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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Hey you guys.
I am fried.

You know I normally like to be really involved with the comments,
but I hope you’ll excuse me if I just wave at you weakly from the sidelines today.

It looks like everyone is doing okay...
Thanks for the comments (and for commenting on the comments)
You guys are so nice (and/or funny)!
I love that this RR can take care of itself.

Just a couple things -
Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Fierce Raisin. Reminds me of a friend I had when I was a kid, he wore a wrinkled up trash bag for halloween one time...yup, a raisin.

Me? All I need is the boots.
Rob, you paint a purty word picture...
Originally Posted by sion View Post
Originally Posted by scottmac View Post
You know that old saying:

"You can't polish a turd"

apparently you can...with a diaper
and sion - good one!!! You paint a nice picture, too.

That was hilarious.
OK - confession time.
We had a turd at one time, too.
A nice shiny one.

I know, I know.
But it was the early 90s.
We were making all kinds of bad decisions.
Bad hair, bad fashion, bad choices all around.
(in 1991 I got a tattoo on the side of my head. Brilliant!)

Anyway, the first bike we bought together was a cruiser.
We were thinking about resale opportunities in Europe.
Almost got a harley, but Matt didn’t think it would be reliable enough.

Instead we got a Honda Shadow VT1100
(which broke down on us in Germany and in Italy)

We had fun with it, though.
And, we were into dirt even back then.
Here’s a pic from Naxos, Greece.
We left our crap at the campground and took an offroad tour of the island.
It was nervewracking, sliding around on those roads,
on our un-insured bike (in which we had invested every penny we owned)...

These are the only pics I could find of us on the bike together.
While we were in Germany, we went to the Nürburgring.
A nice English fellow told us that any idiot with 21 marks (about $12 USD) could ride the track.

So, of course we had to do it.

The English guy was kind enough to take these photos and send them to us later.

Here's a pic of us waiting for our turn on the track...
Check out our gear - old school leathers and lace up workboots.
The helmets were so scary. Matt doesn’t even know where he got them.
One was probably someone’s uncle’s old helmet
and the other was from a garage sale or something...They were that bad.

And then, 2up on the
Nürburgring Nordschleife.

After reading this warning page, I'm glad we didn't crash
Matt said he was taking it easy, he didn’t go over 105mph.

Aside from dying, we had sold everything we owned and put it all into this bike.
We couldn't get european insurance and we were hoping to sell it at the end of the trip.
A drop would have killed the resale value.
Ah, to be young and stupid again.

Oh, wait...
Ah, to be young again...

Heh. So that was our wayback machine moment for today.

And for the record, I've never owned a diaper in my life.

Day 36: 7/27/12
Canyon Creek CG to Kelowna 80 miles

Tire pics. Just under 1500 miles

Heading to Beaverdell for fuel...two beavers are better than one!

Somebeaver handiwork?

Oh no! Killer truck!

Beaverdell, here we come!

So, we got to town and didn’t see any sign of gas.
Matt asked inside the store and they said, nope, no fuel.
The closest was 40-50 miles away - in either direction.

Mother brother!

Matt went across the street to ask the welding guy if he had any gas we could buy.
The welder was really friendly, but all he had was mixed gas.
Not great, but Matt accepted a liter of it (mostly because it seemed like that was the only gas around).

Here they are, discussing what might happen if we put mixed gas in the bike...

Meanwhile, I had been talking to people in front of the general store.
One couple was seeing the sights by rental car.
The wife was blown away when she heard we had been camping.
“Wait, you don’t have any place to plug in your hairdryer?”
She couldn’t get over that. When her husband came out of the store,
she immediately said, “honey, these people are camping and don’t even have a hairdryer!”

After they left, a guy pulled up in his truck and introduced himself as Vic.
Vic was also very friendly and asked about our trip.
When he heard that we needed gas, he offered some of his.
He told me to just come by his house - “it’s the white one with the gorilla on the radio antenna...”

Um. What?
I must have heard that wrong...
But, when we got to Vic’s place -
sure enough, there it was...

It was actually the Abominable Snowman, but Vic thought it was easier to say “gorilla.”

Vic was super sweet to share some gas with us.
He said we were the 2nd Americans he had helped with gas since the town’s stations had closed.
We took about 2.5 gallons. He only wanted $5 CAN but we gave him $20 CAN.
Vic did us a huge favor, and if he didn’t lose any money with his good deed,
hopefully he’ll be willing to assist the next Yank who’s looking for gas in Beaverdell.

You can’t really see it, but Vic has a Honda Passport under there...

He was telling us that he likes to ride it on the KVR.
The Kettle Valley Railway trail goes right by here and you can catch it outside of town.
Apparently it’s part of the Trans Canada Trail.
After hearing more, we decided to hop on the KVR and ride it out to Kelowna.

Thanks, Vic!

LittleWan screwed with this post 10-01-2012 at 07:52 AM Reason: forgot the diaper link (yes, I already used that one in the DV report, but I like it :))
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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
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Mr. Parrish
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Great stuff
'00 KTM 400EXC --plated!
'89 Honda Transalp
Sikorsky UH-60L
Support your local know-it-all gear guy and give your money to Brian at
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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glad you liked that, jmcg!

Thanks, Tachedoutoffroad!

Day 36: 7/27/12 continued
Canyon Creek CG to Kelowna 80 miles

The KVR was pretty tame, but that wasn’t a bad thing today.
It was a fun ride, and a good way to get to Kelowna.

Seems like it’s mostly used by bicycles, though we also saw some quads and a few bikes.

There was a campground right on the trail, next to this lake.
Vic knows the owner but I forgot the guy’s name...

It was pretty and peaceful.

Like riding through a park.

Hey, motos!
They seemed surprised (but pleased) to see us, too.

We saw a moose on the trail, which was really, really cool.

It went into the trees and trotted along the trail.
We were so busy watching it as we rode, we almost hit this tree...

Luckily, matt saw it just in time and we hopped over it.

We went slow enough, the moose cut back over and went down the road in front of us -
guess that’s easier than bushwacking...

We saw this little pavilion and thought it was a nice place for a snack break.

It had a beautiful view of the lake.

Not sure why this one is so dark, but I like it.

This was stapled up inside the pavilion. A memorial, maybe?

While we were snacking, Matt spotted some kind of raptor looking for lunch.
It was cool watching it fish.
He got one! I have a blurry photo, but you can’t see the fish, darn it.
Well, take my word for it, that guy had a large fish in his talons...

A few more pretty shots...

And then, back on the trail.

It must rain quite a bit, there was a lot of standing water on the trail...

At one point, we were riding and something went darting across the trail.

What the hell was that?
we stopped to look...

Oh, it was a cute little bunny!
It must have been a baby, because it was slow and didn’t try very hard to run.
Matt caught it pretty easily.

Can you tell how tiny it was? The size of a tennis ball and light as a feather.

At the time, I thought he looked like an ewok.

But I see now that ewoks are kind of ugly.

This bunny was a million times cuter.

I gave it a little pet. That face!

So adorable.

After some photos, Matt put him down and we watched him scamper away.

Cutest. bunny. ever.

More trail.

More water.

This part was really flooded...

One of the main reasons we took the KVR was that Vic had said there were amazing train trestles we could ride on.

He said the views were incredible.

Unfortunately, it must have been a long time since Vic had been there.

No motorized vehicles.


Oh well. On to Kelowna.

We were looking forward to a room.

It had been about 4 days since our last bath.
And twice that since we had slept in a bed.
Stopped at McD and used their wifi to shop around.
Man, Canada is expensive!
The cheapest room we could find (Econolodge) was $180 USD.

Monkey fighter!

We must have paid more for the extra doors.

Isn’t this a bizarre bathroom?
Two doors - one faces one bed, one faces the other.

Kelowna has a population of over 117,300 people and it felt like they were all trying to kill us.

Seriously, it was terrifying to ride around town.
Stop looking at your damn phone and drive!
(not just Kelowna, of course, but we hadn’t been in a city in a while)

This impending storm didn’t help matters...

O Canada

We went to Walmart, can’t remember why.

They have beautifully painted spots for motorcycles,
but the carts are a little close.

Matt parked next to them.

We were driving around, trying to figure out what to eat for dinner...

Hey, Pizza Factory!
Too bad they don’t have tables.
Matt thought we could order one for delivery.
Hmmm. Now how to remember that phone number...

Got it!

241 860 4149 34...1

Stopped at Safeway to pick up some beer to go with the pizza.
We wandered around for a while but couldn’t find the alcohol.
Sigh. It’s Idaho Falls all over again.

Sure enough, one can only purchase the devil’s learning juice at a liquor store.

It turns out we can’t afford to drink beer in Canada...

Or, eat
A large pizza was going to be over $30 CAN (delivered)

By now, it was pouring rain.

There was a Dairy Queen next to the motel.
DQ it is.

Translation: DQ sells enough bananas each year
for banana splits that it would meet the needs of
43,552 monkeys for one full year.

That's a lot of monkeys.
(they used math to figure that, right?

Pathetic mileage.
But, we’ll make up for it over the next 2 days...

One day closer to finishing this thing!!

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Slidin' Downhill
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Love the stories you tell!

Lovin your stories! Just back from 35 days dancing on blacktop and now get to read dirty stories! Whoohoo!!!
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Make Cute Bunny's your favorite

ADV Relay Rider 08 (The Texas Connection)
Ride Pooie Ride

Don't stop riding until you get to the crash , you might save it!

bigdon screwed with this post 10-02-2012 at 05:34 AM
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OK Kelly, you can't just say I got a head tattoo, and walk away. I believe this falls under the category of "pics or it didn't happen".
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Originally Posted by FiestyRed View Post
Thank you for this ride report! From one two-upper to another, it is very helpful to get the passenger's perspective on the rides and the journey.

This report is perfect, as my BF (SpeedySteve on ADVRider) and I are heading to southern Utah next week to camp and meander around. I stumbled upon your thread after he suggested I read up on routes and trails to take. He just bought Gus (a GSA) three months ago and we've been spoiling him left, right, and center in preparation for this!! We are a little new to bigger bikes and 2-up trips (though he has done a solo 6-week camping trip around Colorado several years ago on his old Suzuki sportbike and has a good idea of what we need for this!).

Seeing all of your photos and videos and very entertaining commentary has made me even more excited for Utah! Thanks again!

Hi Andrea!
Sorry, I kind of dropped the ball with your comment.
Your first post, too! Thanks for signing in and checking out the report.
New GSA and new to southern utah...
I hope it’s not to late to say - watch out for the sand!
But, if you watched the videos..I think you know already.
Hope you have a great trip!

Originally Posted by DirtDancer View Post
Lovin your stories! Just back from 35 days dancing on blacktop and now get to read dirty stories! Whoohoo!!!
Thanks, DirtDancer!
fun, fun, fun!

Originally Posted by bigdon View Post
Make Cute Bunny's your favorite

Oh, bigdon.
I knew one of you jokers was going to want to eat that little bunny.
Some guys eat everything!

Originally Posted by cdndog View Post
OK Kelly, you can't just say I got a head tattoo, and walk away. I believe this falls under the category of "pics or it didn't happen".
Haha, then I guess it didn’t happen...
Well, it wasn’t a unicorn, a butterfly, a rose or a dolphin.
And it was definitely NOT Alf, Tony Danza, or a Patrick Swayze centaur.

Day 37: 7/28/12
Kelowna to Mad Radek’s Man Cave 306 miles

Radek (from the KLIM rally) invited us to visit him in BC,
and we were going to take him up on that offer.
He was even kind enough to meet us part way and bring us back in the dirt.

Unfortunately, time constraints meant doing a bunch of slab to Princeton.

As we left Kelowna, I took this pic for larryboy and Louie Dawg...

Here we are, Princeton.

And there’s Radek!

Apparently, he got there a lot faster than anticipated and had been in Princeton for a while.
Aw, man. That sucks.

Radek gave me all his photos, so I can see this is what he had for breakfast while he waited for us:

Matt and I grabbed some quick sandwiches at Subway,
and then we were on the road...

Went through Coalmont

We ran into these guys - I guess they’re a local dualsport group.
Radek knew them and asked about some of the roads.

Heh, that sounds about right...

It was a nice ride. So much better than pavement!

Unfortunately, the roads were a little dusty.
We did a lot of Ponch and John staggered riding, when possible.

The riding in BC had been great on our own, but to ride with a local Canimal?

This party is gonna be off...the hook!
(that one's for matt )

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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
Well, it wasn’t a unicorn, a butterfly, a rose or a dolphin.
And it was definitely NOT Alf, Tony Danza, or a Patrick Swayze centaur.

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Darth Kitten
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I knew I saw something there!

When in doubt, take it as a compliment.

My Ride Reports
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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I really stepped in this one...

well, I'm not in the mood to get in the wayback machine today (1991!!! that was over 20 yrs ago),
but lemme find something to shut you guys up...
You're going to hurt yourselves with those magnifying glasses...

ah, muck it.
Easier to just take one...hold on...
Here. that's most of it.

OMG. when did my ears get so wrinkly?

No meaning. just some design that I scribbled out. Art student, ya know.

See? Not that interesting.
It's no Bob Ross.

Okay, now we can get back to the RIDING...
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Day 37: 7/28/12 continued
Kelowna to Mad Radek’s Man Cave 306 miles (492 km)

If you watched that video from Idaho (2 track), you heard Matt mention the mine shaft.
Radek was so excited to show it to us!
Twenty minutes riding through the tunnels, and then you come out on the other side of the mountain...

Not only did it sound like fun,
it was definitely something for the report (always thinking of you guys )

Uh oh. Fire.

And helicopter.

Good thing we’re getting off here...

It’s just up this road.

Two helmet cams and a point and shoot...
If there’s anything interesting, we’ve got it covered!

We were in full schoolbus mode with all our gear...

Oh crap, another fire!

The forestry people knew all about it.

They were pumping water from a stream to try and put it out.

Here we are!

We didn’t go inside the buildings.
but if you're interested in that stuff, these people did (slideshow).

We were focused on the mine shaft.
Let’s go!

More Justice Beaver handiwork?
(in a way, yes)

Now, we could have made quick work of that,
but Radek said he wanted to “make it easier for the next people”
and he got out his handsaw.

I was just telling Matt, “Aww, Radek’s such a good Canadian...”

When we heard a car pull up.

Oh crap. This guy was pissed.

guy: What are you doing??
Radek: I’m just trimming some branches. This tree is blocking the road.
guy: I know! I put it there!!!

Uh oh.

Oooh. We've been in Canada for how long now?
Hope we can get through this visit without being arrested...

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Maybe something like a sign would have been a little more informational.
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Originally Posted by scottmac View Post
Maybe something like a sign would have been a little more informational.
That's what we thought, too.

But, wait til you hear what he says about that...

Day 37: 7/28/12 continued
Kelowna to Mad Radek’s Man Cave 306 miles (492 km)

After taking photos of us and the bikes and our plates,
The guy yelled at us for trespassing for a while.
He was so worked up, we just let him vent for a bit.
Until he started lumping us in with the hoodlums who do this "all the time."

Whoa, wait a minute.
First of all, we didn’t know it was private property.
We didn’t see any signs or gates or anything.
Secondly, Radek may have been here before
(over a year ago and there were no signs at that time, either),
but Matt and I have never even been in this province.

Us "vandals" were getting pretty irritated ourselves...

Radek: Maybe you should have put up signs so people know this is private property...
guy: I did! They got torn down!

Radek: Maybe you should put up a gate...
guy: I did! They tore it down!

Radek: Maybe you should block the road...
guy: I did! I locked the gate and blocked the road with a Cat.
They hotwired the Cat, used it to rip down the fence and gate, then dumped the Cat down the canyon.
That was a $100,000 Cat!

Oh man. What can you say to that?
That sucks, dude.

By this time, we just felt sorry for him.
The vandals around here are ruthless!

So, looking around online - Carolin Mine was a poorly managed/failed gold mine in the 80s.
It has since been aquired by a new company and with the price of gold these days,
they want to start producing again.

The security guy said that the shafts were extremely dangerous
and that people don't realize they could be killed if there was a cave in.
He also said that they have a huge problem with squatters and crazies living on the grounds.
There was mention of a sketchy camp and some nutjob living in it...

Some quads came up on their way to the mine and while they got the talk,
we took the opportunity to leave.

bye security dog!

So that was a huge disappointment.
And the worst part was, if we had just been a day or 2 earlier, we would have made it in.
The guy had just put in a new gate and locked it with big metal cables.
As in, that morning.

Mother brother!


As we made our way down the mountain...
Whoa. It looks like the fire got worse.

A fire marshal-type guy stopped us and asked if we had seen any other people on the roads.
We told him we had been up near the mines and that there were a couple quads and a security guy up there.

He asked if we had seen anyone suspicious, as they thought this fire had been set deliberately.
We told him that the security guy had mentioned something about squatters and vandals,
and that there was a suspicious camp they might want to check out.

After hearing that the fire might have been arson,
I felt a little better about not going into the mine.
If someone was mental enough to set fires,
they might also do things like booby trap a mine.

Not being able to ride the tunnels was a bummer, but Radek had plenty more up his sleeve...

This truck had a "N"
(novice driver) permit sticker, and the driver was a tailgating sockcucker.
After cutting Matt off, he got right on Radek's ass.
That stupid truck got dangerously close a few times.
It was scary to watch.

I took a couple of pics of the guys and their truck, just in case.
When they noticed, they freaked out and split.

Just one of the many reasons I hate the slab.

We stopped at Radek's man cave and dropped off our bags.
Here's one of his baja bikes.

How are our tires doing?

So, Radek called one of his friends and we arranged to meet up for an afternoon ride.
Lica (pronounced "Leeka") was going to need some time,
but Radek had some stuff he wanted to show us anyway.
We would meet Lica after some warm up riding...

Wow, look at this - 94 octane!
Way to go, Canadian Chevron.

It was a short drive to the spot. Wow, nice park.
There were a bunch of little dirt bikes next to this trail.
That bodes well...
Oh boy, here we go!

It was pretty, but watch your head!

And it was a little slick...

This rutted descent was kinda sketchy...

At least the ascents were good...

Lots of deep, slippery puddles...


Still, we would kill for a place like this back home!

And look how beautiful it was!

The other trail was fun, but a little too wet.
Radek found us a better spot.
Oh yeah.
Nice traction here...

It was a special treat for us - we never get to see ourselves ride.
A photo here and there, but mostly on the slab or on some tame gravel.
Radek had a GoPro and he's fast.
It was a winning combination!

Wow, that was awesome!
A super fun trail and a stoked playmate are always a blast.

But, then, to get nice riding footage on top of that...

Thanks, Radek!!

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Soil Sampler
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Stud & Studdette

Always appreciate all the time you put into your trip reports, and this one is something special even for you two. Your guys riding skill is phenomenal, got to ride with Bartek in Baja and was amazed at what he could do with the big KTM but 2up is just down right sick Looking forward to the rest.
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