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Old 02-22-2013, 03:36 AM   #1216
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congratulations Bryce!!!
it's been an absolute pleasure following your travels.
thanks for the RR.
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Old 02-22-2013, 05:03 AM   #1217
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Thumb Nice work!


Keep on rolling! With a little TLC, some additional welding on the rack and a couple more sprockets I bet that XR will make it back to Hermiston no problem. It's a Honda!

Give us a shout out when you roll through Bend and I'd be happy to buy you some beers.
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Old 02-22-2013, 09:28 AM   #1218
Deaf Biker
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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Day 129 (February 21, 2013)
Ushuaia, Argentina to The End of the Road
Miles Ridden: 15,894 and counting....

Nice! Every time I read a RR and I see pic of Ushuaia or TDF National Park sign like the one you are posing next to, I get that goose bump feeling because that's my goal to do that within couple of years from now! Hopefully I will be there with my Dual Sportster!

Good job! Now enjoy the rest of your trip traveling slowly and make it back to home safely!
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Old 02-22-2013, 09:38 AM   #1219
The Sage
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Congratulations Bryce

Great achievement, great RR, great pictures.
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Old 02-22-2013, 10:04 AM   #1220
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I used to do the Mexico trips on cycles 40 years ago and always dreaded the border and the people at the border. There is no way at my age that I would ever do these trips again. Your trip if I took one like you have did would worry me crazy about the hassles at the borders and I could never enjoy the sites. I do think you were traveling much too heavy as when I did this sort of thing I used only an army duffel bag strapped across the back of the cycle. Of course the bike I used were small like a Honda SL125 and an XL175. We always camped in a dry wash off of the highway or stayed with the locals for cheap. Back then I was a person with few worries. I do think one would need a bike that's popular where every you go. I now have a KLR but plan on staying in the states with it as I have lots to yet to see in America.
50 years of riding trails
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Old 02-22-2013, 10:29 AM   #1221
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Incredible, congrats man! Does not seem like it has been 129 days. Well to you I'm sure it does. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Look forward to the remainder of the journey.
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Old 02-22-2013, 11:46 AM   #1222
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Old 02-22-2013, 12:13 PM   #1223
Ulyses OP
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To everyone who has been reading along, to those who have offered me encouragement, advice, technical support, free stuff, and other things, thank you so much!

And now, back to the RR.....
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Old 02-22-2013, 12:43 PM   #1224
Ulyses OP
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The final leg into Ushuaia

Day 128 (February 20, 2013)
Rio Grande, Argentina to Ushuaia, Argentina
Day's Ride: 135 Miles

Bear and I left the Hostel at Rio Grande and took our time riding down Ruta 3 towards Ushuaia. Just a little ways south of Rio Grande, we started entering forests again. It was refreshing to finally see some trees again. The trees were oddly gnarled and covered in stringy green moss. It felt like something out of Lord of the Rings.

The road soon began to pass between mountains and lake shores. The wind, which had been constantly trying to blow me off of the road for the past week, suddenly died, allowing me to finally breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, the temperature also began to drop and we started seeing snow on some of the hilltops.

My GPS battery died so I was quite surprised when I came around a corner and found myself face to face with Ushuaia city limits sign.

I snapped a few pics and then waited for Bear to arrive. We now only had about 20 miles to ride to get the actuall famous sign that would mark the end of the journey for me. Originally we had planned to ride straight there; however, after freezing our butts off during the ride down from Rio Grande, we decided to find a resteraunt first and grab some lunch. As we were riding through town, I suddenly saw Dylan running down a side street, waving his arms at me. I pulled over and he told me about a good hostel that he was staying at. He also told me that you can get into the national park for free if you go in before 8:00, therby avoiding the 65 peso entrance fee.

Dylan's news got me thinking: the sign wasn't going anywhere, I was freezing, and I wouldn't mind saving some money. After a quick internal debate, I decided that getting a good hostel, eating some food, and warming up would probably make more sense right now than just blasting out to the sign. I went to the hostel and checked in while Bear rode off to the hostel that he had reserved. I then went out and found a nice resteraunt and stuffed myself.

The plan now was to wake up early and jet into the park before the rangers showed up, bag the sign, then get out before we got swarmed by tourists. Unfortunately, the plans changed a little after we found the Dublin Irish Bar later that night...
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Old 02-22-2013, 01:01 PM   #1225
Bear Creek West
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Great report

Thanks for helping through the long winter!

I have thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through your adventures. Now how can I do this.....

Safe travels on the return leg - are you riding back the whole way?
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Old 02-22-2013, 01:56 PM   #1226
Ulyses OP
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The End of the Road

Day 129 (February 21, 2013)
Ushuaia, Argentina to Parque Nacional, Tierra del Fuego
Day's Ride: approx 30 miles

The Irish pub ended up killing our plans of getting into the park early to avoid paying the entrance fee. After celebrating out impending victory a little too hard, we decided to just wake up late and pay the fee to get into the park.

After getting out of town, the remainder of the road was dirt.

We reached the park entrance gate and paid our fees.

The park was quite beautiful, but I wasn't really paying attention to the scenery nor was I about to stop and take any pictures. I was only thinking about one thing: the end.

I reached the end and finally saw the sign for the first time. I was screaming and yelling and pumping my fist in the air as I skidded to a stop in front of the sign. All of the tourists were giving me odd looks. I almost felt like crying. It wasn't underwhelming at all. It was awesome! It's wasn't exactly a hard trip for the most part, but I definetly had had my share of misadventures to get to this point. There was a small break in the tourist crowd and I snuck my bike in fast and got a picture.

Dylan had a couple of victory beers stashed in his panniers which he generously shared:

Don't drink and ride kids, it's not safe.

There were swarms of tourists at the sign; apparently a crusie ship had docked in Ushuaia the night before and the never ending flow of minibusses pulling into the parking area were disgorging the passengers at an alarming rate. Still, we were happy to just sit our bikes nearby and wait. We had ridden for over four months to get to this point; we weren't leaving until we got our pictures.

While we were waiting, I went up and took a look at the back of the sign to verify something that I had heard at the HU conference. Sure enough, Greg Fraizer's name is still carved in the back from 97'. Regardless of what you think about him, it's kind of funny to see his name still carved back there.

We were actually quite popular with the tourists, many of whom were American or Canadian and recognized our licence plates. We were soon surrounded by people asking to take our pictures and wanting to know about our trip. I think I answered the following three questions about 60 times:

1.) Q: How long have you been riding? A: About four months.
2.) Q: How many miles have you ridden? A: Over 15,000
3.) Q: Have you had any problems? A: Problems? Hahaha!

I'm pretty sure that we posed for over a hundred pictures. Right at the height of question and answer time, a female park ranger materilized out of the crowd and started badgering us to move our bikes. I didn't see any problem with where we were parked (other than the no parking sign) and ignored her, which just made her even more angry. Eventually she was yelling at us in Spanish and telling us to move now and saying stuff like "now means now!" and "move or I'll give you a ticket!" Whatever. I just smiled at her and told her that I had no idea what she was saying. Unfortunately, someone from the crowd started translating for her and we were forced to move our bikes back 100 meters to the parking area.

We sat back and waited. Eventually the tourist crowds started dying down and the park ranger walked off into the woods. We quietly pushed Dylan's bike up to the sign and snapped a few pictures before pushing it back to the parking area. We couldn't leave just yet. I had one more thing that I wanted to do, but we had to wait for the ranger to leave. Eventually the park ranger came out of the woods, got in her truck, and drove off. Finally.

I warmed up my bike and did a few practice wheelies in the parking lot while Dylan set up his camera. Some of the older tourists were giving me dirty looks, but I ignored them. Then, as soon as the sign area was free of tourists, I rode in, turned around, and did a wheelie next to the sign.

The ground was uneven next to the sign and there was a bunch of wooden stakes (you can't see them in the picture) that I was heading right for, so I had to time it just right. I managed to get a little one up which Dylan caught on film and figured that was enough. I didn't want that ranger to show up right as I was doing burnouts in the parking lot...

We took a quick walk out to the overlook at the end of the trail and got a picture overlooking the bay. Any further South and we'd be heading for Antartica.

We got back on the bikes and headed back to the Hostel to celebrate.
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Old 02-22-2013, 02:35 PM   #1227
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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Dylan had a couple of victory beers stashed in his panniers which he generously shared:

Too cool for words. Your humility upon reaching the goal shows through; we are very proud of you.

Now then, that is not a "beer" but rather looks like a gallon jug. Even with your big hands that is a huge bottle. But I am sure that you had even more back at the hostel!

The Good Lord gave most of us 10 digits; mine are all thumbs.
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Old 02-22-2013, 02:48 PM   #1228
Oncler Inds
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Thanks !!

You coming back through Phoenix?
there's a Seinfeld episode like this, .....right?
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Old 02-22-2013, 04:08 PM   #1229
Merlin III
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Very Nice! Now the trip back-more fun. "Greg Fraizer"? Now I have a search ahead of me.

(Edit) Okay, search done; now I know what you are referring to with "Dr. Fraizer". Nasty stuff.
"I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I am not absolutely sure about anything." Richard Feynman, Cal Tech Scientist

Merlin III screwed with this post 02-22-2013 at 04:37 PM
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Old 02-22-2013, 04:43 PM   #1230
Wave as you fly over
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