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Old 09-06-2013, 07:51 PM   #121
Studly Adventurer
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The plan for today was to head down the Western Explorer to Corinna, through Zeehan, Strahan, to Queenstown for the night, this didn't really work out but it was eventful day

Started by headed around to the "Edge of the World" lookout at the mouth of Arthur River (2km):

Then south towards the Western Explorer on Temma Rd and Heemskirk Rd:

Got to the northern end of the Western Explorer (33km) and discovered it was closed:

The only other option was a long detour up through Rapid River to the northern side of Arthur River and back east through the area we came through yesterday, it was a bit of a hassle, but that was all great forest riding so it was no real drama... I didn't really know the area up here, just followed the lines on the map that appeared to connect through:

Continued north on Heemskirk Rd - Blackwater Rd:

To Kanunnah Bridge (50km)

Then east on Sumac Rd along the "South Arthur Forest Drive"

I had read about the route through here in the past but hadn't done any real research, I had a vague memory there was a bridge out along here and it wasn't passable, but it was worth a look:

Turned out to be a nice forest ride on decent roads, Sumac Lookout (52km), we didn't stop and walk down to the actual lookout, we were in "rush" mode due to the big detour:

The only "Bull Dust" sign I've seen in Tassie:

Great area, I wont waffle on about it too much now, I returned up here for a few days a couple of weeks later, so I'll go into it more when I write that RR:

Found a great camping spot at Julius River Reserve (60km):

(I stayed here on the next trip, more info to come later)

The turn off to Rapid River Rd (65km), my memory was right, there is an issue down here,:

Got to Rapid River: (69km)

The bridge wasn't too healthy, but it was fine for bikes:

There was a river crossing that looked easily ridable also, if the wooden bridge was any wetter/slipperier I think I would have taken the river crossing:

2 min video shuffling the bikes across:

They were all decent gravel roads around here:

Road closure at the end of Rapid River Rd - Tayatea Rd junction (82km),

Continued north across the Tayatea Bridge, Folly Rd, Wedge Plains Rd, (part of the route we used to get over here yesterday), then detoured up Dip road - Peegra Rd - Mawbanna Rd to Dip Falls Rd so we could check out Dip Falls to make the detour worthwhile.

Dip Falls (126km)

Interesting spot with quirky rock formations:

While we were here a Forestry guy stopped for a chat, he said the falls usually have a lot more water going over them, this was the driest he'd seen it...

To be Continued... .. .

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Old 09-06-2013, 09:56 PM   #122
Studly Adventurer
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2013-Tassie-XT-Tour-D5 Continued... .. .

Continued east trying to take a different route to yesterday as much as possible... Rabalga Rd - Rabalga Track - Keith River Rd - Meunna Rd - Preolenna Rd...

Then turned in to Coal Mine Rd (160km), it started as a good road but gradually got a bit gnarly:

I like overgrown closed in tracks like this:

a few mud holes, nothing too bad:

Then we got to this section, the right bank was too narrow for the Tenere with luggage and the left bank was ridable but a bit technical with trenches and holes, I'd have to take BIL's bike around...

The right side through the "middle" appeared fairly dry and solid, so being a lazy fucker I thought I'd just zip through there, and if it was ok BIL could follow, it would save me having to shuffle the bikes around the side... All good in theory the first few meters weren't bad, I sank about 4" and continued onto a short dryish solid part, as I left that the bike sank, I still had momentum so kept going, then the right case clipped the bank and I came to a halt, I sank up to the axles and sump-guard

As I've learned from a couple of sinking experiences, when the bike stands up on it's own you know you have some hard work ahead of you

Doesn't look bad but the Tenere weighs about 215kg, + racks, + crash bars, + luggage, a total of close to 300kg

Oh what fun, the suction of the mud was the main issue, I removed the side-cases and had to hand dig all the mud out around the bike:

After excavating a substantial hole we managed to drag it back to the short dryer part:

From there we had to lift the front up onto the bank and screw around to ride/push/drag the rear up:

After 45 mins the chubby girl was free

We continued on for another KM or so, it was tough going for BIL, deep 4x4 trenches and a narrow ridge in the middle, not an ideal learner track, we were over half way along this track so I was hoping it would improve, but it just kept getting worse We got to another track wide bog hole, I had to take one of the cases off the Tenere to get it around the edge...

Not long later, trying to skirt around the side of more mud, I ran the left case up against a tree stump and it pushed us over

1 min vid:

(those cheapo pelican copy cases are damn tough)

I was still keen to continue on but got around the corner and the track turned into a mud run, wall to wall bog holes:

We turned around and started heading out, BIL wasn't confident riding on the narrow center ridge of the track and I wasn't keen on him getting the wobbles up and dropping a foot into the trenches which could easily lead to a broken leg, riding in the trenches wasn't really an option, they were too deep and narrow for bikes this size... so I shuffled the bikes out through the bad section, ride mine a few hundred meters, then walk back to get his, and so on... it was slow, but better than risking injury to BIL...

It was a relief to get back out to the good track, if was a creepy area, the whole time I had a feeling we were being watched I mentioned it to BIL, he had the same feeling, neither of us mentioned it until we got out because we didn't want to spook the other one

9 mins following BIL out the good part of Coal Mine RD

(doing damn good for someone with so few k under their belt!)

It was a relief to get back to good roads but a fun adventure, that's what it's all about, working out your limits...

It was fairly late in the day and we still had a long way to go to Queenstown where we were booked to stay, and BIL was low on fuel, so we headed for Yolla to get fuel... Preolenna Rd - ZigZag Rd - Calder Rd - Lowries - Olinda Rd - Johnsons Rd to Yolla (200km)

We refueled the bikes and chugged down a Redbull to keep us going, then spent a bit over 2 hours doing the 150km's down to Queenstown, arriving just after dark... It was a LONG day!

We stayed in Queenstown for 2 nights at the Silver Hills Motel, $105 per night,
The room had a double and a single bed, all pretty clean but a bit old, we ate at the onsite restaurant, good meals... The only negative was a possum running through the ceiling space through the night

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Old 09-10-2013, 04:51 AM   #123
The Friar
Bugger, lost again
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I so have to get down to Tassie one of these days. I was waiting for the theme song of Deliverance to start playing at one point
Great report as usual. Keep'm coming.
Ad augusta per angusta
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Old 09-10-2013, 04:23 PM   #124
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Originally Posted by The Friar View Post
I so have to get down to Tassie one of these days. I was waiting for the theme song of Deliverance to start playing at one point
Great report as usual. Keep'm coming.
lol, that was an eerie area... I very rarely get spooked but with the odd bits of clothing hanging in trees and the constant rustling of animals I felt a little on edge .... It wont stop me from returning to conquer that track one day though
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Originally Posted by PhiSig1071 View Post
Very cool ride reports!

Couple questions, how's the scuba diving in Tasmania? And do the women have amazing accents? With amazing riding like that I might have to add Tasmania into the list of places to look into when I retire.
Sorry I missed your post..

The scuba diving in Tassie is good, I believe we have the best temperate-water diving in the world... Kelp forests are interesting, lots of sea-horses/dragons, fish, and such... Diving with seals is pretty cool if you don't mind being the slowest swimmer around great-white lunch snacks ... I use to dive a bit, mainly chasing crayfish/lobster, abalone, scallops, and such.. being underwater always amazed me, always something cool to look at... haven't done it for years though...

Hard to comment on the accents but all women with an accent different to your own are sexy

You could never regret a trip to Tassie, there's a massive amount of wicked riding compacted into a fairly small area... The mistake most people make is thinking they can whip around the place in a couple of days and see it all... Reality is, you could spend a month here and not have a boring day... (I've been back on the road less than 2 years, done around 30,000km, and I'll have to do another 30,000km before I feel I've conquored the place (at a guess))

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Old 10-26-2013, 12:20 PM   #126
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Beautiful trip on board Engine King Ténéré

Thank you to share this event with us......

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Old 10-26-2013, 03:31 PM   #127
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Devil's Postpile, California:

I'm no geologist, but these are apparently something called "columnar basalt," according to the National Park Service. Found it interesting that such unusual formations are found halfway around the world from each other...
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Old 10-26-2013, 06:41 PM   #128
hunting and riding!!
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there's more of that rock up the lakes somewhere

then there is the stepping stones on the Tasman peninsular
Happiness is a warm barrel....i don't care if its the bikes barrel or the rifles barrel!

WR250r of with extra added Awesomeness!
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Old 11-13-2013, 07:25 PM   #129
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This is an awesome thread, cheers
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Old 12-30-2013, 03:23 AM   #130
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Great thread, really looking forward to some updates!

Cheers, Andy
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