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Old 04-18-2013, 10:31 AM   #16
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Ugh.... hits a little too close to home.

My son isn't yet licensed (on a permit until Sep) and rides an 04 KLR.

I need to get him riding pants....

Glad your stepson is alive and well...
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Old 04-18-2013, 10:46 AM   #17
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It is a well known fact that KLR's enjoy taking naps, please dont ask me how i know this.....
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Old 04-18-2013, 02:09 PM   #18
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Did the milk crate sustain any damage? Just kidding

Glad the kid is alright and if the judge or city atty has some sense, they'll throw the ticket out. I wonder if they give out tickets if someones car quits running at a redlight? Do they get tickets if a tire blows out from hitting road debris? Of course not. The $179 bend over fee added enough insult to injury without a citation. I truly believe traffic citations for single vehicle accidents with no other parties or property involved are BS revenue generators. I hate to act like I'm anti-gubmint, but if it was the chief of police or mayor's kid it would have been handled quite differently. Unless of course your boy was driving stupidly and just hasn't fessed up to you yet.

It still could have been the tire or you guys didn't torque the axle nut properly. I know it's tight now but the wheel sitting sideways in the swingarm post crash could make it seem tight where it wasn't tight when centered in the swingarm. Just spitballin' on what might of happened.
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Old 04-21-2013, 09:39 PM   #19
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Derailment Forensics

I am glad your stepson is OK, the most important detail in the incident.

There is however a possibility that with further analysis there is a valuable lesson here. What is lacking in the details is the weather that day, who the owner was from day one, and where did the bike finally end up after the crash. Was this a tankslapper or a rear lock up causing loss of control? There is a difference which doesn't need debating at the moment.

You admit to adjusting the chain, it could be possible that you failed to adjust and lock the left side adjuster properly if at all or had a serious misalignment after securing the nut. Possible, but not likely for a simple adjustment that it would be too far out to end up allowing the right tire side to hit the muffler unless you also had the wheel off and got the spacers mixed up.

The part that really has me baffled is your description of the kickstand, as there is only one imaginable way that could of happened, which is that the kickstand for some reason was down, hit the road and took off the chain. For the chain to be loose enough and catch the spring stays and do that kind of damage seems improbable, most derailments would lock the rear and in most instances would leave a permanent reminder on your engine casing.

Perhaps when time permits some pics could be provided.

A few questions to ponder.

A) Is your stepson the original owner?
B) Do you still have a kickstand spring attached?
C) Was the kickstand switch bypassed?
D) Was the left side tensioner properly adjusted and locked?
E) Was the wheel removed prior to chain adjustment (spacer mix-up)?

There is either an anomaly, unfortunate coincidence or a misinterpretation here. Help me figure out which?
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Old 04-23-2013, 07:34 PM   #20
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As a newer rider (and maybe it's the same for anyone) the threat of a tank slapper really scares me. Glad your step-son is ok. At that speed I think he was really lucky.
It sucks that they would charge someone in this situation where no one else was involved... Maybe the risk of involving someone else was high... I don't know how that particular law works though or if I even have it where I'm from.
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Old 05-19-2013, 01:54 PM   #21
GoGo Gadget
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So what happened in court?

Inquiring minds want to know?
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Old 05-20-2013, 08:57 AM   #22
louder, louder, louder!
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It is possible that your step-son hit something in the road.

IMHO, and I'm not a lawyer, so free advice is worth is price... if you approach the court with photos of the damage, and a number of plausible explanations for the crash, it may be enough to cause "reasonable doubt".

Is the sidestand spring still on the bike?
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Old 05-21-2013, 12:47 PM   #23
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Originally Posted by gilbertx7 View Post
He was charged with failure to control, which I may go to court with him to fight. Any ideas/experiences dealing with this would be greatly appreciated.
What is the specific code section and jurisdiction please? If you can find the code section it.

Were any witnesses identified in accident report or otherwise?

Is reporting/charging officer a witness to actual accident or did they respond after the fact?

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Old 05-24-2013, 07:44 AM   #24
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Oddly, my stepson threw the chain on my 2000 KLR a couple weeks ago. In his case, the bike just rolled to a stop. He's not real mechanically inclined, so he was standing there wondering what to do when some other riders came to help him. (Thank you random strangers!) They got the chain back on and he got home fine. (Except for incorrect advice re: chain slack, they said "never more than an inch". Random strangers were sportbike riders...)

Although the chain is in spec for adjustment (40-50mm), it's several years old and there was a lot of lateral flex, plus the sprocket was pretty worn I think it would not take much to help it derail in the right circumstances, so I went ahead and replaced it all. After I got it off, I noted the top of the rear sprocket teeth were chewed up about half-way around. My best guess is a rock or a stick got in there and was just enough to kick it sideways until one tooth caught.
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Old 05-24-2013, 08:29 AM   #25
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kickstand for 2nd gen KLR

I have a kickstand off my 09 klr for sale.
It is stock height.

$55.00 delivered conus.
I take paypal
2002 BMW R1150R Black
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