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Old 03-09-2013, 10:02 PM   #181
" Bitter Clinger "
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Awesome RR as usual. You two are amazing with that 2up riding.

Keep up the great work and ride safe!
08 BLUE KLR 650


Sprinkles are for winners
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LittleWan OP
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Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
I liked La Paz, maybe one day I will get back and spend more than a few hours there.
Hi Ladybug! I'm glad you liked the flower. wait til you see Scott's mom's place!
I hope you get back to La Paz, too.

Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
It looks so peaceful and relaxed down that way. I think this has to go on my bucket list, maybe in a few years.

It's nice redog, definitely put Baja California Sur on your list.
We really liked La Ventana a lot.

Originally Posted by F800ekelley View Post
AWESOME just read whole thing what a ride STILL cant imagine riding 2UP thats inasane thru that sand , the arm pump yikes. Very inspirational i have wanted to do this ride for awhile. Very well put together thank you for taking the time was great read
Thanks, F800ekelley!
Glad you found us and thanks for reading!

Originally Posted by BADDAD View Post
Awesome RR as usual. You two are amazing with that 2up riding.

Keep up the great work and ride safe!
Thank you!
Nice to have you along with us!

Day 5: 2/21/13 La Ventana, continued.

Man, were we happy to see Scott!
he hadn’t been murdered by crystal meth tweakers!!

There were smiles and hugs all around.

It was great to meet Scott’s mom. She’s awesome.
From the beginning, Scott had talked about wanting to visit his mom on this trip.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t specific enough.
Bet he didn’t expect to be pulling up to her place in a taxi (and not on his bike)!

photo by Barteknologie™

Lillian has this wonderful place, right on the beach.
We just loved the outdoor living space. It was so cool.

photo by Barteknologie™

There are beautiful plants everywhere, it’s really lovely.
(flowers for ladybug!)

We sat down with Scott and got a quick re-cap of what had happened...

photo by Barteknologie™

After we put him in Rolo’s truck...
They went down the same road we did (to San Juanico),
then stopped at the same place to get gas.

It must have been quite a ride.
Hurting, exhausted, confused (maybe concussed), dosed with vicodin,
at the mercy of complete strangers...

When they got to La Paz, he couldn’t find a place to leave his bike.
Matt thought maybe Marina de la Paz, since they have a large parking lot with a 24 hr guard.
But, no go.
Luckily, Rolo said his best friend lives in La Paz.
They were able to wake the best friend at 2am and leave the bike with him.
Again, the Baja Californians we’ve met were so generous and kind.

Rolo brought Scott to the hospital and got him checked out.
Apparently the doctors were maybe not as great as the ordinary citizens.

First thing they did was accuse him of being on drugs.
What? I am not drunk! I am not on drugs!
It went on for a while before Scott realized, Oh wait. I am on drugs. Vicodin.

The docs gave him a hard time about vicodin being illegal in Mexico,
a controlled substance, etc...

and afterwards, they only gave him some really lousy “painkillers” instead of the good stuff.
Thank goodness Matt had slipped Scott several more vicodin before putting him in the truck.
We were able to give him 1 more pill in La Ventana, too.

After the exam, one of the doctors softened a little. It was the middle of the night.
He knew Scott was alone, in a strange country, with nowhere to go.
They set up a bed in a corner and let Scott sleep in the hospital.
The whole shebang - Xrays, exam, overnight stay - everything...
654 pesos - about $55 dollars (at 12 to 1).

Que una ganga!

Here’s Scott - in his fancy sling.

photo by Barteknologie™

I am Spartacus!

Scott has been so positive about the whole accident.
He said he feels fortunate to have experienced all the good things people did for him throughout his ordeal.
In fact, he said that the worst part of the experience was probably
having to listen to tuba/accordion music for the entire ride to La Paz!

It was a long drive and Rolo is pretty into norteño/tejano music.
His daughter even knew all the words!

Oh, I don’t know Scott -- that doesn’t seem so bad.
I mean, 7 solid hours of this:

With a little girl singing along at the top of her lungs?
After hitting the ground with your face?
That sounds like it could have been relaxing...
As long as the music was playing loud enough.

Scott pointed out that I got a photo of Rolo’s cute daughter back in the village.
She’s in the red hat.
Look! A fistful of stickers - so she knew who Scott was when they picked him up.

So, Scott had arranged for a truck to take him and a rider back to La Paz,
to fetch the SE from Rolo’s friend’s house.
The truck was otherwise full, so only 1 other person could go.
Bartek had expressed interest in riding an SE, so he was nominated.
Matt and I were happy to kick back
and enjoy some sweet outdoor living.

Scott’s mom even brought us cold beer!
Thanks, Lillian!

Lillian was also nice enough to let us use her laptop and internet.
I made the mistake of checking my email.
Ugh. 20+ messages and they were all bad.

And that’s why I’ll never do a live ride report.
One of the things I love most about traveling is no phone, no internet.
It’s best to stay unplugged.

With no back brake, El Bartek did not dawdle in La Paz.

Matt took a closer look at the SE.
No back brake and I think he said the stop bolt was broken.

One of the lights was cockeyed, but was easily pushed back into place.
Nice lights! That was a hard hit, but no damage.

They had to straighten the steering a little,

but otherwise the SE was pretty good. Sandy, but good.

Mefo SUPER explorer

Y El Diablo.

OK, maybe one more short test ride...

Or, two.

what? nothing. I was just standing next to your bike with my helmet on...

Actually, Scott’s friends Jim and Loretta were going to store the SE at their place
until Scott could work out the details for getting it home.
Isn’t that great of them?
 Scott and Lillian have the nicest friends.
Matt was getting ready to ride it over there.

Scott wanted to go out to dinner.
But, first, some nice drinks and conversation.

Loretta, Scott’s mom, Jim, Scott.

Loretta and Jim drove us all over to the restaurant, Las Palmas...

El Bartek went for a strawberry daiquiri

Everything looked soooo good!

I had the grilled yellowtail - delicious! it was amazing.
(jurel a la plancha - it actually had a slightly different name, but I can’t remember it now)

Yummy flan for desert, but I forgot to take pics.

Scott insisted on treating everyone.
He said it was a thank you dinner for helping him out.
What? That's nuts.
Totally unnecessary!
We were all just happy that he was OK.
But it was a fantastic dinner. Thank you, Scott!

After we said goodnight to Jim and Loretta, we hung out in the living area.
That outdoor space was nice any time of day!
Bartek’s daiquiri was a bit too much and he was ready for bed by 8:30.
(teasing! I think Bartek was coming down with something. Plus, all that riding.
He was pooped ).

Matt and I sat up with Goggles and goofed off.

What the hell?
Matt was giving me a hard time about my blurry no-flash photos.
So I turned on the flash and got this:

Scott was telling us how he slept on his back the night before
and then woke up in excruciating pain the next morning.
He was wondering if he could sleep sitting upright.

Matt and I decided to make him a cozy chair bed.
We moved some cushions around to get everything the right height...
He was able to have his legs out, but was also able to stand up without help.

And then Matt tucked him in.

Blurry pic, but it’s so cute I don’t care.

Goodnight, Goggles!

After tucking Scott in, I was worried about El Bartek.
He was sleeping on the other side of the living area
(on a mattress, under a canopy) and I hoped he wouldn't get cold.
I put an extra blanket on him, just in case.

Matt and I had this cozy bed in the palapa - it was perfect.
I was really excited about the mosquito netting (there weren't any bugs there, but it was fun anyway)

So, that was it for Day 5.
Only did 40 miles so no need for Norm.
It was a fun, super relaxing day.

There are a few more neat things about Lillian's place,
but you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see them.
I didn't take pics until that morning.

Some bedtime music?
Si, una mas. You guys will like it. Trust me.
it’s about “La Bubi” ( o Y o )

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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Two wheeled traveler
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Hola' Wan's ...

I'm a little late to the party on this one, so I've got a lot of reading to do!

Make Mexicans your favorite!

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Old 03-10-2013, 08:59 AM   #184
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Catchy tune...

I'm working with a guy that plays in one of these bands. Always joking with him about that.
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!

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Old 03-10-2013, 04:49 PM   #185
More Undestructable
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You broke Scott?

That's like in the movie The Hangover when they lost Doug.

Dude. We f-ed up. I don't know what happened. We loaded him into a strangers truck, gave him some Vicodin, and that's the last we saw of him.

But, I'm glad things worked out.

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Goggles Pizano
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Yes it was just like that

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Great Day off! Glad you enjoyed yourselves! That was one hell of a ride down.
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Originally Posted by jglow View Post

Make Mexicans your favorite!


Oh, you're from texas.
Didn't we have a talk last time, when you were all "Make Meth your favorite!!"

Just kidding - Good to see you jlow!
Yes, Baja Californians/Mexicans are our favorite.

Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
I working with a guy that plays in one of these bands. Always joking with hime about that.
Ask him to sing the "Bubi" song for you tomorrow!!

( o Y o )

Originally Posted by Questor View Post
You broke Scott?

That's like in the movie The Hangover when they lost Doug.

Dude. We f-ed up. I don't know what happened. We loaded him into a strangers truck, gave him some Vicodin, and that's the last we saw of him.

But, I'm glad things worked out.

Hey, man. Scott broke himself!


When we were talking to Scott about the vicodin,
Matt said, “I’m really glad you were okay with the vicodin.
The last few people I’ve given it to had really bad reactions. Lots of vomit.”

and Scott did one of his patented double-takes - “Wait, the last few people?...”

“Um. Yeah...
But it’s not my fault!”


Originally Posted by Butcho View Post
Great Day off! Glad you enjoyed yourselves! That was one hell of a ride down.

Thanks, Butcho!
We were trying to psyche ourselves up for the 1500 mile ride home...

Hi Goggles!

Earlier, I was emailing Scott and I said it must be weird for him to be reading the RR now.
Up until this point, he knew everything that had happened.
Originally Posted by Goggles Pizano View Post
It's like watching a scary movie that you have already seen before
Stay tuned.
Now, it's like reading a book with the last chapters ripped out!
At least I know I have a guaranteed audience of 1!!

Day 6: 2/22/13 La Ventana to Todos Santos
148 miles

I’ve said it a bunch of times already, but -
Baja has the best frickin’ sunrises/sunsets!

This was the view from Lil’s back fence...

Not to mention, I love, love, LOVE the smell of the desert in the morning. (no, not napalm. desert)

The smell of damp dirt is nice enough. but, mixed with the scent of the Sea...
Holy crap, that’s good.

And we had some gorgeous flowers, too. Bonus!

This morning, we got all the good things about camping in Baja,
but without having to pack up a tent.

Aww. El Bartek.
For a bunch of bad-ass moto studs, these guys sure sleep cute.

Here’s something you don’t normally get camping...

An awesome shower!
(hmm. I should have moved my towel for the photo)
It was so nice (and hot - on-demand propane hot water heater).
I was too short to see anything but sky, but the guys said they could see the water.

Unlike camping, a lovely toilet and pretty KTM orange sink, too.

I was going to skip taking a shower, as I know water is precious in the desert,
but Scott (and Lil) were very insistent.
They were right. It was amazing.
I wish I could have a shower that great, EVERY morning.

It was really hard to pack up and leave.
Their friend Mel came by again (we had met her the first day - Hi, Mel!), with her friend Amy.
Again, Scott and Lil know the sweetest people!
They were so warm and friendly, we felt right at home.

Mel and her husband have been coming down to Baja for a long time.
(I think most of the La Ventana crowd has - is that right, Scott?)
She and Amy asked where we were going next and we told them, Todos Santos.
We got a hotel recommendation - clean but cheap. Cool!

Our bike took a nice group photo of the gang...
Us, Mel, her pooch (skyler?), Scott, Lil, Bartek, Amy.

Thanks again, Scott and Lillian!!
We had a fantastic time!

Bye, Mel!!

School crossing guard?

Scott had highly recommended what he called The Coast Road.
He said it wasn’t challenging, but was very, very scenic.
Sounds great!
We gassed up along the way and headed out.

Oh, I totally forgot I had the 2012 Mexican 1000 maps.
Today we’d be doing Naranjas road, which is on the Mex1K (green line).

It’s a pretty busy map - comes with lots of notes for the Mex1K...
The hot pink dots are our route.

Goats in the road.

It was nice to get back on the trail.

Resting is fine, but we need to make up some miles. We still wanted to finish up by Feb 27 or 28.

We sent Bartek ahead so I could take a photo...

But where did he go? I think we got in front again because he wasn’t using his GPS.

Scott, what happened to the GPS lessons for El Bartek?
you guys were too busy eating steak and drinking wine, weren’t you?

Here he is.

We tried to send Bartek ahead for the video,
but he wanted to be able to take photos without us breathing down his neck.
OK. we get that.

It’s a frickin’ GORGEOUS ride.
Curvy, scenic and awesome.
We stopped and took a few pics ourselves.

Here’s the video. I used Pacha Massive for the music.
They have a nice latin flavor.
This instrumental gets a little cheesy in parts, with some 70s CHiPs and Bow-chicka-wow-wow moments...
But, it’s fun for cruising.

HD if you can. It helps!

Thanks, Scott! That was a great recommendation!

I noticed this butterfly when I was editing the video.
Can you see it?

The colors are all jacked up in this bit of footage - the GoPro doesn’t like shooting directly into the sun...

This was a fast section of road.
I saw all the goat (?) prints in the sand and worried about who had made them...

We waited for Bartek at this sign.

Saw some whales, but they were really far away.
We stopped and watched them, but didn’t get very good pics.

Getting close to town...

We drove around Los Barriles a little bit, trying to find the restaurant Scott recommended.
This little girl was really cute - I was waving and she waved back.
I didn’t think I was fast enough to get the shot. I can’t believe it turned out!

Here it is - Tio Pablos.

Hey, it doesn’t open until 3pm.

Uh oh.

Now where are we going to feed El Bartek??

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post

Cripple maker, cripple maker...pegleg, pegleg!!!

Sorry, super old corny joke.

They should put those cop alto signs up in Emeryville...another ticket today, don't tell Mrs LarryBoy.

I've been following along from work, haven't had time to post. Lovin' the report as always!! Lotsa work, but it's a great read.

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Old 03-10-2013, 08:11 PM   #190
Goggles Pizano
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coast road ride

I love that coast road ride, rode it 30+ times aleast, just to go get a burger and a pistachio sundae, great video, dig the music

THANKS i needed that.
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Old 03-10-2013, 10:54 PM   #191
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How did Scott make Rolo's help worth his while? Haven't heard that part of the story yet.....

Loving that road from Los Planes to Los Barriles....a very unique Baja ride section
Ged Schwartz
Kamloops , BC

Baja '05 , Baja 06/07 , Baja 08/09 , BC Alpine Single Track

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Goggles Pizano
I'll B right back,promise
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Ahhh Yes, Rolo , He was very eager to help out , from pure kindness ofcourse. When i had asked about taking me all the way to La Paz , it was clear that he would need to be significantly compensated, which he was. The effort that he gave to ensure that me and my bike were safley looked after was truly amazing. As always , i will continue to ride through his village and show my appreciation for many years to come.

I would like to think that i was on the receiving side of karma this time. When i needed help , a terrific Baja native stepped up and did all that he could do to help and then some , putting the cycle of karma in motion again.

Thanks Rolo.

Goggles Pizano screwed with this post 03-11-2013 at 02:47 AM
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Old 03-11-2013, 03:30 AM   #193
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That coast road is yet another one to add to my bucket list. When will the world's beauty stop?
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Thanks Kelly, you do the best ride reports out there----- love the video!
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Pop a Top ,Pop a Top
ADV Relay Rider 08 (The Texas Connection)
Ride Pooie Ride

Don't stop riding until you get to the crash , you might save it!
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