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Old 09-29-2013, 05:37 PM   #46
Bicycle Phil
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Originally Posted by mknight View Post
Almost forgot. Here is the link for the live scoring starting tomorrow morning:
I really enjoy the updates and awesome pictures!!

Best of luck to Josh
San Francisco Motorcycle Club

Thank you: MX1West, Renazco Racing, KTM Twins, Rally Management Services
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Southest US Thumper
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So cool that Mom made it, I guess I missed that in the Pre-Amble

Go Josh, Go USA!!!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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Old 09-30-2013, 02:05 PM   #48
mknight OP
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September 30, 2013

Day 1 in the books and it feels great. The entire U.S. team is still riding and the U.S. is sitting second overall at the end of the day with France leading, and the Australians in 3rd. It’s only one day, but it’s nice to get all of the race jitters out and now focus on racing.

The rain last night definitely helped. Conditions were near perfect for the first few hours of today. There is one test north of town (second special test) that didn’t get any rain. As we were driving down off the mountain from a checkpoint today, we could see a huge dustbowl about 10 miles away. Josh said that test didn’t receive any rain so it puts into perspective how bad it really could have been (and how bad it will likely get over the next couple of days).

Another small and pleasant surprise according to Josh was how much off-road singletrack riding the course contains. He was concerned there were going to be a lot of long road sections, but he said instead they were riding long stretches of great singletrack in the mountains and with the rain, it made for a fun day.

Because we have work commitments to the team, and I’m not here as a full-time media person, I’m limited in where I can be and for how long. The U.S. riders were really spaced out today so I was not able to see any of the trophy riders, and only saw a few of the U.S. club riders that were close to Josh. I anticipate that over the next few days, the U.S. riders will be closer together (times are readjusted after each day according to results) and I can get more coverage. We drove around all day with Fred Hoess’ mom and Josh and Fred were about 5 minutes apart so I got to see both of them several times.

The trophy team has had some solid results. Taylor Robert won the final test of the day, Test 6. It was the dustbowl one. They each had a few other tests in the top 5 and top 10 so the team was consistent, which is what matters.

Josh was initially a bit discouraged by his scores, but then he started to put things into perspective and realized he had a solid day and made progress from last year. To put it into perspective he is currently sitting 76th out of all 405 club riders. He is 42nd out of 150 C1 riders (those in his immediate class). The C1 class is absolutely stacked!! There are almost double the amount of C1 riders this year compared to Germany. 7 out of the top 10 club riders are in the C1 class and the top club rider (who happens to be in C1) is beating 3 out of 4 of our Junior Trophy team. He would be 11th overall C3 rider if he was riding in that class with his current scores. He's doing great and he knows from experience that Day 1 is only 1 of 6 and you have to finish 6 for it to count.

We’ve loved being here, but today was reality. The ISDE is sooo cool. It’s hard to really describe, but just being here and experiencing this and watching the riders come through that first special test literally made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Yes, I’m a moto junkie.

I’ve got a lot of pictures, but due to the constraints of where I can be and for how long, it was very difficult to get a lot of pictures of riders other than Josh and Fred Hoess. I’m trying not to make this thread a Josh Knight love fest, so I promise to try and get more pictures of all the U.S. riders.

Ready for the day.

Josh, Robert Pearce from KTM, and Mark Kariya.

Getting bike from impound.

Transponders were put on the bikes this morning during the 10 minute morning work period.

Quick interview on the starting podium by the VERY loud and excited Italian announcer.

3 riders at a time…let’s go.

The always “chill” Jeff Fredette ready for the morning.

We were able to watch the riders at one of the special tests. This is known as the “Indoona” test. This is the grass track that I shared pictures of last week. Conditions were great on this test due to the rain….and the riders only rode this test once today.

This is club rider Sam Buffa from New York. Nice guy.

This is the mud hole everyone was worried about. Not too bad so far.

Jeff O’Leary from Texas.

Jeff, doing it the right way through the mud.

Jeff O’Leary in the grass track.

Brian Storrie from Texas at the start of the grass track. Riders have a 20 second clock that counts down. They have to cross the transponder line before that 20 seconds expires.

Ian Blythe, fastest U.S. club rider for the day. He had an incredible day, currently sitting 3rd overall club rider out of 450, and only 1 second off of first place.

Jeff O’Leary

Ian at the end of the test. There are U.S. support team members assigned to every test to help give “intel” at the start of the test, and to take riders fanny packs while they’re in the test.

Brian Storrie and U.S. support team members.

Josh…handing over the pack, ready for the test.

Josh in the grass track.

Fred Hoess. This dude absolutely rips and has been great to Josh.

Fred in the “Metzeler”test. This is the tight and technical one in the trees. I wasn’t able to get any other pictures due to time.

Each of the service checks have a board similar to this to keep track of the riders and when they are due.

Service check.

Josh at Time Check 3. Another change the team has made for this year that I really like, is that they have a dedicated KTM Factory mechanic at each check. The factory mechanics aren’t just chasing their rider. They are staying at the check and looking after ALL the riders. It was a nice feeling knowing Josh had the factory mechanics for Kurt Caselli, Mike Brown, Charlie Mullins, all watching out for him too. Here he was adjusting the height of his forks to alter the steering characteristics for the tests.

Did I mention the Aussies like to have fun.

It was really windy all day. So much so that most teams had to take down their shade canopies at the checks. The Swedish team was directly across from the U.S. at this check. This girl’s job was to hold the clock for the riders and look pretty. She was doing a good job of it.

Josh heading out for his final loop. Day 1 consisted of one large loop, and then a smaller second loop which is where he was headed at this time. Totally mileage for the day was around 150 miles. A little shorter than Germany, but with this many riders, it was probably a good thing.

Charlie Mullins wrapping up two tires changes in his 15 minute work period at the end of the day.

Fred Hoess’ Mom giving Josh and Fred some wipes for their face. They ended the day at the horribly dusty special test so all the riders were really dirty when they came into the pits.

O’Leary brothers Jeff and Shawn and their Dad.

Scott Bright doing two tires for the day.

Ryan Sipes doing his two tire changes. He did great. Ryan started quite late today among the club riders, but when he got to the first special test, he smoked it…..setting the fastest time among all club riders. You’ll also notice the tire changer he is using. This is the one we bought earlier in the week. By this evening, there were 7 of them in the U.S. pits and about half the Trophy Team used them. Little changes, but it’s been interesting to see some of the changes among the team over the last few years.
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Old 09-30-2013, 02:35 PM   #49
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Originally Posted by mknight View Post
September 26, 2013

Ryan Sipes “factory” RockStar Suzuki bike. He was over in the corner with the rest of us prepping his own bike. Great to see a professional MX’er prepping his own bike like the rest of the humble club riders. I think his bike is the only Suzuki I’ve seen in the entire pits.

For sure is not the only Suzuki, as Maurizio Micheluz is leading the "Club" guys with his Suzuki 250 ... I'll check for a photo

Great thread, many thanks

PS: should be like this, obviously with ISDE plates

Gian screwed with this post 09-30-2013 at 02:41 PM
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mknight OP
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Here's a good link with some pictures of the Trophy Team. I wasn't able to get to this test to get any pictures of them.

Gian....I've since seen a few other Suzukis and they are entirely capable bikes in this format, it's just that they are the extreme minority.
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Old 10-01-2013, 06:20 AM   #51
adrien mototribu
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One hour and a half of on board cam on ISDE tracks

Husaberg FS 570 - Suzuki 400 DRZ - Yamaha 250 TY
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off-ramp slayer
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Go Josh ! awesome reports/photos.
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Go 414 - Sam Buffa!
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Instagram with plenty of bike pics.
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Old 10-01-2013, 11:46 AM   #54
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Subscribed! Thanks for all the photos and updates. Excited to keep track of all the progress and especially my old friend Sam Buffa!
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Old 10-01-2013, 12:18 PM   #55
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Wow, fantastic report, thanks for taking us along!
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Go Josh Go!
RIFF RAFF 2010-2012
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mknight OP
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October 1, 2013

As predicted, the moisture received on Sunday night did not last long. The test conditions have gone from good to horrible very quickly. The riders are enjoying some great trail transfer sections but the test conditions are about as bad as they can get (dust, ruts, braking bumps) according to some of the ISDE veterans on the team.

The U.S. Trophy Team has dropped to third after Day 2 and the Junior Trophy Team is currently sitting in 4th, but all riders are still healthy and going strong. There is still a lot of racing yet to do.
After getting Josh off for his day, we were able to attend one special test today. This is the “Metzeler” test. It had only been raced once prior to today and it was pretty dusty in some sections, but there are a few other test that are notoriously bad.

The course times were “tightened” up today in a few sections, but nobody had any trouble making the times. Everyone is still in good spirits. Josh had a solid day, moving up 12 spots for the day’s results in the C1 class and 8 spots for the combined. He’s still in the top 25 percentile in his class (the largest class of all the club rider classes) and is happy and enjoying his experience.

I was able to get pictures of just about the entire U.S. team (somehow I missed Caselli) with exception to the last 4-5 club riders in the test.
I’m very tired and need some sleep so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Ryan Sipes in impound this morning. He has had some awesome test scores.

Finally saw a KTM Freeride 2-stroke in the pits.

Ryan Sipes and Nick Fahringer from the U.S. Wellard Club Team. They’re currently the third overall club team. The Italians have a crazy fast club team that is beating a lot of the trophy teams.

Justin Sode

Josh leaving for the day.

Mom was the mechanic this morning.

Jennie helps take care of Keith Curtis’ hands this morning with her special taping ritual.

First rider through the Metzeler Test, Australian Trophy team rider Daniel Milner. It’s crazy ridiculous how fast these top guys fly through these tests.

Top Italian rider Alex Salvini.

France’s Antoine Meo

First American through the test, Taylor Robert.

My wife loves to cheer the U.S. Riders.

Charlie Mullins

Australian Josh Strang (with some Utah ties to sponsor Rocky Mountain MC)

Mike Brown

Zach Osborne

Italian Fans

Does anybody see the irony in this photo (Italian fan with a U.S. flag T-shirt)

Thad Duvall

Jessie Groemm

Andrew Delong

Grant Baylor

Lots of cool bikes everywhere, like this Yamaha Tenere single that isn’t available in the states.

Bikes everywhere

Rachel Gutish

Swedish Fans. The little kid in the backpack was covered in dirt.

Top U.S. Club rider, Ian Blythe.

Nick Fahringer

Ryan Sipes

Amanda Mastin

Justin Sode

Jimmy Jarrett

Fred Hoess

Alex Dorsey

Josh Knight

Listen to your mother Josh…..twist it!

Mom….cheering on Josh.

Brian Storrie

Jeff O’Leary

Sam Buffa

Trevor Kline

Keith Curtis

Scott Bright

Jeremy Shoning

Back at the pits

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Old 10-01-2013, 04:53 PM   #58
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Great update

Good photos and great update.Isn't it interesting to see Finland not even in the top 10 ,after lots of years winning the ISDE ?
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Old 10-01-2013, 09:10 PM   #59
Crazy Idiot
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Southest US Thumper
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Excellent Stuff Mike!!! Thanks so much for posting, I go to bed as the Trophy Teams are heded out and wake up to results pouring in.

Jethrodog a.k.a. Chris said he made it to the start of a Special and rooted for Josh, he thought 713 might have been a bit surprised to see that somebody out of the blue in the field was cheering him on!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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