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Old 05-17-2015, 02:27 PM   #1
Brewtus OP
Buffoonery, Inc.
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Two Redneck Buffoons in King Arthur's Court

They said we were crazy.

They said it couldn't be done.

Well, they were half right.

I can't remember when the crazy idea was hatched to ride a TY80 in the Twinshock class at a National. My good friend and co-League member BetaRambo seems to think the crazy scheme was hatched at the last MWVTA event in Roswell, NM last year. Yes, many beers may have had something to do with the decision. BR had committed to the scheme completely, making mods to his TY80 in preparation for not only the Nationals, but also this season with the Mountain West. New top-end, bars, peg mods, and we were ready to go. Somewhere along the line, I got invited to be BR's Minder and I gladly accepted. The Buffoonery level went up another notch when I decided that the Minder's bike needed to match the riders bike (right??), so 2 TY80's would be going to the Nationals!!

Ray Peters had put on his Comanche Cup Texas state series Trial at the same site the Texas National would be held a month later. We went to see how the terrain was, and to get a feel on how the TY80's would do. The loop was looooong, (something like 9 miles) but it wasn't impossible on the minis. We both competed in the PM classes on Saturday (I rode my Montesa on that one, I'm not that crazy!), and the AM classes on Sunday (both on the 80's). Feeling confident, lessons learned, minor issues fixed, we looked forward to the National!

Friday we arrived, set up, got the bikes through tech (with lots of raised eyebrows ), and set up Team New Mexico. Our good buddy and fellow League member K-Rad tagged along so he could ride his first National on his GasGas.

K-Rad, hamming it up -

Yes, we're serious -

Team New Mexico, with a couple of TY80's mixed in!

Our buddy Hammer stopped in Amarillo, and bought us a present -

It is, after all, the National Beer of Texas, and we are at the Texas National, right?

Next morning we are all dressed up and ready to go!

And off we went. I only managed a few pics, since I was too busy Minding -

I'll admit here that I abandon the Team TY after 1 loop. The last 3rd of the loop was run through an extremely narrow canyon, and I was not quick through there at all. I was NOT going to be the guy that slowpoked through there later when the Pro's were out, holding them up. I did the rest of the weekend's Minder's duties from the pegs of my trusty old 4RT.

Saturday evening, we had our traditional killer Team NM feed, courtesy of the Hasslers -

Sunday we were sore, but still rarin' to go -

Some of the views were pretty awesome, for the Texas Panhandle -

This jewel was competing against us. Well.

So how did we do? BR.......finished. He did not have the most points in the Clubman line, although he did come in last place both days in the Twinshock class. BR had done it, finished a National weekend on a 1974 Yamaha TY80!!

He was rewarded with a deep-tissue massage afterward. Really deep!

No, he's not crying...

No matter. We proved the Naysayers wrong, time to celebrate!! Where's that last Lone Star Beer??

The Arizona National was a week later. Are we that crazy?

More to come...
Work hard. Play hard.
Team Dead End. The drinking team with a Trials problem.
2-Time winner of the coveted "Best Shenanigans" award at Capt. Rick's annual BBQ.

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Old 05-17-2015, 05:20 PM   #2
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Oct 2011
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Way to go guys! Two page picture spread with Lance splattering a ledge in the section I scored! Trials and Enduro news last month. AWESOME.
Relentless hard on to remove the all day dab.
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Old 05-18-2015, 07:27 AM   #3
Team Dead End
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Old 05-18-2015, 07:44 AM   #4
Motoing for 44 years
Joined: Mar 2013
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Great pix and story. I was checking sections. I loved it when a TY80 came through. Gave me a satisfying head shake there and chuckle every time!
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Old 05-18-2015, 04:10 PM   #5
"Tractor right up it"
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Old Geezer
Gnarly Adventurer
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Old Geezer on a Old Weezer

76 TY175
Whitehawk 80
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Brewtus OP
Buffoonery, Inc.
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Joined: Jul 2008
Location: Albuquerque, not New, not Mexico.......
Oddometer: 3,160
Yes, we were that crazy!

Of course we were going to Arizona!

Fresh off the high of finishing the Texas National, we decided to go to Arizona. Actually BR already had plans to go. I didn't, so I showed up for work on Tuesday, told them I was leaving Thursday for another long weekend, they said no, and I did it anyway.

I was a bit apprehensive about Arizona. Modified or not, the TY's struggle at altitude, and I had no idea what the terrain was like. I studied the area on Gooble and the one key word that was not in any of the literature about the place was "ski". That buoyanced my confidence into thinking we would be OK there.

In retrospect, I should have spent more than 10 minutes on my research.

Didn't matter. Off we went!

Setting up Thursday evening -

Getting up early Friday to walk around the pits, I ran across this curvy gal -

The area is a no hunt/no shooting area, so the local deer and elk are so tame (due to the locals feeding them) that they aren't afraid of people. I fed that cow elk out of my hand minutes after I snapped the pics. Bad thing is, I REALLY like elk steak and burgers, so I could hardly shoot her. Hell, she was practically a pet at that point.

On second thought, pet my ass!! Someone hand me a Louisville Slugger, elk is just too tasty...

Friday morning in the pits, after I fed my dinner it's breakfast -

Team Montesa pits. Welcome back, and way to go, LowPSI!! Thanks a million for all your hard work and effort to get Montesa rolling again here in the U.S.!!!

Friday is also Tech Inspection day, so we got all official and s*it -

Once again, just to be sure, I had my old War Mule on hand as a back up just in case -

Saturday morning we had an early start time, so off we went. My first inkling that we may be in trouble occurred on the section trail when I crashed....SPECTACULARLY....on the way to....the first section. Steep downhill, rear brake locked up the little 14-inch wheel, slide to the right and bounce off a tree which threw us to the left to bounce off a boulder which threw us back to the right to bounce off another boulder, crossed bars, abandon ship and do the "running away" move downhill while the 80 was crashing behind me. I got turned around, went back up the hill from whence I ran, found the 80 completely upside down on the seat and handlebars bicycle style, with the engine screaming at approximately 17,000 rpm. I very calmly and professionally rectified the situation by angrily kicking the bike over and holding by boot against the tailpipe to kill the engine. I righted the bike, cleared the engine and got it running, sat in extreme embarrassment for a moment, then looked where we had to go from there.

Up. A long way.

We may be in trouble.....

Got to section 1, saw the boulder-strewn lines, and....well, we're here to ride, dammit!!

BR, in sections 1 & 2 -

The boulders proved to be the undoing of the 80 experiment. They were tough on the big bikes, and the little wheels of the 80 just got caught in them. Long story short, by the time we got to section 10 BR was just about spent, and by 12 he was done. We went back to camp and had a long discussion about it. BR had carried the 80 10 out of the 12 sections and was completely worn out. The section trail was challenging enough on the little TYs, and the sections were not mini bike friendly at all. We made the tough decision to just call it. I'll say here that it was not an easy decision to make. BR is one tough competitor, and very skilled to boot being the NMTA Expert champion 2 years running now. It came down to 2 factors: 1) He was going to get hurt trying to finish while physically and mentally drained and 2) it was no longer fun. So for the first time in years, we were....


Some random shots, taken by a......spectator.

Hammer -

Is everyone having fun??

So for 2 days we wandered around, took pics, and drank beer. I met some inmates such as 10K, who put up with me yacking at him while he was trying to work as a scorer (great meeting you!! ), heckled friends old and new, and even stole Yosemite Sambagger's Repsol and took it to the Montesa pits Saturday afternoon for fork seal replacement. Thanks fellas for taking care of that on such short notice!!


We set out to do what we had envisioned last November while drinking beer around a campfire at a Trial. We prepped, we broke, we repaired, we learned, and we accomplished our harebrained scheme. Sorta. Texas was a success, Arizona was.....a learning experience. Will we do it again? So far there are no plans for us to attend the National in Wyoming, but that is 2 months from now. Never know what will happen until then. For the time being though, the 80's are alive and well in the Mountain West Vintage Trials Association series, with some podium spots for the 7 (!!) riders we had sharing 3 TY80's.

But that's another story.
Work hard. Play hard.
Team Dead End. The drinking team with a Trials problem.
2-Time winner of the coveted "Best Shenanigans" award at Capt. Rick's annual BBQ.

Brewtus screwed with this post Yesterday at 06:06 PM Reason: Elk steak, elk burgers, elk sausage, elk ribs, lemon elk, pepper elk....
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Trail Runner
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Thanks for supporting the AZ National Trials. See ya on the dark side.................
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