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Thanx for the motivating words. On a day like this one where it seems that I need to do the job of the sidecar builder I can really use it

I already started the story of SilberWolf building. Some stuff is on our webpage however full story and more pics will come soonish
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kuhjunge OP
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Laugh The full story of SilberWolf - a GSA and a sidecar for our dogs

It was 20th of September 2013. Almost one year, 17.000km and a few modifications later, I was full of hope and confident that the building of our sidecar would be finished with this last visit to Peter and Elsbeth. I need to say at this point that obviously I am too much used to "ready bikes"

I learned now that building a sidecar has a touch of prototyping and requires a good degree on experimenting. My hopes of finalizing the sidecar now shattered like breaking glass on a floor. I really did not like it at first and it took me quite a moment to digest what was about to come (see Modifications part III)...

Anyway, since the building is almost done (I found my optimism again), I thought it might be nice for my fellow sidecar enthusiasts to summarize the story of the building of SilberWolf. Let's go back in time and see where it all started...

Let's go back in time and see where it all started...

It became obvious in the beginning that there are no limits to what kind of sidecar to built. The only limiting factors might be my wallet and time. It was all about

Decisions .... Decisions ... Decisions

April 2012 - the first question: Which bike to choose for the sidecar R100GSPD or R1150GSA?

At that time I owned a R100GSPD with a sidecar and a R1200GSA.

The R1200GSA was instantly out of the race. I had one as a rental bike in NZ in 2011. After a day's ride we stopped at our hotel and when I wanted to start the bike again it did not do anything. It was also not possible to jump-start the bike. Obviously the CAN-bus is very sensitive when it comes to the battery voltage and does not allow starting the bike unless the voltage is within a certain range. Sorry BMW, this bike is not made for adventures with no service station around for hundreds of kilometres

Back to the R100GSPD. The way this bike was built, it was only good for asphalt streets and easy gravel roads – nothing for a little more heavier terrain. Neither was it suitable for carrying all the dogs and our luggage for this journey. A new frame and a new boat were required one way or the other – so its all about the bike itself: to buy a used R1150GSA or to use my R100GSPD.

There would have been some work needed to make the PD ready to go (generator, ignition, clutch, kardan, front fork, back tyre with new brake and size for car tyre, smaller first gear). If I would buy a R1150GSA, I would also need to do some modifications (clutch, rear shock, front fork, remove ABS, exchange end-drive from 850, buy a tester device for ignition, exhaust pipe). I had both bikes for many years and they served me both well, so it was a tough decision. However the advantage with the 1150 would be more power, injection (ok - also a disadvantage due to electronics), newer bike and a much (much!!!) better sitting position. Those were the factors which lead to the decision to go ahead with a R1150GS Adventure.

The next question was which one?
Early or late modelyear? How many km shall be ok? What extras are needed? Which gearbox is used? And so on and so on ….

Here are my few findings.
The differences between 2003 and 2002 models are those:
  • 2002 gearbox has wider wheels – better for sidecar usage
  • 2002 has one spark plug per cylinder, 2003 has two
  • Removal of ABS-II in 2002 does not require new front-mainbrakeunit, neither new brakes

On 24Apr, the decision was made: It will be a R1150GSA - MY02

My "new" GSA in May 2012

Additional thoughts from 23Jan13: I think it would have been easier and cheaper to get a R1150GS from Finland and take the Touratech 40l fuel tank (I really missed that). The Adventure 30l tank is not that big for a sidecar. The front fork was replaced and the rear suspension changed. In the end, I think all "Adventure" advantages were either removed or not advantage enough.
And some more thoughts from last week: The GS might only have a 40A generator, the GSA has always 50A version. The GS does not come with a GAN - gearbox. If a GS gearbox is used, the difference from short first gear to normal second gear might be rather big. With a GAN gearbox and long sixth gear, the difference between fifth and sixth gear is more manageable. So GSA was a good decision after all.

Some thoughts on the transmission ratio

The transmission ration appears crucial on such a journey - there are mountains to climb and rough terrain to be mastered and I might get stuck with the sidecar. Also fuel consumption needs to be watched. One advice which made sense to me was that the ratio can never be short enough. I decided to go with the GAN gearbox (short first gear), in combination with a rear-axle-drive from the R850GS (ratio 37/11 part number: 33112330973 or 33112330974 with ABS). The change from 150/70R17 to 175/75R15 has no impact to the ratio. In order to reduce fuel consumption, I change the sixth gear from the original short to a long version (The long/normal sixth gear is standard in other GS gearboxes).

In hindsight, the change towards the 850GS rear axle drive was an excellent decision. I recommend this for anybody who wants to go offroad with this monster. Also the change of the sixth gear had a significant impact on the fuel consumption.

Strengthen the rear support frame
The subframe at the GSA is known for its weakness and the internet offers several ideas what and where to strengthen the frame. I went to a local welding shop and they welded some extra support pieces to the rear frame. Of course I forgot the sample pics at home and my explanation what to do was a little vague with the result that the two pieces in the most front part collided with the air filter housing. So I flexed them away and it was fine :)

R1150GSA strengthen sub frame to avoid bending

R1150GSA strengthen sub frame

After one ride in lousy weather, the frame started to rust badly. I realized my selfpainting attempt did not succeed. I needed to take it to a real paint shop.

The next decisions - which boat and where to built it?

I looked at the following boats: Stern - RX overland, EZS Rally XC (maybe EZS Rally XC, Mobec ZeroGTO) and then it came: Mobec Enduro Cross - seemed perfect for our purpose :)

Mobec Enduro Cross and Zarges Alu box - could look like this...

Another major issue was to find a reliable company which can build the sidecar. I did not find any firm in Finland which would build sidecars as a profession. Most companies do it as a "hobby", some people built it by themselves, none of those options were feasible for me. So back to Germany - the land of sidecars and sidecar builders (it would be also easy with the language). I contacted many firms in Germany. Some told me instantly that they are busy, others were so kind and informed that they do not build such kind of sidecars. I also had a longish talk with Martin F. who explained me many things, gave me several good advices and helped me in making my decisions. In the end I needed to choose from two firms. Since one firm (Mueller-Gespanne) did respond to my emails and answered my phone calls, I went with Elsbeth and Peter. The other firm had a many days delays in answering emails and I could not reach the people by phone for days - so no thanx.

Back to the sidecar. Of course the Mobec boat needed a few modifications since we do not have a human passenger. Instead there will be three sweet little dogs and a need for plenty of storage room.

Sidecar frame

One 10l reserve canister could fit here?
In my previous sidecar, we needed to lift our girls always in and out of the boat. This was not a solution for the future. When I saw the Mobec boat, I got the idea to have a ramp like an aeroplane (like the one from Ryanair). The ramp is attached to the boat, and closes the boat so that the dogs cannot escape during riding. When the ramp is open, the dogs can use it to enter and climb out of the boat by themselves. The idea was realised with the modification that the ramp now folded so that it is longer and not too steep.

sidecar mounted on frame

Shortened boat and alu cases behind

Bringing the bike and first rough alignment

Bike with sidecar frame

Almost ready... only the boat is missing

The new extra-heavy-duty front fork

Done... well almost

During the long Finnish winter... planning continues as well as some other modifications like the rear-axle-drive, Xenon lights, day-driving lights, clutch, gearbox etc.

The winch could fit here...

In meantime the bike looked like this:

Bike during winter maintenance

Modifications - part I

Occasionally small mistakes (at least in the eye of the customer) might happen like these two:

1. One trouble spot - the alu case lid does not open much

2. These are potential spots to hang on to a rock when riding rough terrain

With all those items and a few small other ones (mounting the winch, improving the rear suspension), we went again to Müller Gespanne and stayed for almost two weeks there in order to fix them (It took so long because the frame needed to be re-painted). On the way to there, I noticed that our belts, which hold the big alu cases are not of good quality, so I got some proper ones for professional use (see also some earlier post).

Top view, finally found another place for drinking water

SilberWolf from front - ready to go

... and from the back - quite loaded ;)

Our precious cargo - three little monsters

Modifications - part II

Since I met Skippy again in Neumünster (she was there for her black belt exam), I decided to pop by Müller Gespanne again. The sidecar wheel did look a little bit out of line. Peter and Elsbeth told, that the load is quite heavy and in the end, we decided to change the spring at the sidecar suspension. They also noted that the rear suspension seemed not to be able to hold the load either and suggested to visit the firm which has done the rear suspension. So, off we went to visit a little town close to the dutch border.

Modifications - part III

Instead of going East, we went west and a few days later we were at this company. Pretty soon it became obvious that a much stronger rear shock needs to be used. The original option to "only" change the spring would have not been sufficient. Lucky for me, they told they were able to build one the next day. The rear shock came so late in the afternoon of the next day, that I was suppose to come the following day in the morning (good for us we had booked the hotel long enough).

Trying to fit the new shock...

However and for some strange reasons, this shock did not fit into my standard (and to my knowledge not modified) rear frame even though the same shock was built and installed into other GSs. Instead of having a day off and "I'll be back soon", I drove across the border to Netherlands to visit the shock building company myself and they could see what is the problem.

The same procedure again...

After a while of experimenting with different alternatives, the guys told me that they do not have a ready solution. Instead they will need to manufacture a special (extra long) version of the upper part of the shock, so that the new shock can be adjusted in various ways to adopt to the different load conditions of the hack. Now I need to wait (I really hope the rear shock comes before we hit Africa)...

I was not happy since I did not want to spend time this way and I had a feeling of wasting my time with this stuff

On a positive note, I must say that this was exactly the reason why we decided to tour first through Europe and not go straight to Africa: to drive around and remove the "Kinderkrankheiten" of our SilberWolf

~ Wolfi
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From Kappeln (Germany) to Mako (Hungary)

I found a few pictures which I forgot to put into one of my previous posts, so here they come.

@Leo – eating vegan wok. Serena having fun with the girls :)

Staying overnite at Bad Pyrmont at my way north. The old people in their electric wheelchairs had a “hot” driving style ;) Amazing that obviously it is so warm there (also in winter) that they can grow palm trees.

It was Monday the 23th of Sep. and it was time to hit the road. My bike was good to go, Skippy did make her black-belt and we both had a good rest in Neumünster. First we went to Hamburg St. Pauli. Whereas a typical tourist goes there for all kinds of amusement, we went there (again) to visit a vegan shop which had plenty of goodies and some more dog food :)

Vegan shop in St. Pauli, Hamburg

We rode via the Teutoburger Wald (there we had our first Sauna since we left Finland – felt great!) to Kalkar near the Dutch border to get my rear-shock fixed. As this did not work out (even though I rode to Netherlands to visit the manufacturer), we continued towards east, got a little lost in “Thüringer Wald”, rode across Rennsteig and spent two nights in Ziegenrück.

Somewhere along the road, '89 feels like ages ago...

Nice walks around Ziegenrück... 

... the village (rather densely built)

And then  we found a place called PASKA (this means in Finnish “shit”, für unsere Deutschen Leser: Paska bedeutet in Finnisch “Scheisse”). That made our day and we had a good laugh

On a positive note, due to this criss-cross riding through Germany, I got to know it much better than at the time I lived there

We continued towards Czech ...

The Czech way: buy more then 25l of petrol and get a beer for free ;) (No chance this could happen in Finland!)

Happy Wolfi

Colorful village center

... where we had booked a cabin on the lake.

Our cabin

Welcome gift: 1.5l beer

Beautiful lake view

Lyra explored what is there to sniff

And fantastic sunsets

Romantic open fire place (also the only heating device in the cottage)

In the morning: 0C outside, only +10C inside and no more firewood, so Wolfi did make more firewood

In the meantime, Skippy took care of our monsters and trimmed their feet and faces. Cleaning after a walk was much easier now.

Slightly frozen at the morning of departure (-2C at 9 o'clock in the morning)

Then we made our way through Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia.

Outskirts of Bratislava - nice park where we walked our girls

Skippy blending into the environment

Strange bumps - like asphalt boiled once...

Vegan sushi at the Osaka Sushi Bar nearby the hotel...

... and a delicious dessert. We were totally full after this fantastic menu!

"Horny Bar" in Slovakia - Really??? ;)

Since we left Neumünster, we had mostly good weather – cool and sunshine. The trees along the road were shining in their autumn colors – a stunning view.

Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary

Having a break besides the road (looked like a dump side). A horse carriage came by to see our bikes (or the trash?). It felt misplaced to pull out the camera and take a picture.

Pippi Longstocking's house in Siofok for sale :)

Siofok, Balangton - Clearly off-season - all shops were closed

Cool looking trees in a park in Siofok

Skippy enjoying the morning sun in Mako.

What a criss-cross (fat red line) through middle-Europe

One topic occupied us for several weeks: do we go to Romania or not? We spent the night in Mako, only a few kilometres away from the Romanian border and the hotel in Romania was already booked. Skippy will tell more in the next post...

~ Wolfi
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Good luck and be safe travels.
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kuhjunge OP
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Eek No to Romania

In the beginning of our trip we were heavily fantasizing of going to Romania. Especially because of the beautiful Carpathian mountains and the famous Transylvanian area. Unfortunately bad things started to happen in the late summer and we were several times pondering is it a good idea to go there or not... So just when we were at the border we changed our minds and decided not to go to Romania. Mostly because of the safety issues, but also because some of the roads we wanted to take were already closed due to snow and ice.

So what is really happening in Romania right now? I hope many of you have already heard the news, but for those who haven't: They are mass slaughtering stray dogs there!!! I would say it's a real holocaust for dogs right now!

Some news in English:

ja Suomeksi: 7.157765.169194868857&type=1&theater

Many say that the situation is not bad just for the stray dogs, but for all dogs! The catching and killing of dogs in Romania is a huge business and therefore many people don't care at all who's dogs they're catching! So we wouldn't feel safe there at all with our beloved little girls. Couldn't leave them out of sight for a single second, couldn't play outside and would have to have all the papers with us constantly (advised by the German consulate), just in case there would be some doubts about the ownership! This sort of traveling is not for us! Anyway we don't want to go to any human war zones (eg. Syria), so why would we take our girls to a war zone for dogs?!
Luckily we are not alone with our thoughts and there are many people trying to help the poor dogs and bring awareness to others, like for example this German couple:

My heart is totally broken because of this thing (and because of many other animal cruelty issues as well!!!) and if I just could I would adopt them all... Well we all know I can't do that, but at least I do what I can: I'm talking about these things out loud and writing about them, signing petitions and for example last Christmas I donated all my gift moneys to different animal rescue charities in Europe and in Finland. And one day when our family is ready to have room for another fur baby, it will definitely be adopted!

What can you do?

  • Bring awareness to your family and friends and talk out loud about these thing, make people see the whole picture! Silence makes no difference in this world!

  • Adopt, don't buy! This world is already totally full of stray and homeless animals, so there is no need to breed more until everyone has a good home! (have to say here that I think exactly same about breeding humans!)

  • Ditch the unnecessary consumerism and for example donate holiday gift moneys to animal shelters, and make many sad souls happy! :)

Let's be kind to all living beings, no matter what color, size or age we are, or how many legs, wings or fins we have!!! Make love, not war!

Hertta: happy adopted doggy! Loves bananas :)

~ Ilta
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Wicked Via Serbia to Croatia

After we decided to skip Romania, we needed a new route and decided to ride to Novi Sad in Serbia. We left the EU and got our first stamp on our "virgin" passports. A few kilometres later we got into our first police control :) ... well nothing bad, the gents only wanted to know from where we come and where we are heading to. They smiled when they saw our dogs in the sidecar and let us go on.

We had booked an apartment in the outskirts of Novi Sad and wanted to spend a few days there to explore this part of Serbia. When Skippy saw the surroundings of our accommodation she only said "max one night". Ok, I changed the booking and we had only a one night stand in Serbia. We arrived quite early and this gave us time for a bit longer day walk.

We needed to give the owner our passports, so she can go to the police station, got us registered and along with that, she got us the exit cards which we needed to exit Serbia. Since we stayed a little over 24h in the country and I did not feel like pushing my luck at the border, so rather follow the procedure since it did not cost me any extra.

Walking in the neighbourhood -  left side of the street ...

... and the right side of the street

Another street in the surrounding

As we walked our dogs we got the usual attention and some older guys were asking from were we are. As we told we came from Finland (I have a Finnish flag on my jacket), the first thing they said was "Kekkonen". We had a really good laugh at this one and it was very nice to hear that Finland is known for Kekkonen and not only for Räikkönen or Nokia

Police bike - that horn looks tempting ;)

Then we went food shopping and caused quite a fuzz in the shop. As usually, we took our self-made veggie bags and filled them with all sorts of fruits and veggies, when all the sudden a sales lady jumped by trying to explain to us that we MUST use plastic bags. Because when she weighs them (we were not allowed to!) she can put the sticker on the plastic bag. She also offered to put our veggie bag in her plastic bag and we kindly declined this idea. She called for back-up and some young guy came and told us that we should use the plastic bags and if we do not want them, then we can throw them away AFTER we did the shopping and left the shop. Sadly also he did not understand our point of not using plastic bags at all. We kept on filling our bags with veggies and fruits and finally the security guy came and looked what all this hazzle was about. He also asked from the sales lady why we cannot use our bags as he seemed to have understood our point. I kindly demonstrated to her (by operating the scale myself - OMG!) how easy it is to push the button of e.g. oranges and clue the price sticker on our veggie bag. It would hold until we would have paid at the cashier. She just shook her head and continued with the other bags. The cashier had no issues with our bags :)

We try to live as plastic free life as possible! Skippy made these bags already six years ago. Just think how many plastic bags one would use in that time....

Univerexport in NoviSad - the shop who had trouble with our veggie bags.

As we saw this brand already earlier, we both read "UniversalExport" - maybe we've seen too many Bond movies

Please, this way to Ruma (Ruma means ugly in Finnish - another time we had LOL)

Since the internet was working (after we got a cable from the owner), we booked us a hotel in the middle of nowhere in one of the vineyard areas of Kroatia. I had some maps from ADAC and they suggested (for motorbikes) to ride around in this area. So it looked like a good place to spend a few days.

We did consider to ride through Bosnia-Herzogovina, but then because of the need for a doctor's certificate stating our dogs are healthy, we decided to skip the country. We went straight to Croatia and had a little surprise at the border. It appeared that Croatia joined the EU since we left Finland. Congratulations!

We showed our passports and bike papers and we were good to go. So I started my engine and drove the 3 meters (!!!) to the barrier which did not open. Hmmmmm - what now? I stopped the engine and looked around - aaahhh: customs. OMG - I am so used to crossing borders between EU countries within the Schengen agreement  This customs guy was nice, spoke a little German and asked even for the papers of the dogs. Anyway, nothing to declare, so off we went.

We arrived at our hotel and became really worried since it looked closed. I called the owner and after some minutes on the phone he explained me in some words of German, that he would be there in 7 minutes! When he arrived, we did get a warm welcome and the owner insisted that we tasted some of his wines while waiting that the wife prepares the room. The first glass was not so great and then he decided to offer a "Spätlese" for the lady. Wow, now that was delicious and according to both of our tastes. We did not had lunch yet and since we drink almost no alcohol, we already felt a little drunk after one glass and waved up the stairs to our room. Nevertheless we took a bottle of Spätlese for the night :)

B&B and a vineyard - an excellent combination ;)

View from our hotel room at the vineyard. 

There was a slight "danger" when going out and having a chat with the guy. Almost all the time, I found myself pretty quickly with a glass of wine in my hand. Yep, that was his area of expertise. Unfortunately all attempts failed and we had three days no internet. That always means that we are late for our blog-writing :( and the next riding day has an open end.

Time for a break somewhere in Croatia.

A beautiful park area with a deserted swimming pool.

... and some lost benches.

Along the road we saw many houses having still signs of war. 

Many houses miss the exterior plaster.

We drove a nice and small road (also recommended by ADAC) along the river Sava. There were a few houses offering accommodation, so we just stopped somewhere and found a nice little apartment in one of those beautiful old log houses.

Groundfloor apartment in an old wooden house.

Fire place kept the place warm and cosy.

Chickens behind, besides and in front of the house

Beautiful walnut tree opposite of the hotel

We collected about 2 litres, which we eat raw or use in a salad dressing. So much better than the dried ones in shops!

Another break along the road and it was getting very warm ;)

Beautiful colourful forest at our resting side and plenty of space to play with girls a little bit.
~ Wolfi
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Wink Plitvice Lakes National Park

I wanted to visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park because some of the Karl May stories were filmed here like Der Schatz im Silbersee (1962, English title: Treasure of Silver Lake). This place was the most stunning place we have seen on our trip so far
So, if you ever have a chance to come here, go ahead and visit this play of nature. Here is a taste of what we saw and heard. Enjoy...


Stairs towards the treasure cave.

Scene from the movie Der Schatz am Silbersee, 1962
Colonel Brinkley climbing stairs to the treasure cave.

View towards the lake from the treasure cave (with some tourists).

Scene from the movie Der Schatz am Silbersee, 1962.

No feeding of the bears

My girls taking a break.

Lyra is looking for mom ;)

In the end, girls found a friend and follower ;)

And here is a short video clip (

(click here if you have trouble to see the video)

~ Wolfi
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in ...

No ABS. No CAT. No INJECTION. Certainly not 4CYL nor 16V.
just FUN
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Originally Posted by kuhjunge View Post

No feeding of the bears

~ Wolfi
Very cool pics and story telling. You guys are having too much fun! Travel safe!

Just to clarify the sign in the pic above: it actually means 'garbage kills bears' and is designed to ensure people deposit their garbage correctly, in order not to allow bears access to it.

Also, in an earlier pic from Slovakia, 'Horny' means 'Upper,' but the city name, Horny Bar, does make you chuckle when you interpret its English meaning.
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Sunday Rider
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That is a beautiful National Park. Awesome pictures and updates. Appreciate you sharing your journey.
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kuhjunge OP
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Wicked horny bears

Originally Posted by tytek View Post
Very cool pics and story telling. You guys are having too much fun! Travel safe!

Just to clarify the sign in the pic above: it actually means 'garbage kills bears' and is designed to ensure people deposit their garbage correctly, in order not to allow bears access to it.

Also, in an earlier pic from Slovakia, 'Horny' means 'Upper,' but the city name, Horny Bar, does make you chuckle when you interpret its English meaning.
Nice to read that you like our story

Thanx for the sign interpretation and the translation. I guess we will even remember what horny means now
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mint julep
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Awesome adventure guys.
Very inspiring adventure, & lifestyle.

I've always wondered about how challenging it would be, having selective diet.
But you guys make it look easy and maintain a healthy diet.

Really love the sidecar, and the idea to take along the kids. ;)

Skippy, Wolfi and the girls. Thanks for sharing
Safe travels!

2012 Triumph Tiger 800 XC
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kuhjunge OP
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Cool2 Road impressions part 3

Here are a few road impressions from our ride from Germany to Croatia via Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and back Croatia. Enjoy...

In case you have trouble to watch the video, click here to get it from another source.

kuhjunge screwed with this post 10-28-2013 at 12:21 AM Reason: alternative source for video added
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Thumb Food on the road

Originally Posted by mint julep View Post
Awesome adventure guys.
Very inspiring adventure, & lifestyle.

I've always wondered about how challenging it would be, having selective diet.
But you guys make it look easy and maintain a healthy diet.

Really love the sidecar, and the idea to take along the kids. ;)

Skippy, Wolfi and the girls. Thanks for sharing
Safe travels!

Hi Dave,
to life on a (almost raw) vegan diet has been rather easy. We find fruits and veggies in almost any shop. Occasionally we find some vegan ready food which we buy as a delight. We prepare our own food, it's cheap, we get what we want as well as where and when we want. No need to find a restaurant, explain what we want and pay a lot of money for it

We are very happy to read that you understood that we take our kids with and not "just" our dogs cheers to that
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Eek More Croatia and a bit of Slovenia

Back in Czech I got badly cold to my back, when we had to drive the whole day in only +8 C. We are not equipped with heavy winter gears! So the whole time until Croatia my back was little bit stiff and sore, but I kept thinking that it will be fine in few days, if I just keep it warm and stretch every day... Well on the morning of our departure from Plitvice Lakes I could hardly walk properly anymore! Not sure if the 5.5 hour walk in the previous day made it worse or the cold seat in the park bus, but anyway I was suffering. Still we had to move on, but luckily to a much warmer place by the Mediterranean sea :)

Lunch brake by a nice field. In our family you can never eat bananas in peace!!!

The morning of October 16th started as rainy, cold and very yucky and I was already thinking that this will be one hell of a day! But obviously mother nature realized that I was suffering enough and brought us sunshine pretty quickly after we left and eventually we got lovely warm weather as well. That was a very nice driving day, with great winding roads and spectacularly beautiful autumn scenery!

Another brake by spectacular mountains...

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Just a kilometer after the brake by the mountains, we went through a small tunnel and on the other side I almost couldn't believe my eyes! Stunning view to the sea and a great looking serpentine road leading down to the shore. On the other side I had no idea that the sea was so close and of course Wolfi didn't mention anything about it! That road was great fun, even though the last kilometers were very painful! Well, no pain no gain, or as I like to say in Finnish: "kivussa kasvaa"

Finally the sea in sight!

When we arrived at Senj I was feeling so bad, that Wolfi had to help me down from my bike, and in the end he took mostly care about everything (girls, food), even though I was heavily trying to play a hero... Real fighter doesn't give up just like that!

This gorgeous old castle was just besides our hotel and we could admire it from our balcony.

Next day we had a lovely, peaceful walk to the city and around the castle. The walkways in the castle park were paved with very nasty little stones and girls started to walk on the narrow stone edges in a queue, that was a hilarious scene!

In the evening I finally gave up and started to treat my back with some painkillers and muscle relaxants, because I couldn't even stretch anymore and sometimes the pain got so bad that from waist down my whole left side got kind of paralyzed! But wow, did the pills totally knock me out! I'm trying to live without any medications and my body is pretty clean from any toxins, so when in extremely desperate situations I have to take some painkillers, I get either kind of high or knocked out... Luckily I have my strong "chevalier", who can easily carry me around

Lahjoja, koruja ja nakkeja! Mielenkiintoinen yhdistelmä (nakit means "wieners" in Finnish)

Enjoying the sun and warmth and still smiling :) Wolfi fell a sleep, I guess...

View from our balcony towards the city.

After two nights in Senj we headed towards Slovenia and Ljubljana, especially because Wolfi's ex-"stepdaughter" Tuuli lives there and they hadn't seen for about eight years! So it was a nice idea to meet and chat a bit.

The first half of the way was really nice winding roads on the hills/mountains. Just the problem for me was, that there were enormous amount of holes and bumps and they hurt like HELL (nicely said...)! So I couldn't really enjoy the day and once had to stop, because I was crying of pain so badly that couldn't see anymore. Am I crazy, or what!? Well I don't give up easily and when there are plans made, especially with other people, I always try to keep them!

Just before we hit the nice area, we saw this horrible scene: unbelievable amount of plastic bags everywhere and poor sheep trying to graze there! This was a really shocking scene, almost like one in this film:

(link is here:

How about if we all start caring more about our nature and our habitats, and try to pollute as little as possible! One good way to start more eco-friendly life is to say no to plastic bags! Start carriyng with you e.g. some long lasting cotton bags for shopping and mesh bags for fruits and veggies! And if you have right now some plastic bags, don't just throw them away when starting a better life, but use them 'till the very end! Many plastic bags survive much longer than just one usage! I have still in use some plastic bags, which I've got already several years ago!!!

Did a plastic bag factory blow up here or what happened?!

I made it to Ljubljana in one peace, but was instantly grounded... so Wolfi took care of girls and food again. First night he brought some pretty excellent vegan fast food and I got to taste delicious Tiramisu for the first time since I became vegan! That was a very lovely treat :) , but there went my 80/10/10 raw food diet for a moment... Well once a month isn't so bad and anyway I'm still in transition :)

On the first morning in Ljubljana we had to take Hertta finally to a doctor. She had been suffering of itching skin for about a week now and some of her cancer bumps had got bigger. I tried to treat her skin with natural tea tree -oil, and it did help when ever Hertta wasn't scratching! By the time we were in Ljubljana she was a bit better, but we still wanted to know if she's in pain and what we should do... Well the doctor instantly thought she'd have flees, but we didn't believe that theory, because Lyra and Ulpu were all fine. Other theory was that she has some allergy or has just got irritated in some high grass. We got some spray for atopic skin and either that or time helped, but anyway now she's rather fine again :) According to the doctor she shouldn't be in pain either! But if she starts coughing, then we should go to doctor again...

Loving Hut -stall in Ljubljana. I can warmly recommend the spring rolls and the tiramisu! :)

After noon we walked to the old town of Ljubljana to meet Tuuli and her boyfriend. Luckily our hotel was rather close by! We met in a pretty fancy cafe called Lolita, because in Happy Cow we saw that they should also have some vegan desserts. The raw cakes were wonderful!!!

Shit car came just when the place was very busy, well wasn't for too long...

Happy get-together :)

My situation didn't get any better in Ljubljana, so we decided to have one week of rest somewhere in peaceful surroundings. I didn't want to go to doctor either, 'cos I know they would only order plenty of rest, painkillers and muscle relaxants... I wanted to treat myself for a week first and then see if I'd need some additional help.

We didn't find any nice/affordable place close to Ljubljana in Slovenian side, so we went back to Croatia to Rupa, which is just on the border.

"Buzzing" in Rupa

At the moment (and most likely for a pretty long time) we both have many projects going on that require PC and when having only one, it gets bit on the nerves occasionally... I had been thinking about getting my own Tablet for quite some time and finally in Croatia mentioned it to Wolfi. About week later Wolfi bought me Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note -tablet. What a great man! :) That was especially nice surprise now that I was almost bound to bed and totally bored and restless!!!

Happy me

btw. My body could handle the drugs only for six days, then the bad side effects kicked in! On the seventh night I woke up to a horrible chest pain and that continued several days even though I gave up with the meds instantly! I'm so not going to have any pharmaseutical shit anymore, they're not for me and not for human body anyway!!! So I started to treat myself naturally, as usual, and now I'm having an experiment with Neem and Solum Follonum powders, which Wolfi found for me from Rijeka. The latter one we've been trying to find for a very long time already!

This was in the neighbour. Somehow funny, so pink and neon and plenty of truckers there...

At the end of the week I was feeling a bit better and could have my first proper walk with Wolfi and the girls. As usual, I'm always heavily observing my surroundings (especially the ground) and this time I saw my very first mantis! Really interesting creature and truly frightening looking, even though only about 10cm long.

Lyra almost had a fight with this fellow!

Walk to the Slovenian border and Hertta doesn't care about the signs at all!

After resting for a week I slowly started to feel better. Still quite stiff and in pain occasionally, but at least no horrible paralyzing pain anymore! Biking is also much easier than walking when you have back problems, so we could finally move on. In the middle of our stay in Rupa I also got great new motivation to move on, no matter how bad pain I would have....

~ Ilta

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