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Old 07-02-2014, 03:25 PM   #1
gumshoe4 OP
Studly Adventurer
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NM4 in person

So today, I was in our local Honda dealer (Roseville Honda) and noticed that they had two NM4s in. I was prepared to dislike it...still not real happy about that front view...but after giving it a sit, I have to admit that it's pretty comfortable, especially with the backrest deployed.

The sales guy told me that the NM4 is a special project from Honda and that their dealership is alloted only two a year.

The only color which is available is matte black. The compartments on the forward part of the fairing are fairly small. The bags are integrated into the bike and do not appear to be removeable, unless I missed something. The storage space, at least in the left bag, which was the only one unlocked, was very small...maybe a lunch bag or a little bit more. The engine is the same unit as in the CTX/NX 700 series. I believe the valves are screw and locknut adjustable, but that part of the engine is pretty well covered by bodywork, so the valve checks and spark plugs are going to require some digging. The oil filter is reasonable accessible. i don't know where the radiator overflow tank is located...didn't see it. It has ABS brakes.

Ergonomics-wise, as I mentioned, the seat is pretty comfortable and the backrest is adjustable for angle and quite usable. It's apparent to me that this is really intended as a solo bike, because in the lowered position, the backrest doesn't look like something I'd want to sit on for extended periods of time. The floorboards are quite long and the foot and leg position, at least for me, are comfortable and not sharply angled. The windshield is very low, like the Forza, and I doubt it deflects windblast very much.

All in all, it's an interesting, impractical, weirdly styled machine which, to me, is of limited use. Particularly since it is $11,000 or more out the door. The pricing reminds me of the pricing boner that Honda pulled with the DN-01. In fairness, that pricing is consistent with the prices of the B650 and BMW C650/600, but the machine is nowhere near as practical as those bikes. I suspect these will be slow sellers.

My reaction is that I like the comfortable seat and seating position, but it's not better than any number of maxi scooters. The storage is not nearly as good, the styling is funky, the servicing will not be particularly easy and the price is excessive for what you get. I'm kind of lukewarm about the NM4 as an overall package...for the same or less money, I'd probably look at the C600, the Kymco Myroad or maybe even a Burgman 650 with an extended warranty in case of tranny meltdown.

Here are some photos:

Front view

Right rear quarter view

Rear view

Seat and bag view looking aft



Right floorboard

Front wheel with ABS ring

Left saddlebag interior

Right front fairing compartment

Oil filter access

DCT cover, right side

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Old 07-02-2014, 03:37 PM   #2
Beastly Adventurer
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$499 for freight and handling?

Honda lists $310 for destination charge on their website.

And then another $299 for dealer setup and prep?

2013 Honda Super Cub
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Old 07-02-2014, 04:14 PM   #3
Gnarly Adventurer
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Thanks for the pics!

I am still interested in seeing one. Remember, this is targeting mostly non-motorcyclists. I still get the impression that Honda is trying to get people to buy this instead of a car. I do wish the storage was bigger, but for a commuter, it's fairly practical; with the low seat height, combined hand brake, DCT, and big floorboards. No room for a full face helmet, but hey take it in to the office/store with you. Now, if you are an ATGATT person, then there will definitely be some problems; but if you are a jacket and helmet only guy (or gal, Honda hopes) then it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

From the article on gizmag:
Between the two systems, the two most-difficult aspects of riding a motorcycle (braking and changing gear) have been reduced to scooter-like simplicity. At the same time, by removing the necessity to have the rider's feet at the foot controls of a traditional motorcycle, it is offering a great deal more choice about riding position (while the foot brake still exists, its use is optional because the brake lever on the right handlebar operates both front and rear brakes through the linked braking system).

Honda's combined brakes sort of explained.

More from gizmag:
Finally, Honda is keen to attract car drivers onto motorcycles and it recognizes that the current state of the world's increasingly congested roads is driving change in the global personal transportation marketplace.

In advanced economies, a wind of change is sweeping through motorcycle land. After decades of refinement, enthusiast motorcycles are now astoundingly good and the enthusiast is already well catered for. The NM4 caters for the non-enthusiast who is not mired in traditional, often spartan motorcycle form factors.
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Old 07-02-2014, 04:33 PM   #4
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"Bueller, you're an island of sense in a sea of bullshit" - swimmer

"bueller, you ARE an island of reason in a sea of bullshit" - quasigentrified
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Old 07-02-2014, 04:53 PM   #5
Gnarly Adventurer
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Wow I was not expecting these to show up this week. Even though Honda said June I was expecting to be one of those models that is on the coming list forever.

This bike is not on my hit list but I was curious about it. I was hoping the NM5 was going to be a modern interpretation of the Pacific Coast PC800. A very practical and futuristic bike from back in the day. When the PC800 was released back in 1988 or 89 it got many of the same comments as the NM4. It found its customer and enjoyed a fairly lengthy run and is now a bit of a cult bike.

Unfortunately from the sounds of it this bike is nothing like the old PC800 and has very little to offer in the way of practicality. So I kind of doubt this is a modern interpretation of the PC800.

I asked my Honda dealer just yesterday when they expected the NM4 in? They said they ordered one but have heard nothing. My guess it will show up next week sometime and I will have to keep my eye out. I still want to see what Honda is thinking in person.
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Old 07-02-2014, 07:21 PM   #6
Let me take this duck off
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I guess the truth is they aren't making them for our market which is small but Asia , indain etc where they ll sell quite well. I love the look of it and it would be a cool ride but for the fact that it's 1200 bucks to insure where I ll live per year. Got To love ICBC in bc canada the only way to get basic insurance .
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Old 07-02-2014, 07:42 PM   #7
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I'm Batman. In spite of Honda's marketing, I will be surprised if this bike finds an audience.
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Old 07-03-2014, 02:57 AM   #8
Outside the Pod-bay
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I just had an idea. Say, the owner of a Hyosung GV650, who's had that machine for several years, is thinking of a spruce-up and make-over. He's already bought a gearcharge handlebar servo:

So, the complete gearchange procedure can be performed from the left handgrip.

He goes to look at the NM-4, with camera and tape-measure.

4 months later he has a 72HP semi-auto, belt-driven, low-rider with weather protection and . . . . because he only used the NM-4 as a inspiration- a rear-end somewhat like a PC-800 with massive storage.

He's also used easy opening and easy removable panel-work to keep engine accessibility within reason.

Forgoing the Hyosung sidestand-only limitations; he's fitted-up a multi-height electric centrestand so he can safely park on any slope, concave, or convex surface -- since left & right feet can be set at independent extention. There's even generous feet area so sinking into soft soli & tipping over is no longer an issue.

Honda PC-800 Pacific Coast rear storage.

So, the NM-4 may just start a trend ------ with others making a far- far- far- more practical 2-wheel vehicle.
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Old 07-03-2014, 04:52 AM   #9
Sunset Rider
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Originally Posted by gumshoe4 View Post
So today, I was in our local Honda dealer (Roseville Honda) and noticed that they had two NM4s in.

Rear view

I'm not interested in spending $11K for a bike right now, but what's that cool little job in silver to the left? Seems even more cutting-edge...

MichRocks screwed with this post 07-03-2014 at 05:02 AM
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Old 07-03-2014, 06:43 AM   #10
Nobody Home
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Originally Posted by gumshoe4
Nope, I'll take what's lurking in the background...over by the cashier.
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Old 07-03-2014, 10:31 AM   #11
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I wish they made it in red. I may have to wanderover to the local dealer and see if they have one in stock. Out of my price range for now, but maybe next year.
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Old 07-03-2014, 10:59 AM   #12
Beastly Adventurer
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It's ugly, expensive, has a DCT and linked brakes. There's four reasons I don't want one. I'm sure I could come up with more reasons but why bother.

But then I'm not Honda's target audience. It will be interesting to see if this thing actually sells. 5 or 10 years ago it wouldn't have had a chance but today who knows.
I ride, Therefore I Am.

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Old 07-03-2014, 11:59 AM   #13
Vintage Rider
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That is the ugliest stock bike I've ever seen, by a long way. I've owned a couple of rat bikes, and loved them. They were plenty ugly, but in a completely different way. They looked like they had been assembled from parts out of a scrapyard, which they had. And they were old and cheap. This thing is brand new, and ridiculously expensive. I hate to admit it, but I would take a BMW over one of these things any day. And I'm glad someone else already noticed the bogus dealer charges. That way I don't have to feel so bad about pointing them out. If that thing ever sells at all, it will probably be for several thousand under MSRP. Honda has to already be prepared to lose money on these things. They must have had some other reason for bringing them here. The DN-01 is a beauty queen compared to this thing.
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Old 07-03-2014, 12:03 PM   #14
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I sat on one yesterday at the local shop.... very compact riding 'compartment', the bars were in my face and the pillion seat kept me from scooting back.

a bit on the "batman" side for my taste, but it's a very user-friendly bike if a bit over the top with it's "I'm not really a scooter" styling.

time will tell if Honda's foray into this styling realm with the CTX700 and CTX1300 will be the new hotness...but I could own a CTX1300
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Old 07-03-2014, 02:44 PM   #15
gumshoe4 OP
Studly Adventurer
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Hey, Mich...that's actually the new Honda personal hovercraft. Bet you thought it was a lawnmower, didn't ya....

Bronc, if I wasn't larger than the Grom, I might want one also. They are very cool, but way too small for me...

Can't disagree with you on the basics, Jerry. I just can't wrap my mind around the $11,000 + expenditure required to buy this and end up with a weirdly styled, highly impractical vehicle. But that's just me, and, as others have stated, neither you nor I are the target market.
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