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Laser Marksmaship Training Systems Model 110 Tryout.

My LGS Guy loaned me this on a lark, I decided to thank him by writing this up for him. thought you gun guys might like to know about this item.

Using the Laser Marksmanship Training System Model 110 by Beamtec. By Manuel Garcia OKelly
The LMT is a compact laser training system with two parts, an assembly that you install in the end of the barrel of your pistol or rifle and a target receiver. The receiver incorporates several operating options for indoor dry fire training. This is their entry-level unit more sophisticated ones have larger target areas and such. However, this one does have a connection for both a remote control and some sort of networking capability I did not test that.
My LGS handed me this basic kit and said why dont you take this home and try it out Ive never used anything like this before so my comments are based only on this unit I cannot compare the operation to any other unit on the market. I just thought as a favor to him, Id write up my impressions.
Opening the molded and fitted plastic case reveals everything you need but the pistol: target assembly, a set of target masks, a set of barrel inserts, the laser module, a hex wrench for adjustment, batteries and the instruction manual.
I suggest you check the shipping list in the manual with the supplied accessories to make sure your kit is complete.
Install the batteries in the target module [4 AA, included] or connect to AC power with optional AC adaptor. Install three button batteries [included] in the laser module.
Based on the caliber, select the appropriate barrel adaptor/insert. A simple hand installation secures the insert in the end of the barrel. The laser assembly threads onto this adaptor and both are then final-tightened and fixed in place. This alignment is a critical for successful removal and reinstall on the same gun without realigning the sight.
Placing the target module at your chosen range [conveniently, the base of the TM has a camera tripod thread on it which you might find handy] you are going to use the target surface as a sight alignment target. Standing at the firing line, turn the laser module to zero mode [continuous beam] and check alignment with sights. If adjustment is needed, loosen the four allen screws on the end of the module a half turn then gently adjust in opposite pairs to move the laser dot to match your sights. Final tightening of these screws needs careful work as you will keep moving the dot. Take your time. This work is why it pays to give attention installing the barrel adaptor and laser module nice and snug: in order to keep the sight aligned, you will need to re-install it exactly the same each time, or face re-adjusting the laser. Like all sights, change distance or gun, you will change the sight alignment.
You probably noticed that Ive not mentioned any sort of mechanical or electrical connection to the laser module. The laser is fired by the impact of the hammer or striker jolting the gun in your hand. Could not be any simpler, I dont think. Since an external hammer is easy to re-cock, its much nicer in practice than a striker fired pistol. I tried the sight on my Browning Hi-Power and my FNS-40 and both worked fine business.
To just shoot and count, turn on the power to the laser module to the train position, and switch on the main power to the target module. Fire away. Each shot on target increments the counter and a green LED will flash briefly. The shot counter goes up to 99.
You can fine tune the target: timed shooting mode, audio beep on good shot, or to make it a bigger challenge, install the target masks to make the target area smaller the smallest standard mask is 3X which means that using that mask is equal to having the 4 dia target 3 times farther away. So in an average basement or hallway, you can simulate in 10 yards a 4 target at 10, 15, 20 and 30 yards. Not bad. If you are a real crack shot, there are additional optional masks available or you could easily make some I made the smallest one even smaller with electricians tape. The masks are installed with a couple of tabs and take two seconds and no tools.
I had the laser and target unit up and running in just a few minutes 15 or so, I did not really time it. I test fired at up to 10 yards and it worked just fine and using the large target, 4 let me see what Im doing with my trigger pull no wonder I cant hit the center of the paper. This is why my LGS buddy suggested I try this. If you see a dot on firing, you have a steady shot if you see a line, you jerked it.
Let me sum it up quickly;
The good:
Brief manual is easy to understand, explains the functions clearly.
There are not too many pieces to put together its not complicated to assemble or understand.
Ease of use.
The not as good:
Keeping it tight Im sure that Im afraid of doing any damage to the loaner or my pistols but the unit comes loose at the barrel adaptor/laser module thread after a number of shots and rotating the laser module changes the sighting. I think you probably learn how to secure the insert tightly enough with practice and the thread between the adaptor and the laser module could be tightened with Teflon tape to reduce its freeplay. I admit I did not use their technique for cranking it down.
Aligning the laser I imagine you get better at doing this fast, but its slightly cumbersome the first time a good straight hex screwdriver instead of a hex wrench and a gun vice would no doubt make it much quicker and easier.
Without other experience to compare this too, I cant say this is four stars out of five.
I will say that I found it easy to use, easy to understand and it appears to be durable enough to last for years provided you take reasonable care not to drop your gun on it. It is slender enough as to not interfere with the sights and light enough that you barely notice the weight on the gun If you normally have a tactical light you probably wont even notice. As a training aid it should serve for a long time. There are experts that suggest dry fire as training as well as helping to break in a new pistol. If you have bad trigger pull habits, it will show them, and also show when you have corrected them.
Although the cost of this system seems high, consider the cost of a box of ammo today, plus if you have to rent range time to shoot: you might get a payoff pretty quickly, and you get the ability to sneak in a few minutes of practice any time. A drill, 5/16 bit, a small bolt in the mounting hole and its mounted to a shelf at a convenient distance and the kids wont knock it off and bust it.
The laser module uses a Class IIIA product at 650 nm at 2 mw or less, it is unsafe to look into the beam, point the beam at another persons eyes or its reflected beam no safety glasses are needed by the shooter when used according to the intended purposes.
Thanks to Matt at Alpine Arms for the loaner. 970-306-4121. Matt told me that his price for this kit was $299. Manufacturer website:
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