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Old 03-09-2013, 02:59 PM   #1
bully1 OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: Perth west aussie
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Hopetoun Run ( Beer with Rick n Ev )

A few weeks ago my wife said to me "you're getting cranky again, bout time you jumped on your bike and pissed off "

what's a bloke to do, find a weekend and a few drinking partners and "piss off ".........

With a long weekend approaching a plan was hatched, a few phonecalls made and away we went. I hadn't seen Rick and Ev since the OCBR last November and had a lust to ride Ricks Ural, so ......

Davey Sprocket was the first to put his hand up, quickly followed by Guzzimike and Reklaw, Aussie Digger wanted to come as did Pommy Steve. as the PD is getting some resto work done and the sidecar is still unattached, I called it as a bitumen run so bring out your roadbikes.

Davey was on the 12 GS, Guzzimike on his MK 4 Le Mans, Reklaw on the F650 GS, Digger on the 12 GSA, Steve on his GSXR and myself on the sidecar tug GSX 14.

We met at Macca's in Armadale and headed off down Albany Highway, turned off and run out through wandering to Pumphreys bridge for a quick break, well except for Steve who missed the turn and went past at about 180

what a difference a summer makes

once we mounted back up and headed into Narrogin for a top up, found Steve, then headed to Wagin ( lost Steve again ) and on to Katanning for a coffee, found Steve again, he'd stopped to do some shopping at a little boutique in Narrogin

Not sure if he had any boiled lollies or not, reckons that the clouds above were frightening him, we don't get the chance to ride in the rain very often, haven't seen any for quite a few months.

Cotinued on down to Gnowangerup for another top up, as we were fuelling a large gruop of Ulyssians on Leadwings and other large tourers came through, about 5kms out of town Mike and I came up on the tail enders, was funny to watch some of these wallowing down the road, don't get me wrong, I'm a Ulyssian as well, but watching big porky bikes with big porky old blokes wandering all over the road isn't my cup of tea. We rounded them up at a little over the speed limit and headed for our lunch date at the Jerramungup pub.

Whilst there Steve was once again displaying his fashion items

As we were finishing up lunch a mate of mine from work walked in, he was 4 days into a month long ride, Kev ( forrest ) only bought his first bike about 4 months ago, now he has 3 and has just sold one, he was on the ex Motoradd Garage Tiger XC. Kev is heading to Alice for a look so joined us on the leg to Ravensthorpe and would then continue on to Esperance

A quick ride in the rain to Ravensthorpe, Rick had ridden out from Hopie to meet us, a refuel and then ride into Hopetoun. This town had a large BHP input a few years ago then the price of nickel plummeted and the mine was closed, has now been sold off and re-opened, this is a great little town right on the southern ocean with great beaches and fishing.

Once at RicknEv's we set up tents on the back lawn and had a few cold bevvies

now Steve and Guzzimike are good mates but I reckon having your tents erected so that they are almost con-joind is just a little bit "Brokeback Mountain"for me ....... there would be a story about this in the morning....

Next morning Rick and I headed off for a bit of a ride on his 1950's Ural and Ev's beautiful R50

just love the rustic brake switch

to be continued......the run North....
'02 GSX 1400 outfit........lot's of grin factor
'11 Husky TE 630.......tyre shredder
'06 HUSKY TE610 x 2............ for the boys
'92 R100GSPD ( modified)...........slow and easy
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Old 03-10-2013, 05:55 AM   #2
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C'mon, get on with it
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bully1 OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Jun 2008
Location: Perth west aussie
Oddometer: 4,898
I'm back....

the run north from Hopetoun started after a great brekkie at a local cafe, reklaw left us to ride solo back home ( something about brownie points ), a run along the coast to a secluded beach, I think Rick goes a- la- natural on this beach, far enough that greenpeace can't roll him back in.

Another hour or so at RicknEv's for a cleansing ale saw us pull out of Hopie just before 12,

Steves GXSR

my GSX14

davey's GS

nice driveway

Guzzimike playing with the MK 4

Digger's GSA

so the trip north saw us top up back in Ravensthorpe then hit the Lake King- Hyden rd, the speeds along this rd made the trip fly by . A stop in Lake king for a squirt and Guzzi and Steve declared that they would have a cleansing whilst Digger, Davey and myself headed to Hyden for a look at Wave rock, just on 100kms and 40 minutes later we arrived at the rock.

Now I'm a sucker for old shit in paddocks, this old truck outside the Lake king pub caught my eye

I reckon that "trick my truck "would have it on the road in a week.

A quick look around then head in to Hyden for a cleansing and to pick up some barbie packs for dinner from IGA.....

bummer... IGA was shut... replan....head out the 20kms to Kalgarin, set up camp then ride back to the pub for dinner..

When we explained the situation to Merv's wife she headed up and pulled some great scotch fillets out of the fridge for us, Merv had been out and caught some "koonacks, Juggies "or whatever you choose to call them, small fresh water crayfish out of the dam for us, so we enjoyed these with a few sundowners.

we all scratched around in our kits and added them to the scotch fillets, washed down with cold beer and a few ports were all ready for our beds by 10 ( old farts )

Next morning while we waited for Steve to surface we wandered around Merv's paddock, lot's of treasures waiting for someone with a wad of cash and a lot of time.

we then headed off towards Kulin along some backroads that eventually brought us out onto the " Tin Horse Highway ", if you haven't seen this before then google it.

the highway came about because the rd leads out of Kulin to the Jilakin Rock racetrack where the Kulin Bush Races are held, local cockies decided to lighten the drive by building tin horses from old 44gallon drums, some thought went into their construction

After failing to get brekkie in Kulin ( these bloody country towns shut down for a public holiday ), we hightailed it to Wickepin, the hometown of Albert Facey a remarkable man.

here we got brekkie for those that wanted it and possibly the worst coffee I've ever had, after leaving there we headed to my favorite town, Cuballing, to top up with fuel, once again the clouds loome and Steve displayed his fashion sense, like a naughty schoolgirl , he'd altered his bright yellow raincoat to make it a mini skirt

We didn't even stop to check on the youngúns that Guzzi has in town after his last visit

poor bloody Mike...

I must add that between Mike and Steve there must have been 10 cows killed to cover their bodies in leather, I haven't seen so much since the telecast of the Sidernee mardi gras last year

A feed in Popadinning ( funny name, nice town ) at the caravan, run by a mate of Daves, and then blitzed it for home.

All up 1350 kms covered, only copper sighted was RicknEv's neighbour on Saturday arvo, great country roads ridden at a reasonable pace, cold beer, great food and awesome company... thanks fella's.
'02 GSX 1400 outfit........lot's of grin factor
'11 Husky TE 630.......tyre shredder
'06 HUSKY TE610 x 2............ for the boys
'92 R100GSPD ( modified)...........slow and easy
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Beastly Adventurer
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Birds of a Feather

You boys/blokes/guys need to come to the western US and ride with my buddies and me. I am seeing an awful lot of similarities--old guys, bikes, beer, hot rods, brokeback jokes....Headed for Alaska in July.

Thanks for the post
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Old 03-11-2013, 03:29 AM   #5
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good stuff!
i must not post hairy buttocks
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Old 03-12-2013, 04:56 AM   #7
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Talking Back down memory lane...

Nice report - made me a little home sick. Ex Perth now in Brisbane. Love the familiar yet a little bit strange town names.

Happy memories, Thanks.
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Old 03-13-2013, 03:31 PM   #8
Trust Me!
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Great RR

Great RR Bully, sorry I could not make it - next time?
4 Wheels, move the Body, but 2 Wheels, move the Soul
............(3 wheels = cold beer and a comfy bed)............

Lets Ride
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Old 03-13-2013, 08:47 PM   #9
Gnarly Adventurer
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Pumphreys Bridge

Hard to imagine now - but in the lalte 40's - early 50's several hundred people would be at Pumphreys on New Years Day for running races, high jump, swimming and diving comps. Probably cricket too on the oval. Can remember watching footy matches there when I was a little tacker. Pumphreys had a footy team, cricket team, tennis courts and CWA rooms plus a general store with a fuel depot. Locals from Pingelly, Wandering , Narrogin and Williams area came for New Years Day.
A lot more people living there then before quite so much "get big or get out" for farmers reduced the numbers of both farmers and townies.
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Old 03-27-2013, 01:51 AM   #10
TWIN Cylinder ADV
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Good read Bully. Not so sure about that yellow rain coat though.

Guzzi likes keeping the lemans clean n tidy.
Hodgo Spot
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