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85suzuki OP
Joined: Mar 2013
Location: County of Kings, Nova Scotia
Oddometer: 29
Nova Scotia Bang Up run

This ride was an adventure that I will never forget and one that I
have learned a lot from.
I asked Endo-Medico if he wanted to go for a run after work and he was in. At the time I wasn't quite sure where we were going to go so I just said we would go south.
When I got home the misses gave me permission to go for a ride, with every intention of coming back that same day. I began to gather some stuff for the ride. Water bottle, bottle of
moose, fly dope, stove, fuel, F/A kit, socks, and a sweater. I kept saying to myself get the GPS and map but kept getting side tracked and the next thing I knew Endo Medico was in the driveway and ready to roll. Turns out that forgetting the GPS and Map would be a big mistake.
The weather was beautiful 28C sunny with a light breeze. This was refreshing after several days of heavy rain. We started our run from the valley floor on some single track just behind my house and made our way up the mountain through asphalt and dirt road. Once on the south mountain we traveled down the fire road past cloud lake and stopped at Snowman's corner for a photo.

The fire roads were well maintained and lots of fun as we had lots of puddles to dodge or just plough through depending on how close the other rider was. It's always funny to splash someone as you drive by.
Here is the route that we took.

We passed by many little lakes (ponds if your from NFLD) and took pics as we went.

Endo-Medico couldn't resist playing in the pits unfortunately his bike was feeling tired and took several unexpected dirt naps.

It was pretty close to Dinner time so we stopped at Upper Sixty Lake and had some bottled Moose. Now if you have never had Bottled meat before you gotta give it a try. Whether it is moose, deer, or beef there is no better way to eat preserved meat. There are lots of good recipes out there on the net, giver a try! After scoffing down the moose and cleaning up the dishes we saddled up once again and traveled down the fire road to Crossburn.

Found this? interesting combo

From Crossburn the trail turns into single track with some rocks to avoid, moderate water filled puddles, ATV ruts and the occasional downed tree.

After traveling 40 minutes or so I realized that we had missed our turn. The trail that I had done a few time on my 4wheeler many years back had become unfamiliar and also a lot more difficult to ride. I told Endo-medico that we were off our intended trail but I believe that we can still make it to the old railway tracks by going
this way. Opps.

Then we arrived to this.

This bridge was about 40ft long, made of half rotten, very slippery boards, with just enough space between that a tire wouldn't fall through, (unless it went sideways# and with bog on all sides it was very difficult to even get on. At this point in time we should have turned around #this feeling continues to be a continuing theme). But being the adventurous / foolhardy / borderline reckless types we pressed on, not knowing what we would encounter next. After the bridge and the bog. There was a small hill riddled with rocks in fact the whole trail was nothing but ferns and rocks the size ranging from baseballs to beach balls, with skid plates repeatedly slamming, and back tire relentlessly spinning we conquored many km of this terrain. It was like a dry river bed only worse, I can only compare it to a river bed that went to prison, was forcibly raped, shanked, then left for dead. We then came up to this sign, far from inspirational or even useful, we pressed on.

We should have turned around at this point in time because it was still nasty driving but neither one of us wanted to go back through that section of trail, saying to each other that around the next bend would be the road out. By this time Endo-medico had managed to drop his bike a few times and was having some clutch issues and the little DR was starting to act funny due to being over heated. After checking the oil, I was running low and added some. We then drank the last of the water that I had. I only brought a litre with me because I didn't think I would need my camelbak and as you can see from the pictures, Endo-medico didn't bring anything other than his bike, and cell phone, not having realized that the trip was going to be more than a few hours. There would not be many more pics for the remainder of the trip because it was too wet and nasty for us to keep a camera handy. The next major obstacle was a bog. This bog was about 35ft long and waist deep in spots. Yep w!
e should have turned around but we didn't want to go back through what we had just drove through. Endo-Medico took lead, the front wheel sunk straight down out of sight, stuck solid, getting off the bike and since the ass end was still on dry land, we took a break. We pushed, pulled, dragged and colorfully swore the bikes through the bog for the better part of 45min. We were hot, wet, muddy, dehydrated, and being chewed on by mosquito's and deer fly's. It was now about 9pm and getting dark in the woods. We only made it another few minutes before we ran out of trail. We also started to drop our bikes even more often. We were drained. Decision time. While we were figuring out what we were to do I found some running water and filled the canteen. We both guzzled down some water and then I filled it again for later. Endo-medico pulled his phone out and started to look for a signal. He was getting one bar intermittently. We realized that we should tell someone of our location just in case one of us gets hurt, as up to this point we were quite lucky, and going back through the trail exhausted in darkness, things might turn out differently. So we sent a text of our last know position to the wife, and a mutual friend. It was pretty near dark at this time and we had to press on back the way we came. Neither one of us was too excited about going back through the bog but it had to be done. And it was 40 more minutes back through the bog (wish I had pics), a few times we were stuck up to the waist in bog, while the bike was arm length above on dryish land . Even though it was quite grueling to be pulling these bikes through this SH&%&^%^%TTTY stuff again, the scenery was pretty cool. It was almost completely black except for our headlights but we were surrounded by hundreds of fire flies.
After the bog it was more rocky terrain and more falls. We were both so dehydrated we were getting heat cramps and Endo's clutch problem wasn't helping, later to find out that there was so much mud, grass, and pieces of tree jammed around the engine that it was inhibiting the clutch. At one point we had both fallen at the same time. My bike had landed on my left foot in such a way I could not pick it up so I had to wait for Endo to rescue me after he picked up his one sleeping DRZ. Once back on the bike I realized that something was wrong with my thumb. I had dislocated it, what a weird feeling, so I put that back in with a flick and a pull. It felt like when you hit your funny bone. We proceeded back across the bridge and down the trail. Once we were down the trail a bit further we were feeling pretty good about our situation so we stopped got some water and took some Advil for our aches and pains.

At about 1245 we came to the fire road, and could now make decent time, though the temperature had gone down, and going at speed, we started to feel the chill in the air.
We finally arrived back on asphalt around 230am.

Lessons learned. Always bring a phone, gps, and a map. Buy shin guards, proper riding boots, and take more pics. And not only to never give up, but know when to turn around, and go t'hell home.

Total damage. 2 broken signal lights on the drz. 1 broken mirror on the dr and a dented gas tank on the dr200.

Thanks for reading.
2013 Honda CB500X

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Beastly Adventurer
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Wow, that's quite the adventure.

Thanks for posting.
"Kelsow's helmet is so tight, it cuts off the circulation to his personality."
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Old 07-17-2013, 05:14 PM   #3
Break, Fix, Repeat.
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Can't wait to do that again.... ... Its been a while, maybe I should order those turn signals some time soon...
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