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Iranian OP
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My stay in Germany and my motorcycle trip in Germany and Austria during summer 2013

Hi everybody!

I would like to tell you guys and girls about my stay in Germany and my motorcycle trips in Germany and in Austria. During my stay in Germany I tried as often as possible to do weekend trips and daytrips to other cities and areas in Germany. I lived in Berlin and thereby I had lots of nice areas within my range. The very first I trip I did was already during the winter and due to the weather and that I still had my bike in Sweden I did my first trip by car. In Germany there is something could “mitfahrengelegenheit” which is a kind of car sharing. Car sharing is a cheap way to travel in Germany and it’s neighboring countries.

Since I was a kid in Iran I always loved vehicles and always loved the old beetle. I promised myself that one day I will one a beetle and in fact I have owned two of them. One of them was from 1967 and the last one I owned in 2005 was from 1964. So I decided long before my move to Germany that the very first thing I am going to do in Germany is to visit the VW museum in Wolfsburg. Mid March I went for a weekend to Wolfsburg and visited the VW museum, Autostadt and the castle in Wolfsburg. In this three links you can see some pictures from my visit in Wolfsburg.

VW museum in Wolfsburg:
Autostadt in Wolfsburg:
Castle in Wolfsburg :

Of course as a biker, motorcycles are always interesting to see and also to see things that are related to the history of Germany. Since I lived in East Germany I had to see some bikes from East Germany so I visited the MZ-museum in Berlin. In the first link you can see pictures from the museum and in the second link you can read about the museum itself. I have to say that this museum was very best motorcycle museum that I so far have visited. It exceeded my expectation.

Technology is of course also something that interests me and therefore a visit to the technological museum in Berlin was a must for me.

Since I am trying to learn the German language and have studied the Germany history I had to see something from the Second World War. In this place unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures so I can only provide you with a link to this place but I have to tell you that it is really a see worthy place if you like German history.

Then I decided to visit Völkerschlachtdenkmal which is a monument over lost soldiers during the Napoleon war. During the Napoleon war 100 000 German soldiers died. For me riding over 200 km for visiting this monument and Museum over lost soldiers during the Napoleon war was a bit disappointing. I had expected little bit more out of this place. This a nice place to visit but you really don’t need more than a hour or so to see it all. What I saw out of Leipzig was beautiful but since I got little bit cranky over this place I drove back to Berlin. This trip was only a daytrip.

Before my move to Germany I had heard lot of good thing about Herzbergen so it was on my list over thing that I have to see in Germany which I also did. Unfortunately during this trip I got one big migraine which forced me back to my hotel. But despite the setback I have to say that this area was beautiful part of Germany. I would like to see it once more.

Rostock was also on my list on places that I wanted to visit since it is a city from the Hansa era. It was a nice city but I had high expectation of this city and was somewhat disappointed. I discussed this matter with my German teacher and he told me most of it was destroyed during the Second World War. If you plan to go to Rostock, make sure that you book you hostel or where ever you are going to stay because it can very fast become booked out.
Now I would like to tell you about my motorcycle trip in Germany and Austria. My trip started in Munich and was about a 600 km ride. The weather was shining and my vacation had just started. I stayed for three days in Munich and I really enjoyed the city even if I found it to be somewhat expensive compared to other parts of Germany. Southern part of German is in general more expensive then the northern part of Germany but I have to say that is also the more beautiful part of Germany. Personally I felt that being in Munich, a visit to the BMW museum is a must. The first link contains pictures from the BMW museum and the second one from the Deutsches VerkehrZentrum.

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Iranian OP
Studly Adventurer
Joined: Jul 2010
Oddometer: 700
I will write the rest of the story tomorrow.
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Mod Squad
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Thanks for sharing your trip and pics. If you copy and paste the image links into the Insert Image icon box, your photos will appear directly.
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Iranian OP
Studly Adventurer
Joined: Jul 2010
Oddometer: 700
Thank's for the Tip but it is a couple hundred pictures that I want to share with you guys.
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Iranian OP
Studly Adventurer
Joined: Jul 2010
Oddometer: 700
When I am planning for a trip I always try to have a backup plan. I looked at the weather broadcast and they told us that the weather is turning to bad weather in suthern part of Germany so I decided it was time for me to move on. I decided to go to Austria since I have heard a lot good things about it and of course since it is a German speaking country I could also practice my German skills. I have heard god things about Heiligenblut in Austria and that meant also that I have pass through Grossglockner which I was looking forward to do. I first stopped for refueling my bike and as always people where very friendly towards me and when a German gentlemen heard about my plans to go to Austria he quickly started telling me and writing a road map and giving me directions. He told me to drive in the direction of Salzburg and somewhere along the road change direction and go to Zell am See and after that straight ahead to Heiligenblut. The roads where fine and became more and more curvy roads but the main problem was that it was a lot of traffic so I could not enjoy it as much as I would like to do. When I started to climb in Grossglockner my bike started to suffer from the elevation and was not running good in second gear. I had to play with the throttle a little bit. In one curve a saw two lads on moped and their engines had died on them and the where using the pedals to make their way up in the hills. It was here that I started to really get worried because I felt my bike could also stall on me and I was really not in mood do walk the bike the entire way up and down to Heiligenblut. I was relieved when I reachen Heiligenblut. Heiligenblut lies in a valley. I asked a guy if he know somebody who could rent me a room for tonight and he took me to a biker and his sister was in tourism business and rented me a room for two nights. Compared to Munich, Austria seemed to be cheaper then Germany. I thought it is going to be more expensive then Germany.

In Germany I once left my helmet and gloves on my bike and the Honda dealer told to bring me stuff inside otherwise I will not have a helmet and glove when I return to my bike.
I learned my lesson and in Heiligenblut I took my stuff with me and the guy just laughed at me and told me to leave my stuff on my bike. Nobody wills steal in here in Heiligenblut :-)

In one of the pictures you can see a river and that is just outside the house I was living and the mother of the Lady that I was renting from told me that I could not swim there since it is to cold there. So the following day when I returned from my drive I put my hand in the water to see how cold it actually was and I was surprised that it was actually quite warm. I told the old lady that she has obviously not been swimming in Sweden. I told her that this water is compared to Sweden quite warm :-)

Heiligenblut was a very nice place but definetly not a place you want to have engine problems. Even finding oil for a bike was difficult to do :-)

The lady of the house gave me a route two which included a visit to a local Porsche Museum and driving through an Alp pass. The museum is in Spittal an der Drau. The first link contains pictures from the museum and the second one is a link to the museum itself.

There is a lot of places two visit around Heiligenblut and it is also an excellent place for those who want’s to do some hiking, fishing and so on. But for me it was time to leave and move on to the next city to visit. I decided to go to Graz through Klagenfurt am Worthersee. During my trip to Graz I have to say that I thought it is going to be a lot of curvy roads and indeed there were some curvy road’s but not as much as I expected. Graz looks more like any other big city and did not have the charm of a small city. During my stay in Austria they had real heat going on and it was measured to 39,4 Celsius and imagine riding in those condition with motorcycle clothes. I felt that it was time for me to visit a lake to cool myself down and I went to Schwarzsee and to my surprise I had to pay 10 euro as entrance few which I was not used to do since it is always free in Sweden.

This is a collection of pictures I took on my way to the Porsche museum and my trip to Graz.

After staying two days in Graz I decided that it was time for me to move on and unfortunately the weather broadcast said that the weather in Austria was going to be rainy so I decided that was time for me to leave Austria and take on the offer that I received from a German friend of mine to visit his parents in Steiningen nearby Koblenz and the famous Moseltal.
I figured that it will take a day to drive from Graz to Steiningen but due to heavy rain I was forced to stay in Regenburg for the night and continue my trip the following day.
During my stay in Steining I was unfortunately forbidden to drive with my motorcycle since my friends mom wanted to show me the areas around with her car and together with her husband. Can you imagine that a 75 year old lady was able to shut me up and order me not to drive? :-)
Here are pictures from Steiningen and places nearby.

we made a longer stop in Cochem which was a beautiful city and I have to say that this area was very lovely and taught me that I really did not need to drive long distances to have fun. This is really a area that I would like to visit once again.

After staying three days in Steiningen it was time for me to say goodbye to my friends parents and make my way back to Berlin and unefortunatly it became a wet and long trip since somebody send me in wrong direction. Instead of 660 km it became 750 km trip but as always a memorable trip. In total this trip lasted about 11 days. I want to make some comment about the price. In general I calculate about 1000 Swedish kr per day but in places like in Munich it is somewhat more expensive. After some back calculation I think I covered 4000 km during my trip. Out of eleven days I was riding seven of them.
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