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Old 03-12-2013, 09:42 AM   #1
mr2autoxr OP
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Talking Michigan Boys Out in the Desert!

I got a call a couple of months ago from my buddy asking if I wanted to go to Las Vegas.... hmmm I've never been so why not. Oh wait, it gets better, he say's we're going out there for another riding buddy (Jason)'s 40th surprise Bday party. Party in Vegas, this could get a little out of hand!

And the best part was we are taking him on a dirtbike tour through the desert. This is great! Jason's wife planned all the events around the party in Vegas and I got on the net searching for a dirt bike tour out there.

Ended up at ADMO Tours, perfect day trip, could rent bikes. The 3 of us are all set! Now on with the trip!

I'm ready to go bright and early, waiting outside the Paris Hotel for these goons to show up. Here comes my ride.

Jason on the left, me on the right. Excited to go riding. We've never ridden this type of terrain so we're dying to see what it's like. I've watched YouTube videos for hours on end and I'm ready for this trip!

We are headed south from Vegas and are meeting our guide at Whiskey Pete's Casino in Primm. About a 45 min drive from Vegas and I snapped a couple of pics along the way. Never seen mountains like this, these don't exist in Michigan!

After bull-shitting the entire way down to Primm and seeing how excited Jason was about his Bday surprise we arrive at our meeting place.

Here we are getting some of our gear on

Not 5 min. after we pull into the Casino this shady character name Hector comes out of no where. We talk to him for a bit and he is curious as to what we are doing, says his wife is inside gambling. Uh ok. He just hung around us while we were getting our gear on and the bikes ready to go.

So Steve snaps this picture of Hector and say's, "I'm taking this photo cause I want to make sure my car is still here when I get back!"

And after signing our life away on the waivers we are headed out. But one last shot...

We immediately crossed over into California and rode up some good rocky 2 track trail headed up the mountain. About 10 miles into the ride we stop to take a look back at Primm. We came up the trail on the left side of the pic. Coming home, we'd take the trail on the right.

The Bday boy enjoying himself!

And me giving the in front of our tour guide. He told us to call him Rick "The GREAT!".

We are moving along at a pretty good pace. Around 40-50mph for most of the trip. Rick "the Great!" told us we'd go about 120 miles today. That was fine for us, sounded fun.

All of us had to get used to the higher speeds over the rocky terrain. For us, rocks the size of grapefruit are not what we see on our trails at home. We deal with the mud, sand, water, and wet slippery roots. Some adjustment was needed and I'm glad I had all my gear on!

I'll get into that in a little bit!

Rick "the Great!" takes us through a couple good canyons leading into the Joshua tree forest on the other side of the mountains leaving Primm.

Was even resembling a little single track

This was my favorite area to ride on this trip. Nice narrow trail running 3rd and 4th gear, getting a little bit of air going over some of these sandy washes!!! This lasted probably for 8-10 miles and it was time for a break to see how everyone was doing. And for a couple more photo ops.

Look at that blue sky!

It's somewhere just after this stop that I had my first crash. I'm glad I bought the insurance on the bike to only make me liable for $150 in never know. This get-off wasn't a big deal, we were heading up a very rocky section in a canyon and I lost momentum going up a step and dropped the bike. However, my bike had POS plastic bark busters on it. Yep, snapped the right one off at the end of the bars by having it land on a rock during a slow tip-over Seriously!! Come on. The other side of the handlebars had metal bark busters....F me! I had to fall on that side.

This is my luck, but I don't worry too much about it. I'm having a blast and that's life. Soon we come up to another stop at a cattle corral. I ask Rick "the Great!" why the hell is this out here in the middle of BFE? He has no idea. But who takes cattle out 30-40 miles from anything to let them graze??? Guess I am too much of a city boy to understand...

Rick "the Great!" and crew. We loved his Beta by the way. Don't see any of those on the trails in Michigan!

Next up was Patterson Lookout which was on Turquoise Mountain. Rick "the Great!" said that they could view huge areas from up on this mountain and see all the tanks out there practicing and what not. Sounded cool, lets go!

So we are starting to head up this mountain and the views are just incredible. Nothing like at home, this trip is one to remember for a long time.

Steve took some video heading up. Take a look.

Once at the top it is a bunch of radio/cell phone towers now, but WOW what a view in so many directions!

Steve and Rick “the Great!”

Rick "the Great!"

Looking down the steep hillside

Jason at the lookout

Now for my next failure...You'd think I'd start to learn how to ride, but I've still got less than 400 miles of dirt bike experience under my belt at this time. Coming down from Patterson Lookout, Rick "the Great!" decides to take a dirt trail off to the right side of the mountain. But to get on it, I'm braking down a steep paved hill with lots of gravel...yup, frontend washed out just as I was making the turn. MORE REAR BRAKE!!! oh well, it landed on the same plastic POS bark buster and completely broke it off at this point. Now it's only handing on by the attachment towards the center of the bar...I ride on. We'll fix it at lunch.

Lunch is in Baker, CA and we are still a ways out, but I'm starting to get hungry. Our Denny's breakfast has been worked off and I drink some more water to tide me over.

Not quite sure how many more miles it was to Baker, but just as we are pulling into town I do it again!!! This time right over the damn bars! I was following Steve and noticed that he just went over one of the numerous washes we'd gone over already. These big dips are from the water run-off and for most of them you just need to slow down. This one ENGULFED my front wheel! I didn't react fast enough to get the front wheel up and over the wash. Hit at probably 20 mph and that front wheel stuck like glue and I was along for the ride. Saw it coming and just braced for it.

I wear full body armor and this saved my ass. Got up and nothing was hurt. I picked the bike up to inspect the damage. Guess what, the right side bark buster was still hanging there, just barely. But now I have a bent front brake lever! Hahaha I need to learn to ride. The problem is, if I would have been a foot to the right, the wash was filled in and it would just have been a bump. That is where the rest of them crossed. I just like to make it more challenging!

Steve snapped this picture because I am notorious for killing bark the 400 miles or so I've riden I've broken a metal one off his beater bike (that's hanging on a tree somewhere in northern MI!), broke the right one off my bike, and now the right one off this bike!

And finally some food...

The steeds resting.

Not much around, these small towns just pop up out of the desert and it’s many miles before you see civilization again.

Now that we are stuffed, it's time to head out and take a different route back to Primm. We only had to back track on the same trail a couple of times for a few miles so we could see some more cool stuff.

Steve took some video following Rick "the Great!" after lunch. Enjoy.
Part 1

Part 2

We didn't take a ton of pictures on the way back, but we did get a few good ones as we stopped in this canyon for a break. To get here was a tight single track, boulder, not rock filled trail! But guess what, I kept the bike upright!

Jason giving the

Steve takes a couple of action shots of Jason coming up to a stop

Hey, who stole my bark buster? Looks like I was thirsty too.

Now we are getting pretty close to Primm and Rick "the Great!" stops at a trail crossing and says ok, the road is going to get really rocky now. I'm like WTF have we been riding all day then? He tells us big rocks will just be randomly in the trail so keep your eyes up and stay out of the others dust so you can see. Great, this should be fun

Turns out that some rocks along the trail were the size of soccer balls, but I didn't come across any that big in the trail. Most just the size of a soft ball or something.

But riding these rocks like this for miles and miles takes a beating on your wrist and you do get some arm pump. We stopped here to catch our breath! See those f'ing rocks! hahaha

I made it through the afternoon keeping the bike upright. I was glad that the bike didn't ensue any more damage! Jason doesn't like riding fast on the rocks as 2 years ago he had 2 trips to the ER. One for a collar bone and the other his wrist. He took it easy over the rocks as did I, but Rick "the Great!" and Steve led the charge at a higher rate of speed and survived. Once back in the car on the way home, Steve did admit he had a nice scare but manage to keep the bike and himself in one piece!

Now this picture shows the trail we rode down back to our meeting point in Primm. We came down the trail on the left side.

And here you can barely make out the solor power tower in front of the mountain.

BUT, the best part of this trip, was when we rode back up to our cars at Whiskey Pete's Casino, Hector was there waiting for us! WTF....dude you are creepin me out! We have been gone for 8 hours and you are still here, let alone hanging out at our car?

He said he was leaving and saw our dust trail coming down the mountain so he waited for us. Steve thinks he was waiting on his 'working' girls inside the casino!

And just for good measure I'll end here, with the picture of Hector!

The Michigan boys had fun playing out in the desert. We might have learned a few things as well!
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dude that is an awesome ride report and what a great adventure for you and your good buddies. Nothing but good stuff there man. Good for you guys!!!!!
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Some great photo's, nice one
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Rick sounds.....great.
Nice RR and photos BTW.


My Pics
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Old 03-12-2013, 09:19 PM   #5
Day Dreamer
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Enjoyed the photos and story. Great day trip.
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Did you rent the bikes? How did you know where to go ride?
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Unstable Rider
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Looks like you guys had an outrageous time. Curious what part of Michigan you blokes are from-- I tour the You Pee on occasion. Copper Harbor this last fall with some other inmates.

That's funny about Hector. My feelings exactly. He probably spent 8 hours trying to jimmy the door of your tow vehicle while you guys were gone
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mr2autoxr OP
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We did rent the bikes while we were out there from ADMO Tours. They are the ones who led the tour out in the desert. Rick works for ADMO Tours.

He knew where to go, we just followed.

We are from Southeast MI. Most of us are near Brighton / Ann Arbor area. We typically ride lower MI just because it is closer and we haven't been able to take a significant vacation from work and family to make it to the UP.
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Marco Moto
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Great times! Thanks for sharing guys.
-Marco Moto
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Cool pictures, and trip. Represent!
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Nice adventure! Isnt the desert fun?
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