jake in Sao Paolo. This guy was awesome! Coming for us at 2 AM in the night at the airport and then keeping us safe in a not so safe city… We even meet with Phillip one last time in this journey. He was coming from Rio and still had a month until his departure. Thanks to Jake and his family, we had some very nice times in Sao Paolo, with warm but rainy days, jokes and good times. It was like springtime was moving from Europe to South America. Little that we knew at that time how much we would be missing the spring in just a few days.
Time flies fast and suddenly, too soon and too unexpected we find ourselves on the gate that leads us to the plane. This is it! Good bye Americas! Thank you for everything, but more than anything else, thank you for the people we had the chance to meet here!
We are exploring the New World
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SS in Vzla.
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Very nice!
Thanks for taking the time to post
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Gringo Viejo
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Alex, I know people who would have abandoned the effort to continue the ride report or just do a brief wrap-up. (I would do that.) But you are still there doing a great job with another great write up.

When I took a sabbatical and went riding, i dreaded returning to the office. How are you doing being back to work? Has your concept of which is the "real world" flipped?

Again I salute you and Andreea for a journey worthy of many re-tellings and re-enactments. I would guess your lives will never be the same as before the trip and in many ways, all the people you have met on you your journey (including me) will say the same by virtue of having met you two

Again, Bravo!

Mexico - Dream, Discover, Ride
Hotel Los Arcos, Northern Sonora's Motorcycle Haven

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Beastly Adventurer
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Hello Andreea and Alex, So glad to have been able to ride along with you in spirit. I have really enjoyed reading your adventures in the "Americas" I hope you will continue to post up stories of your rides around your home country.
Thanks for taking us along, Jan
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AnjinSan OP
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Guys, we are enjoying some wonderful Easter days in "far far away" village of Romania.

Even though this is a ride report and one with pictures nevertheless, this time I will use just words. I think there are a few Romanians that are lurking around this dusty thread (I know there is one or two :) ) and I know that during these times you miss home the most. So I wish that wherever you are right now, I wish you to have in your heart the feeling of "home". And around these days home means family getting together, remembering the traditions of our grand-grand fathers and those before them. Home means being around your grandmother when she is preparing foods in the old good way. Home is the smell of "pasca" and "drob". I wish, for all of you, happiness and smiles.

Hristos a inviat!
We are exploring the New World
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Great rr

Just echoing others comments. What a great adventure! I had to call my wife in several times, saying "We need to do this too". She's not convinced, but I am. Great job of documenting your trip. Thanks for taking us along.
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Love the report! Now we just need to see if we can fix your oil leak tomorrow
Strange to use your laptop to comment on your report. Thank you for the ride report and the hospitality.
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AnjinSan OP
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And then, we were back home...

The New World V.9 – The end!

By: AlexMD On May 9, 2013 in Part V, The New World

The end! 19 – 24 March 2013
I didn´t use the plane very often, at least not on long distances, but I did enjoyed it every time. And on such flights, like the one I was on, there comes a moment, usually at night, when it´s all quiet. Flight attendants stop pushing the food carts, passengers stop wandering back and forth, oh, even the children (there are always children in the plane) are quiet now. You are in between dream and reality with the monotonous sound of the turbines counting your way to the land of dreams. Before falling asleep, all cramped in my economy class chair, I start thinking about where we´ve started this journey and where we go back to. This plane is not an Airbus, it´s the Summer Night´s plane, our summer lasted 8 months and a half. I pull on the blanket (why do all these flights have the AC on max all the time) with a big smile on my face and I fall asleep.
I know what´s the deal with the AC. At least for this flight I do, the captain wanted to prepare us for the weather in Europe for end of March. We barely take a few steps down the gate corridor in Munich airport and both decide we want to go back. The weather here is not very inviting, sleet and cold. We look at all the people coming out of the plane with warm jackets, boots and hats. We have sandals and summer trousers, all the warm clothes are on the motorcycle and Gunnar is in the cargo terminal that´s not even in this airport terminal, we need to take the subway there. We make our way out of the airport trying to mingle with the “locals” but that is pretty hard to do when we look like we are still stuck in another story, the one we left behind in South America. We managed not to turn into ice statues before reaching Lufthansa Cargo where we got warm instantly hearing that Gunnar is there.

Lufthansa cargo employees and the customs officials made our day, we can only say good things about them. They were very efficient, did their job very professional and after less than one hour we were all reunited (including the warm clothes we left on the pallet, remember we could put all we wanted as long as we kept it to 500 kg).
We start unpacking, put on some (all) the warm clothes and get ready to fix the windshield and mirrors back on the motorcycle (the only things we took off from the motorcycle in Argentina) after this we are ready to go. Time for a surprise, though, the tool box is missing. We´ve been on the motorcycle for such a long time and through so many countries and nothing happened so far. We keep thinking when this could have happened. We knew for sure we had the tools in cargo terminal in Buenos Aires because I used them to take down the mirrors and the windshield and I put them back in my toolbox. Now the toolbox is not properly closed. So it is clear that it happened somewhere between Argentina and Germany… our tools took off. There are good people and bad people everywhere. It´s never OK for this to happen but I cannot be mad right now. We stay calm and think of a solution. Lufthansa people show us another proof of professionalism and provide us with some tools to finish our job and be on our way. Time to do some mileage in Europe!
OK now. We are in Munich, that´s around 2000 kilometers to Bucharest and 6 days to do it. Pretty easy, right? But what about the weather? I never checked the weather websites in this whole journey as I did these days. Although it spring was supposed to rule all over Europe the battle with winter was a tough one this year. It was cold and even snowing in some regions. We were still running under the rules of Latin America and reserved one full day for taking the motorcycle out of customs. We are not there anymore, all the formalities took us less that an hour (excellent efficiency), it was lunch time so we decided to take advantage of the dry weather and head for Passau.
Weather is good, this means it´s not raining, it´s still cold, so cold! The worst part for me was that I didn´t have a rain/ wind jacket anymore, I left it in Buenos Aires, it was thorn out anyway. I was now “fully enjoying” my “wonderful” “adventure” jacket that offered me absolutely no protection from the cold wind. And soon, it wasn´t just the wind…
After a few kilometers the landscape changes again. Hmmm, there is snow by the side of the road and the road is wet. I wonder how cold is it? I hope not enough for the road to freeze.
As we get to Passau we go straight to the motorcycle store to buy a rain/ wind jacket for me and a windbreaker for Andreea. Eh, we feel better now. Don´t know how strong the wind will be but at least I will be flashy and everyone can see me on the road.
We put on an extra pair of socks and start looking for a McDonald’s to get online and see what to do next. Did I mention we were the only ones traveling by motorcycle? We were the main attraction. There is WiFi at McDonald’s but you need a local phone number to access it. Ya right! We do find a nice gentlemen (of course) sympathizing with us: “If I were you, I would try to be in Hungary tomorrow afternoon. There is a snow front moving from West to East behind you. Right now it is snowing in Frankfurt. And it is coming this way”. Excellent, it´s 5 pm, we can still do so mileage. Let´s go! We soon pass the area with fresh snow and get to a dry and green place. Joy!
Oh, Europe, you are so beautiful! We can see the Alps in the distance, we would have enjoyed traveling a bit closer to them but not on this weather. We were forced to stick to the plains and to the highways. At one point we get really tired. We got off after 10 hours flight where we didn´t sleep to much and we weren´t that comfortable than we got on the motorcycle and rode for plenty of hours in constant cold. We decide to stop somewhere in a gas station. Give Gunnar some food and some coffee for us. Energy boost!
We manage to reach Vienna by the end of the day where it got dark and we got lost trying to follow the GPS to the hotel where we were supposed to use up our last fidelity points. At least the sky was clear.
It was one of those days when it´s not romantic riding a motorcycle but it´s not boring. I was thinking that by car this would have been an ordinary day. Few hours on the highway, some snow, very cold all the time. So what? I´m in the car, can´t feel a thing. But it is way different on two wheels, it´s not at all boring ….
We get the confirmation the second day that snow is behind us so we decide not to waste any time in Austria or Hungary and try to get from Vienna to Timisoara in one day. It was highway the whole day, not much to show, not much to talk about. We greet the Danube and ride on.
The day was quite uneventful and we had time to notice details, small things. For instance, as we were coming towards Romania through Hungary we noticed that there are no road signs indicating the route to Romania which was directly ahead. There are signs confirming the routes to Serbia, Slovakia and even Ukraine (more out of the way) . No one showing which way to Romania, though. Only as we get close to Szeget we see a sign and we get the confirmation that there is another country out there.
Oh well, each to its own. We follow our path and reach the Romanian border sooner than we thought. We cross this line and we are home!
All of us getting home, getting to your own country from “somewhere” have this feeling. No matter the cold, the exhaustion, nothing else matters, you are home!
The friends in Timisoara make us feel more at home. Klaus insists to come greet us on his motorcycle and that´s how we “bravely” enter Timisoara.
We put both our motorcycles in the garage (I suppose they have plenty of things to talk about) and go inside where we find Ioana, Klaus´wonderful wife waiting for us with polenta and cheese and bacon (traditional Romanian food). No doubts about it, we are home. Bofanu´comes to meet us also, an old friend who offered us his house for the night and makes it hard for us to leave Timisoara. We do have to leave the next day, taking advantage of the no snow “window”. Klaus rides with us for a few kilometers feeling sorry he cannot ride longer. We say goodbye next to a fresh water fountain. Let´s meet again soon!
First full day traveling through Romania after so long. We were enjoying every step of the way. The good or patched roads that always makes you wonder what´s after the next curve.
Peaceful people and secular traditions. It´s spring time and the flocks are out enjoying the fresh grass.
Simple things that have a soul. It is cold so grandpa still makes the fire.
Even the police surprises us. They were lurking behind a curve in an non-urban area and catch us speeding a little but forgive us eventually and wish us safe trip.
We arrive in the night in Sibiu where Tija is waiting for us with a warm place to sleep, home made bread and other Romanian food. I have to be careful how much I eat, with all this hospitality all over the place I might gain more kilos than I lost on this trip.
The next day was the time to meet our families in Paltinis, a mountain resort high in the mountains. We decide to leave the motorcycle at Tija´s place in Sibiu and go with our parents´car to Paltinis. Oh, what a good decision. Welcome to the winter wonderland. We tried to run away from it for 8 and a half months but not it caught us.
We get clear sky on Sunday so we can head for Bucharest. At Turnu Rosu Pass we are greeted by the Fagaras Mountains with their lofty snowy peaks above the clouds.
We slowly leave Transilvania region behind entering Muntenia region of Romania and there we are warmly welcomed by Valcea county’s graffiti …, bells ringing from Cozia monastery (Sunday sermon) and home made cookies in Ramnicu Valcea from Bogdan and Daniela.
We team up in Ramnicu Valcea for Bucharest. Andreea and I freezing on the motorcycle, Bogdan and Daniela nice and warm in their car (they are motocyclists also but sane ones). I don´t know how far is it over Dealul Negru (Black Hill) to Pitesti and then A1 highway to Bucharest but I do remember that being a long road for us. I remember I was shivering so hard that my motorcycle was doing the same thing on the street, must have been funny for the ones behind us, not for us anyway. Eventually we reach Bucharest. It wasn´t the first time we used that entrance in the city but it was the first time we stopped at the sign. We felt we should congratulate each other for reaching Bucharest, for getting back to Bucharest!
Picture taken with the Bucharest sign: checked. Next stop: hot shower at home. So goodbye Daniela, goodbye Bogdan, the shower awaits! Wait, it is not that easy. Bogdan asks us to follow them a bit longer. Hmmm… fine. What do they want from us? I hope they take us somewhere warm. And we got more warmth than we ever hoped for. I don´t know how they managed to pull this through, I still didn´t find out who started it, who coordinated it, all I know is that I saw all of them waving and smiling at us and I forgot about cold, wind, hot shower, hmm, I even forgot my words. Same thing first and second time. Luckily I had my helmet on so I gained some time to gather myself until I took it off.
With your willing, our story Across Americas will end here. For us it was an adventure that surpassed our most daring dreams. Thank you for coming along with us!
Foto: Eugen Neacsu
We are exploring the New World
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Most excellent report! I look forward to reading about more of your adventures!
Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
C-Stain is wise.
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Gringo Viejo
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Y así al final. Pero tal vez no. Hay más aventuras en tu futuro, te doy gracias por llevarnos contigo.
Mexico - Dream, Discover, Ride
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Alex and Andreea

Thanks so much for allowing us to follow along on your epic journey and the chance to host you in our home.

Stay safe until we meet again.

Bill & Brenda
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