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bachlorjoe OP
Joined: Dec 2013
Location: Omaha, NE
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Wedding saddle sore

When the alarm went off at 2 am I woke up wide awake. The dogs knew it was not morning and fell back to sleep. Tina was sleeping in the other room so she would not have to get up so early. I took a quick shower, got dressed, woke Tina up to sign me out, she was also in charge of getting the frozen water bottles and putting them in the bike. I rolled the ultra out of the garage told Tina that I would see her in two days for our wedding in Sedona, AZ.
A half block from the house I filled up the tank filled in my log and was started at 2:45 am.
I'm off, the weather is about 65 and dry, I ride a whole 15 minutes to my second gas stop right outside Omaha, NE. I refill the bike, decide I don't want ear plugs in until the sun comes up and hear two bikes pulling into the truck stop. In pulls my dad on his ultra and his buddy Joe on some fancy BMW. This is their starting point and I'm ready to start again at 3:30am.
My dad decides to take the lead and says that he will take it easy for awhile in the dark. So about a half block away from where my dad says that he is going to take it easy I'm on the on ramp of I-80 west trying to keep up with him I look down at my speedo and see I'm doing 80, so much for taking it easy.
This first leg is sure dark and full of deer. We'll I didn't actually see any deer with my eyes but in my head there were thousands of them as we were riding through the Platte river bottoms. On the other side of the Platte climbing the hill to get out of the bottom where the millions of deer were I started to relax a little maybe a little to much, I'm not quite sure what happened but going thru Lincoln, NE there was all kinds of construction and all of a sudden I swear it went from four lanes to one with a sharp right then a sharp left. Maybe I was going to fast or just didn't see it coming correctly but now I'm spooked.
Kearney, NE is the next stop at 5:30am, man do I have to pee! All of this reading about hydration while riding, no one mentioned that you may have to stop every 10 miles. So here I am slamming 12 more ounces of water.
Back on I-80 it's not as dark and I have to pee again! I haven't even set the cruise yet and I have to pee again! I definitely need to figure out a proper hydration system. Yesterday I must have drank 4 gallons of water and 40 oz. this morning before I left now another 12 oz. at the last gas stop. I do physical construction work for a living so I normally do drink a lot of water but Im taking this way to far. Just do your normal drinking, make sure you do carry water with you but don't go overboard. Oh I forgot about the cup of coffee I had while I was standing in the shower this morning.
As we are riding down the big concrete slab the sun is coming up which is a big relief I'm not cold but a little chilly. I keep looking in my mirror for the real sun not the bmw headlight that just looks like the sun. It keeps getting brighter and brighter why can't I see it in my mirror I'm heading west so it should be right behind me, well it came up to the north west I guess never had it in my mirrors.
We pulled into Big Springs, NE I sprinted into the bathroom. Getting a little smarter now I ate a granola bar and had a few sips of water. As I fill the bike the sun decides to set or at least not shine with the big black clouds in the sky, it's 7 am no big deal just gonna be a shower. So about 2 miles down the road we are pulled over so my dad can get his rain gear on. I have on Aerostich ad1 pants and a textile Harley coat, Joe is also waterproof with 500,000 miles under his butt he has learned a few things. I road home from sturgis with Joe last year and learned a lot watching him. Only 77 miles of down pouring rain but the best part was we were going straight into the wind only pushing me sideways for about 10 miles.
We pulled into a Denver truck stop at 10am, I am in shock! It is only 10am and I'm 500 miles from home this just amazes me. We hang out there for about 15 min. our longest stop so far, Joe tells us that the stops will get longer now every time we stop.
There is a toll road around Denver by the airport that we take. Apparently they can't get a picture of an ultras license plate I'm sure I would of had a bill by now. That road wasn't to bad but once we got back onto the interstate it was crazy for the next 100 miles. Middle of the day and it was like rush hour till we got a little past Colorado Springs.
Next stop is Walsenburg, CO. as soon as I get off the bike a guy walks over who was probably in his 80's. He couldn't figure out how to work the pump but he had Florida plates, I'm not sure how he made it this far. It felt strange something about being in between his suburban and the gas pump gave me a bad feeling like I was going to be kidnapped. I was legally carrying my glock in my coat so luckily for them they didn't throw a bag over my head and push me into the suburban.
The next leg to Las Vegas NM. is hard, long, and tiring the sky was getting darker and I think that I had been up so long that my brain thought it was the sun setting but it was only around 2pm, as I look back on it there was hardly any traffic so we cruised right along not having to be on high alert making me tired.
Getting gas in Las Vegas my dad dropped his helmet and the visor fell off. He had never had it off before and couldn't get it back on. I put it right back on having had my on and off a lot. If he was alone this could have cost him a lot of time. Make sure you know your equipment his helmet was new and a completely different kind than his old one. After the helmet deal I am sitting on my bike ready to go and I notice joe and dad staring up at the sky, with my ear plugs helmet and radio on I didn't hear the thunder. So dad is back in the rain gear and we take off. That's what I hate about rain gear 5 miles later it was done raining now dad is going to have to wear this for 150 miles. A few miles down the road we are going down a big hill with what looks like a dry riverbed at the bottom about half way down the hill a dust tornado forms in the river bed as my dad reaches the middle of the bridge so does this which is now about 5 stories tall I'm grabbing both brakes hard and all I can see is his right saddlebag dip down to the ground then his left dip down then the dust devil is off the bridge in a second. I never even felt it. He just thought some one was four wheeling in the dirt he never saw the rotation.
Not tired anymore due to we hit Albuquerque, NM at rush hour. We don't stop for gas and I can go about another 50 so no problem. As soon as we get out of rush hour and are heading west it looks like we are in the desert and the signs say Grants,NM is 60 miles away I'm down to about 40 miles of gas and there's another sign for Grants now I'm worried why aren't there any other towns I'm going to have to walk I'm right at 1,000 miles I've done it but I'm going to be stranded in the desert now. We'll I got lucky there was a gas station right down the road not even 5 miles outside of Albuquerque.
We made it to Grants, NM our final stop with 1,077 miles in about 18 hours. I slept on a crappy pull out couch at the holiday inn that night like a baby.
The next day we only had about 350 miles to do to get to my wedding location I have no idea how it took dad and I 8 hours to get there. Joe left us in Grants to go see his son in California he headed straight there I think doing another saddle sore.
Two days there five days back.
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Old 06-29-2014, 03:30 PM   #2
straight to hell
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Joined: Aug 2012
Location: Haysville, KS
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My attention span cant handle the lack of pictures!!...
You can only be young once, but you can always be immature!
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Old 06-29-2014, 05:31 PM   #3
GAS GUY's Avatar
Joined: Jul 2007
Location: Garden City, Michigan
Oddometer: 3,463
Congratulations on the Saddlesore !!!
That's a memorable ride done with your Dad !
Do yourself a favor and wear the earplugs all the time, especially on the Harley.
Your whole body and mind will fatigue much less if you wear them, not to mention long term issues.
I rode without earplugs for years, including Harleys, and now for the past 5 years will not ride without them, huge difference.
2008 KLR 705-2004 ST1300-2001 FZ1
2001 GAS GAS 321
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Old 06-29-2014, 06:38 PM   #4
bachlorjoe OP
Joined: Dec 2013
Location: Omaha, NE
Oddometer: 3
I have learned an important lesson about ear plugs. I rode up to Duluth to look at an Aerostich coat two weeks ago. 1,101 miles saddle sore round trip without earplugs, I didn't really notice anything while riding but when I got in bed the noise in my ears and the ringing. That will be the last time I don't wear them. I've been riding for about 15 years but just getting into long distance so I have a lot to learn. Dads pushing 70 so I would guess he has at least another 5 years to get some more miles in.
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