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Clay Spinner OP
Studly Adventurer
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The start of something: A partial Moorespeed special.

Now this is the story all about how
My bike got stripped, turned upside down
I'd like to take a minute so just sit right there
I'll show what it looks like to throw money in the air.

In west Nova Scotia I was born (well, technically New Brunswick but that doesn’t fit the couplet) and raised
On the beach is where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And shooting some hockey pucks outside of the school
Fast forward a few years and everything was good
The hockey career was over and the UK was my new hood
I finally got a motorbike but the damn thing was to small
So I decided to buy a Beemer and stop throwing money against the wall

So I started with an 1150 GSA but the big pig was too heavy
And a move back to Canada meant there were too many taxes to be levied
With this in mind the GSA was quickly sold,
Over the next few pages the rest of the story will unfold!

A few google searches and advrider thoroughly read
I had seen a few photos and had an idea in my head!"
I rang up Richie Moore and after an hour or so of chatting,
A few weeks later with a grinder he started hacking.
So in the last few sentences I told how it all started
Now let me complete the details about how my cash and I got parted
Sit back, put on some turkey pants and have a couple beers,
But before I write more I have to call Bob about my new first gear!

The Donor bike is/was (there will be a twist in the tale) the R80ST on the front right hand side.

To be continued...
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Dare to be Stupid
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'85 BMW r80G/S--Another G/S on the road--Central America on a Shoestring--Nova Scotia on a Shoestring--Never Leave a Man's Behind

Proud SmugMug User Support ADV: Don't give those cheap bums your discount code
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Under The Weather
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there is always "a twist". this is a good. buckles are bad.

I like the lead in... looking forward to the story.
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Back on track!
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This kick-off promises this thread will be as much fun as the prince himself!
R100GS rescue: only the brave put it on hold for now

Workshop credo: if it ain't broke, fix it till it is.
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Clay Spinner OP
Studly Adventurer
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Joined: Nov 2008
Location: Nova Scotia
Oddometer: 725
The Backstory

Approximately one year ago I was browsing through the MCN classifieds and found a nice little R80 ST for sale only a few miles down the road. It appeared to have a wilburs rear shock and a corbin seat. This piqued my interest as I had a R80 G/S already in the garage, but with a rubbish seat (the foam was dead although recovered). I also considered the possibility of swapping out the rear hubb in case the one of the ST was in better condition. However, the wife's family had come over from Wales and we were headed out to a play park thing for the morning so there wasn't much more I could do at this point.

As we lined up to pay for some tickets my father rang; I had sent a little note to tell him what I had found and asked what he thought. We agreed that it may be useful for me to take a look at it just in case...

20 minutes later I had contacted the seller and we agreed that I would pop around later on when the kids were in bed to have a look. This is immediately following that phone call... 19:00 I fed the little feller and took off, on the 8 mile journey down the road to Kingsteignton. After passing the road a few times I finally found the address and met the seller. He had a great collection of vintage bikes and seemed to have a real penchant for huskies. There was also an amazing little WASP bike the flew like shit off a shovel! Started first kick... a little throttle and I immediately knew that I was not a good enough rider for this bike... it also had switched shifter and clutch thing going on so I was a bit lost driving it to be honest. It's based around a triumph 500cc (?) engine that is tuned for racing... I'd have one if I could justify it... I could pick the darn thing up and put it in the back of the truck it felt so well balanced and light.

Anyhow, I digress. So I took the ST for a spin and it was stumbling a bit... really hunting for power at about 3000 RPM and I had no tools with me. I drove a few miles to Teignmouth, along the sea then headed back to the sellers house. I agreed to return the next day with my harmonizer and go for another spin. We agreed that the bike would be held for me to have first refusal the following day.

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in Bovey Tracey that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness. Well it wasn't that bad... but it felt like a long know, the day before a new bike is collected! Soon enough morning came and I headed out again... coasting the G/S down the road before starting it so that my little mucker wouldn't hear me leaving and wake up his mother to ask where Daddy was going. The two of us are pretty inseparable and he isn't one who likes being left out... this early morning wake up would have negated the good will towards another bike entering the garage.

A few minutes of twiddling the spanners, a ten minute drive and all was good... the bike was running smoothly through the rev range and even with the really skinny handlebars (Euro spec... I have only driven GS's for the past few years and had gotten used to the nice wide bars) it was noticeable how well this little bike tracked. I pulled back into the sellers garage and after about 2 minutes we shook hands on a deal.

Now I like to haggle but I don't like the back and forth. Our conversation went something like the following...

Me: Well *seller*, I don't think I can pass up on this one. She's running great and I'm pleased with it. There is definitely a slight oil weep out of the back main seal but I'm not bothered about those kinds of things as its all part of general maintenance.

Seller: So how much are you going to offer... I guessing you want some money off.

Me: Perhaps... we all want it for as little as possible while a seller wants as much. We both know what these things are worth and now that I've tuned it a but she is working much better. Why don't we cut the crap, you tell me what you'd accept as your best price and if its good, I'll shake your hand, if its too high I'll drive away on the G/S and leave it for someone else.

Now this is when my mate Kenny sent me an email (picked up on my blackberry... when you have little kids you tend to answer everything just in case you are needed immediately) to ask if I could go have a look at a bike that was local to me as a friend of his was interested... I figured this meant him but he didn't want to say! I also knew exactly which bike he was referring to... as I was about to buy it. I replied that I had seen it the day before and it looked good, sounded great and was listed at a good price. I would get back in touch later on that day I replied.

Seller: Okay, I like your style. I'll throw in the crate of spares (two new front discs, pads, oil and air filter, cables, lights, light covers, panniers etc etc. A few guys have called about it, though not local and are asking lots of questions about all sorts of thing. I just tell them, you've seen all of the photos, the bike is not MOT'd (that is our safety inspection thing over here) and I've priced it accordingly though there is nothing wrong with it. Dana (that's my name), I like the fact you have another BM, that you're local and seem like the kind of guy that is not going to flog it on to make more money on it. How about £XXXX?

Me: Sounds good to me.

Hands were shaken, logistics arranged and I drove away with a smile. I had to ring Kenny and tell him the bad new but suffice to say... a few weeks later he had found something very similar .

I took the bike for a few drives across Dartmoor and really enjoyed it. It was differnt to the G/S and felt very at home on the tight twisites... and that upgraded front brake was very noticeable compared to the brake on the G/S. Within a few weeks my father came over to visit... we had previously done some trips on the 1150GSA and the 1100GS that are in my garage... and really enjoyed ourselves. Photos from a track somewhere along the N260 in Spain. This 7 mile detour ended up being some of the most difficult terrain I have driven on... and with a fully loaded GS, the steep incline of one particular section, combined with the deep rut meandering up the hill (at some point the panniers scraped their undersides and the loose rocks meant that the drop off on the right was much scarier looking than it probably was.

After a few seconds (no arms needed twisting here) we had come to the conclusion that if there were two oil heads, and two airheads... we could keep the oil heads at my house and the airheads at his house ... that way we would always have something to ride. Somewhere over the previous years we had discussed adding some airheads to the collection so when the opportunity presented itself it did not take too much debating. Right... we're keeping it.

A few hours later we had decided that as the ST was really quite small (Both of us are over 6'2 and 200lbs +)... and given that we would want to do some backwoods touring... we might want to make a few changes to the bike. This also happened to coincide with the RPMGuy thread concerning another run of clamps. Right... that's that sorted then.

So what to do?!? Well Adventure960, or Jake, was doing a selfbuild, AirheadWrangler was having HPN build a bike and another chap I know has had a lot of Moorespeed work. Ras and I were emailing a bit about a few ideas which further fuelled the flames! My father and I spent the evening looking at the various options, prepared a spreadsheet of pros/cons, parts, prices etc etc (nothing wrong with having some data to look at!) and came up with a wish list. A large part of the decision making was that the plan was for me to head back to Canada within the year. There is a 15 year rule that means was going to be extremely troublesome to get my 1150GSA registered... it would have to go. So why not then, use the money from the 1150 to pay for the mods on the ST, extending the swingarm, increasing the carry capacity, upgrading the front end, adding a bigger tank, a bit more torque... you see where I'm going here?!?

Over the next few months (I'll spare you the boring bits) it transpired that we would decide to keep the G/S as it... its in far too good of a condition and it works perfectly fine as is. However, we considered swapping out the front forks for a set of 4860's using one of the sets of the clamps from HPM guy. I had several phone consultation with Richie (moorespeed) (I have probably never met a more honest business man... I tried to buy lots of stuff and he said I didn't need it for my desired use and to not waste any money when I could use it to buy fuel! I also like the fact that he build race bikes/engines, is an engineer and expert fabricator.... without those three things I would not be as confident in his ability to produce top notch stuff. If you know Richie, nothing but the best is good enough, that goes for what he sources, fabricates and recommends) and he agreed to sort me out with a strengthened frame and a few other bits and bobs (I'll get to the list later on).

This takes us up to Plan A, sorting out the shopping list, tearing the bike apart, delivering it to Richie and impatiently waiting... not that there have been any delays.. in fact quite the opposite... but once you see something you want... waiting is always difficult. Unfortunately with the plans now made I had evenings free... fast forward nine months and voila!! With her arrival the family was made and we could get back to bike stuff! Being up most of the night with a newborn means that you have lots of time to think and read... the downside is that you are so tired you can't remember anything after you next sleep and everything that you had previously read becomes a bit of a blur.

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Clay Spinner OP
Studly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by jellycow View Post
This kick-off promises this thread will be as much fun as the prince himself!
I wondered if anyone would pick up on that! Its probably weird without knowing the tune... let me look...

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Back on track!
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First sentence had me humming the tune And then trying to 'sing' your text to the tune as bad as only white folks can, which is a bit ashameing.
And your next post was up to par!
R100GS rescue: only the brave put it on hold for now

Workshop credo: if it ain't broke, fix it till it is.
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ignore list
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Good story......looking forward to the conclusion...
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Airhead Wrangler
Adios Mexico
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Originally Posted by jellycow View Post
This kick-off promises this thread will be as much fun as the prince himself!
Only if someone does "The Carlton" dance.

I'll be watching.
R80ST Gets The HPN Treatment
Seattle to TDF on an airhead

Current rides: HPN #834, '93 R100GSPD "red rocket", '73 R75/5 Toaster mongrel, '80 Ducati Pantah 500SL, '92 DR350, '67 Honda SS50, '80 Honda Chaly.
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Beastly Adventurer
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As an ST owner I need to follow this story
BMW R100'91/R80'93/R75/6 R80ST'83/R65GS'87/GasGasTXT300/DouglasW20-1920

Ride Report 2012
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Clay Spinner OP
Studly Adventurer
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Location: Nova Scotia
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Plan A

I must first point out two things. First, that there was no real stylistic plan to this thread so it may jump about a bit. Secondly, In the title the keenest of you may have noticed the use of the work partial. This is for a variety of reasons. Primarily, I will be doing the front end myself (i.e. RDubbs clamps machined by hpmguy, sourcing my own forks, wheel etc etc) and putting everything together myself... with the help of my father of course. Secondly, I am not going for a full fat Moorespeed engine. For those two reasons I feel that it would be unfair to attach Richie's name to all things on this bike... that and I've gone for an HPN tank which, as I understand, clashes with his sense of aesthetics!

So,back to the business.

Plan A was as follows:

Bike 1. R80G/S Leave as stock bar swap the front end for the hpmguy clamps and a set of WP4860 forks.
Bike 2. R80ST Items to change include the following:

A, Forks and clamps.

I found a very very poor advert on evilbay. I rang the seller and discussed what exactly he had for offer. As a result of the lack of photo and poor description, I got these for a steal. They are WP 4860's in pretty perfect condition taken from an EXC used as a supermoto for a few months before the engine blew. Result! I will probably need to re-spring them but they feel very plush at this point.

I rang Talon to see if they could make me a front hub to fit a ktm laced to an excel A60 21 inch front rim with spokes that they would normally use for the rear wheel given the weight of the bike that it would be fitted to. I have yet to unpack it so its still in the box hence the lack of photo... but if you look at Ras's thread you'll see the same thing. Talon is based a few miles up road and I'm considering stopping in and possibly picking up a spare before I move away.

I'd like to keep my stock controls where possible... but will probably fit another set of bars... and one of hpmguy's steering damper thingies. Any Bar suggestions?

I'll probably steal AirheadWranglers brake setup and buy a KTM 690 enduro front brake (now to just find out where he keeps it before he's back from Mexico!).. I've been watching evilbay and nothing has come in the last year. Any other suggestions and I'm open to advice!

B, Speedo, fairing and lights

As I'm changing the front forks I thought I may as well change the big lump of a speedo that the ST has as stock. Richie very kindly agreed to make me a Koso unit with dash, one of his front fairings and a set of Bi-oscar lights (I think.. or there was another name he used... I'm using what ever is the most robust but I can't for the life of me remember what the other option was called). I will just need to wire in my ignition and boom bing... sorted.

This is not my bike... but the only pic of Richie's fairing that I know about. It small and purposeful. I would like at some point to add the option of having a screen for road work. I understand this is in the plans but not an immediate priority for Richie... he's a busy man and I feel bad for just ringing him on the phone in case it holds up his work or anyone else's bike in anyway.

C, Tank

I managed to source a paintable HPN tank. It will be going into the bike so that I will not be worried about heading into the woods in Rural Canada and not being able to make it back out.

I have a few ideas about the paint jobs and will try to mock up a few ideas once the thread gets underway. I am always open to suggestions and ideas.

D, Framework.

Richie was nice enough to agree to mod my frame to accept the HPN tank, oil cooler mount (should I want to add one later on) and to strengthen it. I'm sure there are other bits and bobs that needed to be done... I'm just not clever enough to know whats what.

E, Foot pegs.

I'll be fitting a pair of fastways. I had them on my GSA and really like them. I have a few sets on the shelf that I'll stick on this bike and perhaps a few others (da da dahhhhh!!! Is this a hint????).

F, Seat.

Richie is chopping my seat and turning it into a nice single seat. This is a bit of a luxury I think, but that suede top will be nice... at least until it rains!

G, Subframe.

Well I will be carrying luggage and I have two pannier option. First, a set of worldbeaters made by my buddy Vern. In reality, I'll use the hard bags if I'm making trips into the city or if I take the bike to work as the locking feature will be beneficial. I also have a set of Adventure Spec Magadan bags that will see most use on dual sport trips and when I'm just out for a ride. I have heard good things about them from Prusters and Colebachs ride report (I know there were other but feel it necessary to give Walter credit for designing them and Pruster stuck in my head because he rode that amazing looking ST... not to mention his lady friend is probably the only person who could look so attractive when wearing an open face helmet). At this point of the planning... the planning phase... I was going to buy a subframe from a GS basic (strong than the stock ST) and get Richie to mod it to accept the shorter seat, add gussets and support, rear rack etc.

What I have subsequently found is that this part is NLA. Bugga! So... there are a few option... First, Use my ST subframe and strengthen it and hope for the best. Secondly, Build one from scratch... still an option though the logistics of it are a bit challenging though Vern is happy to give it a go. THis was my first choice as he could then work on a rack to fit my worldbeaters... and at the same time perhaps sort out a rack for the magadan panniers. I have the stock rack to accept the BMW plastic cases but they just seem a bit flimsy. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment... so like, if you've taken an ST, loaded, with magadan panniers attached... feel free to chime in with what you had to do to make an acceptable rack. Your experiences would be extremely beneficial

As the Basic subframe is NLA, Richie and I have spoken about a few ideas. One thought was that surely there are no longer and G/S or ST subframes left from 30 years ago... if so... perhaps they have made the new ones (knowing that the OEM ones were liable to crack) to the pattern of the Basic subframes... 3mm X 18mm. Richie is going to order one and cut it to see what they have done... I'm so hoping they are no longer made with 2mm steel... this will make things easier.

So why be so anal about the rack... well I hope to take the bike across the back woods and forest tracks of rural Canada... the last thing I want is the rack cracking. If I can get the best now... it will be one less thing to worry about seeing as I will be carrying luggage on it.

So... any advice on sorting a subframe and pannier rack for the magadan panniers is welcomed!

H, Engine.

What to do what to do! Well I'm not racer or highway speed demon. What I do want is low use able torque and a bit more oomph at higher speed so that I can pass cars at 70mph without getting a run up. My 1150GSA was fine for this... that's all I'm asking for in terms of performance. After discussing it with Richie it was decided and agreed upon that he would do something to my heads to make them work better (i.e. more power). I think this involves oversized ports inlets/exhaust or something. All I know is that I said... 'make them work better and do what you do'. I won't pretend to know best as I don't... its what he does and he does it well so he can decide. As stated in my first post... I have full confidence in Richie doing what is best and not trying to make money out of it beyond what is required. I asked about changing the cam and balancing the rods/crank etc but he said for what I was going to do it wasn't really worth the cost seeing as my engine did not require any further work at this stage anyway. Richie is also boring out my cylinders to accept his 1000cc high compression pistons.

I will also be fitting one of Richie's air filter lids things and filter with a sock. Vroom Vroom!!

Carbs are being changed from 32mm to 40mm. On Richies advice these will work best for what he is doing to my heads and pistons. I had some truly great customer service from Darren at motorworks who has supplied the goods.

I, Drive Shaft and Monolever.

I swapped mine for one of Richie's 100mm extended ones. As I'll be carrying luggage and such I'm happy with the trade-off of turn-ability (if that is a word) for the benefits of a longer bike. Besides, the 80G/S is keeping its stock length so if I want to I can just use that one.

J, Rear wheel.

After much though I've decided to get Richie to build me a new rear wheel using an excel 18inch rim. As the front is being upgraded I felt I may as well get the rear done too... and having this done will also allow a slight off-lace so that I can fit a wider profile rear tyre. I tried to take off the spokes with various wrenches, spoke keys etc etc... but in the end attacked it with the angle grinder and in a shower of sparks the rim was detached from the hub. The hub was clean semi clean, but I hate sending things that are dirty to people... frankly its embarrassing. So with an opportunity to get wet and wash the bikes... my hub was washed. With a name like Noah why would he not feel at home around water!

He's a good boy and loves the motormics (as he calls it)! I think it a combination of motorcycle and motorbike... either way... he likes to get right in there and help out when I'm doing anything with them

... and never fails to drag his bike out and wash it alongside mine.

So this was Plan A. I think that's about it.. in fact I've even added a few bits to Plan A as I hadn't originally planned to do the airbox thing and was unsure about the new rear rim... but seeing how good Ras's looks I though I had to do the same... that and a black front rim with a silver back rim is just wrong!

As a tease, thispallet arrived about two months after delivering my parts to Richie and dramatically influenced Plan A being updated to Plan B.

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Rob Farmer
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I'm enjoying this Dana.
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Ras Thurlo
Desert Lion
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repro basic subframe

have you seen these repro basic/kalahari subframes:
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Isn't a Basic/Kalahari nothing more than an R100GS with an 800 engine and a PD tank? So the subframe from a R100GS should work, if you can find one.
2004 BMW R1100S / 2003 Ducati M800Sie / 1986 R80 G/S / 1993 Suzuki RMX250 / 1981 BMW R100RS (Sold ) / 1977 Kawasaki KE100 (1st Bike )
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The Bavarian Butcher
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Fred <|> Need an Airhead Part? .... I May Have It!
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