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Old 09-22-2012, 10:16 AM   #16
seeking adventure
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Ahead of us was a truck pulling a horse trailer with a horse inside ... its back end facing us. Wanting to get a feeling as to whether Garth knew where we were going I asked him what the route was ... he replied "just follow the horses ass" and I thought "oh I am"!


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Originally Posted by dryden_rider_54 View Post
Interstate driving is ......
TO be continued on Monday
LOVING! this ride report. Thank you so much for being able to carry on with it!
All the best! !!!!
"He never met a stranger." Drif10 re DRCool
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Life-long learner
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Great ride and terrific pics. Looks like a fine time was had by all

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Old 09-22-2012, 07:49 PM   #19
The Gal's Gotta 'Yak
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Originally Posted by Treadless View Post

Hey, I think I have followed that very same horse !!!

Garth, I sure hope your wife is coming to Winnipeg for PiffleMaster's Tech Day with you next weekend - I would love to meet her, and perhaps a couple of the other spice from the Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas forum would enjoy meeting her too...

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Hat's off for taking the plunge Denise! It's a different world on a bike.
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Far from sanity
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DrydenRider OP
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Biker Stories from the Road - September 24, 2011

Yellowstone National Park ... how beautiful art thou!

It is such an amazing park with sights you will only see there.
We had such a great ride through it and I wasn't uneasy at all ... well except for the crazy RV drivers! Yup .. not scared of the wildlife or the highways ... just the old white haired dudes who can hardly see over the top of the steering wheels of the monstrosities that they are trying to wheel down the narrow, windy inner highways of the park.
They use up as much of the highway as they possibly can to make the sharp turns and oh experienced a new smell .... burning brakes! Oh yah laying on them babies all the way down to the bottom ... eyes as big as saucers hoping like hell that they are going to hold, haha!

The pass over Mount Washburn I believe was my rite of passage into this motorcycle world.

At the highest part we were over 10,000 ft and it was unbelievable!
The windy highways ... leaning into the turns ... awesome!
One thing I have become aware of is how hard I clamp my legs to the motorcycle when I am feeling uneasy ... man I am going to have inner thighs of steel by the time this trip is over ... haha!
I have also mastered the biker wave and most bikers will wave back and when they don't I mutter ... Snotty Bastards!

Tower Falls

From Artist Point at the Yellowstone Grand Canyon

We had seen most of Yellowstone a few years back so continued down Hwy 89...Garth

We got through Yellowstone Park and headed down into the Grand Teton National Park ... one runs into the other and still on highway 89.
We camped at Colbert Bay and when we were checking in we were informed that Saturday night was the last night for the facilities of the park to be open.


Our Home for the night

Some of the locals came for a visit

Everything was closing for the season at 11:00 Sunday morning. It was so hard to believe this when it didn't freeze over night and was forecasted to be 80+ degrees on Sunday. But at that altitude things can happen quickly and GW figures that within a week there could be snow up there.

September 25th, 2011 Anyway Sunday morning we made our way down to the Colbert Marina

and we were greeted by the site of the Grand Teton mountains gleaming in the sunrise across the lake ... it was breathtaking!

After breakfast and a $3.75 shower (each) we took off. We were heading down to Jackson Wyoming but stopped at a "photo-opportunity" spot at the base of the Grand Teton mountain ...

took many pictures but honestly they are not going to do the beauty of that scenery justice (the mountains, the fall colours in the leaves) where we were approached by a young man from China. He couldn't speak English very well but he was amazed by us. He took a picture of Garth then he took a picture of me and then he called over this young woman and she posed for a picture with us ... it was hilarious!

We decided to back track and go through to Dubois WY instead because of a forest fire ahead of us that was slowly filling the valley with smoke. There was a sign that indicated that the fire was a "Managed Fire" so GW figures that it was a fire that they were letting burn to deal with the beetle kill that is very apparent throughout the parks. We could see the plumes of smoke (3 in all) for miles and miles along our journey today. So we didn't get as far south on highway 89 as we would have liked but that ride is for another trip.

Smoke starting to fill the valley. By the time we left it was thick

Before we hit Dubois we had to go through another mountain pass ... Togwatee or something like that ... and it was quite the ride.

Nice sweeping roads all the way up to the construction

At the highest point we were at 9600 ft and we hit a huge construction job ... thank god it was Sunday and the job site was closed down. You know that you are in for it when they post signs that say "Motorcyclists Take Caution". So we crawl through this gravelly road ... and that's what it was ... no pavement and no centre line. Soon we caught up with a tanker truck and a new sign that read "Slippery When Wet" and then the tanker turned on the water and there was water spraying all over the road. Slippery when wet alright "I'm on a frickin' motorcycle here"! Once we were past all that it was a great ride to the bottom.

Lunch Stop at a truly western restaurant

Wagon at restaurant full of bones

Another fire back towards the parks

More scenery near Riverton

We turned east after Dubois, hit Riverton (where my bike turned 6000k) and rode through the Wind River Canyon

The Wind River Canyon was totally unexpected but a real jewel of a ride for the scenery in it. So many times we run into these places that no one talks about but they are s beautiful.

and ended our day in Thermopolis WY which is famous for its hot springs (so heck why not call it Thermopolis)! It was 32 degrees. Tomorrow it's Cody Wyoming in the morning.

Maps of the 2 days ride

"We create the reality in which we live".
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Having my wife with me
on her own bike
on an epic adventure.......
Well, congratulations to you both.

Love the report.
2008 KLR rider
Lets ride !
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Beastly Adventurer
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Where is my daily update. It's not fair to keep your public waiting
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Beastly Adventurer
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OK I'm in for the rest of the report.
I think I have finally learned that life is just too short for cheap butt connectors. And that's all I'm going to say about that.
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DrydenRider OP
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Life got in the way today. Update tomorrow

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"We create the reality in which we live".
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DrydenRider OP
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Biker Stories from the Road - September 26, 2011

From Thermopolis WY to Buffalo WY is only about 130 miles except if you are the Wintles and you are on the hunt for a pair of cowboy boots! Cody WY has a huge western store with shelves and shelves of cowboy boots and Garth knew exactly where it was so .... we took the lonnnngggg way to Buffalo!

We left Thermopolis just before 10 am and we arrived in Buffalo at 5 pm but what a fantastic day! In the hot springs pool at the place we stayed in Thermopolis we met a really nice young couple and she gave me great advice regarding what kind of cowboy boots to look at. When we got to the store a great gal, Tracey, helped me to figure out what I was looking for and I bought 2 pairs of boots. GW was shaking his head and being very quiet because he knew that come hell-or-high water I was packing these boots and like every determined woman on a mission I got them to fit!

So with boots on board we turned our bikes south-east again and made our way towards the Big Horn mountains and Buffalo. Oh yes I have to tell you about the elderly couple we met when I was packing the boots onto my bike. They had parked right beside us. He used to love to hunt up in Saskatchewan and their daughter married a Canadian from Alberta. He told us that his son-in-law has a big 1200 BMW and then we got onto the topic of government spending and oil. He said to us "I know, I know you guys do it right and we just screw things up over and over" ... "except healthcare" chimed in his wife and he responded with "come on Margaret we don't want to start a fight with these people". It was quite funny. They wished us a good trip and went on their way.

As we approached Greybull Garth saw some older aircraft so we stopped for a closer look. Although fenced in remarkably they were old “Royal Canadian Air Force” planes. This was kind of unique as just a few weeks earlier the Canadian government had introduced the fact that there were going to rename the Canadian Armed Forces back into their original names and the Air force would get the Royal Canadian Air Force moniker back

We stopped in Greybull for lunch at Lisa's Crazy Woman cafe and we had the best burgers and I bought a t-shirt because Garth is always calling me a crazy woman.

From Greybull we turned south and connected with highway 16 and the Scenic Cloud Peak Bypass which took us across the south end of the Big Horn mountains. The beginning of the mountain pass was phenomenal ... lots of red rock buttes with green fields or beautiful homes at their bases. Such a contrast in colour.

And then we started to climb with switch backs and amazing scenery.

We went up and up and up until we reached the top of the Powder River Pass at 9666 ft (to put this into perspective Dryden's elevation is approx 1100 ft) so we were just about 1 1/2 miles above you.

The whole mountain pass is about 60 miles long. Just when I thought ok we are starting to go down the highway would turn and up we would go again ... this happened about 5 or 6 times ... so many peaks and valleys ... and the colours, because the leaves have all changed colour up there, was beautiful.

Every imagined fear that I had about height, steepness, tight corners, quick stops ... well they were all conquered today! In all of that we only saw 1 deer, haha, crap I can see that in my back yard on a daily basis.

We also saw another forest fire today. We spotted a smoke plume when we were about 15 miles out of Greybull and it didn't look that big (GW figures .3 acres) but when we left Greybull after lunch it was about 10 acres and the smoke plume was huge. On our way to Cody this morning we could still see the smoke plumes and smell the smoke from the Yellowstone fires we saw yesterday ... crazy!

So now we are in Buffalo and found a room at an old motel called the Mansion House Motel and the main house was built in 1900.

Tomorrows journey will take us to Devil's Tower and then down into the Black Hills.
"We create the reality in which we live".
2006 KLR Red, 2010 F800GS 2003 KL250, 2010 F650GS
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DrydenRider OP
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Biker Stories from the Road - September 27, 2011

"Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" featured the Devil's Tower and it is really cool up close!

Of course it was famous before that movie because it was America's first national monument and declared so back in 1906. Up close it looks like someone filled a huge sand pail with mud, turned it upside down on the top of a hill and took a rake and ran it down the sides. The Devil's Tower is 32 miles north of Moorcroft WY and well worth the stop.

We had a continental breakfast in the main house of the Mansion House Inn. The main house is beautiful and was built by a doctor between the years of 1901 and 1903. He then passed away in 1913 and so his wife rented out rooms in order to earn a living. Full of antiques and beautiful rugs and linens it is really a wonderful place to have breakfast.

Note from Garth. Not sure but we never took many pictures after Devils Tower. The scenery through the Black Hills is fabulous. I think I was contemplating coming back very soon.

After Devil's Tower we headed down highway 14 to Sundance WY and I think that I am going to Google where Robert Redford has his big ranch and the Sundance Film Festival (this is what I thought of as we toured through that part of Wyoming ... lots of time to think while riding a motorcycle, haha). From Sundance we took scenic highway 585 to Newcastle and then caught scenic highway 16 which took us into the south end of the Black Hills. These mountains aren't as high as the others we drove through but the landscape was beautiful all the same. We turned at Custer and went north through the middle of the Black Hills up to Deadwood South Dakota where we ended our day (it was 25 degrees). I asked Garth what is so special about Deadwood and he looked at me like I had 2 heads ... "are you kidding it was the home of Wild Bill Hicock and his grave is here ... also Calamity Jane is buried here and it is the original Deadwood from the old western movies" ... well excuse me!

Pictures Wild Bill courtesy Wikipedia

Calamity Jane courtesy Wikipedia

We took a walk downtown to have a look around and to find a place for dinner. Deadwood is full of casinos and they are all dead! These casinos are big (in comparison to the town) and they are empty. People are walking on the sidewalk and checking out the menus posted on the restaurant windows but no one is spending any money. One can see where this was at one time a really busy and happening place ...not today.

Stayed here in Deadwood. This was the most expensive motel we stayed at for the entire trip and even it was actually reasonable.

Tomorrow morning we will make our way to Sturgis which is only about 1/2 hour away. We will then turn our bikes toward home and crank on the throttle to try and beat the cold front!
Guess that's all for this update ... not a very eventful day.

Map of the days travel
"We create the reality in which we live".
2006 KLR Red, 2010 F800GS 2003 KL250, 2010 F650GS

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Open Road
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Great ride report!
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RIP Baby Girl
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Very Nice RR! Love that part of the world
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