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many thanks to Magnon for a great event and Gazz for leading our group. My first time in Dordogne on a trailie and hoping to return

Timpo with owdfecker

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Great pictures and narrative, bringing back fond memories of 2011 - thanks everyone for posting!
. - Four months through South America on a DRZ - Ride Report: One day... you have to live your dream
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stoic bloke
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This year i took only a few pictures, mostly i relied on the gopro, only thing is as Daithi is a computer wiz kid, he has the footage from said camera, with the hope to stitch together a movie. I can only hope there is enough footage without my bouts of tourettes!. Also the canon died, tho it had good life until it got thouroughly soaked on the wednesday

Anyhow heres some photos of this wonderful trip
Day 2 got off to a poor start, ‘let’s get a photo at the big doors’, ignoring the one way sign led us to being hauled into the copshop to get our particulars taken down, was funny tho!

Ahhh Rocamador!, terry checks out his landing spot

The little donkey’s wheelie must have caught Daithi offguard!

Johnny took us through this festering swamp back in2011, knowing no better we piled in again

Unfortunately Seamus’s 690 cried enough

I’m pretty sure i went through this tunnel back in ’01 during the 6days

Ok so it’s a bridge made of wood, how old is it?

I dunno! Wait till i count the rings, a light hearted moment in a miserable wet day

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Great trip from the sound of things, what was wrong with Seamus's 690?
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Tuesday 14th May

Most of us were up for 0800 and we packed up with our team agreeing to leave @ 0930 as usual.

On packing we headed off for fuel and coffee at a supermarket. We also got provisions in. Phil in France arrived in the morning and was slotted into our group making us a team now of 6 our numbers were growing.

It looked like chappie had been gnawing on Fiona'a boot so Phil in France hunted out some in the supermarket. Roadside repairs were then effected.

The lovely forest tracks were wonderful and we made good progress.

We passed Gazz's team fixing a puncture. and carried on with the first tricky bit of the day a climb interspersed with rocks in the wood.

I got up first so was able to take a few action shots.

Phil offered to take us on a little detour to his place for a cup of tea via some trails that he knew and the thought was too much especially as we all had a picnic in our rucsacs.

On the way via trails he knew we all completed a nice hill climb I initially had my doubts but a steady throttle and a relatively smooth surface meant we all triumphed.

We headed out to a paragliding launch site. Vasco and Rick being qualified pilots were able to talk us through it. The view wasn't bad either.

Yet another hill climb which we all made look easy in the dry conditions.

Notice Vasco starting to get cocky with only one hand on the bars.

On heading towards Phil's place we headed down a steep switch back climb. Vasco de Garmin Flattley after riding so well reverted to his his old tricks of legs flailing everywhere as he headed down. It made interesting viewing as I was behind him.

Phils home he has rebuilt is lovely with an extensive garden right off the beaten track. The girls were given a guided tour whilst us lads got tucking into our picnics joined by Edward the Jack Russell.

Phil's wife arrived home to find 5 bikers all lay on her front lawn but took it all in her stride I suspect she is used to it.

Carrying on we stopped by an old mill and traditionally built weir. The weather and great company made us feel lucky to be enjoying this on our bikes even chappie and Fiona were behaving themselves.

We headed off and rejoined the track leading to Rocamadour having done this narrow goat track in 2011 I was understandably nervous as back then stopping and starting in a group it felt tricky. This time although it still deserves respect as coming off the side is not an option it felt quite OK.

We drove around to the other side of the valley to get a few tourist shots.

The ladies were so excited they forgot their Highway Code.

After Rocamadour there is a steep rocky climb they caused problems in the damp in 2011. This time there were now issues we all made it up to the top. The trails and scenery were fantastic and we were having such a good day I didn't want it to stop.

By now Fiona was well into her stride and taking the mickey out of what she called our "Posh Accents". Tally Ho became our cry before we rode of after a stop.

We pulled into the campsite at Saint Cere around 1900 which I remembered before that we had struggled to find. I chatted with the amiable French lady warden whilst we waited for her to open the barrier. Chappie and Fiona and had other ideas and promptly rode round the exit barrier whilst I apologised and said I would make sure they behaved themselves in the future. Not much chance of that !

After a quick shower it was time to head off for a beer in the delightful town the evening was warm and close but the campsite lady had pointed to the clouds in the sky and promised rain.

After a few beers and wine we went next door for a very nice sociable meal. Happy times and as we walked back to the campsite the heavens opened and the rain started. It didn't seem to stop for most of the night.

I remember being snug in my sleeping back knowing I needed to get out to relieve myself so I stripped down to just a pair of shorts and made a mad dash to the toilet block and back getting soaked in the process but keeping my clothes dry.
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Great write up, Matt.
It was great to meet people and put faces to names.
The trails were brilliant. Monday was probably the best time I've had on a bike.
I'm delighted I did was even better than I expected it to be.
Thanks, Charles, for a fantastic event.
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Goin down hill fast
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Originally Posted by Possu View Post
Great trip from the sound of things, what was wrong with Seamus's 690?
The cam follower for the inlet valves failed
A slight tipping sound in the morning got gradually worse
Then cutout
Got a new cam follower in KTM Perigeuex( express ordered) and got back on the trails before the end

Fitting a new cam and both followers now that it's back in my workshop
And miles to go before I sleep
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Good afternoon everybody.
I,ve just had one of my best life experiences riding the trails in France.
Firstly with Phin in the Auvergne and then with a great bunch of people in the dordogne ( not sure about my spelling here)

I was a track day addict for 20 plus years and sold my Ducati 848 track bike last year.
I thought that my motorcycling days were over.
3 weeks later i bought a DRZ 400 e. Great bike. I contacted Phin via facebook as we hadnt met up for four or five years. Phin suggested we went on the ADV trip.

Basically when I got to the Auvergne I had almost zero trail riding experience.
Phin took me out for my first serious session,i only fell off 6 times and then fell off in the river Dulon.
Hard work but a great laugh.

I was nervous before the start of the tour but meeting everyone at Chevas Cubas put my mind at rest.

My group consisted of Charles (group leader ) Clive, phin, papa smurf,carl and myself.
The first 2 days riding had some excellent trails and I only fell off once.
My riding improved really well and I,d like to thank everyone in my group for all the riding tips i was given,brilliant.

I now have a new lease of life.
I am addicted to trail riding just like I was when track daying.

Thanks to charles for organising a brilliant if not slightly wet tour. Thankyou.

Thanks very much to Phin for all his riding tips but not riding up that hill after the river dulon fall. Get your GPS skills up to scratch mate.

I hope to go next year if its on again.

Great to meet every one.
keep safe and best wishes to you all.

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Wed 15th May

Constant rain as we packed our kit away did little to lift our spirits although the good craic the night before did somewhat compensate.

Charles was having trouble starting his bike I lent him a sent of jump leads but with many willing helpers including Chris B with his multimeter there was little anyone else could do.

We said our goodbyes to Rose who was heading home in the rain a journey of over 700km. Thanks for a lovely 2 days riding great company and a true Adventure Girl. Due to Charles's demise Finn joined our team as well as Timpo.

We headed for petrol in the pouring rain which was doing little to lift our spirits. After filling up we headed across town to find Charles who was hunting down a battery for his 690 which looked to be the source of his problems.

We went on some lovely trails in the woods made even more tricky by the rain but no less fun.

Fiona (or was it chappie) was now attention seeking throwing chappie on the floor in order to get some attention.

As ever though no complaints just a big grin.

We had some fast trails and great climbs no photos though due to the appalling weather.

Poopping out onto a road out of the forest we came upon a boulangerie in the middle of nowhere. We soon all piled in dripping wet to sample some really fine food. I opted for quiche and pizza. By this stage we were all pretty damp.

The Irish Boy came by and headed for a cafe whilst we opted to head on along the the trail. Stoic or Bernard had now become known as the shepherd due to the job of herding his flock along every day and keeping them together not as easy as it seems.

We completed babies heads lane without incident and met Gazz at the bottom with his group. Don't know why but I think Fiona christened me Matt the Methodist on this day not sure why but I bet Timpo wil lspit a mouthful of beer out when he reads this.

The excitement of babies heads lane was too much for Vasco de Garmin I suspect that the jolting has upset his navigation circuits. We were talking about the lane and he thought we were talking about his monkeys bum (no prizes fro guessing where it is).

A bit of confusion as to which was the correct campsite ensued but we arrived at a place with chalets to rent which most people took advantage of. Whilst I was in reception Fioan came up and asked about the price of a cabin to which I replied I had already booked camping. Being a hard core sort of lady Fiona opted for the camping as well and we unpacked and made a sort of refugee camp in an abandoned part of the toilet block hanging out our gear to dry dry and get changed.

After showering Fiona and I were allowed to warm up in Timpo and Sarah's cabin. They had took in Lenny and Gazz it was very warm and the girls were busy reading their pieces of electronic trickery. Me I stuck to pen and paper and updated the book of truth. Timpo went for a doze dreaming no doubt of what he would do to me and the Book of Truth if he ever got his hands on us.

Rick had gone ahead and annexed a chalet plus part of the campsite. He had installed his butler Vasco de Garmin in the West Wing to carry out all the menial tasks. Another theory was if he let Vasco wander around the campsite then he would never be able to find his way back.

Vasco had been saying to me how concerned he was about the distance we still had to travel. I had looked at his GPS and declared he was looking at it the wrong way round but in the evening he proudly told me I was wrong he was just looking at the nest days track as well. Pure class.

We had arranged to go for a meal in a local restaurant that didn't really turn out well due to problems with the food. Still we drank all of the red wine and Vasco and myself even had to suffer a picher of Rose.

Before I drifted off to sleep as it was persisting down with rain I had a guilty pang and hope Fiona was not suffering as it was a foul night.

Thursday 16th May

We awoke to a damp morning but no torrential rain. Thanks to an act of kindness by Fiona all of my kit had been put in the tumble dryer fo me which was an act of kindness beyond the call of duty. Normally I just put my wet stuff back on and head off making the best of it. Uncertain weather and team orders left Fiona and I in a team of 2. Before we headed off we noticed that Fiona chain now looked like a coiled cobra on chappies swinging arm. As usual without any fuss she told me she had the correct tools so I minded my own business. As she has shunned my offer of tools I was mildly surprised to see that the tool of choice in slackening chappies rear axle nut was a feckin pair of mole grips !!

The very spot where we had camped.

We headed off after refueling in uncertain weather. The first trail was an amazing climb through the woods but we then encountered quite a few blocked trails. which whilst can be frustrating only adds to the navigational challenge.

Despite me having the bigger bike by 400cc I was never able to lose Fiona and chappie through the bends quite often I would be shocked to see them on my rear tyre as I looked in my mirror after going round at what I thought was a respectable speed. It must be a case of training or something.

Whilst I remember it was today or yesterday when Fiona pulled a micro SD card from the back of precious (her sat nav) and fianlly realised that topo France provided far better mapping than the Portugal mapping she had been using.

Using the wonders of modern technology my montana was sharing its DNA with Fiona's as I blue toothed over the route every morning a really useful feature. Vasco de Garmin also had the routes but by the time he sobered up each day we were no far from the campsite.

We met up with other groups a couple of times before 3 groups stopping in the town of Beauliu sur Dordogne.

A lovely meal was enjoyed by all including a most energetic waitress. The owner was keen to accommodate us and his large boxer dog was responsible for guarding the toilets. I was concerned for Fiona as she appeared to be trapped inside. Luckily our resident scouser who doesn't fear guard dogs or locks soon had the door open.

With full tummies we headed off our group having swelled to 3 as Vasco de Garmin had now been integrated back into our team. I remember stopping at this view point for a wee a few years ago.

We came upon some really slippy lanes which were cobbled and proved a tad tricky after testing my handguards ability to protect my levers several times we missed them out and carried on our way. The lanes were ones linking villages and farms together and were great to ride.

The team of three carried on exploring and using other lanes to get back on route. Our spirits we kept high with plenty of banter.

As ever Fiona was smiling whatever the conditions.

A lovely section through a wood where we got briefly separated when Vasco de Garmin thought I had done the wrong way led us to find Timpo and we waited for the rest of his group to join us before heading to the campsite.

More smiles.

Having got used to luxury some chose to head to more sheltered accommodation whist the rest went to a previously used campsite at Brive la Gaillarde. Having pitched the tents at the campsite which was around 5 miles away we headed into the town to a supermarket for bread, cheese and meat plus a small amount of alcoholic beverages. We had to wait for Fiona for at least 2 hours as she wondered around the Hypermarket aisle by aisle but I guess that's a woman's prerogative.

Arriving back we all tucked into our meal. I got to have a good chat to the Irish contingent although after a red wine and Irish whiskey cocktail the lights just seemed to fade out.

I do remember Bernard walking around with his red wine box handbag but not much else.

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Friday 17th May "The Tough One"

As seems to be usual before any tough day in the saddle my preparation had been faultless.

Awaking with a few people surprised to see me still I alive I took note of a broken tent pole and finally finding my shoes I got down to breaking camp. The good weather finding everyone keen to get off.

The best new was that Seamus had fixed his 690 after all he had been through over the last couple of week he remained cheerful as ever and after fixing his bike he was back in the game for the last day on the trail. I think Bernard the Shepherd was glad to pass over the mantle and let someone else lead.

As ever when men go shopping there was a massive pile of booze and food still left that we hadn't manage to consume although I did still have an emergency can of Heineken that I took all the way back to the UK.

The lure of trail riding has also been too much for Phil in France to ignore (or was it the weather) and he arrived in the morning and fitted straight back into our group.

If I felt a little detuned the first lane of the day soon had us on our toes and our senses awakened. Any truth in the rumour that Timpo and Rick had been spraying chain lube on the rocks would need to be backed up with pictures.

It looked like angry farmer had gone to market so no confrontation there but I was glad that the great big dog remained tied up.

We followed along some fast trails that led to a bridge that was being refurbished. Unable to cross we stopped for a rest and by a monument to people who had been murdered by the Nazi's. Seamus turned up leaking his flock and we all agreed a detour back would be required as we didn't want to miss any of the days trails.

Apologies fro the blurred photo but notice the glint in Fiona's eyes as she headed off for a play on my 690. Little did I know it must of made chappie jealous as he was to get his own back later in the day.

We passed a supermarket hading back on to the trail and met up with Peter who was heading north on his 690. Fond farewells and we got some picnic gear and headed onwards.

We were making good progress through the woods I managed to throw myself off my bike whilst going up a rooty climb but in the warm weather life felt good.

We did the excellent extra loop and sat down to enjoy the sunshine and a spot of lunch.

No photos from me I am afraid as my camera was playing up.

More great lanes in warm weather through the forest continued until we came to rock slab lane. A challenging little one with lots of off camber tree routes next a fast flowing river helped you concentrate until we got to the rock slab.

We opted for the assisted up approach for all the bikes although punishing her for having a go on my bike chappie threw Fiona onto a rock meaning she will have to wait to the bruising to subside before she will look her best in a bikini.

We head off on a single track lane across a steep hillside that I sort of recognised I had been here a couple of times before. After a quick recce Phil had a go at going downhill which was steep and slippy. The main issue was stopping the bike even with both wheels locked.

After a few falls we which ad gone down to assist with it was agreed we would carry on the trail and meet him where the track rejoined it.

Its amazing what wildlife in this case a leprechaun you can find watching you whilst in a forest.

We headed back up to the track and I did a quick walk of the route. I had ridden it with Timpo 18 months before but it looked alot trickier now and we were on fully laden bikes and not pogos.

As were in fully British stiff upper lip mode Vasco and I let Fiona and chappie go first.

We they made us suffer after getting across some roots chappie then threw himself and Fiona down the steep slope at one point on top of Vasco who had lay down in the mud to stop Fiona getting dirty (more of that later). The tree in the foreground saved us all as we wrestled chappie back onto the trail.

We could hear Phil above us riding around looking but we had omitted to take his number. (lesson learnt here for the future) sadly it cut short his trail ride as without the route he headed home. (sorry mate)

Still we still had another hours works getting chappie back across the obstacles. At one point I think I might have even shouted at Fiona "Throttle control" as we were getting chappie back across some roots. Her reply to me was he is used to it as my hand went round the wheel several times trying to keep it on the track. It was hard turning the 690's around and heading back to find another way round. It was hot and thirsty work and we all wilting somewhat. Peter as ever with his hot jacket on gave it his all and had resorted to using foul language. This led to Fiona christening him "The not so mild mannered archaeologist" it made me laugh as I only thought this happened when he went for a drink with LOZ.

More nice trails including rocky descents led us to a tricky stream bed lane which was quite exciting as we were feeling quite spent already and the day was marching on.

Small branch gave my handguard a whack as I went up.

It whacked chappie enough to send Fiona to the floor.

At the top of the lane thee weather was lovely and we took a while to have a team bonding moment.

The boys resting.

Goodness knows where the photos she is taking will go. "Hunk of the week perhaps ?"

We all had a lie down here and chatted away looking up at the fluffy clouds a fitting end to the holiday we thought.

After another session of craic (please note the spelling) Fiona was heard to exclaim "I will soon be back with my own kind"

Chappie had other ideas however.

Not far to the campsite said I as we dragged our weary bodies onto the bikes and headed on the track. A closed lane and a little detour saw us into a slippy forest trail not too bad but enough to make you concentrate. As we turned left the mud became red and I realised we were on red mud lane.

Although slippy we carried on along it and came to a mud hole. On previous trips I had gone round this and into the forest why I didn't this time I just don't know but I ploughed on through as the mud got deeper glad of the CO2 on my rear.

I stop and turned round to looked for the rest of the team.

Fiona was going great until the deepest sloppiest muddiest part. Chappie gave a few coughs and stopped. Oh Feck!

It looks nothing a quick pull and she will be free. Really

You couldn't stand up in the mud and when you were in it couldn't move as you got sucked in.

After getting straps on the bike the only way were could break the grip of the mud was to literally lay the bike on its side and drag it out.

Chappie would not play ball and start after frantic kicking with us all filthy and weary I attemped to tow him and Fiona to the end of the lane. Now I don't know how many of you have done it but towing a motorbike fully laden along a lane along a lane with a surface of greasy is not easy. My 690 wheelspan all the way a couple of times with Fiona and chappie on their side. I had about 20 kg of mud all over the bike and me but we had hit tarmac. As usual in these situations just as you think you are safe something else crops up and chappie got the webbing wrapped around his disc and spindle that needed cutting out. Vasco after kindly supporting Fiona and chappie had the long walk back to retrieve his bike and ride the muddy section back which he did without incident.

Another moment of comedy was when we got to the end of the lane and chappie had lost his number plate which was already the smallest in the world.

Chaapie was not well so we headed downhill and Vasco and I prepared to push. sadly after the rear wheel skidding along we had no joy. A more determined effort and an extra gear resulted in this.

After having mud and petrol forced into his exhaust chappie finally spat it all out. It didn't help that as soon as he fired Fiona went straight to the rev limiter. Still it could have been far worse, I could have been that side.

She had never struck me as that kind of lady but by now Fiona was looking really dirty.

Not wanting alarm Vasco I had quietly conferred with Fiona as to her wishes and she was grinning and wanted to carry on with the track. So we did, the lanes eased and we were zooming along good tracks. We came upon a smart car parked in the middle of a track a fair way from the road. I passed on the verge and glared into the car as to who had blocked my passage, imagine my surprise when I saw man with no clothes below the waist and a girl trying to cover her body with her trousers.

In a smart car oh to be young again !

We carried on as father time counted against us and I knew we would be having a meal back at the campsite. At I road I made the decision that at some point all leaders must to head back on the road. A swift 15mins later we were back at the campsite. I always enjoy coming into a campsite with your mates there all waiting to tell each other of the day you have had. Feeling pretty tired we got our tents up, showered and headed to the campsite bar for a meal.

It would be fair to say we were all a little jaded and tired but a lovely lasagne and a few beers had us heading for our sleep. Apart from I should say Fiona who was watching the rugby.

Sat 17th May

I awoke at 0700 fresh but weary after a week's trail riding.

Its never pleasant at the end of a holiday but we packed up loaded the van. Then had a brief breakfast before heading off on our journey North.

An uneventful journey North saw us meet up with Rick and Timpo at Le Havre for our crossing. On getting on the ferry we got some shut eye in our cabin before getting a bite to eat.

After saying our goodbyes on the ferry (As per Sarah its a short r) we headed off get to Gazz's after 0000 after unloading and reloading I carried on home weary but happy at the end of a successful holiday.

At the end of my ride report As Edmund Hillary said " We have knocked the barstard orf"

Too many thanks already given but a few star awards need to be identified.

Seamus for he cheerful suffering of all he had to suffer and sort out and then his back luck on the way home. That guy is oding on karma points.

My core team of Vasco de Garmin Flattley hard core archaeologist and a "Bloody nice bloke"

Not forgetting Fiona. 5 days of laughter, fun and frolics but not forgetting her true grit when the going got a little bit hard she always digs that little bit deeper with a smile.

Everyone else for either being there, putting up with me or adding to the occasion.

Until the next time.

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Chappy and friends

Brilliant Matt--well done--lovely read.
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As usual - great report Matt!
there does seem to be distinct lack of alcohol induced shenanigans Is this an abridged version of the Book of Truth, or can we expect some extras with the DVD release?

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Goin down hill fast
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Absolutely disgusted !!!!!

What are we going to do now it's over

The daily installments have been brilliant

Well done Matt
And miles to go before I sleep
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It funny Seamus since I packed in the old butlering game and handed the job back to you I seem to have a lot more time on my hands.

Although despite rain and pressure washing I can still see the red mud stains on my yard to remind me of the trip.
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Great report Matt, am going to have to get on next years trip! Am trail riding through France this week, so hopefully the weather will be kinder!
I'll get me coat..............
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