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View Results: 800GS valves at 12k miles / 20km, check 'em or have faith they're ok?
Check 'em dammit! They might be tight! 7 38.89%
Put it off for another 12k miles at least. No need for now. 11 61.11%
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Old 03-02-2013, 12:45 AM   #1
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800GS valves - unique question kinda

Please vote!

I have a friend here in Korea with an 800GS. He's just over 20kms (12000 miles) and the book says check the valves. He just took his bike in and walked out of the shop with some considerable ass-pain... right at $600 for an oil change and brake system flush and new pads. (I wonder if he even needed pads). Shockingly, they said he "didn't need a valve check." He's not mechanically savvy yet, but I'm going to help him with that part...

So, doing some reading here in your Parallel Universe pages, it looks like no one has had to change shims on a 12k mile/20km bike, is that correct? And lots of folks are saying "maybe at 24k miles or 48k miles" instead.

So, not knowing the warranty particulars here in Korea and excepting those concerns, is it reasonable to not worry about these valves at this time, and not crack open the valve cover? Put it off 'till 24 or 48k? What says the collective?
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Old 03-02-2013, 04:02 AM   #2
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I would agree with you. If the dealer said the valve did not need adjusting while the bike was in for other service, I think you are fine both from an performance and warrantee stand point, assuming the warrantee is similar to the US.

My dealer, whom I trust and have been buyings bikes from for over 30 years now, listened to the bike and chose not to do any valve check till 30K miles. (evan then I have no shims listed on the I do not think any adjustment was needed).

$600 for what was listed as done is excessive for here in the US. I had to replace front pads at around 19K replacing at 12 k is not totally out of line, why the flush was needed, who knows??

FWIW I paid $602 for oil and filter change, air filter change, new spark plugs, valve check, diagnostic read, and a whole host of BMW routine inspections at the 30k mile point.
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Old 03-02-2013, 04:55 AM   #3
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tight valves

I did mine at 8500 miles because of the time of year. Mine were a little tight. I'm glad I did, but I'm gonna wait until 24k for the next check.
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Old 03-02-2013, 03:43 PM   #4
Back in S. Korea
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I agree $600 is excessive, I nearly had a heart attack when he told me that. (as the owner of a 1200GS I know the importance of being able to do all my maintenance myself). Korea has some great deals, and some great rip-offs. Just yesterday some guy quoted me $70 a LITER for 90wt gear oil! No thanks I'll mail it to myself from Amazon... I really am shocked they didn't get him for the valve check, since they'd already soaked him for $600 on a brake flush and oil change. The guy needs help and I'm gonna help him...this is crazy.

Being a contracting expert as part of my work, I would love to get the dealer to put in writing that the bike doesn't need the valve check, but I know they won't do it.
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Old 03-03-2013, 05:10 AM   #5
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On the brake flush, the official recommendation now is at the end of the first year, then every two years after that... so if bike was ~1yr old that would explain that part .........

Just to be contrary I would probably do the FIRST check about on schedule, then push off others to a looser schedule....

Not sure if this bike would have been set to the new looser lash specs. at the factory or not, I'm guessing not, so I'd be up for that ...........

The other thing ... and maybe I'm missing something (it happens alot now that I'm older )
... a trained ear listening to the engine, I'm sure can tell when valves are too loose ... but what if they are on the tight side? Until they get so tight that they hold the valves off their seats and burning up and engine runs like crap ... what's to hear?

PS: The Dealership computers and the GS-911 can read what the onboard computer "calculates" as the next required valve lash check.
It's not advertised, but based on the way you ride the bike it has some metrics that "allow" for a longer adjustment interval ... assuming you don't peg the tach. in every gear.

JRWooden screwed with this post 03-03-2013 at 04:39 PM
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Old 03-03-2013, 04:18 PM   #6
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I am at 40k miles and aint had to adjust a valve yet. I say do it every 24-36k. We went through this on the early K bikes. Then you were supposed to check em at about every 10k. The first time I needed a shim was at 136,000 miles.
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Old 03-04-2013, 03:11 AM   #7
Back in S. Korea
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Thanks guys.
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Old 03-04-2013, 06:37 PM   #8
Mr B
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Just to add a little fuel to your fire.

I understand that not everyone feels comfortable working on their bike when the shell out so much $$ but come on $600.00 for oil change brake pads and fluid flush, wow is all I can say. I have about 16,000 miles on my '09. I did have to replace the rear pads last fall, front are still fine???? I think I spent something like $50.00 for parts and it takes longer to remove the wheel then replace the pads, the oil change, well what can we say and then the brake fluid flush, it takes all of ten minutes with a 10mm wrench (i think) and a bottle of brake fluid, maybe $10.00. all in all I hope you can help your friend and let him be more confortable doing some basic mx...not to take anything away from the shop, but if they said your valves did not need adjusting, did they even check?

It takes much loner to check then actually do the adjustment and if they removed the necessary equipment to get at the valves then I guess that might explain the $600.00...

sorry not trying to stir anything up

btw I have not had a need to adjust my valves either, the bike runs great and my fuel burn has not changed so I am going to wait till 24,000 miles for an initial check....
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