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Old 10-10-2012, 12:52 PM   #16
Gnarly Adventurer
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It is good to be on guard at all times and keep reminding yourself that you are invisible to most. I was feeling relaxed on the highway coming thru south Seattle on hwy 99 ... Sunny afternoon 2 pm, no rain, dry roads, wearing hi brake visibility jacket and helmet, with LED driving lights on the front, reflective tape on panniers, extra red led tail lights And extra hyper lights. I am in right hand lane doing 63 and keeping up with traffic. Along comes a Honda Accord on my left passes me, well almost and decides to change lanes into me. WTF. I hit brakes and go to shoulder and he misses me. He makes no attempt to get back in his lane even with horn blasting.

I decide to get a better look and give him a salute as I pass by and get away from him. I was ready to put my foot in the door but decided at 60 mph not a good idea. It seemed he was busy explaining why he almost ran me off the road to his passengers.
08 R1200GS, 11 F650GS twin
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Old 10-12-2012, 10:09 PM   #17
real4life1 OP
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Originally Posted by Ghostyman View Post
Can't tell you how happy I am to hear that you're okay and the jacket held up. I've got the same one (looks like Speed & Strength Moment of Truth) and really like it but have worried about its durability. Looks like it did better than I would have dared hope. Any feedback on the foam armor or anything else about the jacket?

This post also reaffirms why I spend the time putting on my uncomfortable knee pads every time I ride even though I hate them.
The stock CE armor in the arms and shoulder held up fine, I never hit my back but I replaced it with a KNOX dual density one just because the original is better used as a yoga mat than a back protector
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Old 10-12-2012, 10:25 PM   #18
real4life1 OP
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Originally Posted by Jnich77 View Post
The only place I have ever had to kick a car door was in In in

Glad you managed to get away with just scrapes and bruises.

On a side note, this is why I NEVER stay next to a car in traffic.
Thanks, every time I ride I compare it to getting in the zone the same as I did in Iraq and Afghanistan before going on a mission. I try to maintain the same level of awareness because everyone is still trying to kill me. But most importantly though prior planning prevents piss poor performance ... lol So ridings pants are going on all the time now
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Old 10-13-2012, 04:06 AM   #19
Dranrab Luap
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OP, what was your position in your lane? Right wheel track, center, left wheel track or left fog line?
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Old 10-23-2012, 11:42 PM   #20
Gun Smoke
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I'm not one for frivolous lawsuits but it seems the guy owes you some new riding gear and repairs of course.
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Old 11-01-2012, 01:36 PM   #21
Cosmopolitan Adv
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lame excuse... I heard the same one from a grandma that made the exact same gist as your mate... She was so traumatised that I needed to pull her out of her own car. My bike landed under her car and cracked my tank.

You always need to drive and look for the others because they don't act responsible enough. Especially if they don't ride a bike, they don't realise how unresponsible they are reacting.
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Old 11-01-2012, 01:51 PM   #22
Gnarly Adventurer
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Thank God your're alright.

what Carharts were u wearing? I use the dbl knee duck canvas ones.
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Old 11-01-2012, 04:47 PM   #23
Fe Man
I am Iron Moran!
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She never saw Rick!
Physics, gravity, and law enforcement are the only things that prevent me from operating at my full potential
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Old 11-05-2012, 07:35 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by real4life1 View Post
This accident involved the typical quote from the driver. "I never saw him." While riding home from school in Tampa in March 2012 on my 2009 Husky 610sm I start to pass a sports car in the center lane of the freeway. I'm going about 65mph making it a point not to linger next to him. As I'm just along side him he makes an erratic left lane change without looking and the drivers door pillar hits my handlebars. I had just enough time to look over and look into his eyes before we made contact and the rest is history. The bike goes into a vicious tank slapper and of course with me at top gear I've got no ability to power out of it. After what seemed like a dozen stop to stop hits the bike slams down hard on the right hand side and I'm skidding down the freeway on my left hip while spinning like a dreidel. The first thing I realize is there is a F-150 right behind me and the only thing I can think is "great I survived the initial impact and now i'm going to get run over by the following vehicle." Luckily for me the driver stopped in time. The driver of the car stops next to me on the freeway and then proceeds to ask me "what do you want to do?" I'm so stunned at this point I just yell for him to pull over to the shoulder as if I'd say "eh it's just a flesh wound just continue with your day." I quickly pick up the bike and move it over to the shoulder of the road. At this point I'm feeling pretty lucky as I was able to actually pick up the bike by myself I figure i'm doing pretty good. After taking a second to realize everything I can see is in working order I decide to sit on the guard rail and collect my thoughts. Which ends up being a huge mistake, unbeknownst to me I had skidded on my butt and that area of the pants is gone and the skin is exposed. Pain tells me to just lean over on the bike for support. The kid is terrified but luckily for me at least had insurance. Ironically he goes to the same school as me and saw me leaving the campus and was curious as to what kind of bike I had. Well he got the chance to get up close and personal with it. A fire and rescue rig shows up and gives me some dry dressings to cover my cheeks but I have to wait for 2 hours for a state trooper to show up and do a police report even though multiple sheriff's deputies just cruise on by. I don't understand the jurisdiction requirements, and why it even matters who writes the report. Of course the one day I don't wear my motorcycle jeans and substitue with another pair of pants I get in a wreck so needless to say ATGATT. But I was wearing everything else including my gloves, helmet, Astar mx knee guards, boots and jacket so I came out better than if I was in the typical squid attire for Florida. The bike suffered a smashed right radiator, broken rear set, axle sliders broken front and rear, scratched crank case cover, bent handlebars, and gnarled bark-buster. I'm just glad to be able to continue to ride another day and that I didn't have to pay for the repairs or replacement of my gear.
Sleeping and driving a car was painful for the next month but I'll take that over a lengthy hospital stay. I thought the freeway a safer route home due to the less likelihood of cars turning in front of me but I was wrong on that day.

what's left of my carhartts

my Astars knee guards that I wear all the time which saved my knee this time

SS gear is cheap in price but not in quality, it performed perfectly and held up quite well for a mesh jacket

ATGATT because pain is a strong reminder

The line-x plastics done 3 days prior saved them from getting destroyed

PSHAW! f that noise. sounds like that bike ain't for riding on interstates. if she don't have the beans, don't put yourself in that position. just my 2 cents. glad you're ok.
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Old 11-08-2012, 06:02 PM   #25
Adrenaline Addict
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Originally Posted by DavidBanner View Post
PSHAW! f that noise. sounds like that bike ain't for riding on interstates. if she don't have the beans, don't put yourself in that position. just my 2 cents. glad you're ok.
Top gear at 65, Most bikes (including My Hayabusa) wont have much in the way of acceleration. at 100+ in 6th My Busa will leap forward (but at 65 its lugging)
Topes never seem to make me go any faster.
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Old 11-08-2012, 08:09 PM   #26
PT Rider
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The stock CE armor in the arms and shoulder held up fine, I never hit my back but I replaced it with a KNOX dual density one just because the original is better used as a yoga mat than a back protector
Important point. An excellent instructor I had one time said that you can't live without a head or a spine. SAS-TECH might be even better than Knox. It is a high tech foam that is fairly soft with slowly compressed and is hard when rapidly compressed. The usual mail order outfits have these and others, and they can be trimmed with a knife to fit 'most any jacket. Under $50.
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
Henry David Thoreau
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Old 11-11-2012, 10:30 AM   #27
Old and Immature
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Real4Life1 - Glad you're OK.

Some thoughts on Interstate riding and passing:

When there are more than two lanes, I like to stay in the right track of the left lane going a bit faster than traffic. This puts me on the the rear view mirror of cars as I come up from behind them. As I go past, I move the the left track to give me some room if they suddenly decide to be in the left lane.

If there's only two lanes in each direction i might use either one but I stay in the track closest to the middle most of the time. Again I am in the mirrors of cars I come up on and I don't appear to be a blank spot for a fast mover to pull into (as you might if travelling in the outside tire track.)

This is based on maybe 150k interstate commuting miles on variety of bikes including a DR650. Fortunately i do less of that now.

Keep riding and keep thinking.
If you aren't having fun on a bike trip, you really do have problems.
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Old 11-11-2012, 01:17 PM   #28
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I never ride in top gear in Interstate traffic. I'm usually in 5th or sometimes even 4th. I want the powerband to be available if I need it.
I got tired of being here, so now I'm there
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Old 11-11-2012, 01:48 PM   #29
louder, louder, louder!
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I hate it when people play "should'a could'a would'a" in faceplant... so take this as just a discussion of possible solutions.

Here in California, lane sharing is legal. One benefit I've discovered about lane sharing after moving here 3.5 years ago, is that it opens your mind to alternate routes of travel.

When I lived in Maryland, I didn't realize how constricted I was in my lane choices. I had, in the past, I realize now that I nearly allowed people to hit me because "they were in MY lane". I was mentally not flexible enough to just get out of the way. Now, with some lane sharing practice, I feel that my collision avoidance awareness is much more alert and the responses fluid.

Anyone else experience that?
When they say Harleys are for 1%ers, I don't think they mean guys who sell crank and get in bar fights any more.
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Old 11-12-2012, 08:04 PM   #30
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We just had a car pull directly in front of the path of a semi that had just came off of the interstate and was hauling 80,000 LBS. This dumbass car driver pulled straight across in front of him at an intersection. The truck clipped the car which sent the truck in to and almost completely through a resturaunt, 2 people were killed in the resturaunt.
I just bought a new pickup truck and have 4k miles on it. Some dumbass kid turned left out of the right lane at the last second the other night and I plowed him. Did $5k in damage to my truck. Glad I was not on the bike!
We have had wreck after wreck in our county lately and it is all just stupid shit. People are not paying attention to driving. It is either cell phones or ???? It seems they just decide to turn and don't look to see if someone else is around their mission is to turn and that is what they do. I am beginning to get spooked about riding. That really sucks!
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