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Old 09-23-2012, 03:43 AM   #1
Turborob OP
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Laugh Two nongfish motorcycling in Fiji.

Two nongfish motorcycling in Fiji.

This is part motorcycle report, part holiday guide of goings on in Fiji.

Why the hybrid? Well, before we went we wanted to find out about riding there, and thereís almost zip on riding this place. So, hopefully, if some other wally is looking to ride around Fiji, they can not only get quality anecdotes about riding, but about other cool shit there too.

Still here? Cool, letís go.

Youíll prolly want one of these to get there.

To get here.

Lesson 1 in Fiji, get used to things not being as smooth as they are in Australia, or any other first-world country. Thatís not a stab, youíll see heaps of things where they have it all over the overregulated 1st world!

For example, we only booked the first night of accommodation, and we were assured we had airport pickup included (email verification from previous day). Upon waiting, and waiting, we called and were informed thereís no driver today. Long story short, we got this eventually:

Vonu beer is good shit.

Everyone arrives in Nadi (pronounced Nadi), and the water is actually pretty brown.

We arrived on a Sat night, and we couldnít hire bikes on a Sunday. So, had a day off to do not much. Did I say Vonu is good?

Going back to the lack of regulations, all and sundry are welcome on the beach, which is awesome!

Well we lost a day there, but all is well.

You can only hire bikes from one place in Fiji Ė Kool Scoots. Remember the credo:

The Kool Scoots Credo
  1. Kool Scoots are a Way of Life.
  2. Kool Scoots are about the Journey, not the Destination
  3. Kool Scoots save Money
  4. Kool Sccots save Time
  5. Kool Scoots save Fuel
  6. Kool Scoots are Fun
  7. Kool Scoots are Way Cool!
Kool is as Kool does!

Oh yeah, their websiteís well out of date too. Anyway, turn up to get the bikes we specifically ordered and they have different ones ready to go! Two tiny ones, one of which didnít start, and one which had a broken footpeg. Eventually, and I mean eventually, we left on two sweet arse rides.


Whatís that? Youíve seen awesome? Itís ok, thereís more.

Yep, my feet touch the ground. This is a 125cc CF Moto. Rear wheel drive baby. I like it, it makes me look tall.

Oh yeah, we bought all our gear over on the plane.

Hereís the other bike:

Whatís that? You like dulcet tunes while you ride? No worries; radio and MP3 pump out of those speakers!

Itís a CF Moto V5, 250cc automatic scootercycle.

We hired the scooters for 3 days, but it was actually nearly 4 as a Monday hire for three days, was a Thursday arvo return.

Remembering sage advice, ĎKool Scoots are about the Journey, not the Destinationí we headed south.

Letís go Kath!

Colours were nice. The roads were better than expected too.

We soon hit a bridge, and hoped no train came!

Fijiís largest income comes from tourism, followed by sugar. These tracks were used to transport sugar cane to the refinery. It was harvesting time too!

Got the anchors out!

Got back to tar after a while, and never found what we were looking for Ė a nice beach like you see in the pictures!

It was pretty warm. Were there from early August, 2012, for two weeks.

Got to Sigatoka area.

Had a feed, with this view through the shrubs.

Got accommodation for about $30 on the beachfront, sharing with another holidayer. Went to an animal park. Warning, lots of animal pictures.

Iíll come back to this later. Bed time and I may have had a drink or two (of soft drink).
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Old 10-05-2012, 04:27 AM   #2
Turborob OP
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Ok, 100% sober this time. I thought I did quite well on that last effort, all things considered! Text will be far more reserved....

Example of common sense.

Wotcha look'n at?

Amazing creatures, their eyes just draw you in.

Cheeky blighters.

Can it fly?

Can a fish whistle?

Bought beers from town (only about $12 FJD for three long-necks), and shared a $15 FJD meal, which was plenty. Not a bad view either (20 paces from our place)

Next day, we were heading further west.

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Old 10-16-2012, 02:25 AM   #3
Turborob OP
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Wodonga, Straya
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On the road, heading to Fiji's capital today; Suva.

First though, some fuel for the body. We stopped at a waterfront restaurant where the service, view and price was awesome.

Here's the view when you stand up. Eggs on toast were $5 FJD - I'll have two serves thanks and two pots of coffee please!

After being suitably buzzed, we rolled along. The road generally follows the ocean, and is in reasonable condition. Drivers are fine, and traffic is minimal.

We checked into accommodation early, as we didn't want to stay in the capital. We stayed in Pacific Harbour - which was a bit of a touristy place.

The rooms where we stayed ($60 FJD) were themed based. Welcome to the jungle.

The wall of the bedroom was painted like so.....

As cool as it was, having an elephant in the room, I liked the ocean room best:

This is on the roof........

Anyway, after dumping our stuff, we took the scooter into Suva (two-up).

We visited their main museum, which was interesting and, not surprisingly, had a lot of nautical displays.

We were going to stop in town for a feed, but there was parking meters! No thanks, so we left.

Ended up eating, after a massive wait, at a place with a interesting tree. The service was amazingly slow - 'Fiji time', as they say.

We then bought beers from the supermarket and returned to the jungle.

There was 24 hour security at the accommodation, but I never saw a need for it. We left the bikes at the bottom of the stairs, and they were still there in the morning.

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Old 04-16-2013, 02:41 AM   #4
Turborob OP
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Wodonga, Straya
Oddometer: 649
Ok, itís been 6 months between posts, so give me a break in terms of cohesion.

Next day was:


Tacho read a little high on the bike, that was idle! Good roads, along the coast back towards Sigatoka.

Donít you think this needs a set of risers, then would make the ideal steed?

Anyway, we went and ate at the same place as yesterday, as it was cheap and very friendly. Oh, and the view.

So, we checked into accommodation again at the Bungalows from a few nights earlier. Then, went into town, and surrounds, two up on the scooter.

We went up a mountain, and paid to walk up it. It was a watchtower (canít recall name) where there were clear paths and great views.

Big wood.

Nice, but warm, stroll.

Up top, youíre rewarded with views:

Once back down, and after paying what we thought was a little much to walk up a hill, we entered town. Saw a cool temple up on the hill, but didnít look open to the public.

Ate food and bought supplies for tomorrowís, more exciting, ride.
Meanwhile, we bought beers and just enjoyed the view from the accomm.

The next day, we were heading away from the coast, into Fijiís interiorÖ..

Latest ride report: Nongs ride the Americas
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The best rider is the one who enjoys it most.
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Old 04-16-2013, 04:50 AM   #5
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Good stuff.

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Old 04-16-2013, 06:03 AM   #6
Gnarly Poolside Adv.
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What an awesome mini-adventure, the circumnavigation of Fiji on somewhat questionable bikes! Please don't wait six months to complete your ride report.

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Old 05-26-2013, 05:30 PM   #7
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Awesome! I'm glad I ran across this thread as the wife and I are going to Fiji in a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to trying to rent one of these pigs!
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Old 05-26-2013, 06:00 PM   #8
Studly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by KATOOM37 View Post
Awesome! I'm glad I ran across this thread as the wife and I are going to Fiji in a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to trying to rent one of these pigs!
Fiji islands are great, I was there a few years ago. Old thread but reminded me of the great time that I had when I was there
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Old 08-10-2013, 03:44 AM   #9
Turborob OP
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Wodonga, Straya
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Into the interior we go……

As we left Sigatoka, we started the unsealed road. As we followed the river north, we went past roadworks. The usual energised ‘Bula!’ is the response with big smiles and waves. As we got past, I realised there had been no signs, no traffic lights, no bloody ‘slippery when wet/loose surface’ which signs we get bombarded with in Oz, you just travel to conditions. Brilliant.

There are heaps of trees with flowers in the tops of the trees. I later found out they’re the flowers Fijians often wear above their ears.

The road was of mixed conditions. A solid base, sometimes rocky, but generally bumpy.

It was a warm day. We missed a turn along the way (signs are always about) and rode into a village. It seemed like a school, and every kid ran up to the road to see the bikes. We weren’t sure how we would be greeted (much like riding up to a farmers’ house in the country), but it was all smiles. A guy spoke very good English and pointed us on our way. We swapped bikes as Kath found the little white bike easier to handle. I found the automatic bike better than expected.

No services round here……

And so we went on, pretty exciting not really know where you are or if you can get through. Over the whole day we only saw one vehicle on the road.

There were a few wild horses about, and a few people riding them around (bareback, with a machete hanging from their belt).

They were real timid.

Mounted a hill to a nice view. Also found out it’s really tricky to take a photo on a hill with an auto bike…..

Cool road, huh?

By now, our collective butts and backs were getting a little sore. We eventually got near Buyaka, and while having a quick break, realised a local was also getting some shade about 5m away. ‘Welcome to Buyaka’ were his first words. After speaking to him, I found out he had numerous kids, and looked like he was in his early 20s. I also found out horseback is the main transport for locals. He was probably jealous of our bikes and ability to travel, but I too was jealous of his, to me, simple farming life. It didn’t feel right to take a picture.

Soon, we were on the downhill.

It had been a long, slow, day and we were getting a little pooped by this stage. Kath’s body language shows it.

Pooped ‘till we saw the sweet ass views that is….

Way down there was Nadi, where we were to return the bikes.

We scooted the final part down the hill and back to civilisation. Brought the bikes back dusty, and we had lost the brake light off Kath’s bike, but they were cool with it. Went back to our tightarse accommodation, and rested hard. We had a wedding to attend, and then we would hire another bike……

To, again, be continued……

Latest ride report: Nongs ride the Americas
All RRs

The best rider is the one who enjoys it most.
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