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jared p OP
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Coast to Coast Trip

left from seattle, plan was to go to maine, then south carolina, mess around in the south a bit, then head back to los angeles, meet up with a buddy and ride back up the west coast home to seattle. total trip miles ended up being 10,501. i left june 13 and returned july 7 and was stationary for 7 days of the trip. plan was to see the country, visit family and friends and ride some sweet roads, i like to rail roads, not at a trackspeed pace, thats what the tracks are for but, yeah. got home monday. rested tuesday. had a track day wednesday. now i'm just sore and ready to sleep through the weekend.

anyway, i wrote up a huge long report and it was lost by the last forum i tried typing it on so...

cliff notes: I90 isnt the worst way to go across the country until you pass the badlands south dakota. then its boring. minnesota sucked, old pavement, very bumpy and seams every 10 feet for a few hours. a bird flew into me sitting on a hill there too.

wisconson was nice. a lot of rocky outcroppings covered in trees. tons of deciduous trees, i didnt see many coniferous trees until i got down through the virginias again. visited with a friend outside chicago then headed down to indianapolis to see more friends then up to new york by lake chautauqua, caught in huge storm off lake eerie. up to boston next day, pretty scenic rolling roads, the dirt turned dark, almost black, was strange comparison across the US, sounds dumb but it was interesting seeing the different color the earth was around the states, each one has its own unique colors.

anwyay, ran up to portland maine, good eats, downed some lobster rolls, checked out the bush compound and atlantic ocean. then it was time to either hit boston to see some friends and get stuck there for the night, or, push on to my sisters in pennsylvania. push on won the vote and sadly i had to bypass boston and new york city but time was a wastin so on i went. traffic in NYC and NJT was stupid.

made it to PA, stayed a day, bought an electrical outlet to charge my stuff while riding (brand new Eklipes one fried first rain storm in idaho) then headed off for charlotte north carolina

the north east is pretty but all about the same, lotsa big green hills, pretty scenery, but i think you'd have to go pretty deep to find something outstanding. maine has some delicious lobster though. lobster roll from the crab shack in kennebunkport maine, was one of the best things i've ever eaten, ever.

amish people are interesting.

shenandoah valley was awesome to ride down. i kept thinking the whole ride down, i could live here. this, is beauty. i need a month in the virginia/west virginia/north carolina/tennessee/kentucky area as theres thousands of miles of twisties there.

anyway, cousins in NC, NC was pretty and then some. got up north west and west into the mountains and its amazing. roads got nice n twisty, views got epic through the mountain passes, i loved it.

outran some storms, caught in others, soaked in a few too, so hot though that dried out quickly anyway.

i need a month or two just on the east coast. smoky mountains were awesome. ozarks, loved em.

ran along the smoky mountains and back and forth along the border for two days down towards alabama, that was about the most fun of the trip as far as riding goes. cherahola skyway, is without a doubt, best road of that area. i hit it first thing in the morning, saw 1 car and 2 bikes, railed the rest of it without any intrusion by people anyway. saw deer, roads in good condition though and the clouds came up over the top of me in one spot so for about 5 minutes i was riding in a cloud and couldnt see 30 feet. that was fun.

tennessee smells sweet by the way.

northern bama smells like garbage for the first 100 miles. no idea why but, it did.

hung in bama for a day then off to arkansas where i stayed for a week with family, fished my pants off while i was there and enjoyed proper food and relaxation. hit up northern arkansas for a day, was epic, great roads and scenery. off to new mexico, straight shot, boring, rain, cold, whatever, made it into albuquerque an hour before sunset. clouds all went away as i hit new mexico which was nice. screw you too texas.

ate my weight in green chili when i got there. man i miss living in NM. time to go to LA. oh hey i'm gonna detour down south...storms had other planss

giant storm kept me off the best road in arizona, 191... i shall return... booked it north, no luck, whole half of the state was being rained over and eventually got caught in a wicked storm in flagstaff was the most intense storm i've ever been stuck in. hello gas station, sat it out for about 20 minutes before headin on.

thunder and lightning storms chased me across the whole US. lightning in arkansas every 3 seconds for 3 hours straight one night was awesome. coming down into charlotte NC and the sky lights up with ever color of lightning for 30 minutes, also epic. many storms/stories just like this across the whole trip.

once it got dark in AZ as i headed west to LA, it was over 100 degrees for 3 straight hours. that was rough, could hardly breath in a few places it was so hot.

made it to LA about 0130. rough freaking day. next day i ran the angeles crest road and looped back through palmdale, was a blast. except i got rained on again. and the rain dropped a ton of rocks onto the road. gods way of saying, slow it down, so i did.

met with a buddy to ride up the 101/1. its fun as always up the west coast. dodged some deer, had a window shatter, road ragers, freezing fog, stupid heat flashes, sometimes mile by mile but took 3 days to get up from LA to Seattle so wasnt a huge rush. dipped inland a bit then back to coast just to hit some mountain roads. never disappointing out there

saw fireflies/lightning bugs for the first time ever in marion north carolina. those are cool.

had every animal under the sun run in front of me, at me, attack me, or be dead already in front of me including trash, tires, cars, trucks, semis, motorcycles, bikes, people, bums, anything you can imagine, came at me or was in my lane at one point in the trip in straights, corners, blind crests etc. i did run over a bunny. avoided everything else. lightning bugs are awesome. shocking when the explode on the visor as well. had to outrun some road ragers, thats always entertaining. only 1 ticket the whole time luckily. oh yeah, rear window fell out and shattered on me from SUV on I5 up cali, hence the few bloody legs/arms pictures

turns out most camp sites close registration at dark and KOA's cost as much as cheap hotels usually, i did not plan that well but it all worked out.

pilot power 3 2ct front tire survived the whole trip. pp3 rear put on in chicago lasted the remaining 8500 miles of the trip. as far as street tires go, those were fantastic. held well in corners, not as aggressive as q3's but better than the pr3's. i'd get another set for sure.

there's a ton of stuff obviously missing here but all in all, good trip, murphy's law as in full effect literally every day, pretty much just laughed at everything. also, seat done by wykedan was amazing. never had a sore day until the trip between alabama and arkansas. that day was sore. then the last two days up the cali coast, kinda hurt a bit. not bad enough that i'm not still riding daily and did a track day yesterday. icon airmada bioskull helmet, fits great, never a sore spot, but it aint waterproof. water leaks in from either top of visor or vent of top of visor, not sure which but, it was annoying. riding in weather varying from 40 to 110 was challenging, i have some nice tan lines from the gloves, i rode for probably two weeks in t shirts and shorts. i woulda had the helmet off more but kept forgetting which state allowed it and which didnt so meh.

i planned every last detail but after day one, basically threw it out the window and kept it flexible, it was all fun, laughed at everything that went "wrong" cuz i mean, really, nothing was wrong, i wasnt at work, i was on my bike and riding cross country so, rain, this road, that road, whatever, it was a blast. i just wish i had more time to do more. sun rises, sun sets, views words cannot explain, were in every state, different, some same, but always breathtaking. ate a lotta good food, some bad, meh, was all better than protein bars that i normally kept eating.

bike held up well, no breakdowns. i killed the battery once but bump start and was off. had to loctite some of the bolts for the sidecase rack as they'd back out over time but havent moved since loctited. gear all held up well but then again, if it was over 75, my gear was a pair of shorts, shoes, gloves, helmet and a shirt of some kind.

now, to plan the next trip, USA V2, Alaska, or Panama Canal...where shall i ride next year

there's plenty more i left out, would take too long to write it all out
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