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Ladybug0048 OP
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Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
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To make things easier for tourists the road is now paved out to Fish Creek since thatís the draw to Hyder. There is a very large parking area for all the vehicles they are attracting. Even though we were plenty early the parking lot was pretty full so we went to the far end to park. There is a boardwalk along the creek that takes you to the newly built visitors area and where you pay.
When we got there and were paying the ranger told us there is motorcycle parking right by the display area and encouraged us to move our bikes. I didnít want to go back and mess with moving them so we left them where they were. Later I realized he really wasnít trying to be nice to us he wanted to open up where we were parked for a car/motorhome. Oh well, we paid the same price a car/motorhome driver paid so we could take a spot.

For some people the price might seem high but they have put a lot of money into the visitors area so I didnít mind paying the $5.00. During the tourist season there is a Ranger available to answer questions.
Things were pretty quiet in the creek.

Lots of dying fish for the bear and seagulls to eat.

The boardwalk has you above the creek and railings so the bear would have to work hard to get to you.

There were a few displays explaining the fish and about bear.


The place was pretty full of people. We sat back and started to watch what was taking place. Many of the people were already there when we arrived and had been waiting for a bear appearance for awhile. Some people came prepared with hot coffee and most wearing warm clothes.

The photographers with the large lenses and tripods jockeyed for a good position. It seems like some of them knew each other and there was a bit of a pecking order followed. There were more photographers off to the right and at the end of the boardwalk.

We watched as this tiny older gal, maybe 5í0" and in her 50s came barreling through all the people like she owned the place. She shoved herself right into the spot she wanted making other people adjust their positions. I kept expecting to see one of those big men pick her up and throw her and her camera in to the creek but everyone just let her do what she wanted. I thought I got a picture of her but it must have been one of the many that didnít turn out very well and got deleted.
It was cold out there and seeing these two menís bare legs made me cold just seeing them. It didnít seem to bother them though and it turned out to be the only bare we saw that day.

There was a lot of people watching to be done but there werenít any bear to see. We continued to wait to see if one would make an appearance A Ranger came out and said a bear was spotted up creek about a mile and was making it way toward the boardwalk.

I was fascinated by the photographers and their gear so I spent time staying back but watching them. We got to joking that I should go grab my tripod off the bike, put my point and shoot on it, and bulldoze my way through the crowd like that one woman did and set up with my tiny little camera. Maybe you had to be there to find that funny but we found it hilarious.
One couple showed up a little later than the rest and spoke with a very heavy accent. They set up their camera and tri-pod off to the side then went and joined the other photographers and talked with them a bit. They apparently were invited to bring their equipment up as the others make room for them. The late joining couple was very polite and so were the other people. I liked their demeanor and thought they might be interesting to talk with but they clearly were busy so I kept my distance. I did enjoy watching them and the other photographers as they waited for their prey.

The people watching was fun but we were there to see bear and they just werenít showing up. We decided that even if there was a bear a mile up the creek making itís way toward the boardwalk it wasnít guaranteed it would keep walking until it got there. That bear didnít care that there people on the boardwalk just waiting to see it chomp on some fish. There were plenty of fish in that creek so it didnít really have any reason to continue on. We decided to move on but first get a picture on the moose pond.

When we got back to the bikes we spotted this next to them.

We determined it belonged to the couple with the accent.

There were some cool photos on their camper


When we got to internet access I found their webiste: I spend a lot of time doing the "I wish I would have" and regretting missed opportunities. This was definitely a missed opportunity. This couple would have been so much fun to talk with and I could have offered to buy them a meal after they finished their shoot for the day but nooooooooo, not me, I let the opportunity pass me by.
As we head back to Hyder I kept looking at the creek just in case a bear had shown up after we left. Still no bear.


A last look at a little bit of


The happy little ghost waves goodbye to us as we leave.

Iíll be back with more of day 12
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turnin gas to noise
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GREAT reporting!!!! Thanks for bringing this all to us

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Ladybug0048 OP
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Hi Chris

Nice to have you along for the ride.
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
Oddometer: 11,291
With Hyder sort of being a ghost town it seem appropriate to have eerie views as we were leaving.



Back to Stewart, BC we go.

We stopped at the King Edward for breakfast. The glacier bear was guarding the motorcycles in the motorcycle parking. Good bear.
The motorcycles were from a tour group and were being ridden by a group of Asian guys. They were all smiling big and appeared to be having a great time.
The weather was a lot better than it was the day before when we came by so we stopped at Bear Glacier again.


I like how glaciers look blue and with the blue sky itís even better

The color of my bike is iceberg silver and this glacier is the closest my bike will get to an iceberg so I wanted a picture of my bike with it. Close to the same color but not quite.

Just couldnít quite capture the view but I tried.

We were on our way and it was nice to have dry weather and blue skies. Look, no rain gear.

When we arrived at New Hazelton we stopped at the visitors center to look around.

We enjoyed checking out the statues on the grounds around the center.




This was my favorite


We headed to Hazelton (old) to search for a cache but we discovered construction with a 20-minute wait so we decided to pass on that idea.
On to Vanderhoof, BC to find to room for the night and we did at the Coach Light Motel. Notice it has one of those friendly "motorcycles welcome here" signs.

They even put flowers out to welcome us.

It was a nice clean, comfortable room with everything we needed. This is another place I would stay again.

More to come. . . . . .
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Joined: Nov 2005
Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
Oddometer: 11,291
Day 13 Thursday Aug. 29, 2013
We were greeted with another nice day. Anything that wasnít wet was nice in my book. Still a little chilly but not wet.



Stopped for gas at a Yamaha shop

We went looking for a cache and the GPS took us to this shrub

Itís in there



That cache was in Quesnel and from the description I thought we might find something interest but it was just a shrub across from the courthouse. Urban caches are often just there to find a cache and don't really take you anywhere exciting. I like the ones that take me somewhere interesting.
A little later we stopped at a rest area and I was sitting on the curb by my bike having a snack I saw this.

Itís supposed to look like this

Something wasnít put together right at the shop when I had the chain replace up in Whitehorse. Either the tensioner cover wasnít tightened back up or the the axle bolt wasnít tightened. The 2nd option is what my mechanic thought happened and the wheel slid a bit causing the tensioner to bend and break the cover off. The chain tensioner was floppy and rubbing on the sprocket when it flopped to that side. I didnít thik about the axle bolt not being tight so my concern was to keep the tensioner from flopping over on the sprocket and I would have it repaired when I got home. The chain was a little tighter than I like but I was only going to be riding pavement and I would take it easy. I used a zip tie to tie it over off the sprocket. Each time I stopped the rest the way home I checked it to be sure things were staying the same.

While I was finishing up I was feeling pretty lousy since I had already put extra money into the bike in Whitehorse that I didnít plan for and now I needed to put more money into it. DarnÖÖ
Then we saw a couple ride in on BMWs that were obviously traveling and had been for awhile. After they had taken their break and headed back to their bikes things got entertaining. They got on their bikes, she started to lose her footing and was trying to keep her bike from going over. He saw she was struggling so reached out to help steady her bike and threw them both off balance and they went over and got themselves and their bikes tangle up.

We ran over to help them ge untangled. Once we got the top bike up enough so they could get out it was picture time.

Checking to see if there was any damage. All was good.

They were laughing and having fun with the mishap. We found out they are from Germany and have been traveling for a few years. They were about out of money so they would be finding a job hopefully for the winter so they could head out again. She said they work well together she breaks the bike and he fixes it. They seemed to have fun with each other.


Motorcycle untangled they were on their way.

And theyíre off

When I see couples doing things like this I feel envious wishing I would have found a mate that I could do things like that with. Iím sure like every couple they have their ups and downs and being together 24 hours a day canít be easy but it sure looks good from where I sit. It would be a special kind of luxury to be able to share your life with someone that shares the same passion. Iíve come close a couple times but just couldnít get it together.

The couple reminded me a bit of Simon and Lisa Thomas and I asked them if theyíve met Simon and Lisa. They said they hadnít but they had heard of them. As we talked I asked if they had a blog and they explained they didnít want to be tied to writing about their travels and didnít want to turn it into work. They preferred to ride, stop and work for awhile then ride again. I hope they were able to find work and they will be on the road again when spring arrives.

After meeting the nice couple I didnít feel lousy anymore. I felt happy that I had the opportunity to meet two friendly people and we were on our way too.

On the way north I spotted the 108-Mile Ranch and decided if we had time on the way back I wanted to stop and check it out. We had time.

Iíll be back to show you around the ranch. . . . . .
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Too funny! I'll have to remember this next time I stop. Love the humor

"They even put flowers out to welcome us. "
For the record, I hate snakes!

Admiral's Voyages
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Hi TheAdmiral,

Tom Bodett leaves the lights on for me at Motel 6 and Coach Light Motel puts flower out for me.

I hope you and your riding partner are staying warm and not suffering from cabin fever. There hasn't been an update on your thread recently so I'm guessing you haven't been out riding.

Meanwhile I got way behind on this ride report so I get to while away my winter telling you all about the fun I had last riding season.
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
Oddometer: 11,291
The welcoming committee was in full force when we arrived at the 108 Mile Ranch Historic Site

And they brought flowers


We went in to see what was in the icehouse. We found a gift shop/visitors center.

There was a little older lady in there crocheting a hanger type things on kitchen towels. A crocheted flap type thing with a button so you can hang it on your refrigerator handle or oven handle. She happened to have a towel with ladybugs on it so naturally I had to buy it and bring it home with me. I justified it by telling myself I was helping to support the Heritage Site.
Time to see what else we could find.

Oops sorry Bud

Since I didnít know about this place until we rode by it on the way north I didnít know anything about it. If I had read about it before we visited things would have made more of an impression but it was still good.

Be sure to read - - - ->
Post House Apparently the hotel that was torn down and the wood used to build the Post House was an early day Highway of Tears




This building was amongst the rest of the buildings but it doesnít fit in with all the rustic buildings.





School House


A friend suggested when I retire I should sell my house and go live in a cabin. I wonder if this is what he has in mind?




Log Clydesdale Barn. The largest log barn in Canada (circa 1908).
It wasnít open and there werenít any Clydesdales around but it is a big barn.

There is another modern building that appears to be being turned into more modern museum with these in it.



We were bid farewell by florescent blue flowers

We were on our way and headed for Merritt but we needed to stop and eat. We intended to stop at 70 Mile House and eat at the cafť we ate at on the way north but discovered they are only open for breakfast and lunch. Darn.

We went on to Cache Creek and had a good meal at a Chinese Restaurant there. I didnít get a picture of the place we ate but I did get a picture of this.

I wasnít sure if I should believe the rainbow in this area or those big dark clouds.

The rainbow won and things started to clear up.

As we headed South my GPS was telling me to continue South on Highway 1 but I saw a sign indicating to turn left for Merritt on 97C. The idea of taking a different road was appealing to me so I turned. The GPS re-routed once and was happy, it didnít try to get me back to Highway 1. Highway 1 was nice on the way north but I liked 97C better.
Ashcroft, BC

The road was fun and then we saw this.

We had to stop so we could look at it without running off the road.

We knew it was some sort of mining operation but had no idea what it was.

Moving on we could see something going on ahead of us.

Two red domes and one white dome with a maple leaf.


I spotted a sign for a viewpoint so I turned up the road.

Now we would find out what was going on at
Highland Valley Copper Mine
"It is a giant among mines! In 2006 its copper production of 161,000 tonnes was 4% of the world copper production. Copper is an essential material widely used in wire, electronics, plumbing, coins and many other uses. The mine is also a major producer of molybdenum, an important alloy in steel making, aircraft parts, and motors. The mine is just west of Logan Lake , about 45 minutes from Kamloops, and is a major employer in the Kamloops region. Over 900 people from Kamloops, Logan Lake , Ashcroft, and Merritt work at the mine."

As we were riding that road we saw a few watch for horses signs. At the viewpoint we learned they have a large population of
Wild Horses in the area that often wander onto the roadway.
We knew we were pushing it to be able to get to Merritt before dark but the stop was well worth it. About 5 miles before Merritt it was dark but it wasnít too bad. We knew we didnít want to stay in the same place we stayed on the way up and we found a different place that was much nicer.

The room had everything a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot and a huge TV. They advertised the TV as a high point.

When I walked back in with another load of stuff from my bike I found Rainbow007 like this.

There she was still in her fleece, long johns and kneepads with the remote in hand flipping through channels. Just like traveling with a man (sort of).
I left her with the remote and TV while I went and took a nice long hot shower then called it a night.
The next day would be the last day of our trip as we made those last few hundred miles home and I will be back to tell you about the last day . . . . . .
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Day 14 Friday Aug. 30, 2013
The lady that owns the motel had us park in front of her garage so we could be right in front of our room.

It had rained hard during the night but stopped before we went out to the bikes. Now that it was daylight I could get a picture of the motel sign to remind me where we stayed.

Every other day we fueled our bikes before calling it a day but this time we didnít and needed to stop for gas before heading out. As it turned out it was a good thing we had to stop.

When Rainbow007 saw the pool of oil she pushed her bike over to the side of the parking lot and went in to tell the clerk there was an oil puddle out by the pump. She then started checking obvious things like the oil plug which was tight.

Gear explosion in the parking lot as we both dug out all our tools.


She checked every nut, bolt and even took off her skid plate to see if she could determine where the oil was coming from. Everything was tight and she couldnít figure it out. She finally decided to call her husband to come and get her and the bike. She was able to reach him and he said he would be there about 4:00 or 5:00 pm.
It wasn't even 7:00 am when Rainbow007 called her husband and it was going to be a long wait for her. She didnít want me to have to wait with her since if I waited until he got there I wouldnít be able to get home before dark and would have to get another room. She was fine waiting by herself but I didnít really need to take off right away so at least I could keep her company for a while. As long as I left by about noon I had enough time to get home before dark.
We hadn't eaten breakfast yet so we ask the gal in the gas station where there was good place to eat within walking distance. She suggested the Historic Coldwater Hotel. As we walked toward the Hotel we were able to see where the oil started to leave the bike. It happened just before turning into the gas station. My guess is when she shifted down for the turn.
We realized it was lucky we had to stop for gas that morning because any other day we would have left the motel and just kept riding for about 100 miles or so before stopping for fuel. She didnít run her bike without oil so damage to the engine was prevented.

There were some bright cheery flowers on the way to breakfast.



Coldwater Hotel established 1908



Itís breakfast time.

There was a breakfast polenta on the menu so I had to try it. The polenta was very yummy and so filling.

Merritt isnít a very big town and I was surprised that they had the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

There is also the Walk of Stars


Murals on the sides of the buildings


A sports car in front of an optometrists office.

To go with that cabin when I retire I found my sportscar.

We made our way back to the gas station where we left our bikes and discovered they had made a friend while we were gone.

We talked with the owner and he told us his ADV user name but I forgot what it is. He chatted with us a few minutes and then was on his way.

It was time for me to be on my way too.

I hated to leave Rainbow007 there by herself but her husband was on the way and she is good at entertaining herself so I headed out.

The scenery is nice through here



Back in my home state

Stopped in Tonasket, WA for fuel, a snack and a Red Bull.

Still working on getting home.

Republic, WA This building always catches my eye when I ride through.

About 20 minutes from home and all was good. The sun was getting low but it was still light and I would be home before dark just as I planned.

Then right in my own "neighborhood" I started having a difficult time finding my way home. I missed my first turn not paying attention, no problem I will take the next one. When I got to the next one there were constructions signs indicating the road I take home was closed. I went on down a little further figuring I could turn there and make my way home but this time the road had been removed. There is a new freeway system being built and itís changing things on the north side of Spokane plus the road I normally take to Spokane Valley was being re-paved and was closed.

I was riding around in circles trying to find my way home and worrying about running out of gas. It was weird being so close to home and not being able to get there on roads I was so familiar with. The sun was setting rapidly and I was wondering if I would get home before dark and hoping I didnít run out of gas.

Finally I was able to make it to the road that would take me into Spokane Valley just at dark.

I made it to the gas station near my house, filled up and rode on home. The mileage for the 14 days.

In a bit I will be back to sum this ride up . . . .
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Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Hi TheAdmiral,

I hope you and your riding partner are staying warm and not suffering from cabin fever. There hasn't been an update on your thread recently so I'm guessing you haven't been out riding.
Yep, basically no riding. Had three rides planned starting MLK Day, but all got either snow or rained out. Weather is starting to turn and things drying out, so it'll be soon. Maybe would've this weekend, but we have a brand new grandson here, so we doing the family stuff while it's still chilly!

I know you're gonna finish this RR up soon, but I'd also like to hear the final verdict on the oil leak on Rainbow's bike. If something like that is gonna happen, sure is nice to do it where it did!

This has been a great RR.

P.S. From a while back in the RR.... I'm not a geocache stalker. I just happened to be looking for Carcross on google earth and when I zoomed in I just checked out that other ladybug cacher, and low and behold I saw you had stopped. Very Cool.
For the record, I hate snakes!

Admiral's Voyages
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Not to worry I didn't think you were a geocacher stalker. It can be fun to follow other geocachers though since if you find one that has similiar tastes in geocaches they can do the leg work for you.

The recap being posted next will tell you about the oil leak. I wouldn't leave everyone hanging and not give them the outcome on it.

Enjoy the time with your new grandson.
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Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
Oddometer: 11,291
14 days 3452 miles (not counting the miles on the ferry)
We saw some amazing scenery, rode in a lot of rain, and had a great time.
Rainbow007 found out the countershaft seal had come out which is why the bike lost itís oil. After researching it she discovered this is a known problem for some of the DR650s.

After getting home I had the chain tensioner on my bike fixed and received a lecture from my mechanic and exboyfriend (heís a certified BMW tech for a local shop) about always checking the work after having my bike worked on.
Another casualty on the ride was Rainbow007ís camera. Her camera was waterproof however the battery door wouldnít stay closed and it got water in it while we were ziplining. There is a Radio Shack in Skagway that is stocked fairly well and she replaced her camera there. An unexpected expense for her but she didn't want to miss any photo ops.
You may have noticed we were packed heavy even though we were staying in motels. We planned to motel it on this trip but we took all our camping gear in hopes that we might have some good weather and would want to camp or just in case we couldnít find a motel. We didnít find the good weather but at least we did find motels. Some of the camp gear was used on the Ferry to Haines so it wasnít a total waste of space.
The last time I went to AK I didnít think I would return because I didnít find what I was looking for. Since I went with a different mindset this time I enjoyed it and I would like to go back again one day. Further north maybe to do the Dust to Dawson ride. Iíd love to fly up in the middle of winter with the hope of seeing the Northern Lights too.
During this ride we found 18 geocaches. I think my favorite was the one with the boardwalk to the falls.
Then there was the shopping. I got a little carried away in Skagway the only thing not bought there is the ladybug kitchen towel. The gray Tree Hugger t-shirt if from our zipline adventure. Rainbow007 did about the same but I didnít get a picture of her loot.

I picked up tourist information so I could read about where we were and where we were going. I was also given a Rider Friendly book with businesses that encourage rider to visit. I liked being welcomed with those orange and black signs along the way.

This ride wasnít about me it was about Rainbow007 and her desire to go to Alaska. While I wouldnít have taken this ride if she hadnít asked me to do it with her I was glad I did it. Rainbow007 was able to check a few things off her bucket list which was the goal.
When we left for AK I didnít have a bucket list and hadnít even thought of compiling one. Because we were working on Rainbow007ís list I started to think about one of my own. I realized many things I would have put on a bucket list I have already done and seen.

If I had put together a bucket list when I was in my 20s it would have looked something like this:
Sturgis Bike Week (been there 3 times now)
Daytona Bike Week (been there twice now)
Grand Canyon (been there 3 times now)
Tour the United States on a motorcycle (Did it for 6 months and camped along the way)
Carlsbad Caverns (been there)
USA Four Corners Tour (did it but not a finisher since I took 22 days )

In my 40s the bucket list would have included dirt bike rides and snowmobile adventures.
Snowmobile Yellowstone before they close the park to snowmobiling other than while on a tour (did it with Rainbow007 the last year it was open to snowmobiling)

In my 50s it goes to dual sport riding and I find Iíve done things I didnít think I would do or had a desire to do.
Death Valley I was neutral about going there (It has now become a passion and I've been there 3 times )
Baja, I didnít have much of a desire to go there but was talked into it. (Been there 3 times now too)

Some of these things get in your blood and they keep calling.

Thinking about the many things I have done and people I have met along the way I know how lucky I have been and I'm happy I made these things happen for myself rather than waiting for later to do them.

As we were traveling AK I decided to put together a bucket list and fill it with hopes and dreams to follow. I got myself a bucket and made a list now and all I need to do is fill with those things.

Many of the things I do provide me with desires of other things I want to do like an avalanche gathering momentum. Itís time to put some of those things on the list and make them happen. There are so many more adventures ahead.
I hope you all stay subscribed as we check a couple more things off Rainbow007ís bucket list before 2013 is finished.

A dirt adventure is next up.

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Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post

We have one Mack truck in our fleet, it never breaks down, so I never get to test drive it, but I got the chance the other day...what a sweet driving truck!!

What was wrong with puddles the motorcycle? Oh, I see...CS seal, dang it!!
Be sure the safest rule is that we should not dare to live in any scene in which we dare not die. ~Lewis Carroll~
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The countershaft seal has been an issue with the DR for a while now. I believe Suzuki now sells a countershaft seal retainer that just bolts on to the bike. I believe Pro-cycle sells them as well.

Nasty business with your Beemer. Hope the repairs didn't set you back too much....
2015 DR 650
We can handle it....We're Canadian
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You can do it!
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I got behind for a little bit, but am caught up now.
You're doing a great job, Ladybug.

I like this flower pic!

also... wow, now I know why your luggage is so heavy!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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