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Old 08-22-2013, 07:22 AM   #16
kdscoates OP
Beastly Adventurer
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WOW lots of opinions here

I am just a blue collar guy and I have to do my own maintenance and most of my own work on the bikes. I guess I am lucky to have these EXOTIC machines.

I only buy used with records and my opinion is when I buy used if it is has some decent mileage it has been ridden and taken care of I also always go to where the bike is so I can see the shop and the living conditions
Show up and the guy has a nice personal collection and a nice work area and
all has some type of order than all is good.
I like low mileage also but 6500 miles a year is low mileage.
I also own a 94 st1100 that i cant part with and it is a rock solid machine that I bought with ultra low miles 16,000 but in the last year I a have put 10,000 miles.
Bikes are meant to be ridden and not just sit in the garage.
Quote from Pj "if loud pipes save lives imagine what learning to ride that thing would do!!!"

quote from 4runner "but,if you really need a 80/20 , which most of us do and won't admit it,"

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Old 08-22-2013, 07:28 AM   #17
Isn't that dangerous?
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Originally Posted by DiRtsoUP View Post
It's not the mileage so much as it is the uncertainy of proper care or lack of. Some of the stuff I've have seen in my day is why I only buy new. This way I only have myself to blame if I mis-wrench something (which of course never happens).

Too many damn people playing where they shouldn't....IMO high mileage bikes only increase the likely hood of issues....I like a clear mind at 140kms.
I understand that, but if I find a vehicle that has had one owner with very good maintenance records, I don't get scared off. My SM has 46,000 miles, all of them mine, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a high mileage KTM if I had a clear history to go on. Records kept by someone wrenching on it themselves would be good enough to me as I know the right questions to ask and things to look for having wrenched on mine quite a bit. There is only one dealer i have taken it to that I I trust. The other I have tried is a disgrace and shouldn't be allowed to work on the big KTM's.
EastSideSM: '06 950SM Black
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Old 08-22-2013, 08:12 AM   #18
Süsser Tod
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Originally Posted by kdscoates View Post
But yet they will buy BMW'S with 60,000 miles knowing the final drive is going to break.
I think that's true for ALL BMWs, the fanboys do a very good job of keeping the brand image. I know my BMW riding friends sure do, all of the sudden I realized that having cam chains stretch, waterpumps break, clutches break and stator failures is just "normal".

Me: Has anything gone wrong on your bike?
BMW Owner: No, I've done just normal maintenance (after replacing the clutch and stator).

Me: That's a pretty bike! (2013 GS1200 Adventure)
BMW Owner: I love my BMWs, I've never had any problems with them.
Me: What BMW did you had prior to this one?
BMW Owner: 2011 GS1200 Adventure, sold it because it was getting too old.
That conversation went on, basically the guy never keeps any bike for more than 2 years.

I think that they make them sign a NDA at the dealership or something like that.
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Old 08-22-2013, 08:13 AM   #19
Süsser Tod
Beastly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by Douf View Post
I get where you're coming from, but I'm also somewhat skeptical about buying new. My father bought a new XJ550 which needed to have a warped head replaced. I bought a KLR in '03 which came from the factory mis-timed and would cut out over 5500rpm. Yes, both were warranty claims, but in the KLR's case, significant time and aggravation was spent at an incompetent/ uninterested dealership trying to fix it.
The 950 is also a classic illustration of where buying a well maintained used bike is probably preferable. My 05.5 is now arguably way more reliable than new, with fuel pump, clutch slave, water pump and starter torque limiter mods. The sandy shit the factory kindly leaves in the cooling cavities has been flushed and the oil pressure switch they conveniently forgot to tighten correctly has been attended to as well. The tool kit now has all of its parts!

My XT660R came without a gasket in the airbox. How I found out? Because the engine ingested dirt.
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Old 08-22-2013, 08:32 AM   #20
slidewayes's Avatar
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65000 mi

I get 25 to 40 so figure that's about 2000 gal, at 4.00 per bout $8000 rear tire's $200 times say 50 that's ten "G'S"(not counting the fronts) WOW that scare's me my head is hurting ,I think ill go put on a new tire fill it up and RIDE
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Old 08-22-2013, 12:08 PM   #21
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I agree with what others are saying about high mileage bikes in general scaring people off. But I will say KTM as a brand does have a bit of a stigma, which I have been guilty of worrying about.

When I was bike shopping recently I saw a couple of nicer looking 640 aventures and had friends say "Not as an only bike" and there was talks of counter sprocket shafts, oil this, bearings that. Of course, BMW has the same thing, bearings on the F800, final drive on the 1200.

I had my sites set on getting myself a used F800GS recently, and found a very good looking bike for a good price but walked because it had 75k kms, and shortly thereafter I was presented with a 990 ADV with 18k kms and around $1500 less. I now own a 990 ADV, even though I previously had, and all my riding buddies have, BMWs.
Originally Posted by kdscoates View Post
I only buy used with records and my opinion is when I buy used if it is has some decent mileage it has been ridden and taken care of I also always go to where the bike is so I can see the shop and the living conditions
Show up and the guy has a nice personal collection and a nice work area and
all has some type of order than all is good.
I like low mileage also but 6500 miles a year is low mileage.
I think this is one of the main things - the "most reliable" bike out there will still let you down if it's not maintained. My BMW X Challenge is supposed to be ridiculously rock solid - but the amateur hour custom electric bits that were added on made it turn from Jekyll to Hyde in the rain.
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Old 08-22-2013, 02:19 PM   #22
Retro Rider
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Price is everything. You never said how much you were trying to get for a 950 with 40k miles... Price it right and it will sell. Try to get $8,000 because of all the add-ons... good luck.

Personaly I will not consider any bike with over 10k miles. I do a major tear down and check everything before I ever ride a used bike I buy. Just not worth it on a high miles bike. I will wait for one that the seller just never rode. My 950 had 3,200 miles on it when I bought it and would not run right from sitting. Perfect deal as I was going to tear it down and re-jet anyway. Same with all my bikes. My 450 had 2 rides on it in 3 years.

I rescue bikes from non-use. All bikes like to be run... hard!

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Old 08-24-2013, 07:29 AM   #23
pray for rain
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KTM'S are enduro race machines the 950
motor was built for Dakar I just don't see why the rumors of reliability Issue fly around.
Full disclosure: I love my 950 and don't mind (too much) all of the tinkering it asks for.. But this said, I often feel like "built for racing" can also mean "built to be torn down routinely and worked on by people who know what they are doing"... maybe one day that will be me.

Good to have goals
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Old 08-24-2013, 12:27 PM   #24
On a "Quest"
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I bought mine in 2009 with 24,000 miles on it. I knew from studying this board that 24,000 miles on a bike like this was not a problem. I paid $6,900 with delivery, and I thought that was a steal for the bike I got.

I did have to do into the motor at 35,000 miles, but there really wasn't an internals problem. More "user error" than anything. Anyway, everything on the top end of the motor was fine other than some worn cam chain guides, and typically bad "pitted" 950 cams. The cam issue is an early 950 problem, and it should be expected. The guides should be expected because they are plastic.

So, I don't think high mileage is a huge concern. I did comment the other day on someone considering buying a 950 with over 60K on the clock. If the price was right and the bike was properly maintained, I might do that. But I would be discounting the price by the possibility that I would be going into the engine in the coming years and knowing what that would cost. Of course, another option is to swap a newer 990 motor into these bikes and ride on. Whether it's a motor rebuild or a swap, you could easily be looking at a cost north of $2,000, so the base bike price would have to be right. But point me at a well-maintained 950 with a blown motor selling for around $2,500, and it would take the wife ripping the checkbook out of my hands to keep me away.
"I'd like to meet the joker who had the nerve to call this a road!" -- Walter Sigmann
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Old 08-24-2013, 12:35 PM   #25
nomo B
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It's the price

The problem is that most 950 owners act like its 2003 and that twin is the only gig in town so they would like to see ridiculous amounts like 6900 for a 24k on a probably ridden like most KTM's 950.
So no one is scared of your mileage pal, it's just that no one will give you 10k for it or think its gold plated. It's often a giant dirt bike that gets put through paces, I wouldn't consider high mileage one for a load of money knowing that ill likely tear into it soon. There are other options on this day and age...
Heavy is good, heavy is reliable...

A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.. H Thompson
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Old 08-24-2013, 03:10 PM   #26
Hencho in Kansas
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I'm beginning to shop for a new bike..just cause I want something new..I currently ride an '08 GSA...

About final drives..let's be honest..completely blown out of proportion...the failure rate is less than 1% +/-...should it happen at all..other than the fluke, no, it shouldn't, however, everyone who has a seal leak, screams "final failure"

Goldwing failure rates are about the same.

What has been said before holds true..we all know the KTM is the superior off road bike..but all around bike? I think the BMW wins..this thread talks about mileage and oddly, several here sound like a Harley rider.."well, mine has almost 20k on it..and is 6 years old.." I just received my 100k award..on an '08..the bike did get a tranny replaced under warranty, at two months old..fluke, manufacturing problem..and a u joint went out..covered under warranty, not a fluke..poor design..but that's motor issues..change oil every 10k...has been all over Death Valley, the North Rim..Colorado...started the Washington BDR, Thursday...once a year valve checks take an hour..with beer, oil changes..15 minutes..

I don't struggle with small windshield air management...bad water pumps on brand new bikes and steering head bearings??

Are BMW's without problems? Of course not..and myself and only a couple other guys are very critical of them in GS Spot..not a fanboi..

When it's all said and done..and none of us on upper end boutique bikes want to hear it..but Yamaha has the bike to beat, like it or soul, no character..just dead solid Japanese reliability...

All that..but..damn I want a BAJA...
"Ignorance is a powerful tool when applied at just the right time..sometimes even surpassing knowledge.." EJ Potter
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Old 08-24-2013, 04:40 PM   #27
Studly Adventurer
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Well i have owned roughly 30 bikes,and just purchased my 4th KTM a 2010 990R and i love it, I had a 2004 950S and sold it last year and missed it a lot. I tried to replace it with various Japanese bikes but when it comes down to it i really missed my Adventurer. Yes, they are bikes you have to keep on top of, but man do they reward you if you do. I also think they are slowly getting the past problems worked out. I just sold a 07 Superduke 990 that had 19k on it and no issues at all with it. I know that is not a lot of k's but it was not pampered by any means. So if you want to have fun give the big LC8 a chance,you might never go back to anything else.
2010 990R Adventurer.
2007 Tuono 1000R
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Old 08-24-2013, 06:59 PM   #28
dwj - Donnie
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The reason it scares people is because it is next to impossible to find one with more than 100,000 miles on it, but very easy to find reports of the engine being opened up with substantially less miles! Invariably, the owner will blame the problem on operator error, bad gas, and of course they all say the miles have been "hard"! BTW, I have a 990ADV and I am concerned about how long it will last!

I have also owned a BMW. It is not very difficult to find 100,000 mile BMWs. But of course, if you complain about BMW quality over on the Beemer Board, you will have some folks that will get very irate with you. I know, I have been there and done that! Some of those folks think there has only ever been one FD to fail and can't understand why people keep talking about it.

The KTM puts a bigger smile on my face! I am more of a south of the border Adventure Rider and the suspension is great for the bad roads and millions of speed bumps. I really hope my moto last 150,000 miles with minimal problems! If it does, it will get replaced by another KTM, if it don't, it will get replaced by a BMW. The orange koolaid is strong! So is the blue! But when you are in Panama or somewhere and your moto breaks down, all of the koolaid turns to piss!

I actually have a thread here:
Titled "How long will a 990adv last???"

I am gaining confidence, but this moto is a long way from proving BMW reliability. I hope it does in the end! BTW, I don't consider the BMW's reliability to be as good as the Japanese, however, they do no have an Adventure Touring moto yet that will compare. I am watching the Super Tenere!
Donnie - Retired & Riding - 2010 990ADV - 54,750 Miles - 2 Continents - 10 Countries
Return to Panama - SPOT
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Old 08-24-2013, 07:18 PM   #29
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I look for the 'high mileage' bikes.... and get them 'for cheaper' because it scares away other buyers. To me, it means that the machine has been maintained well enough to make it this far and will most likely make it further without major make over work.... But I do all my own work too.

I have a Aprilia RST1000 with 76000 miles that runs like a clock... its just everything else, like the loose rear wheel (fixed) and the failed clutch master (fixing), that make is a PITA.
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Old 08-24-2013, 07:39 PM   #30
990 Adv.
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I had an Aprilia Falco that clocked up 90 k kms. Apart from slave cyl, it ran like a dream. Only 1 valve had to be adjusted in that time. I now have a gen 1 Tuono that I have just replaced the water pump at 40k ks, and 1 valve adj.

I have a 990 Adv that I had to do a water pump at 40 k ks too !

I am hoping the 990 is as reliable as the Aprilia`s. The motors are so similar. Designed by the same guys. Just the early 950`s suffered from casting sand left in motors. Also w/pump shaft is too soft.

Fix these issues, stay ontop of matainence and they should be good!

To ride (almost) anything else would be bordem on 2 wheels.
990 Adv 06, Aprilia Tuono 03 Racing gen 1
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