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DrunkWombat OP
GS and Proud
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A secret cove-Newcastle Australia

School is back and both the little wombats are at school now. What to do myself on a day off?

I went for a walk with the dog and Mrs DW, and a great coffee by the beach. Newcastle is beaut at this time of year.

I was looking at one of the nautical charts at work the other day and spotted this little cove or inlet south of here.

And it looked good on Google maps

A cove hidden off the Pacific Highway south of Belmont. Just the thing between recess and the end of school. On daddy duty today....

Well there were signs like this. I was fine as a 1200 GS is not a trail bike. But there was lots of concrete blocks and steel cable fences preventing my entry. Bollocks to that, and found a way around eventually.

Pressed all the magic traction control and suspension buttons and let those thuddering air cooled pots chug and thud my way through some bloody good tracks. Being a city boy has atrophied my dirt skillz. Lazy bastard.

There were some great spoon drains to jump over, and GSs', like white men, can't jump. But mine does (a nano whipp).

Tracks got rockier and I kept stopping to peer at the map on my phone (I told you I planned it well!), and I come into open country and reached this rock riddled, rutted steep bastard of a hill. Mmmm. I looked for a decent line and then remembered the sage advice the dirt bike nutters gave me when I lived in Dungog.


(Translation- apply the throttle in a forthright manner and allow the momentum to guide the bike, you effeminate man)

So, with second gear and gritted teeth the big bugger did a magnificent ballet and carried me to the top with delight. And a pretty good view looking south to Catherine Hill Bay too!

I wasn't far now. Obligatory muddy BMW shot. Definitely German-the money shots are brown.

Turned off to find this mysterious cove, heading downhill, gamely weaving along the track then it changed colour to white. Sand. Now the chance of of encountering sand near the ocean-what are the odds?!? But my experience with sand could be measured with a tape measure. Lean back. Throttle. Relax. But there is no hiding the size of this Teutonic terror and it will obey Newtons Second Law of Motion whether I like it or not.

My concern was not so much the going down the hill, it was getting back up the bastard. And if I bogged I'd be fucked and the kids would be left at school and phone range had dropped out. No I pulled the pin and turned around.

As I headed back up the way I came the rear spun and spun and hot air cooled smells started coming from the GS. The big girl needed fresh air and I was ploughing a big tyre eating rut. Magic traction control button time. I put it on the road setting and bop bop bop bop bop it merrily farted its way back to the gravel.

Give me my tyre back, bastard sand.

I dumped my gear and set off by foot. I had turned around about 500m from where I was going. But a last nasty bit would've had me fucked.

But the cove was beautiful. There was a bit of swell running into it. I had hoped it might be a good swimming spot, but I think I would fare better climbing into a cement truck bowl with 2 dozen empty long neck bottles and switching if on.

There was a narrow crack at the northern end I wanted to check out. Couldn't get round there on the rock side cos ending up like a silly rock fisherman wasn't on the agenda.

I walked back around the top.

I could barely walk up this bit so I wasn't coming this way on the bike. Even dirt bikes had turned around to avoid it.

Looked at the chasm some more

Found the end of the chasm. Looked about a 5m drop straight off the track. Pity I didn't get a shot of how close to the road the chasm is. I was standing in a wheel rut.

But the sun was marching across the sky and school would be finished if I didn't get my shit together. Walked back to the bike (note to self-take a fucking hat next time!)

Bike was happy (cooled down) and I took the easy way out (another note to self).

A pleasant run home through Swansea and Belmont and then...

The abandoned air strip at Belmont. And an open gate....but that is another story...

But I made it to the school gate and civilisation was none the wiser.

3 very fun hours.
Scenery: That blurry stuff on the side of the road.

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Old 02-06-2015, 04:13 PM   #2
P/T Shed Dwelling Hermit
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Nice one DW!
Tyre - no grippy ; Sand - very hungry.
Discretion definitely the better part of valour there, but nice to see some filth on the red arse baboon.
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Old 02-07-2015, 07:58 PM   #3
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"The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts."
- Werner Heisenburg
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