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The_Precious_Juice OP
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2014 USA 14May-27July KY, Great Plains, Rockies, Inland Pacific NW, Great Lakes


Greetings fellow travelers,

In mid Jan of 2014 I pushed on my first tour of three. My link below has the ride report of the Winter tour.
That ride report format was sort of chronological, and with way too much detail. So it was hard to extrapolate info for the trip planner.

This ride report will have a style that helps the trip planner get primed for a tour.

I am late getting this report going for a couple of reasons.

  • My third tour of the year was soon after.
  • I decided to find employment in early November.

Basic Format:

There will be chapters listed in the Table of Contents (Next post). A brief description of each chapter will be provided, with some details on roads and camping.

The specific day to day post, will have info on what happened, with some boring stuff tossed in for good measure. Some of the road info may go into a little more detail when I write about the day.

I devided the tour into five parts. It really is not that important.

Part I. Pushing West. _________________Posts 7-30
Part II. Oregon ______________________Posts 33-56
Part III. Northern travels _______________Posts 57-72
Part IV. The Great Lakes ______________Posts 73-81
Part V. Back to base__________________Posts 82-91

Post 92+ has some conclusional posts.

Here is the link of the trip planning thread for this tour.
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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The_Precious_Juice OP
In Garrison.
Joined: Jun 2013
Location: Roanoke Valley, Virginia
Oddometer: 2,092
Part I Pushing West

Roanoke, VA - The Great Plains
Posts 7-12

South of Eastview, KY

Days 5
Day on tour 1-5
1: Road I-81 south into the yougest county of VA (Dickenson).

2: Road into Pike County, KY, then slowly south of Etown.

3: Road into Indiania for a spell and got motel in Ill.

4: Quickly into St. Louis.

5: Crossed Mississippi River again for Micheal, Ill. Road up Ill River. Crossed back into MO at Hanibal. Inserted into the Great Plains in S.E. Iowa.

The Great Plains
Posts 12-17

Buffalo Gap National Grassland

S.E. Iowa (Tall Grass Prairie)- North Central WY (Short Grass Prairie)
Days 6
Day on tour 5-11
May 17-20
1: Suprised by the great roads in southern Iowa. Really friendly people. East Coast mentality over. Stayed in Cummings.

2: Road with inmates in Madison County. Took highway to Sioux City, Iowa.

3: Into Nebraska for a spell before crossing MO River into SD. Good weather west bound. Stealth camp near Murdo White River, SD.

4: Toured Badlands Nati Park. Toured Mt. Rushmore area. Stayed in Sundance, WY.

6: Droped by Devils Tower before taking northern route west.

East of the Continental Divide
Posts 18-23


Sheridan- Southern Yellowstone Nati Park
Days 7
Day on tour 11-16
1: Dirt roads to Thunder Basin National Grassland. Came in from the north of Recluse. Highway 16 on to Clearmont. Ulm Road (route 42) to Sheridan. Stealth Camp at Visitor Center.

2: Found out the 14A opened up the day before! Road on Keystone Rd (jacked up dirt road with bulls/ route 98) toward Dayton. Over the Big Horn Moutains on the 14A. Pushed through Lovell and into Cowley before stopping in Frannie to get a scouting report on riding due northwest on the dirt roads. Started on Rd 1 XG. Slow going (loos heavy gravel early) to get into MT. Got past the Clarks Fork Yellowstone River to find highway 72 around Musgrave Lane. Stopped in Bear Creek, then onward to Red Lodge. Road north for a few hundred meters and turned on Two Mile Bridge Road. Stayed at fishing location about 2 miles north of town.

4: Road Bear Tooth Highway (212) south, and then turned off on Cheif Joseph Highway (296). Turned south on 120 to Cody, WY. Peeled off on Southfork Rd (291). Took back dirt roads into Buffalo Bill State Park ($6.00 drop box fee) to avoid Charlie. I came in from Stagecoach Trail, and in doing so, I had to cross a cemeted water irrigation deal. I tossed a rock in and felt shallow enough, and went through with some speed. The front tyre came up and caused some slight tank slapage. Not sure where this is located.

5: Road around Yellowstone for a spell and stopped by Norris Camp (named after Chuck Norris) and camped

6: Road up to the NE entrance and back to Norris Camp.

7. Road South toward Grand Teton Nati Park on main roads.

West of the Contintental Divide
Post 23-30

Antelope Pass, Idaho

Southern Yellowstone-Weiser, Idaho.
Days 7
Days on tour: 17-23
May 27- June 2

1: Skirted Jackson Hole by taking the 390 to Wilson. Crossed Mtn Glory on the 22. Stayed at Trail Creek Campground ($12/spring water/tolits) just a mile from the Idaho boarder.

2: Road to Victor, then peeled off on Pine Creek Rd to Swan Valley. Took Swan Valley Highway (26) to Idaho Falls.

3: Got some great routine service done at Ben's Quality Cycle Llc there in Idaho Falls. Wonderful place!
Took W Arco Hwy (20) toward Arco. Took the road less traveled and went north on 93 to Moore.
Just north of town, took dirt road of Antelope. Was trying to find a way over to the Sun Valley. Cherry Creek Summit Rd (135) will take you toward Antelope pass. Could not get over Antelope pass due to snow. Back tracked, to Moore, then north to MacKay on main road. Stayed at MacKay free public tourist park. Water well, toliets, 12 volt plug in, shelter.

5: Road north for a while and pushed west on some dirt roads. Made mistake and took Sage Creek Road too early. Back tracked to main road (93) and pulled off road to find Road Creek Rd. Good dirt, which is also called Walker Way. Found E Ford Rd and took this dirt road north until I came out at the Salmon River on highway 75.
Road to Lower Stanley, then to Stanley. Took the 21 north and camped a little ways north of town in the National Forest. Locals say she is really cold place to rest at night.

6: North on the 21. Tried peeling off on the 579 to try and take a Mtn pass on Bear VAlley road, but I never found the turn off. Went past Lowman and then took the 17 to Garden Valley. Then on hard top (55) to Banks. I was on the east side of the Payette River, and I wanted to find some dirt to cut across to Sweet. I crossed the River at Gardena (not on the map). She is just north of Ponderosa Sports. I took Brownlee Rd west bound. Horriable Conditions, but got me over the Mountain. Found Sweet Ola Hwy and went north. Not sure from here, but I may have found Dodson Pass Rd, theh Sheep Creek Rd going west. Then on Big Flat Rd. Then S Crane Road going southwest which turns into Weiser River Road. Wonderfull road with great views toward Oregon.
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Thumb Part II. Oregon

Columbia Plateau -Cascade Mountains
Post: 33-37

Weiser, Idaho- Crater Lake National Park
Days 4
Days on tour: 24-27
June 4-7

1: Took the I-84 west. Got off at exit 362 for Moores Hollow Rd... which was dirt! Sadly, this road was fenced off (common in Oregon) a couple of miles from the Interstate. So back tracked back to the Intersate. I road under a east/west over pass (Durbin Creek Road), but had to wait and get off at the Lime exit (345). This spot on the Interstate only has one exit. So, I back tracked to Hunington and found Durbin Creek Road. She turned into Dirt soon after. My notes read 6 M road and Iron X, but I cannot find them on google map. I remember I road in on tarmac from the east of Unity (very fun road).

Topped off on Gas in Unity. Then pushed west on S. Burnt River Ln (in Unity). Went south on S Fork Burnt River Ln. This will take you into the Malheur National Forest and turns into the 6005 Forest Road. Soon the high country starts. Plenty of Snow on the road, but just enough had melted to tip toe around. On the way back down, plenty of small tress where down. I recommond bringing a hatchet of sorts for early June. My notes are dodegy, but NF-13 (can't find on googlemap) is mintioned, and NF-16. The NF-16 will feed you into the tarmac and several camp grounds with tolets (pay box). I stayed at Big Creek ($8) which is off 238.

2: The town of Seneca is west of Big Creek campground, and can be reached from NF-16. There is a gas station there. But, in classic OR fashion she is only open at certain hours. The gas station had free wiffi and friendly folk dropping by. There is an 12 volt outlet outside. One must walk down the road a couple hundred meters to top off their nalgene bottles and use a toliet (ball grounds).

Road north on the tarmac until I saw the 64 and turned off. At at cross roads, I pulled off on the 24. I am not for sure, but I think I went on the 31, then on the Izee Rd hard top (63 or 67) and turned south on the Weburg Rd, then slowly found the 41, then right on the 45. I was actually trying to push west, but fences kept coming up right where the national forest ended. Not sure where I was, but was northwest of Riley and on Best Lane.

3: Road south on dirt road, and came out on the Central Oregon Highway (20) soon after. This is open country will little shelter.
Road west to the town of Hampton. Rest stop with good hot chow. Was able to get wiffi siganl from houses out back (just ask). They were out of gas at the time.
Road west again to the town of Brothers. Gas at the time was $5.00/gallon.

Found Moffet road and road south on good dirt for a good while. To the west is Paulina Peak, and National Forest land start up. The road is supplied with some kind of red like Volcanic Ash or something. It makes for slippery going. Fort Rock State Park will be close by on the right. The town of Fort Rock does not have gas.
Took Rd 5-108 straight south to the town of Silver Lake. Gas is there.
Failed to find a dirt road path westward, so had to back track and get on the tarmac, Bear Flat Rd (676). Turned off into the Klamath March National Wildlife Refuge. This was my first time with mosqutios on the tour.

4: Back on main forest road and west and spilled out onto hard top. North on The Dalles-California Hwy (97). Food stop at the corner of 97 and the 138. No gas around.
Back south on the 97, then turned off on Sun Mountain Rd 623 (dirt). Speeds can get high due to start aways, but lots of deep ruts. Will take you by Jackson F Kimball State Park.

Went to Fort Klamath for gas. No joy.

Road north to Crater Lake National Park. Gas is just to the right of the main entrance gate. A National Forest is at the southern entrance, so I camped there.

Cascade Mountains- Willamette Lowlands
Post 37-42

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park- Portland
Days 3
Days on tour: 27-30
June 8-10

1: The Eastern Rim Drive was closed due to snow. Took the main road north (138) toward Diamand Lake. There is gas there at the resort vacation area. Wiffi is there, but it is pass word protected.
Pulled off on Steamboat Creek Rd at the town of Steamboat. On the second left on the map, third turn on the ground, I took BLM Rd31 (Canton Creek Rd). This was narrow tarmac with no lines. Real twisty. Stayed north on this road for a good spell, then take a left on Sharps Creek Rd (BLM Rd2460. After a little ways, I turned left on Row River Rd, which takes you to Dorena. There is plenty of camping there. There is also a Army Corps of Engineer camp ground.

2: Pushed west on Row River Rd into the large town of Cottage Grove. Try to ride into the center of town for the cheapest gas. $3.89 vs about $4.00. Stayed on the 99 north and stealthed camped in Hillsboro (west of Portland).

3: Casual tarmac roads into Portland.

Willamette Lowlands- Blue Mountain Section of the Columbia Plateau
Post 43-50

Cape Horn, WA

Portland- Enterprise
Days 6
Days on tour: 31-37
June 12-17

1. Took I-5 North toward Washington, and crossed over and took the first exit for the Lewis and Clark Highway (14), for the great views of the River and of OR. Crossed back into OR at the gas station at Salmon and took the Hood River Bridge. Toll is $50 cents. Road on the 35 toward Hood Mt.
South of Mt Hood, and east of Highway 26, I turned off on the forest road of Barlow Rd. The sign read that the road was closed due to bridge out, but I went anyway. Much like riding from Unity to Seneca, this road was a challenge. Rocky, ruts, moderate grades. Camped in Forest.

2: My notes are weak, but it seems like I spilled out on higway 26. This was a little too far west than I wanted. Took tarmac east on the 216, and then into Maupin. Gas is there.
Zig zagged on the tarmac to get to Antelope. No Gas.
Pushed south toward Ashwood. I had problems getting there, but there is a sign from the 97 that tells you Ashwood is 17 miles away. Ashwood opens up into a small valley that is really good dirt and great views. There are some creek crossings, but nothing big time. My notes are suspect, but I was riding south an into the Ochoco National Forest. I found hard tarp on maybe Little McKay Rd, and camped in the Nati Forest at a primitive camp ground.

3: Took tarmac to Prineville. She is a big town. Took back roads into Bend.
Road east out of town on dirt and linked up on Crooked River Hwy. Notes are junk. Took Little Bear Creek Road into a portion of the Ochoco Nati Forest.

4: Road N.E. and linked up on Pine Creek Rd, and pushed north toward Paulina Hwy (380). Road east to Paulina. Very small village with a gas station, a store, chow, and forest maps for you to take.
Got directions north. I think I went on Beaver Creek Rd and Bull Springs Road. Followed the signs to Wolf Creek campground. I was suprised by just how much tarmac was involved. But there was some dirt. I think I was on Buck Point Rd, before spilling out on the Ochoco Hwy (26).
Road past John Day Fossil Beds Nati Monument. Plenty of gas in the towns riding east.
Took tarmac to John Day.

5: Road to Prairie City. Gas is there.
Was heading back toward Unity, but took a short cut on Rouse Ln (I think) and cut across to the 245. She will take you east, and then north over some great views. She will take you to highway 7, which goes to Baker City.
Took Highway 86 eastward toward Sparta. I got off on Sparta Lane (dirt) to get there. No gas.
I may have taken Sparta Butte Rd. Lots of cattle in this National Forest. Very common in Oregon. Easy dirt road. Found the NF-77, and camped not too far up in altidude.

6: There is a left turn on the NF-77 that takes you to Orr Hill Lane, which leads to Halfway down below. Gas is there.
Road to Oxbow. Road to Hells Caynon Creek Visitor Center. She is on the Oregon Side. Back to Oxbow. No gas. Went back to Scotty's to get gas. No joy. pumps where there, but no gas. Back to Oxbow, and then took the Hess Road. She is steep with lots of swtich backs. The clay like dirt is really slippery at the top when there is rain. Found some tarmac and went to Hells Caynon Over look.
Took the Uppler Imnaha Rd north to the small village of Imnaha. Good store, and chow. Good ralley point for riders.
Road to Josephy on tarmac. Then road to Enterpirse on tarmac.

2014 Wallowa Valley Adventure Jamboree
Posts 51-56


Days 6
Days on tour: 38-42
June 18-22
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Part III Northern Travels

Enterprise, OR- Glacier National Park
Post 57-67

Glacier National Park

Days 10
Days on tour: 43-53
June 23rd - July 3rd.

1: Road north on dirt toward Troy. Wade Gulch Ln, slowly became Jim Town Rd, Whiskey Creek Rd, Powatka Rd, then to Troy. Troy road is fairly long and goes into high country with great views down below.
Took tarmac on Grande Rhonde Rd (Crossed into WA), and came out at Boggan's Oasis. the 129 is here also.
Took the 129 into Lewiston.
Notes are bad, but took the Tammany Creek Rd S.E. on dirt to Grangeville. I stayed clear of the Nez Perce Reservation. Waha Rd and Soliers Meadow Rd were taken. Then Morrowtown to Icicle Flat Rd. I came out at Cottonwood. Not sure if there is gas here.
Took the NF-17, which was tarmac to highway 14. Pulled off at Meadow Creek campground. Tolit is there and picnic tables.

2: Road on the 14 east to Elk City. Gas station charges $5.00 for wiffi. There is a good grocery store. Wilderness Cafe has wiffi for customers. Ranger Station is there in town. There could be a new MC camper park there. Dude said he was making one.
Inspite of solid Ranger intell, back tracked on the 14 and took a left on Red Creek Rd, and attempt to ride Idaho's Magruder Corriodor Wilderness Road. Just like the Ranger told me, tons of snow around the 10 mile mark. Back tracked back to Elk City. Got really fresh guy on the ground intell on Lowell Pass.
Lowell Pass. My notes are junk. Lowell Pass is takes one up a mountain and back down. It was challenging to find the right way at first. But, there are signs. Maybe Table Meadows Rd/ Falls Point Rd. NF-464, and try to get to the Hamby Saddle, and ride beside Hamby Fork. O Hara Creek Rd. This will take you across the Selway River. Turn left on Selway Rd. This will get you to Lowell and highway 12. No gas.
There are plenty of primitive camp grounds on the 12 riding northeast.

3: Road to Powell on the hard top. Gas is there.
Stayed on the 12 to Lolo, MT.
Road to Missoula on the 12.

5: Took the 93/200 hard top north toward National Bison Range, and then to Polson. Stopped at Lakeside to top off on gas before taking dirt on Blacktail Rd (Closed Winters). Got on NF-917 and slowly to Dayton Creek Rd. Maybe the NF-2990. The NF-916 turns into Truman Creek Rd. Soon after a inmates place.

8: Took the hard pakced and fun back road (Smith Lake Rd) into Kalispell.
Not sure which road I took, but took the back roads into Columbia Falls. Gas
Then on the tarmac to Hungry Horse. Gas. There are plenty of saloons here and in Martin City.
There is good camping at Hungry Horse Reservoir in the Flathead Nati Forest. I took the East side road and camped next to the Lake. It was not crowded.

10: The G.L. Nati Park entrance is 8 miles away on tarmac 2. Road as far as I could. Avalanch Creek Campground. Mosquitoes were a distraction.

Glacier National Park-Fargo, ND
Posts 67-72

Golden Valley County, ND

Days 6
Days on tour: 52-58
July 3rd.-8th

1: Going To-The-Sun Rd, had just opened hours before I toured through.
I think were the Sun Rd ends there is a gas station.
Took a right on N US Hwy 89.
Took highway 49 (closed Winters) {I think, not sure}to East Glacier Park Village. Gas, and motels. Now in Blackfeet Indian Reservation.
Took Heart Butte Cutoff Road S.E. She is dirt, with some ruts. Came out at highway 89.
Not too far after there is a Montana State Dept of Transportation Rest stop. Toliets and a good place to take off your warm layers. No water.
South to Choteau. Large town. Gas.
Road south on the 287 to Augusta. Not sure about gas.
Peeled off on the forest road 435. Peeled off at Dearborn Canyon Rd and camped at the primitive site at Bean Lake. There is a toliet there.

2: Back southeast on the 435 dirt. Crossed the 200, and kept pushing until I road to Wolf Creek where the I-15 goes by. Went south and got off at exit 216.
Took Chevallier DR south. Easy Dirt. Took Birdseye dirt road into Helena.
Highway 12 to Townsend. Road on Highway 12, and then took refuge in Helena Nati Forest. Even thought it was the fourth of July weekend, there was a couple of spots open. I road past the sign that read "National Fores Skidway Trail head X-Country Ski TR 119" up on a grassy trail and camped near the fence that is locked up.

3: Back on Highway 12 toward Martinsdale. Wind was from the west, which is typical. Then right on 89 (N US Hwy 89). Turned east on 294. Stopped at Martinsdale. Gas is there.
Highway 12 eastbound. Stopped in Harlowton. Gas.
Road east to Roundup. Gas.
Because it was recommend earlier in the day, after riding on the 12, I peeled off south on dirt to the town of Ingomar. Great hot chow with good serving sizes. Wiffi. They even have rooms to rent for the night or two.
Back on the 12 east. Peeled off on Cartersville Rd to look for a place to stealth camp. I may have stealth camped east of Cartersville. The mosquitoes were very bad there.

4. Tried taking back roads into Miles City, but failed. The road was closed. Had to double back and get on the Interstate (94). The second exit (138) for Miles city has gas. The last exit for the town does not.
Took highway 12 east. Stopped at Baker for gas. Then took route 7 north. Even though it was straight, it was hilly. Looks like I took the 413, but there are lots of ways to find dirt and get into the Golden Valley of ND, and into the small town of Golva. No gas.
Road east until I found the 11, then went north and got on the I-94.
Got off at the Medora exit. This is inside the Teddy Nati Park tourist area, but the Little Missouri Nati Grassland. Plenty of camping and gas.

5. After touring through the Teddy Park, back tracked to Medora and took some easy going dirt roads east (Sully Creek Rd?). Had to get on Highway 10 when dirt ended. Road to Dickinson. They are still going through the growing pains of the oil boom, so it is hard to get a walk in appointment for MC service.
Straight east to exit 84 to Richardton.
Took some back roads here and there and found a scenic highway (317 or something?).
Got back on Interstate and stopped at Mandan. Typical wind from the west.
at exit 217, I saw what appeared to be defilade (depression in the earth). After the exit, look to the left and then ride on the drit toward the depression. This is a great place to stealth camp.

6: Stayed on the 94 and stopped at Jamestown. No MC service there.
Kept pushing east to Tower City. Got on the 10 (dirt) and took back roads to Casselton. Gas is there.
Took back road into West Fargo.

2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Part IV The Great Lakes

Fargo, ND-Mackinac Bridge, MI
Post 73-81

Hiawatha National Forest

Days 9
Days on tour: 59-67
July 9-17

1: Took back roads to Hitterdal, MN. Not too far into MN the vedge starts to pick up. The town has a good park to rest in.
Kept going east to Callaway. Gas.
Took tarmac to Tamarac National Wildflife Refuge {White Earth Reservation}. There are some dirt road options here.
The Mosquitoes and ticks are no joke here. Some Mosquitoes get scared when in enclosed spaces, MN Mosquitoes show no fear and will bring the pain.
Took some casual roads to Bemidji.
Took Highway 2 to Ball Club Lake to camp.

2: Road east to Deer River. Gas.
Stayed on the 2 and stopped at Swan River. Solid rest step. There is a grass area to rest in the back.
Tarmac to Duluth, MN.
Bridge over to Superior, WI. Big Temp change when going down to the lake.
Took Wisconsin Point Rd to check out the lake.
Back on the 13 to Port Wing.
Then to Cornucopia "Corni"
Road C will take you south to the Moquah Barrens State Natural Area. Good amount of Bears around.

4: The Forest roads are kind of sandy. I had to come in from Star Rte Rd, to get to Bayfield. Pretty good tourist town. There are some good walking trails.
Tarmac to Wahsburn. Took small roads back into the Nati forest to the west to slumber. Sandy roads. Mosquitoes were a little better here.

5: Main tarmac to Ashland. There are some good Parks to rest while looking at the Chequamegon Bay. Memorial Park is solid.
Road south to stay out of Bad River Reservation. Stopped in Mellen.
Hwy 77 east to Montreal.
After Ironwood, I crossed into MI.
Made my way to the 519 (all tarmac) and road north to Porcupine Mountains State Park. Plenty of camping there.

6: Took small roads into the tourist village of Silver City.
Then along the Lake to Ontonagon.
Found some dirt by taking Lakeshore Dr, but could not navigate east very well. Thanks to rain coming, bailed out on the highway 38 east, then 26 north, and into Painesdale.
More of the 26 to Houghton.
Then to Calument, a friendly town.
Stayed on the 26 to get to Eagle River. There is a really good stealth camping spot north of Lake Glazon.

7: To Copper Harbor, a tourist town. Took the twisty Hwy 41 back southwest to Calumet.
Went south to Hancock, before taking the 41 south. Peeled off on Herman Rd, to go into some of the most wilderness location east of the Mississippi, and into L'Anse Reservation. Plenty of stealth camping opportunities here.

8: There are some fun dirt roads taking you southeast to the 28. There are some blind spots that have some gravel that will slow your front tyre down a little.
Stayed on tarmac to Ishpeming. Found the 35 easily, and then through Rapid City and on the 2.
Pulled off on dirt, north of the tarmac, near Shingleton State Forest Area to stealth camp on snow mobile trails.

9: Took dirt roads north then east to tarmac, which lead to Manistique.
Tried to make something happen with the 433 for a short cut, then back on Hwy 2.
There are plenty of good rests stops along the 2 in the Sault Ste. Marie State Forest Area.
Before Brevort, bailed off on Worth Rd, and found some dirt. This will connect with the 123 tarmac south, and into St. Ignace.
Road on Castle Rock Rd (dirt), and peeled off into a enclosed area and stealth camped.
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Part V. Back to Base

Fort Michilimackinac, LP MI-Rke, VA
Posts: 82-91

Cedar Point

Days 9
Days on tour: 68-77
July 19-27

1: Cross the Mackinac Bridge ($4.00 toll) to get back to the east coast. Vistied Fort Michilimackinac. Solid history.
Road down the coast of Lake MI on the 119. Blew through the big time tourist town of Harbor Springs.
Kept south after going riding through Petoskey on the 131.
Found the C-81 and camped in the woods in Gaylord State Forest Area. Lots of vedge for concelment.

2: Took main roads to East Jordan. Took back roads to Traverse City.
South on the 37 and 131 to Big Rapids.
South on the 20 to Morley.
Took back roads south to Ionia.
Road east for Sleepy Hollow State Park. Was not happy with stealth camping set up so pushed east some more. Plus, Mosquitoes were bad.
Not too far after riding east, the the Detriot urban sprawl starts to pick up something fierce.
Got on Highway 59, and was pushing toward more and more traffic. After crossing highway 23, I found I good spot right off the tarmac. Grid 42.636, -83.683

3: Got back on the 59 and pushed east. Gas stop at Southfield.
Took the 24 south to Frenchtown.
Stayed to the east of Toledo, OH.
Took the second exit on I-75. Suprised that it got country real quick.
Stayed on the 2 to get to Port Clinton, and stayed on her for Sandusky.
Road SE on the Grand Army of the Republic Hwy, and turned into a dirt road where the griffing Sandusky Airport is. Solid place to Stealth Camp for Cedar Point. Once you ride past the Knights Inn, she is coming up on the left.

5. Took major roads to Cleveland.
Took Interstate south and then road into the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There are lots of folk still living here. Stealth Camping can be a little of a challenge.

6. South on back roads to Beach City and stayed on the 93 to SugarCreek (Amish country).
The Roads are starting to get more and more fun and twitsy. Onward to Cambridge. Kind of trashy place. Tourist towns are done.
Pulled off into Wayne National Forest to stealth camp.

7: Took fun tarmac roads south and pulled to see the Hund Bridge. Fun hilly conditions with dirt. The Hund Bridge/Campground is hard to find on google. Notes do not show location.
Pushed to Marietta. Solid tourist town.
took the twitsy 26 back into the Wayne National Forest. About 5 miles from town is a primative camp ground that is squared away.

8: Crossed the Ohio River and road east on the 50 and stopped at Salem W.V.
Took twisty roads to Miletus. Linked up with I-79 south to Elkins exit. The 33 got me there.
Not sure where, but I stealth camped near the gate that takes you to the wind mills up on the mountain. It was of course dirt, and a good incline, but easy for a MC. Notes suck.

9: 219 south to Marlinton, WV, and then the 39 S.E. Great roads.
Then into Mountain Grove. Then 39 East. At Warm Springs, south on the 220. Took a left on the 606 to Clifton Forge. Great road!
Took the 220 back into Roanoke (Base Camp).
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Day 1/77

Roanoke, VA

Kind of warm for a the late morning push.
I topped off my two, 1 liter gatoraid gasoline bottles to test them on the road.

The Mighty DR's strong 5th gear made easy work of I-81 south.

Today's route is a route I have travled many a time, but never on a MC.
I was going to see family deep in the mountains of Southwestern, VA.

I pulled off at exit 70 in Wythville to rest and for fuel. A 70 mile sesion is good enough on a thumper.
The ergo package was differnt in one way (from last tour). I pivitoed my rear bag 90 degress so that I had more leg room. This helped out a lot.

While chilling in the shade I saw some folks across the road at a corner. As they came closer I noticed they were hikers. AT, Thru-hikers to be exact.
They were trying to hitch hike back sout to Damascus, VA for the Trail Days festival. Mabye, THE biggest ralley on the entire 2,000+ mile trail.

Most were from out west. Their Public Relations guy was from Jersey and was working the phone and asking locals, at the pump, for a ride. They should have went with the prettiest girl and had her ask.
I dumped both 1 liter gatorad bottles in and felt good about not useing a cone like deal to help out. The trick is to go with a smooth quick pour. Do not tip toe.

After getting back on the Interstate, I pulled off at the first Abingdon exit, to see a cousin at work.

I later took the 19 north, and at Mountain Creek in Hansonville, turned on the 58 Alt. Even more great roads to ride on at 55mph.
At St. Paul, I turned on the 63 and soon visited some more family members there in town.
Powerful thunder clouds were forming in the area, very common for spring in the region, and I got lucky and missed the rain.

Later, I turned off on Honey Branch toward West Dante. My destination.
171 miles total.

I visited with some more family and friends before lights out.

171 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Day 2/77

West Dante, VA

Up around 0630 for a big day toward the west.
I guess I was getting into Feral mode, because I had a zombie dream!

Puhsed around 0800s.

My first stop was just 25 miles away to the county seat of Dickenson county, Clintwood. I had family there.

Ughhh! East Coast Traffic. JK. There was some road work on the way to Clintwood, or just after. I got a quick pick with my Kodak Play Sport. The Nex-7 tablet camera did not want to work, so I brought two cameras. Too much weight!

After a short stay in Clintwood, I was back on the road around 0900.

I went into KY, through Pike County. A county that at one time was big time due to all of the coal she produced.

It's the east coast, so the road vascularity is rich, and seeing how it was the Appalachian Mountains, you could just pick a road and have a good time.

I stopped in Hyden for some fuel (2.18 gallons/ $8.29). It had actually gotten fairly warm.
I got on the 421/80 to London.
I stuggled to Somerset because the stock DR seat, with sheep skin, with tarp was taken its toll. Might as well get fuel, that is was the DR seat is for right? 1.4 gallons.

The air was kind of warm, so I took off the abrasion prevention jacket and had my padded under jacket on. So much for ATGATT! The air was warm.

I pushed west on Cumberland Parkway. I took exit 61 at Columbia to go north for a spell before taking back roads to Eastview, my final stop for the evening. There were some Amish like folk along the way, but they were using gas powored lawn mowers.
The roads were fantastic as the central portion of KY miles added up.

Near Eastview

I visited with family there in Eastview.
I was fortunate to talk with my Great Uncle who was with The Big Red One in the Second World War.

I had a late bed time. Lights out 2320.

325 miles (it would be rare for me to break the 300+ mile mark. FWIW, it is rare for me to break the 100 mile mark by noon.)
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Oddometer: 2,092
Day 3/77 (new state)!


Up early thanks to the Nex-7. Excellent first meal before saying good bye and leaving around 0715.

I had a light rain to deal with. No worries. My stock bridgstone front tyre was good for it. My rear tyre, Shinko 705, was damn near brand new.
I took some back roads west, and made every mark.

Last night, it had rained something fierce in the area I was in now, and it contiuned to rain throughout the morning.
Hell, on the way to Evansville, IN I saw a car damn near on the road flooded. I had not gotten far west, and things were alrady getting dodgey.
I had swing by IN, because I would like to visit every state in the Union.

Yesterday it was too hot, now I was shivering in the rainy cold. A body can't get used to these conditions. For some dumb reason, I do not tour in rain gear.

I rested at a Burger King to get warm. I wanted to avoid such places to chow down.
My goal was to push to St. Louis, which was about 188 miles away.
Things were starting to get a little more flatter.

I left around 1300 and found the 41 north before turning west. More rain and in the suck. It sucked passing trucks at 75mph.
I zip tied my old camel back water bladder to the front fender. The very front of her was getting too much air and taking wieght off the front tyre. When the air pressure from the rig would hit me, the handle bars started to twitch on me (tank slaper like symptons). I had never experienced this before. This was on the ASAP to do list to fix.

Ater 77 miles, I pulled off for 1.6 gallons and for some warmth at a small gas station, and then road a little longer and decided to tap out for the day. Too cold and in pain.
Okawville, Ill was the rest stop. Plenty of cheap motels. My favorite, Motel 8. $61.00

Took care of drying out gear, then took care of self, by doing some physical activity. I wanted to get plenty of exercise so that I would not get too weak.
I had to push the Mighty DR over to the window and cover her up. I fugured this was safer than keeping her at the front door. Less traffic to see her.
I watched the show Duel Survivor for the first time. Good stuff.

Of course, I had a few jump ups during the night after dreaming that the DR was getting jacked!

I could not figure out how to change the Nex-7 to central time. I hate technology. Maybe a bad sign, what with me being in my mid 30s and all. I should be able to talk to the Droid and tell her to change to central time.

238 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Oddometer: 2,092
Day 4/77. If you are going West...


You got to stop by St. Louis!

Weather had cleared up, solid caloric intake, fixed front fender bag, got phone number with St. Louis contact.
Time to Ride. Tarp was still kind of wet. Hit the I-64 West before 1000.

The DR ate up the 70 miles with the quickness.

Morale was high as the Mighter DR begain her urban assault of the Independent City.

It was neat to tour right by (on Interstate) Bush Stadium before taking the exit toward the World's Fair Park area.

I had some unfinshed touring to take care of. In 2011, I toured west {US Sailor, PCS to San Diego} in my Saturn Ion (5spd) and stopped by St. Louis. I had just missed the Missouri History Museum.

It was near noon, so parking was no big deal for the DR. Socks were still a little wet.

I had such a good time inside that I had to lay my head down for a spell and take a nap on one of their lougne tables up stairs. What a slacker!

I left the Museum aruond 1410 and road around the park.
I got on the King's Highway and went north and was looking for the I-70. Thunder clouds were coming in from the west something fierce! I got off in time for fuel. I pushed the DR inbetween the pumps and hung out. There was plenty of room. I was in the west, there is plenty of elbow room in the west. The Thunder Shower was done in less than 30 mics.

I got on the higway and road toward the St. Louis International Airport. I got off and hung out at the waiting parking lot.

Dark clouds from the west.

I had some time to kill before my contact would be at the safe house.

The link up went well, and I got to check out a bad ass 2014 KTM 690!
Inmate, tyrsmkkyle, was a good hoist.
It was good to talk MC and such.
We drove over to his friends house to get a new set of tyres on his KTM wheels.
He introduced me to a Canadian show called, "Trailer Park Boys." Fun stuff. Low budget, but solid humor.

Lights were out after midnight. We had a lot of fun watching the show and hanging out.

76 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Day 5/77.


Wait, that does not mean much. Just more cagers on the road in the afternoon.

After lubing the chain on the DR, and tyrsmkkyle finshed putting his tyres on, we took off on another excellent morning.

See how the front fender bag has an extra zip tie at the front? I had to cut two holes in the bag to do so.

We pushed around 0945. It was sunny, but the wind was cold. Unlike, KY, where the wind was hot.

The KTM took point, and escorted me north so I could link up with the I-270. It was great to see the KTM do a wheelie while getting off on the exit ramp.

Well, I was back tracking!
I had to cross back over the Mississippi to get to my next location.

I went north on the 367, and crossed the Missouri River, then miles later I crossed the Mississippi River to get back into Ill. No wonder St. Louis so big time, all kinds of rivers!
I took the first Ill, exit and got on the 100 (Great River Rd).
This nice road will take you to the nice small town of Grafton.
I talked to a rider who back in 1978 toured on a Truimph.

I road west, and soon linked up with the Illinois River. Awsome road (100) to tour on.

I was getting close to my contacts place, so I wanted to kill some time. After I crossed the Ill River, I found a great place for shelter at Harden, Il

This blocked the cool wind from the west. The place was no longer in business.

I ate my left over Chinese food from last night, and caught up on my journals and sleept for about 40 mics.
My right hip flexor muscle was getting tight. It was on old muscle strain injury from 2010. I stretched her out.

Around 1400 I road over to Michael, Il to link up.
I stopped by the Micheal bar right there on the other side of Micheal Creek.
I wanted to get a free wiffi hot spot for the Driod to pick up. I did not have a phone number. No Joy. Just an annoying drunk lady. I was useing a Verizon phone with minutes bought on a phone card. The mics are $.25 each, so I shy away from phones.

I slowly went down Micheal Hollow Road, and figured I had found the drive way (great directions), but turned back to South Prong Michael Hollow to get a wiffi signal at a lodge (Whitetail?) of some sort.
Fortutanlty, my contact was leaving to for a quick tasker, and pulled over in his car to link up.

After he took me to the safe house, we completed his tasker back in the town.

My contact, GreaseMonkey, actually runs a great camp called Dare to Dream.

He showed me around the compound, err... Camp. Great place!

We had a lot of good conversations. His family is very nice and great to hang out with.
Solid hospitality. Turns out, my contact knows the Dual-Sport-Riders-of-Louisiana!
I tried to pull a prank on the DSRL by having GreaseMonkey post on their website that he had meet me and that I was a jerk and did him wrong or something. GreaseMonkey told me he learned long ago about joking on the net. Not worth the trouble. I can't argue with that.

65 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Oddometer: 2,092
6/77 (New State!)


I was up around 0615, and did some light physical activity before starting the day.
GreseMonkey give me a quick lesson on making fire with flint, and hooked me up with the flint and striker. Always good to have more than one means to make fire. Espically out in the western wilderness.

It was a sunny day, but a little chilly. I took some pics before leaving.

You can see why it is a Hollow. Pronounced "holler" back east.

It was a great stay there, but around 0928 I road west toward the Miss. River.

I had to go by Hamburg, and Bless Pat, if there was flooding there too (from the Mississippi). I got around this easily and found the 2. There was some Deer crossing the road along the way, but they were taking it slow and easy.

I road the 96 north Pleasent Hill. Fuel was $3.59/gallon.

I stayed on her until the 106 short cut to Hannibel, MO.

I wanted to check out the town that Mark Twain grew up in.
She is a good tourist location. Kind of hilly too.

Looking southeast. That there's Huck and Tom down below. The tarped DR is down the road.

The XV Crosstrek, and Suzuki SX4, and the Mighty DR, all in one pick. Great day!

Looking back east toward the Mississippi.

I saw a Tiger 800XC and a RGS (oil cooled) tour by. Excellent.
I just walked around town for a good while.

I left around 1258 on the north 61, and zig zagged north and west until I crossed into Iowa... For the first time.

Around 1525, I Stopped at Milton, IA. I was concerned about range, but I had .8 gallon left when I filled up, no worries. Solid 60mpg with the DR (thanks to the southern wind pushing me north).
I talked to a dude interested in the Mighty DR. Easy sale.

I found out my S.E Iowa contact would not be around. I got my Iowa AAA map out and looked over things and decided to make the push to Cummings, Iowa this afternoon. I sent out a PM.

I got on the Iowa 2, and pushed west. I was suprised by just how fun the roads were. Hilly. I found dirt here and there as I made my way toward the capital. I had to double back once on a dirt road, but got did enjoy the hilly roller coaster like terrian.

As I road deeper into the state, things did flater.

I was suprised by how many folks asked if I was good to go while I rested for a spell at this intersection.
I figured folks are raised to take care of others from generations past because it is a hard place to be in the winter, and to work the land.

Not sure how I mad contact. Maybe a McDonald's wiffi. No meal though.
Fortuantley, I had already had the address from weeks prior.

I got to Cummings around dark.
Once again, a great place to visit! Great hospitality from Evomx971.

On the other side of the garage is the Tiger 800XC, a great MC that has the best of both worlds. Triple and 21" tyre.

Evomx971 has some great stories. He went to Baja for the 40th ride there.
More good conversations with great people.
Sleepy sleepy time was around 0000.
Sleept really well.

317 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Oddometer: 2,092
Day 7.


I was up early this Sun. morning, because some local riders were going out to ride around their turf.

Evomx971 had offered to use his place as a rally point and drop gear to go ride around slick. I declined, and after a full stomach, road to the meet up place in town.
Where else, but a Starbucks in West Des Moines.

In situations like this I fold the blue tarp up and put her in the empty brown back pack.

I was able to ride with some solid dudes. Orangecicle, on a 2004 KTM 990 ( I would see a lot of these in the west), and ZLTFUL on a Husky TE310R.

They topped off on fuel and soon found some fun dirt roads here and there.
They are good about marking their roads with letters for diffuculty. Things were not flat, but had some easy hills.

I ride fairly conservatively, but decided to push through a muddy part. Instead of paddiling with my feet nice and easy like, I rolled the throttle a tick. The DR got the job done, but sadly, my vector changed, which put me into some really bad stuff. Classic. Front tyre stopped spinning and she fell over and I kind of went over the bars.
The engine stayed on so the kill switch was my first priotery, then the battary.
I was worried about the bars, because I had read a lot of post about Sertao handle bars being made of butter. I thought that this was common on MCs.
They were fine.
I was dumb enough to think I went away undamaged. Weeks later I would find out how wrong I was.

Originally Posted by Orangecicle View Post
The_Precious_Juice decided to take a little bit of Iowa with him.

Only a true DR rider could point out the problem with this pic.

After the light drama we road around some more. The tarmac we got on here and there helped get all of the mud off the tyres.
Later, we checked out a vintage bridge.


Later we went into the woods to ride around on some trails. When things get bad, I just get off and exercise. The 990 just powerd through everything.
JK. We did have to do some work to get her out of the hard stuff.


Afterwards, it was half time, so we went to the county seat of Winterset for some chow.

This is town square. All Iowa counties are built in a similiar manner with this layout. It allows farmers to be about a days ride from their respected county seats. I was standing outside of North Side Cafe. FWIW, I do not remember parking the DR that close to the 990.

Here is the buliding in the last picture. She is on John Wayne Dr.

The chow was great, and Orangecicle took command by covering my lunch.

I passed on seeing The Duke's house.
I felt like I needed to press N.W. I was trying to link up with some more inmates up in Sioux City.

Here is an ok pic of the 990.

I sort of take spy shots instead of asking to take a pic of someone. Kind of a odd thing to do.

So after 61 miles of touring in Madison County, I took off north, then got on the 141 (slowly curved west) to Perry.
Fuel (2.87 gallons).
The wind from the south was annoying, but I was happy to not see any dark clouds around... and no wind from the west!

Sometime after 1600 I crossed the 71 and later stopped in Denison.
I got a wiffi hot spot at McDonld's but did not go inside. No joy on contact link up.
I had a cousin in Omaha, but he had just had his fourth son, so I did not want to bother them.

Instead, I kept toward Sioux City, but first a quick stop in the back roads town of Mapleton.
After a gas stop, It looked like I was getting 55mpg. Fair enough. The 25mph winds to the south kept helping.
I needed the rest, my kness were hurting.

I took the 141, and then the old 141 toward my destination.

I stopped on the outskirts of town around 1900. I discovered that my right side handle bar balancer deal had fallen off. Opps. So that was the thing that hit my right thigh on the highway.
I road a little further to a BK/KFC and got a wifi single. I was fortunate to get a reply!
The safe house had an inmate by the handle of Marc LaDue.

As I rode through Sioux City on a Sunday late evening, I was suprised to see how little traffic was on the road.
My contact lived just north of North Sioux City. The terrian was actually fairly hilly.

My host had been on some solid advtures, and had some wonderful pics in his house of his travels and dare devil stunts. He had a bad ass pic of him from back in the day, like 10 feet off the ground on his MC. The day before he was doing some jumps and came back the next day to have his Dad take a picuture of his jump. However, the terrian had changed over night, so the dirt like ramp really gave him some biggy air. He said he bounced off the MC and landed on his head.

He gave me some great advice on how to deal with antelopes. Unlike, deer, when they get stuck on the highway, they run back and forth instead of jumping the fence. So, slow down a bunch when you see them.
Furthermore, he gave me a solid route to take N.W.
Solid leadership from Marc LaDue.
My host hooked me up with some solid chow, and we reitred early. Well before 2300.

262 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Day 8 New State!


While relaxing in the early mornings hours, I reliazed that I was making fairly good time. I was worried about bad weather on the Plains, and thus far was ok. The weather outlook was good, so I had to keep pushing west.
I did some exercise in the gym room. It was good to lift heavy.

I left around 1010, went went back south and crossed the 77 bridge, going south. It was important to make the next right correctly! But, the good news. I was in Nebraska! The right hand turn was of course the 20. It took a while to find the 12, so I stopped to check to see if I missed her. Good to go. I pushed through the town of Ponca, and later took the 15 north to a solid Missouri River over look.

It was the shoulder tourist season for the region. Only a couple of cagers came by for the over look. Looking south.

Looking N.W. at The Big Muddy.

Ice and spring thaw can do a lot of damge to towns with this River decideds to be a jerk. That is the 15 tarmac below.

After crossing the River, I was in South Dakota... for the first time. Bonus New State!

Things had gotten flat in Nebraska, and was staying that way for a while. After crossing the river I was on the 50, and made my way north for a spell after riding through Vermillion.

My notes read that I stopped in Border town for gas, but I cannot find her.

Soon after, I road north and stopped at Centerville (900 population).
I walked around the small town to talk to some folk. Turns out, this was their first actual week of Spring! Hell, yes! A local business owner said they had snow a few days ago.
One lady had just spend her first winter there. She was from Austin, TX. She was done with the high prices and how much extra pay was needed to raise a family.
I tired calling my contact who lived to the north, but could not get him.

I like small towns, but Centerville would not be a go. Too cold in the winter. No mountains.

Golf Cart. Solid electric transportation. I can dig it.

I road a little ways and stopped at another small down just 15 miles away. I tried to call again, or check for a hot spot. Like a Green Horn, I did not angle the DR correctly, and she fell over when I tried to get on her. I managed to stop some of the fall. Fortunatley, the right break lever was bent perfectly for a two finker break system. Another great break.

I gave up on my contact and started pushing west. Fortuantly, the southern wind had went away! I had done 111 so far.

Around 1630, I stopped at Parkston for some gas.
I crossed the Big Muddy for a second time as I road toward Winner, and lubed the chain.

This was not thumper country, but the miles were adding up. I recorded a 46mpg once. Not happy about that. Glad the wind was not from the west.

I was tired, so I stopped at White Horse (Indian country) to get a room at a motel. There was a note to call a cell phone for service. Well, the East Coast side of me did not like that. If you want to do business you should be there manning the desk.
I went out side and talked to a 50% Native American for a spell. It was a solid 15 min conversation. We gave each other our face book handles.

I road north for 8 miles, and the terrian started to get a little hilly, and some vedge started to open up.
I found a good spot to stealth camp and turned around and inserted without any cagers seeing me. I had to lay dog to see if anyone else had. This takes about 45 mics to start to let your guard down. In the mean time, you kill time with productive things like writing, eating, dental hygiene. I try to cover up the reflectors and take off the rider jacket at this time.

It was 2100 and I had plenty of day light! Odd.

Look west. Duh. The highway is on the higher ground. This was a solid spot because it was well away from the tarmac. After a solid hour I knew I was good to go. Worst case scenior, some of the locals were waiting until the early hours of the morning to assault.

It did not get dark dark until 2115. There was plenty of Turkey and birds around. There was some houses to the east and south in the vedge.

I checken in on the Cell-phone back at the main base in Rke, VA.
At dark, the Blue tarp came up. Bed soon after.

319 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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Oddometer: 2,092
Day 9


Only after about 4 hours of rest I was awake. I could not go back to sleep for a while.
Around 0530 I was up for good and ready to go by 0645.

I rarely take pics in the morning. I try to get out ASAP. I was facing south. In the distance you can see the highway. Again, solid location.

It was kind of chilly as I road north. After linking up with the I-90 West. I typically go the speed limit. I am in no rush.
The 1880 town tourist signs were hyping things up like no other! I pulled over on 170. She still was closed.
I set my clock about an hour. Last night I was just 40 miles east of doing so.

After several miles, I pulled off on exit 163. It was kind of cold. I might as well chow down and let the sun do its job. I like to eat a solid meal after a good stealth camp.
I stopped in Dakota Trail Gas Mart. There is also a good chow hall there. There are solid tourist maps inside. Good conversation thanks to all of the pilgrims going through.

I went west on the 248 which parralled the Interstate.

I was getting into the badlands now.

My National Park Pass I paied for back in October worked. Excellent.
I stayed at the Visitor Center for a good while checking out things. Before leaving, some Australian tourist (from huge bus) talked to me for a spell. I told them how popular my MC was in their country. They knew someone who road a Goldwing. Nice!
I talked to a couple of other sets of people before leaving.
I noticed that WI folk like to travel. Them, and MN.

The Park is really worth seeing! Lots of wild life! Mountain goats, antelope, bisson.

Japanese tourist check out things. Sick amout of tourism dollars are spent here in the U.S. I

Real easy gravel. Great conditions. Just a little sprinkles here and there.

I took a picture of a dude driving cross country in a Jeep Patriot. Ok transpo, but junk fuel economy. Horriable re-sale value after 10 years.

I studied my maps and decided to take some dirt roads westward.
I kid you not, In a matter of a couple of hours, I had did more off road miles than the entire 54 day trip in the Deep South combined!
The DR belongs west of the plains!

I found myself on Spring Creek Rd. By 1321 I had done 171 miles. That is a good pace for me.

A few miles later I stopped at Hermosa for gas. I got 2 gallons of gas after going 129 miles. That is 65mpg. Solid! The low torque allows the rpms to stay low when off road.

I got good directions toward the 40.
A little rain. And then the Pine tress just came out of no where.

I rested in Keystone for a little while. The rooms were $49/night. During peak season they were 139. Bless Patt.
While waiting out the rain, the Nex-7 camera came back on. Excellent.
I was able to check in on FB, and started to work on my contact in Sundance, WY.

I road over to Mt. Rushmore. I was told there was a fee back home, but was suprised vets did not get the hook up. $11.00. That was to park. Bahh! I just turned around and left. IMO, Global War on Terror Combat Vets should get in for fee. Never, mind that I was on a MC. It was still $11.00/vic. It just felt better to ride away than to go inside.

I got to see one of the Presidents. The best one!

I road over to Custer and looked around, before riding wes toward WY.

I had gotten the go ahead from my safe house.
I road on the 16 west to make time. I was lossing day light.

I was on my tarp while going through some construction around Newcastle, and the ground was wet and junk in places. Damn, this was the roughest construction I had every been through. I wished I had my tarp in my bag. I could flat foot that way. I was on my toes with the tarp.

Not sure where this is, but it is what the terrian is like in north eastern WY

I took the 585 into Sundance (1,000+ people/4,700 feet), a good small town, and found the address with ease.
I still had just a little bit of daylight. Like I typed, there is plenty of room out west.

Grimlock set me up pretty good. Better than the night before!
I did some trip planning during the early night.

I did not know it at the time, but all of my 300 mile + days were done. FWIW, I only had a hand full of 200+ mile days. 11 total.

I had made it past the plains, so the pasce could slack off a little.

266 miles
2013 DR650se
USA 54 Day Deep South ride report:
USA 77 Day Western ride report:

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