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Colorado Uli
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Keep on rolling.

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kuhjunge OP
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Thumb We declare the emergency over :D

Parts are on their way and we should be able to get the Suzi together quickly after we have those.

Thanks you all who helped us.

We will write more about the happenings once we catched up with the rest of the blog.
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kuhjunge OP
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Cool2 Saint Paul, Minnesota 15. - 27.07.2014

Our neighborhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Sean is one of our fans and followers. He invited us a long time ago to visit him once we were in Minnesota and so we invaded his home. Since the weather had been rather lousy the last days, we took “all” what he offered us i.e. a place in his garage and a room to sleep in. The first evening we devoured vegan pizza. The pizza company screwed up and brought a wrong one. What a disappointment, but the good thing was that we had now two vegan 20” pizza. Heaven!
Pizza Luce - 20" Vegan pizza - the wrong one.

Wolfi all sad.

Finally the 20" mock duck vegan pizza which we ordered :)

Lyra wanted some pizza too.

Thank you very very much Sean for hosting us so well. You were really kind and helpful and besides that your couch was extremely comfortable. Say Hi to Duke!

Sean on his bike.

The days went by quickly. The bikes needed some regular maintenance and minor things at the GS such as the oil inlet, one of the fuel line couplers and Suzi's mirror needed some fixing. Skippy made another travelogue and we sorted some more photos. Routine work for us.

We found some good grocery stores and enjoyed delicious vegan ice cream in the warm and sunny weather. Skippy got her long desired tattoo, I visited the miniature train museum and otherwise we took it easy. Just besides Wholefoods was Grandview Cinema and they were showing the movie Tammy - a comedy by Melissa McCarthy. Since girls could stay at Sean's place we went to see the movie, it was entertaining.

And then I went to the railroad museum...

Snow blow wagon - I wondered if that model really worked in snow?

Some nice details.

Strange to see that they manufacture still 3rail-railroads ... to me they look too unreal.

OLD stuff

They even had a Märklin here! I used to have that church and the kiosk on my HO which was from Fleischmann. Märklin had the rails ready made on metal pieces where as Fleischmann had it more natural.

Ulpu got a new frisbee.

Lyra exhausted after a good play.

Rather "nerdy" kitchen background light ;)

Sean was feeding the monsters with dry bread

Plenty of sweet poems on the walkways in the neighborhood.

Schmidt brewery

Somebody had a problem with parking ... all signs from one house!

I got my maps and could continue more detailed planning.

I checked out what else one can do in Saint Paul and found by pure luck that the BMW club had its BMW MOA 2014 rally in St. Paul the following weekend. I was all excited. Our first rally in the US, plenty of Beemers and the fully packed program sounded promising.

Sean let us stay a few days more and as we were enjoying life, Skippy got a message from her tattooer in which he asked whether we were still in town. After some back and forth, Skippy got a great deal. He offered her another tattoo for free and in addition gave her his new invention for practicing Ukulele – Chadderboxx. In return she would take nice shots around the
world with this instrument. Well done Skippy!

On Thursday we packed our stuff and rode to the rally. Almost 6000 people attended the rally at the Minnesota State Fair Ground. It was enormous for our taste.
Beemers everywhere, spiced up with a few V-Stroms, some Harleys and I
saw some KTMs as well. The tents were spread over the entire fair
ground and so there was quite some traffic going around. One could
show off one's bike by going to the MOA stand, to the showers, to the
bar and so on... you got the idea

I searched for a place and found one with some shade, whereas Skippy went straight to the morning Yoga. We participated in the awards competition and we got the first place for World Tour, followed tightly by two Australians. The award ceremony was somewhat sad.

Maybe some 20 – 30 people were standing in front of the award booth and awaiting the judgement. Most of the prices were not picked up. Well the most non-flattening award in my opinion was oldest female rider and she came to get her trophy!

In contrary to the award ceremony, the price drawing at the closing ceremony was a huge event. Almost full house. This huge contrast between the non-monetary award ceremony and the closing ceremony with its high-value prices was somewhat disturbing and disappointing. Of course we would also hope to win something and finance our journey. It appeared to me to be more about getting a price in return for the entrance ticket instead of honoring people who came from far away or had quite some age. Respect and congrats to all award winners!

During those days we met many new great people and we also got to meet a fan and follower – Hello Colleen and greetings to California!

Before we went to the rally we had a brainstorming session at Sean's place on how we could use this rally to do some fund raising to support our efforts towards a cruelty-free world. We had some great ideas and then Sean nailed it by finding and giving us an old treasure box. Idea realized and screwed onto the sidecase. Perfect spot and we quickly added a few signs and a
message. By the end of the rally we got 15 USD and 3 CAD. Thank you
Sean for this treasure box and thank you very much to our dear
anonymous supporters! We really appreciated your contributions.

It was interesting to see various different sidecars. One thing they all had in common was that they did not have a swing fork in the front but managed with modified Telelever or similar. Our sidecar was causing some attention, many people stopped and we had a chat about our RTW tour. Even Skippy's
Pussy Ride found some admirers. As so often before, Ulpu was the
everyone's favorite and even a tiny walk passing by bikes took quite
some time with all the petting and small-talk.

Our camp at K102 ;)

Beemers .... everywhere!


Fair Ground public transport.


This way to connect did not look too trustworthy to me.

I can not leave Skippy and the girls alone for one second and instantly they find admirers!

Also here... how long will this last on rough roads and how maintenance friendly is it.


Ouuuh - we got an award :)

That was heavy to watch. A four-wheeler. Maybe its cheaper then a three wheeler?

Some figures from Peanuts here and there.

Almost full house at the closing ceremony with plenty of prices.

Honey - we got money! :)

And then it was Sunday, the rally was over and for us it was time to ride again.

Skippy made travelogue #26:

Click here if you have trouble to watch the video.
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kuhjunge OP
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Thumb Update 14Aug

Suzi is rolling again Kirk thanks a lot for the parts!
Tomorrow we will continue to ride west :)
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likes to play in the mud
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Originally Posted by kuhjunge View Post
Suzi is rolling again Kirk thanks a lot for the parts!
Tomorrow we will continue to ride west :)
Glad I could help, and I can't wait for more!

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kuhjunge OP
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Thumb We got on TV at ABC Nebraska ...

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Raoul Duke
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Originally Posted by kuhjunge View Post
Glad to hear you're doing fine and ready to roll again. Maybe we'll see you all out in Colorado...
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kuhjunge OP
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Originally Posted by Raoul Duke View Post
Glad to hear you're doing fine and ready to roll again. Maybe we'll see you all out in Colorado...
Yep - we try to be in Denver on 24Aug and then to Grand Junction
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kuhjunge OP
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Laugh Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Kansas 27. July - 2. August

After we spent almost two weeks at St. Paul we got the urge to have some kind of fast forward. For the next few nights we had only one night camping stands and since our riding days were not that long it was still enjoyable. We rode along the Great River Byways along Mississippi where we met a few Beemer riders from the rally.
Found a good spot for our award :)

Skippy all in blue - sponsored by BMW MoA (thanks!)

Hello Tracy! - we met her again on our way along the Mississippi

and "The Honey Badger" :)

We took the smaller roads and passed by places like Stockholm, Pikes Peak SP, Scotland county and saw several very long trains (I counted one to have 116 wagons). We decided to ride asphalt roads even though they were mostly boring, but better then interstate and faster then gravel – typical for the Mid West.
Stockholm - with significantly less inhabitants ;)

A few impressions from Goose Island:

We had a break at Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa.
Where is mom?

Mississippi river.

Those hummingbirds were fascinating to watch.

Amazing birds!

Plenty of those around.

The "curves" in flatland :)

Skippy relaxing.

My second puncture - both in the USA :(

Ulpu always want's to be in the tent, no matter is it ready or not!

Our campground in St. Joseph was not well located as it was directly besides an interstate. On the other hand they had all the infrastructure we needed (laundry, Wifi, power), the tent was all day in shade and we could play with girls on the nearby lawn. We were again quite behind with our travelogues and blog, so time to catch up.

It was Friday morning and I wondered what was happening. Maybe hundred of bikers passed us already (I could see them riding the interstate during our breakfast). After a quick search I figured out they must be heading for the motorbike rally in Sturgis. Last year there were over 400.000 people attending.

On the one hand I was curious to see such a mass of bikes and on the other hand, I can easily stay away from there. A short look at Skippy's face made it clear that this was not for us, her dose of biker rallies was more then full! Too many people, too noisy and certainly no place to stay with three little
dogs! Since we were heading towards that area anyway, I needed to check that we come there after the event.

REALLY???? I mean whattheheck?

One big question to me was, which route to take towards the wild wild west. Route 66, the TransAmericaTrail (TAT) or which one? Route 66 offered the flair of “Born to be wild” and open roads, where as based on some comments we received earlier the myth was gone and the road would be really dull riding on our bikes. The TAT – a gravel only trail – offered much more adventure and variety, however since it was raining so much the past weeks (when I recall right, many areas got their yearly dose already by July) and the experiences we had from the UP Michigan, the TAT did not sound too inviting either.

During my search I came across a great ride report from an inmate called Canonshot. He rode with a big bike along the Pony Express and documented his journey very well in text and pictures. Besides this he shared the route in downloadable format with tracks and way points. The story fascinated me and Skippy did not object either and so we left from St. Joseph and followed the footprints of the legendary Pony Express on our way towards the wild

We started of on the HWY 36 and crossed via the Missouri river into Kansas. Soon after that we followed my own route of riding instead of highways rather some gravel roads of which some turned into mud roads and low maintained ones. We preferred gravel roads, they were easier to handle for both of us. (so I thought )
Pony Express monument in Saint Joseph.

Pony Express National Museum in Saint Joseph.

Ready to ride...

Pony Express saddle with four bags for mail

Oregon, California, Mormon and Santa Fe trails on an old map.

Pony Express riders.

Pony Express, Oregon and California trail crossed here.

Various trails and Pony Express on a modern map.

Chuck wagon loaded with household stuff and food for the journey.

Jacket of Buffalo Bill.

Plenty of chuck wagons along the way.

Jesse James's home in Saint Joseph.

Missouri river (check the railroad swing bridge in the background).

As I learned the Pony Express Trail went initially along what was called Oregon trail and California trail – a route which many settlers took in the 19th
century on their way west before the rail road was built. To visit historic sites, monuments and parks brought a little variety in the otherwise monotonic landscape which offered basically four options:

A) the left side was soy whereas the right side of the road was corn fields

did I already mention that we saw plenty of soy and corn fields :-o

B) the left side was corn whereas the right side of the road was soy fields

C) on both the left and the right side of the road were corn fields

D) on both the left and the right side of the road were soy bean fields
- sorry no picture as this was mostly in Iowa and Missouri -

The trees and grass fields were statistically not significant enough to make it into this list

Days were very warm, temperature in shade was just below 30C and riding in straight sun made us all sweat a lot! Lucky for me I had my summer gear which I did put on. Skippy gave in and change the following day to her very light jogging outfit – not the safest gear to ride, but at least the temperature
was manageable for her.

Kansas Indian Monument (Tall Oak) in Troy.

Davis memorial in Hiawatha.

And again plenty of wildlife during our break at Hiawatha lake:

Next points of shooting in Marysville:
Sod house.


And various flowers along the road:

Really more pictures????

Broadway in Marysville.

Another Pony Express monument in Marysville.

Union Pacific decorated many many places in the west with their old locomotives ;)

Replica of the Frank Marshall ferry crossing Big Blue River.

Hollenberg Ranch (Pony Express Station)

From here one could have seen the settlers and riders pass by.


The "romanticized life with chuck wagon and camp fire" (more later)

Our track 1300km in 5 legs

Another travelogue by Skippy

For those who have trouble to watch the video from youtube click here.

~ Wolfi
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What are we waiting for?
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WOOHOO! I'm now immortal!

Ok, maybe not, but thank you for stopping and taking my picture. That and spending so much time talking about your trip and the bikes. Now I have ideas that I need to check into...and money I must make to help finance my ideas!

Speed Safe...
To me, the best kind of trips are the ones you planned on the way, allowed yourself to change, and maybe didn't end up where you expected. Klay

Save $5 on Smugmug by entering coupon code: GJBcMk1uLoZm6
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kuhjunge OP
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Originally Posted by KCDakar View Post
WOOHOO! I'm now immortal!

Ok, maybe not, but thank you for stopping and taking my picture. That and spending so much time talking about your trip and the bikes. Now I have ideas that I need to check into...and money I must make to help finance my ideas!

Speed Safe...
Pleasure was all ours

Looking forward to meet you again
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Eh? Nebraska and “Hawthorne” (a.k.a Plainview) 2Aug - 8Aug 2014

All five of us were totally exhausted from the heat and the continuous stop&go of following the sights of the Pony Express and Oregon trail. We entered finally the campground at Rock Creek Station Historical Park were we found a decent place to pitch our tent. The sanitary facilities were as good as new, clean and the showers had high pressure with perfect temperature. With the last energy we had we managed to pitch our tent, take care of girls and make some food. Then to bed and seconds later we were all snoring.

The next morning we spent some time at Rock Creek Station before leaving the Pony Express and heading north to Plainview, Nebraska – a city in which most of the movie Nebraska was shot. The days got hotter and Skippy had some trouble to stay focused. She was still riding in her normal gear. She needs to overcome her shopping-phobia and get some protective gear for hot days.
Preparing a building for moving.

Yeah - a different view besides corn and soy!

Rock Creek Station.

Interior of the house.

Rock Creek toll bridge and ruts in the steep hill from all the wagons.


We "upgraded" from 1/2 quart to 1 quart sized ice cream (about 1/2 l to 1l)

It was difficult to find a campground in the area of Columbus. We decided to stay one night at the free municipal camping which offers electricity, water, a vault toilet but no showers.

We stayed two nights at the Chilvers park in Plainview where camping is for free (they even offer free electric hook-up and restrooms). We got lucky and could take a shower for free in the municipal swimming pool at the first day. The second day they closed early due to a severe thunderstorm! We got once more wet, cool lightning show and our tent got a free wash. Lucky for us no
tornadoes (the following slogan came to my mind: “Roadlife ain't for sissies”).

Pilger – a neighbor city did not get lucky. On the 16th -18th of June it was hit by a rare twin tornado which caused two deaths and many injuries (source: Wikipedia).

We became famous in Plainview after one of the city workers (Candy) “discovered” us and got totally excited about what we do. So she called the newspaper guy which was out of town and then got hold of the city administrator. He came the next morning and gave us a free tour through the city and highlighted some of the movie scenes and their related shooting locations. That was pretty cool! Thanks Michael. Let's see if we made it to the Plainview newspaper

Thanks to Neil from Arkansas for helping us out with cooking. By the law of Murphy we run out of camping gas in the middle of our cooking and I could not find a new bottle in Plainview. When we left our campsite on the next morning one of the locals a relative of Michael (sorry we forgot your name) who stopped by "taught" us a Nebraskan tradition – he took off his shirt and
gave it to Skippy with the words " we take our shirt off for you"

Plainview, Nebraska.

Camping in the municipal park.

Hawthorne city sign.

Main street. Fred Astaire used to visit this hotel in his younger years (story).

Plainview reality.

Hawthorne in the movie Nebraska.

Skippy always finds those little creatures :) This one was in the end of its metamorphosis, really cool looking!

Many colorful butterflies.

"Woody's brother's house" at the corner of Plum St and Pilcher Ave.

Country style truck parking in the center lane to grab breakfast ;)

The Klowndoll museum at Plainview.

Is that so?

It was 13:00 when we were ready to leave the city – a pretty late start and then Skippy's bike stalled! The battery was again low. This Li-Io battery did not like the rainy weather and the stop-and-go in the morning after the rain. Well, we were already well trained in jump starting the Suzi and 5 minutes
later we left Plainview towards south back to Pony Express.

Lyra was bored.

Monsanto - a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed and of the herbicide glyphosate (from Wikipedia).

We saw plenty of those signs along the road.

It was good to have a plan and it was better to let go of it, when we realized that we would not make it to the desired campground. We were both tired and the only accommodation nearby were motels. Bad for budget and good for comfort :)
Great outfit on the sidecar and Ural typical, transport by trailer instead of own power?


Walmart's definition of ripe bananas (and Skippy said: they are still raw!).

Real ripe bananas have plenty of dark spots and no green at all! These are much better for digestion and also taste better!

Like in the movies - American style mail boxes.

Really??? a warning sign for this ENORMOUS downhill - LOL!

Oregon trail marker.

Following Pony Express, Oregon and California trail on the back country roads.

US Meat Animal Research Center - a place of outmost animal cruelty!

If two-headed pigs and 6-legged steers fascinate you, consider an educational visit to the US Meat Animal Research Center. They probably don't have those oddities, but you can get an inside peek at the complicated world of keeping America fed with meat. Tasty, healthy meat.

There are thousands of cows, sheep, and pigs at this government facility, where scientists fret about... Spoilage bacteria! Foodborne illness! Contamination! Carcasses and pathogens! More efficient breeding!
(source here)

These billboards totally pissed of Skippy! There's no need to intimidate females like that! We saw also much worse ones, just didn't get pictures of those yet...

We saw plenty of these irrigation systems with up to 14 elements. "Nearly half of all water used in USA goes to raising animals for food! 70% of grains and cereals grown in USA are fed to farmed animals." Just think about how many humans those grains and cereals could feed and how easily we could save our only planet by going vegan!!!

Here is a really good infographic about the facts how animal agriculture affects our planet:

Infographic by

The last picture of the Suzi and Skippy with a black helmet.

And then it made KABUMMMMMM!

Our track

Typical Nebraska road layout - a gravel road (dotted grey) every mile and a bigger asphalt road once in a while (distance HWY92 to HWY34 is 20mi = 32km). Please note the breath-taking S-curve on HWY 69 in the middle of the map north of Gresham!

The same spot via Google Earth.

The patterns created by the circular irrigation systems can be seen easily when zoomed in.

And another travelogue:

Click here if you have trouble to watch the video in youtube.
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kuhjunge OP
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Cool2 Minden, Nebraska and Skippy's accident 8Aug - 15Aug 2014

In all the places of the world to have a crash with a bike, what could be a better place then to have it in front of a machine shop with ALL kinds of tools?!

We are VERY THANKFUL to Bob & Peggy who took us into their home, gave us a private room (bigger then in some hotels we have been!), borrowed us their car, guided us to the emergency clinic, took care of girls, provided us some food, let us use their internet and phone and cheered us up!

Let's go back to what happened.

It was Friday morning the 8th of August. We rode along some of the super-straight asphalt roads along Pony Express and Oregon trail when I thought it would be a good idea to ride for a while on gravel roads and save a few kilometers on the asphalt. The sun was shining, it was warm, the sky was blue with only a few clouds – in short a good day to ride. The gravel roads
were wide, it looked fine and I rode it with almost 100kmh (60mph). It
was fun. Then there was the one spot where I noted that the bike was
swimming on the gravel - a cool feeling of drifting with the sidecar.

By the next stop sign I waited for Skippy and since she did not come I went back to check on her. As many times before - so I thought - most likely she would ride by me full speed just after I made a U-turn and tell me later that she only fixed her gloves or something like that. Well, not this time. This time
I saw the bike almost in the ditch, Skippy standing besides it and crying, one sidecase laying in the middle of the street, the topcase some few meters forward, the other sidecase missing. Shattered windscreen all over the places, blinker here, other parts there and her Barbie mascot beheaded, as the head was laying a few meters away from the topcase.


I checked quickly on Skippy that she does not bleed anywhere and then I remembered to take a few pictures before moving the stuff aside, that no other fast truck would hit it and damage even more.

Stuff all over the road - luckily there was little traffic right now.

Side case landed a few meters away from the bike in the ditch.

A few seconds later Bob – who lived in the next house – came with his ATV to look what is going on. He was instantly very helpful, went back to his home to get a car so we could transport Skippy into the cool house. Then he came back with his pick-up and we loaded all the sidecases and loose parts we could find onto it. Luckily the bike started and I could ride it slowly into the shed. Then we came back and I rode my bike back with the girls to the shed as well.

There Skippy was sitting on the couch, shaking and full of adrenalin. After a short discussion, Bob and Peggy offered us to use their car so I could drive Skippy to the emergency clinic. It was of course safer than to have Skippy sitting behind me on my bike. Bob had to go to Kearney anyway, so he drove
ahead with his car and we followed. We went first to the health clinic but they instantly told us to go to the ER opposite side of the street. Bob was always with us and with Skippy when I managed the formalities at the front desk.

At the ER we had less formalities to take care off before Skippy got called in and hooked-up. Bob was relieved to see that we are now in good hands and he was able to do his own businesses in town. The doctor came – he was a very humorous and funny guy (told me several times to continue the trip alone ). Skippy got CT scanned and shortly after the doctor came to
tell they didn't find anything alarming, except a tiny spot which
they could not explain. Skippy made it to the next round – MRI. Also nothing bad found here just a tiny tumor (a friendly one) – great relief! (Maybe
that explains her behavior sometimes??? Ouch - Skippy don't hit me!). She
got some happy makers and looked occasionally that she was in trance

It was now around 18:00, I had a few chips from the snack machine, but other than that we hadn't had any food since breakfast and we were both starving. Luckily for us a new Hy-Vee had just opened and we got us something to eat before going to pharmacy to get more of those yummy pills for Skippy's pain. Then back to Bob & Peggy and girls. Hertta was missing mommy quite badly and the welcome from her was as great as usual.

I took quickly care of girls, we had something to eat and then dead-tired to bed. Next morning it was time to look at the bike. We moved the bike to the workshop and I started to dismantle it... plenty of damage! I stripped the entire front parts off until we saw the front support frame which was totally
bent. Rob came to help and with a two meter long crow bar he moved
the frame back into its position. Then Bob brought plenty of special
two-component glue and I started to glue the broken headlights back
together as well as some of the other plastic pieces.

In the end of the first day it started to look already better and I was sure we can fix the essential parts of the fairing. It was clear that the handlebar needed replacement, the foot peg might be weldable, the sidecase mounting kit looked a well-cooked spaghetti, one pannier was seriously out of shape and the locks were damaged. The front fork had tolerance and this was only a loose bearing – fast fixed as all the stuff like handlebar was already dismantled.

Next day we went first to a bike shop to get a new helmet for Skippy and check whether they have a handlebar and foot peg. It seems that inventories became unfeasible some time ago and the helmet selection was not the best. We found a right size, checked it, but the color did not match. They only had
black and Skippy had enough of wearing a black helmet as we both think it gets even hotter in sunshine then a light helmet. So we knew what we wanted and ordered it online. One thing done.

Damage report:
Front sub frame bent
Right blinker broken (cable cut out, bulb broken)
Right fairing totally damaged
Windscreen shattered
Windscreen brace shattered
PoV HD Camera lens slightly scratched
Handlebar bent
Handlebar weight screws bent, one was ripped out
Left foot peg broken
Rear sub frame bent
Pannier mounting kit totally bent on all sides
Right side case twisted, lid broken, lock mechanism broken
Top case mounting frame broken
Barbie beheaded and helmet damaged.

New helmet on doctor's order.

I posted on our blog (link here) and a few other places to see whether we can get missing spareparts at least used or even as a donation (I remembered how many parts I had back home in Finland for the V-Strom and my GS which went later to trash or as a “gift” to a friend). Anyway, back to the work shop and I started to assemble the bike with the fixed parts.

Wolfi on Skype - getting things organized.

Fixing front sub frame.

Bob discussing with Rob how to fix the bent frame.

My new friend!

Bob hammering the mounting kit back into shape and testing how it fits.

Oh no - rear sub frame was also bent!

Old and new handlebar

Building up the foot peg.

It looked like that, but since we got a spare for it we throw this one away.

I combined a grocery shopping trip with sightseeing.
Hy-Vee was our organic fruitarian paradise in Nebraska.

Archway Museum over I-80.

Dobytown - rise and decline.

One of the many animal farms in the state. This one very sad without any green fields!

Camera needed also some fixing.

Skippy on her way to recovery - she can make again great tasting raw dinner :)

As good as new ;)

Hard to capture this loose sand. According to Bob the road caretaker had a big machine and he loved to run it by putting more gravel on the road and grading it to some extend. When I rode one day there were up to 30cm high sand piles in one of the lanes - a death trap for anybody! Even with a car you can easily loose grip and just slide into the ditch.

Almost ready!

Handlebar weights, foot peg and Barbie head still missing.

No more fairings ... no more "Suzi" nor girls

... and my Tarantino fan lost the "Pussy Ride" sign!

Bob and Peggy's fantastic garden - great to see that people grow their own produce!

Soo good :)

The repair took about one week and we were good to go.

New HJC helmet

Bob gave me a tour to his fields. Here's his irrigation system.

Our heroes – Bob & Peggy!

BIG THANKS to Kirk A. and Tracy B. for giving us spare parts Free-Of-Charge and they even paid the postage! Great guys!!!

A short travelogue from the events in Minden.

Click here if you have trouble to watch the video in youtube.
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It would be interesting to hear how easy, or difficult, it was for you to deal with the American medical system?

My experience and observation with some Middle-America "grid roads" led me to believe that some of them are only meant to be used for farming and farm access vehicles with wide tires and high clearence, not general traffic. To reiterate, this is just my observation.
"I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I am not absolutely sure about anything." Richard Feynman, Cal Tech Scientist
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OK, I finally looked at the picture of the sandy road that made the pink mobile lay down and SHIT!!!!!!. I have been on roads like that and have wished I had needles pushed under my fingernails instead. THEY SUCK! (both the lose sand roads and the needles)
I usually don't mind riding (even the big bike) in sand -- I finally learned how to do it in Baja some years ago -- but the mixture of sand/gravel/rocks with built-up berms, they are VERY tricky and can put down ANY bike.

Here's to you and your crazy dream to ride the White Rim Trail with a side wagon. You are NUTS! (But I'm sure glad I could be there to see it)
Here's to you!


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