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Rescue Pegs - Passenger pegs for your dirt bike!

Hey Guys,
I originally posted this over on SMJ and I know some of you bounce back and forth, but I figured I might as well post it over here as well, hope it's a worthy newbie post.

Rescue Pegs - Passenger pegs for your dirt bike!

Test mule: 2011 KTM 450EXC

Price: $59.95 w/free shipping (Updated 5/31/2013)

Product Link:

This all started a few months back when I sold my KLX and got the itch to get something new, a KTM. After finding my 450EXC and putting a deposit down, like most of us do, I start showing pictures to friends, family, and of course, the girlfriend. Now if you have a girlfriend like mine, the first question out of her mouth was, "Where do I sit?..." Crap...

With the KLX the occasional ride to the lake, or down some trails, or on the golf course was no problem because of course the KLX is not a true dirt based bike, but rather an enduro, and it comes with a nice little set of fold down passenger pegs like on most any other moto. I'll admit it wasn't the most comfortable thing having two people shoved on a little 250 but the idea isn't to go tour the country, just short jaunts here or there on a nice day so we could both do what we enjoy, her spending time with me, and me spending time with her... And the bike. : P

With the KTM though, obviously, there's no such thing as a passenger set of pegs or even the thought as to why you would ever need or want them, and why would you?... IT'S A DIRT BIKE!

Nevertheless, the hunt was on for something that would work as a footrest for my little lady to set her feet on while we went on the occasional ride.

A not so quick google search later, I found Rescue Pegs.

The bike...

I received the pegs in the mail a very short time after placing the order and included in the heavy cloth packaging is a letter from the owner/creator of the pegs, a poster, some stickers, and of course, instructions with warranty info on the reverse.



Very straight forward (obviously) and takes less than 5 minutes. You have two options:

1.) Slip the rescue pegs over your existing footpegs and leave the baseplate and screws un-attached. This will leave the rescue pegs free to move a little bit but will not become dislodged as long as you keep a little pressure on them with your foot.

2.) Slip the rescue pegs over your existing footpegs, and fasten the baseplate down with the provided 12mm nyloc bolts, two per side.

I prefer the second option since I don't like having things loose hanging off the bike, even if there is only a slim chance of them moving out of place. This will be more of a personal preference thing but my thought is if you are carrying the pegs with you as an emergency item in a pack or whatever, a 1/4" ratchet with one 12mm will hardly be an issue.


Riding Impressions:
The first thing you'll notice is the 'hanger' that holds the rescue pegs on the original pegs is slightly higher than everything else and is a bit slick if you don't have you feet planted in the right position. This was a little annoying initially but that was just me riding with no passenger. When you have someone with their feet on the rescue pegs, it actually holds your foot in position and with me having narrow feet, kept my foot on the inside of the hanger hump and in perfect placement for the brake & clutch. I rode around a bit more with the rescue pegs attached and found that once you get over the initial awkwardness of feeling a high spot, you forget that it's there.

I have seen some photos of the rescue pegs installed on other bikes and they look to sit flush with the factory footpeg teeth. So depending on what you ride this may be a non-issue if your factory pegs have larger gaps between their 'teeth,' which would allow the rescue peg's hanger to set farther down into the groove.

The other thing that is immediately apparent is how much wider they make the bike look. While not really an issue on the KTM because of the high ground clearance, you will still need to be careful that you're not leaning over too far because your lean angle is decreased and even though the rescue pegs allow the factory pegs to pivot though their normal range, you don't want to take your passenger's toes off.

Passenger foot room is great and my girlfriend didn't have any problems keeping her feet on while we were scooting around due to lack of space. Keep in mind though, we were not, nor do we ever wear full boots when we ride around together. The extra width of boots shouldn't be an issue though as that's what the rescue pegs were initially intended to accommodate, and my girlfriend and I found that we did have a little extra space to play around with with normal shoes.

Riding position for the passenger is also very good as you are sitting in the natural position you should on a dirt bike with the exception of having a torso to grab instead of handlebars.

One last thing I would like to mention is if you are the type that likes to put your kickstand up or down while sitting on the bike, the extra peg width will make this next to impossible, so just step off and put the kickstand down, and put it up before swinging a leg over. Also made a little more awkward is backing up, because you don't have the full range of motion to go beside or behind the footpegs to start your rearward thrust, you will forced to scuttle back instead. If you have short legs. you might want to just step off and back the bike up, then hop back on.

Example with passenger... (And no my girlfriend doesn't ride around with shoes like that on, I just needed to snap a quick pic for illustration.)

In reading the very few other posts online about these rescue pegs, there seems to be lots of mixed feelings about the idea of having another person on a dirt bike. I could see why it could seem a bit silly at first, but the practicality of having the option-to, along with the "just in case" safety factor if you're out in BFE with some friends and someone gets hurt, is well worth the $50 price tag. For myself and my intended use, they work perfect.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and photos and if you have any questions, just let me know!


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