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ruscook OP
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Putty - Denman

Left home 725am. Got to Windsor and was heading up the Putty to the meeting point - Shell at Wilberforce. Saw a red Highway Patrol booking a car coming south about 2 km south of Wilberforce and thought - you beauty. Got to the servo, everyone was there Boz just fuelling up as I did and Nathan and his mate Damien ready to go. After introductions, we got away just after 8am.

Before we could leave, the Highway Patrol came passed. Bugger, he'd done a u-turn. Ok, he's ahead of us so nothing we could do about it. Followed him up the Putty. I led as it was easy to set the pace with the cruise control and the GPS. By the last turn off to Kurrajong, I was getting a bit bored. Pulled over to see if we should reverse the route or stay behind the cop. We chose the latter, but at least the cop had got a bit ahead. Ok off to the Grey Gum cafe. About 25km along, we see the cop had pulled over next to a white unmarked, highway patrol. The red HP pulled out the white unmarked stayed parked on the left.. hmmm what's going on. Any way the cop is an asshole as he is right up the clacker of another bike doing 5-10km/h under the speed limit - paranoid about the cop. Eventually an overtaking lane appears and we dutifully go passed the other bike (and see a couple of others as they turn off at the servo at Kurrajong Heights). Still dutifully sitting 2 under the limit, in the hope the cop gets bored and blasts off ahead to u-turn and do his run back south. No luck.

80km after leaving Wilberforce we follow him into the Grey Gum Cafe. Lots of bikes, and someone tells us the cops did a blitz yesterday - 8 HP cars on the Putty Rd. As we're taking that in, 2 more, 1 unmarked come in. Another white HP goes passed the cafe heading north. We're not worried about that anymore as we guessed there'd be more north of the cafe. Then as we leave, same again. WTF 7 cops to patrol the 160km of the Putty Rd?

We head out, and before the tight twisties along the creek, another HP comes along heading south. So now we're up to 8. Boz gets fed up and as we hit the 80zone twisties decides to have a play. I'm happy to sit behind, but decide not to turn the camera on just in case we get pulled up. Anyway all good from here and we have fun in the twisties, but the slow speed to the cafe and the thought of cops does spoil the rhythm so I don't enjoy it as much as normal. Boz and I swap bikes for the last 15km to the Wallaby Scrub road and when we swap back I take the lead again. Golden Hwy is boring but has a couple of nice bends between Jerry's Plains and Denman. Quick fuel up at Denman both bikes and riders. Starting to get a bit warm now. And off we go with Boz leading the way to the Yarrawa Rd back way to the Bylong Valley Way. Next stop lunch at Rylstone's Globe Hotel - always a nice place to stop.

Boz's back way hits a bit of loose dirt, so I blast passed, would be embarrassing to be on the GS and NOT in front hear. Sitting on about 80, then slow down for the crest and the downhill left hander after it. Through that and ... oh it ends back to bitumen. Oh well at least we did SOME dirt.

Bylong Valley Way is a blast, sweepers, open farm land, river (WTF it's dry?) a couple of cuttings through the ranges with some twisties - it's got it all. Bylong Valley Way has only been tarred end to end for about 6-7 years, so while traffic is gradually increasing, I've never seen a cop on it. So we settle into a rhythm now the Putty's cops forgotten and up the pace.

I stay in the lead doing I suppose and indicated 120-140. That's about 5000 RPM in top, so a nice comfortable speed for me and the bike. Just cruising through the bends and open straights when we get one that is quite a long turn and a little bit tighter, I ease off the throttle a little, and as I start to accelerate out of the corner, into a longish straight I see a red car approaching. As it gets closer I think, maybe a cop? Nah, never seen them on this road. Then a flash of headlights, and I am now close enough to see the red and blues on the roof. WTF it's ANOTHER Highway Patrol? Here? Just before they flashed their lights I backed off and let the boxer twin engine braking lower my speed back to "normal". I guess I was doing about 120 as we get close. As we pass the passenger cop, points at me angrily and waves his finger. Then I'm passed, and the other 3 guys are following me spread out over 300-400mtres, as the last, Damien passes, the cops hit the brakes, but decide to carry on. We watch our mirrors for a couple of minutes but then back to our normal speed. Phew, we're up to 9cops in under 300km. Crazy. Shame they can't fight real crime.

Boz and I pulled away from the other 2 through some of the twisties on the way to Bylong. We stopped at the general store and there was about 10-12 other bikes there. They'd come from the south (where we were heading) and hadn't seen a cop - sweet. We told them about the one ahead and after we'd regrouped pushed on to Rylstone - another 55km. A great mixture of road types for the whole 50 odd km. Much fun was indulged in. I'll have some vids of that section. In the last 2 months I've done this road north on the GTR and now south on the GS. North is nice for a change. South is faster and more fun :-)

Rylstone at 12 oclock. Not bad considering our slow, chauffered pace on the Putty. About an hour for lunch as the bistro is air conditioned and the weather had warmed up. I saw over 30 degree C on the dial through most of the Denman. SO not boiling but still quite warm in full leathers.

I warned everyone how rough the road from Rylstone to Ilford can be and then was pleasantly surprised with how well the GS just glided over most of it. Fuel at Lithgow, but not really needed, then the Bells Line of Road. After the cops on the Putty we didn't know what to expect. Scenic Hill is always fun, I sat behind Nathan to get him on camera, and he caught his boot, that made him lose a gear on the second corner, and I had to back off quickly. Was funny really :-)

Following Boz up to Bell and the Darling Causeway turn off, and we see another Highway Patrol, turning on the Bells Line heading towards Lithgow the way we'd just come. What 10 cops in less than 500km? Haven't they got anything better to do? Well at least he turned the other way.

Bell's Line of Road was a procession of cars, but with a few spots for fun, but too much traffic to really let loose. We stop and regroup at Bellbird Lookout and say our goodbyes as we'll all start to split into different roads after the mountain and North Richmond. Try and get Nathan and Damien on video coming down Bellbird Hill, but a lot of traffic meant it was a slow run.

I got home exhausted but thoroughly satiated. I'd had a my fill of all types of roads and speeds - and on a bike I am thoroughly enjoying. Can't ask for much more in life. Well except for doing and learning some more off road stuff over time.

Home just before 415pm. Not bad for around 560km. And we couldn't have been speeding the day's average was only just over 60km/h LOL
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