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jkdwings OP
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The Somewhere Between: Part 2 - Two KLRs to Patagonia

Up-to-date location: December 12 - Still in Mazatlan
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________

I woke this morning with a fuzzy feeling through my head and body. I lay there for a minute trying to figure out why I felt this way; was it the late night, or something else? Wait, why did I have a late night? I stumbled out of the room I had been staying in at my folks’ place for the last week and remembered rather promptly as I toppled over on a sleeping bag laid out on the floor. I’m going to South America!! Today was the big day of departure, the day I had been anticipating for the last three years of school and summer work.

I looked at my phone to see that the time was an hour later than my alarm was set for. Still not packed? Check. Colin’s going to be waiting, but I doubt he expects anything different. The milk poured over my crisped rice cereal which began to make pleasurable sounds as I sipped my coffee. This will probably be the last time I have fresh ground beans in some time.

I hurriedly stuffed my extra pair of underwear and t-shirt into a compression sack and tossed it in my saddle bag. I saw the large black ABS tube leaning against the wall that I was meant to mount to the front of my skid plate; this was to hold all my tools which were currently in a scattered pile on my dad’s work bench. Vice grips, a few appropriately sized metric wrenches, some needle-nose pliers, a ratchet, and a driver with some hex, phillips, and blade bits. A perfectly sized crescent wrench hung neatly on the wall, so it too ended up in my stash.

As I made the 10 minute journey to Colin’s house I recognized the extra weight up high and took note of it. I didn’t have more than a Jason-sized sliver of seat space between my large tank bag and my duffle – I’m going to need to do something about that.

Once there we both took the opportunity to do a couple last minute fixes. I had just replaced the touch screen digitizer on my old Zumo 450 GPS last night and needed to wire it and my 12 volt outlet into the accessory relay I had made on my trusty KLR, Mitzi. Mitzi was a wonderful girl whom I met in Buffalo a year and a half ago and had fallen madly in love with. She could take me anywhere, along with my camera equipment and camping gear. A guitar will join me down the road and I’m not sure what else I could possibly need for the next nine or so months heading for Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.

Meet Colin and I and our trusty steeds, and join us on our adventure!

Best regards,

Current Ride: The Somewhere Between - KLRs to Patagonia

Past Ride: The Somewhere Between - Fly and Ride

2006 KLR650

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jkdwings OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Oddometer: 120
The day was a brisk one, with a high of only 9į Celsius and thick, overcast skies. The wind was light, but out of the northeast which was to our advantage as we opened the throttle towards Calgary, our planned pit stop for the night. You have a lot of time to think when making the journey from Saskatoon to anywhere else; the roads stretch on towards the horizon as you pass Rosetown, then Kindersley, Alsask, and so on. To break the monotony of a drive we had done countless times on our way to the mountains we detoured off the number 7 highway to one that was just as straight; the traffic was much lighter though, which made it more pleasant.

As we detoured, straight as an arrow and bundled up in all our layers, we were in chase of the winding roads of the Rockies to be had. We just had to get through this first cold, long day.

Our detour had an ulterior motive to just getting off the main road - we were in search of a small town called Dorothy that was mostly abandoned. Dorothy lay in the bottom of a valley just south of Drumheller, and as we passed through we could see there wasnít a hell of a lot going on. I stopped beside a dilapidated grain elevator and Colin pulled up beside. We looked back over the highway and saw an old steel bridge leading to a dirt road up into the hills.

ďI really want to go check out that roadĒ I said, muffled by my helmet. Colin moved his finger around his GPS and decided it might actually be a shorter distance so off we went. Well, that dirt road turned to slick switchbacks climbing right into the snow-strewn hills we had seen from miles back. Calgary and the surrounding area had gotten a bunch of snow the last couple days, and it looked like we were in for more.

For the next forty minutes or so we fought the slick, loose, wet dirt and gravel with visors barely translucent, trying to make our way to a more travelled road. It was getting later than we had hoped to get into Calgary, so with a few more tank slappers and visor wipes we were on the Trans Canada heading west once more.

Josh came out to greet us in front of his apartment in downtown Calgary as we hobbled off our bikes. We had covered 620 km of mostly straight, cold distance today, and the sleet coming down was really getting on my nerves. As we unloaded the things we thought weíd want for the night I managed to lean the wrong way on Mitzi sending her to the ground hard. Thatís drop number two for me today after an embarrassing drop at the Kindersley Co-op this arvo. I really need to add more preload to my rear shock.

We woke the next morning with the intention of heading to Fernie; the weather, however, had different plans for us. It had snowed all night and the city was chaos. We saw the heavy, wet snow take down trees from the warmth of Joshís place, one of which took out the phone lines to the building. The power was out and there was a pretty constant sound of sirens echoing through the city. Letís wait this one out for a day.

As Josh had gone to work, our buddy Wonger picked us up to go for lunch. Something Asian inspired, Colin had texted. Well, I ended up having the best Pho of my life thus far, including both soft tendons and tripe which were new to me.

Back at Josh's place I snapped a quick shot of a world map he had on the wall and with a little photoshop magic drew a rough route south

That night brought on beers and pizza and eventually a hike up Nose Hill to overlook the city. And drink more beers, of course.

Current Ride: The Somewhere Between - KLRs to Patagonia

Past Ride: The Somewhere Between - Fly and Ride

2006 KLR650
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jkdwings OP
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Location: Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Oddometer: 120
We awoke on what was now day 3 in our cozy little apartment and began the slow gathering of our belongings. It still wasnít hot out, but it also hadnít snowed another 10 cm overnight. Our lovely friend and host, Josh, had left for work already that morning so our departure was made a bit interesting. In order to lock the door to his place we elected to climb off the balcony and jump down; I imagine if anyone saw us they would have called the police.

Our departure should have been simple enough after we stopped at the Chinook Centre and I purchased the little tablet/ultrabook Iím currently typing on. It was a purchase I had meant to make before leaving, but then decided I would wait to save some money taxes in Alberta. Anyway, it should have been simple, but after trying to adjust my chain in the underground parking, we found it was completely shot. Well shit, itís day 2 of riding and I already need to replace my chain. Turns out I didnít have another few thousand miles of life left on it.

I limped the bike over to Blackfoot Motorsports where I forked out for a new chain and a chain breaker tool that neither of us had, and proceeded to change it in the parking lot out front. That chain breaker pushed the rivets out like buttah! One of the mechanics there was nice enough to let us use his torque wrench for the rear axle as well.

With the new chain, Mitzi was a dream to ride again and we pointed south. Colin was leading this leg and we managed to miss the exit we wanted so I pulled over onto the shoulder before it was long gone. There was a ditch a couple hundred feet across between us and the exit we wanted, so when I saw a break in the traffic I cut across it. As I came up the other side, aiming between the wooden posts that lined the road I saw a sight that terrified me but had no time to do anything about. There was a thick steel cable run between all the posts that I hadnít seen blended into the color of the asphalt and before I knew anything it clotheslined my forks between the wheel and high fender. WAM! I got very intimate with my tank as the bike slammed to a stop and toppled over tangled in the cable. Shaking myself out and picking up Mitzi I couldnít help but think what an idiot I was.

Finally having made it out of the city we rode a couple hundred miles along the great number 22 and then the Crowsnest Pass towards Fernie. As we descended into the valley for the last 60 miles or so the snow began to disappear and the temperature rose pleasantly. We were greeted in the by our good friend Kevin as we rolled into town and promptly had beers in hand.

We spent the next three days hanging out in Fernie with friends, both new and old. Kevin took us on some killer rides up logging roads to summits, a rope swing over a lake, and waterfalls. He rides a DR-Z400E that he just bought back in the spring - that bike is wicked.

A Hang Gliding Platform from atop a mountain

Colin, Kevin, and I after a killer ride to summit a mountain

We found a little incline to shoot some photos off of

We climbed down to this waterfall on the ride back down the mountain

Had to climb up behind the waterfall, of course

We played disc golf with a big group one evening, drank beers, enjoyed some of BCís own, played forest for a night, rode some killer bike trails, and drank some more beers. Kevin loves to cook and so do both Colin and I, so we made meals ourselves every day. We did sushi one night with some salmon he had been given from a recent trip to the coast and it was phenomenal. Even as I woke up at 4 in the morning and puked my guts out, it was still worth it. Apparently we had given ourselves a bout of food poisoning. Well, Kevin and I anyway, Colin seemed unaffected.

Some delicious beer we drank once or twice...

I took my camera out for a while when we were "playing forest"

The two dogs we stayed with. Best cuddle buddies around

The sushi that was totally delicious and worth the food poisoning

Fernie is the coolest place Iíve lived and I visit anytime I can. Iíll end up there again one day, but until then, the fairly regular visits will have to suffice. Iím a bit scared of not having a winter snowboarding season this year; I think Iíll go through a pretty bad withdrawal. Or maybe Iíll be too distracted by beaches and jungles and mountains down south and wonít even think of home. I doubt it, though.
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2006 KLR650
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jkdwings OP
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The day started at a slow, relaxed pace, as I like. It was Monday morning and we had decided to leave my paradise named Fernie with our eyes set for the coast. Colin was his normal morning self, getting up and ready for the day before Kevin or I thought of moving. Coffee was on, which was reason enough to get up; that was a motivational tool he used often.

Kevin had a few days off work and decided he was going to join us for this first day of riding and a night of camping at a lovely little place called Fletcher Falls, just north of Ainsworth Hot Springs. His model E DR-Z didnít have bags of any sort so he filled a backpack with a sleeping bag and mat and we were off.

Our first planned destination was Creston to take in the Kokanee brewery tour, and with our late start to the day, we were shooting for the second last tour. Shortly after Kev filled his stock tank with gas in Cranbrook we were sailing west again, with a tight possibility of making the tour. Not more than 5 km out of the city, however, I had to pull over. I felt a sensation that I had experienced once before at highway speeds where my back end just started feeling greasy on the pavement. Over a matter of ten seconds or so it got worse and worse and I knew I had a flat.

To the side of the road with Kevin following, I went and got quickly to work finding a piece of wood to prop under my right-side footpeg. I had the wheel off by the time Colin had realized we werenít behind him anymore and came back looking for us. Now the tough part Ė breaking the bead. I used the kickstand of the DR-Z and the heel of my boot, along with Colinís weight and a lot of my cursing to finally break it free of the rim. Spooning the worn tire off the rim was next, followed by swapping the blown tube with a spare I pulled out of my pannier. Breaking the bead was one thing, now it was time to seat it again, and all we had was a small hand pump I had brought along; still needed to buy a little 12 volt compressor. I had it seated pretty well at 10 psi, actually, but it was miserable going after the plastic threads of the pump gave way and it wouldnít stay attached to the valve stem anymore. Fortunately we had other bikes, so a bit of rope to secure the wheel on the back of Colinís bike and I made my way back to Cranbrook to fill it at a gas station. Click, rumble, rumble, psshhtt, twist, twist, and I was moving again.

I struggled getting the wheel and all spacers, cush drive, sprocket, and brake lined up to slide the axle through, but with Kevinís help I got it all back together. We had now burned a bunch of time and had not only missed the tour we were shooting for, but were 10 minutes late for the last tour of the day. The kind lady working the desk said we could meet up with the group halfway through and she didnít even charge us. We missed the brew house and fermenting sections which I was most excited about having been making beer for the last several years, along with Kevin and Colin, but we still got the most important part of the tour Ė the free beer tasting!

After the tour in Creston we rode an absolutely amazing road along the east shore of the Kootenay Lake as far north as we could. The Ainsworth Hot Springs were on the west shore which we reached in the dark after waiting an hour for a ferry to take us across. Although I was hesitant to spend $12 on a resort hot springs, Colin talked me into it, and boy was it great to relax the body and muscles. Another 12 km or so up the west shore and we turned down a dark road at Fletcher Falls. We each filled a duffle with things weíd need for the night and hiked down a kilometer or so to the lake where we set up, started a fire, and enjoyed some more of BCís own under the magnificently starry sky. This happened to be where I learned I lost the mounting plate for my tripod, and so after setting everything up to shoot the stars over the lake, I couldnít.


e view from our campsite at Fletcher Falls

There were hundreds of Inukshuks covering the beach

Kevin left us in the morning, heading back across the Ferry and onwards to Fernie, and Colin and I had a very relaxing day. We made up some coffee, did some writing, took a nap, and packed up. It must have been at least 3 pm before we were moving on the bikes again.

Our Coffee setup while camping

Waiting for a ferry

We didnít make it far this day, but after taking another short ferry we followed a worker off to a small village called Edgewood where we camped on a pristine little lake for the night. Houseboats sat all along the shore where their habitants had a great view of some foothills in the background.

I slept with the fly open this night and this was my view in the morning

From Edgewood the next morning we continued westward on more amazing roads, leaning the bikes back and forth around curve after curve. I learned today that my tool tube was a bit wide and mounted a bit low as I felt it contact the ground around a few corners. The end caps on both sides were now ground a bit flat; Iíll have to keep that in mind in the future.

In Vernon we stopped to check out the National Army Cadet Training Centre and got a bit of a guided tour from a fellow KLR owner who happened to be the Sergeant in charge of the base in the off season. It was a neat little experience as we both work with the Cadet program and had never been out this way before. We carried onwards again with our sights set to ride the Sea to Sky, highway 99, from Lilooet to Whistler. That road is killer! The speed limit is only 60 km/h which should tell you how twisty it is, and how fatal the falls would be off of a corner. The bikes handle it great at speeds a bit higher than Iíll specify.

We got into Whistler with some rain and soggy boots and I took us to a little spot I knew we could camp for free in the woods. After setting up we met my friend Alissa on a bus heading into the Village to go have a few drinks at a bar. A lovely visit was had that night with her and her boyfriend and we made our way back to our totally legal campsite for the night. Weíre so close to the coast we can taste it now.
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off the grid and deep in the woods
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Great start to a cool RR. Let's hear more!
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jkdwings OP
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I woke this morning feeling rather content with the sleep I had, even with the pitter-patter of rain hitting my tent fly all night. My little campsite was under some good tree cover and Colin actually slept in thinking it was still dark and early morning; my plan had worked! We packed up our little site and made our way back north to Whistler Village to walk around and do the touristy thing for a bit. This whole area had been massively built up for the 2010 Winter Olympics and while it was still busy with downhill riders a few weeks back when I visited, we had now fallen into the shoulder season. There were so many shops around, and restaurants, and bars, and cafes, and most of them were quite empty. Things will pick up again in a month or so when the snow begins to hit. Whistler really is a beautiful place, albeit a bit touristy for me, but I could see myself doing a summer season out here biking.

I guess I didn't see this sign the other night...

Gondola Selfie

After a walk around the village still wearing my riding pants, rain liner in, I was sweating pretty well. Back at the bikes in the middle of the market we sat on a curb and made some wraps with unrefrigerated, sweaty cheese, and lettuce that was questionable at best. Dragging on a rollie, some folks shot us suspicious looks; this was more my style.

This insane house resides in the Brio area of Whistler

We rode back to the south side of town where I took Colin up a pretty knarly logging road to Loggers Lake where I had a killer thrill lined up for us. We hiked along the lake until we came to a real sketchy looking platform about 5 meters above the ground. With the base on a steep bank the platform was a good 10 meters or so above the water. The rope was only accessible using a long grabbing stick and hanging precariously from the edge of a tree by the water, then pulling it up and climbing the single-nailed steps up the tree with one hand and onto said sketchy platform. Oh, did I mention that we also had a run in with a wild fire? Iíll come back to the rope swing in a minute.

As we hiked around the lake a bit to get to the base of the rope swing we saw smoke Ė that shouldnít be. It looked like someone had a fire here the night before and didnít do a proper job of putting it out. Never mind the fact that there was a fire ban and there shouldnít have been a first the first place, but come on, clean up after yourself. There was no flame, but two meters or so in diameter was smouldering and spreading. It must have been a good sized fire for a long while as the heat was really deep in the roots. The base of a nearby tree was burnt and smoking as well.

We didnít have anything with us to fight the spread so I got on the phone with BC Wildfires and Colin sought help from some hikers on the other side of the lake. It turned out to be a mountain guide and his two guests. The guide pulled a sil-nylon tarp out of his day pack and we climbed down the bank to fill it with water. It was quite the haul up the steep, dirt bank before dropping the gallons on the burn. Man, that heat was deep. We must have dumped fifty gallons of water and it was still hot and smoking, but at least not spreading anymore. While waiting for someone to come take over the situation Colin and I took the opportunity to take the rope swing for a spin.

The rope swing was mad. Hereís what I wrote about it when I was out here a few weeks back:

ďOne step at a time, I climb, climb, climb. Iím told itís a bad idea, but I donít listen. I said I needed some liquid courage, but really just wanted a beer on this glorious August day in a slice of paradise. And although this is a slice, the whole pie is here too, just a short jaunt away. I grab on and now I start thinking this is a bad idea. But I have to do it. Iíll be pissed if I donít. And I want to. I step to the edge, heart pumping fast. One step further and thatís it. It all goes by so quickly, and next thing I now I scream past a tree not two feet away. I hit the bottom of the arc, but keep holding on. I want to hold on forever, but I know I must give in. I must succumb to the natural forces or I will be sorry. I let go. A glimpse of the tail flashes and my mind panics, but then itís gone quicker than the time I saw it for and my mind canít keep up. I feel it on my feet first and then I have an overwhelming need to do it again. I climb back up, step by step, and I get to that fateful edge again. I wanted to get up there again so badly, but now that Iím here, I get that all too familiar feeling of terror again. But I love it, and again, I take that last step.Ē

After drying off and donning our riding pants again we rode back down the hill to meet Alissa for beers at the Whistler Brewing Company that had been closed the night before. They make a really tasty beer, with their Black Tusk being one of my favorites of all time.

We had another good, albeit short visit before Colin and I had to make our way to Van to meet his cousins for supper. Goodbye Alissa and Whistler, thanks for being great!
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Looks this is going to be a good report. Have fun you crazy bastards.
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jkdwings OP
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Originally Posted by Johnnydarock View Post
Looks this is going to be a good report. Have fun you crazy bastards.
Thanks, Johnny! I really enjoy putting this report together, although I am a bit behind as can be seen from the up-to-date location in my first post. I'm trying to catch up a bit in the next couple days while hanging at a friend's in Prescott, so there should be more updates soon!

Best regards,

Mustachioed Jason
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Nice trip. youre living the dream of a lot of us... one day maybe i will have my big big trip. for now only work has a truck driver. i own a KLR650 too. i live in tijuana mexico and my borther live in san diego CA. if need anything let us know,...

Saludos safe.
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borscht zanetti
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We said our goodbyes to Alissa and Whistler and began our ride to White Rock to visit Colin’s cousins for dinner and a few days. A few things should be noted at this point: both of our rear tires were pretty shot, my rear brake was not working at all, and in typical west coast fashion it was raining. We were traveling pretty slowly on the 99 as Colin’s rear tire was getting squirrely cornering on the wet pavement, but we were still on pace to make it for dinner. Colin was in the lead at this point and took the exit off the highway that we needed; I was right behind him and had front row seats to what happened next. He was slowed down pretty well, going maybe 25-30 km/h I figure, and the exit ramp had a slight curve to it. Turns out it was enough of a curve and he braked a bit hard perhaps and I see his back end go back and forth and then just like that he’s sliding off the road into the ditch.

I braked, although not too hard after seeing what happened to him and pulled off onto a boulevard just past. I quickly ran off my bike, headphones being ripped out of my phone as I had forgotten to unplug them and Colin is standing. “You alright?” “Yeah, I think so. Can you help me pick it up?” We get his KLR up and on its side stand and assess the damage. The contents of his side cases were all over the ground and the Pelican case knock-offs were in a million pieces.

Colin looking a bit maniacal after his spill

After riding our bikes across the road into a parking lot we put his gear back on the bike as well as we could with some rope and him wearing one of the backpacks that were in his side cases. Good as new! Well, maybe not, but it’ll get us the last 40 km to his cousins’. Traffic going through Vancouver was backed up like mad due to construction on a bridge and my bike began to overheat as the rad fan was not working. We eventually made it to White Rock, even after breaking the rules and wearing sunnies in the tunnels. We parked in the garage at Frank and Tammy’s next to a killer looking TE449 and went inside to a late, heated up dinner due to our being so late; it was delicious!

A few days were planned to kick around the Van area with our lovely hosts, but after mention of going out boating on Sunday we decided to extend our stay until then. Vancouver and the surrounding area was great. After the next day spent relaxing around the house, catching up on some writing, relaxing, and laundry, we went out for sushi with the family; we didn’t even get food poisoning this time!!

The next day, which was a Saturday, Colin and I went downtown with his cousin Mark to check out the area. I really dig the downtown area of Vancouver and had a blast walking along the water.

An old steam clock in Gastown

I couldn't not take a picture of a pink double decker

Colin and Mark walking downtown Van

Taken from across the bay. Like all my images, click on it for the full-res. This one is huge.

Free Willy!!!?

There were tons of seaplanes taking off just offshore

I had to wait quite a while to get this shot without the chase boat in it

The marina downtown Van

Something out of a Bond flick?

We eventually made it to Stanley Park where Mark’s sister Rebecca joined us and we took a nice stroll through before heading for a microbrewery and then a diner for supper. We had some fantastic jars of beer at 33 Acres Brewing and great burgers at Lucy’s Eastside Diner.

Colin, Rebecca, and Mark walking Stanley Park

Tons of Totem Poles in Stanley Park

I though this was the Little Mermaid at first, as in Copenhagen, but it's a diver chick

Again, lots of seaplanes flying around

There were many gardens in Stanley Park

Colin, Mark, Rebecca, and myself at 33 Acres Brewery

Colin at the Diner

Colin, Mark, myself, and Rebecca at Lucy's Diner

Figuring it was too early to call it a night we made our way to Rebecca’s place downtown to enjoy a bag of wine and watch a Tarantino flick, Jackie Brown.

With the movie complete, Colin, Mark, and I wandered downtown for a couple hours with paper cups and our trusty bag o’ wine, missing buses and just walking large distances instead of waiting for the next one. We eventually made it to the bus terminal we needed to connect back to White Rock and what happens to be there? A casino! Well, that can only be a good idea at this stage, so in we went making sure we only lost money until the last bus of the night would arrive.

Mark, Colin, and myself wandering downtown with our bag o' wine

I saw this sweet NSX and had to get a shot

Anyone need some advice?

I woke in the morning feeling a bit under the weather, but motivated by the idea of going boating today! Colin was up too and we had breakfast; strangely Mark wasn’t up. I guess we had a bit too much wine last night… I felt really bad as he’s pretty big into wake surfing and boarding, but he wasn’t up for coming out on the water. Out at the lake Rebecca first showed us how to wake surf before Colin gave it a try and then I did. It was so much fun! You start out with a pretty short tow rope, get up, get in front of the wake, and then let go of the tow rope being pushed by the wake instead of pulled by the boat. That’s the idea, anyway. Colin and I both struggled the first ways to stay ahead of the wake. Oh, and you’re not binded into the board in any way, you’re just standing on top. Regardless of our lack of skill at it, it was killer fun and I can’t wait to try surfing as we head south.

Rebecca killing it, showing us how to ride the wake

Falling is part of the sport, I think

Colin's first attempt on the surfboard. I love that look on his face!

Colin's got the form now!

And without the Rope!

It was an unbelievable place to be riding!

The wakeboard got pulled out a bit later and I was back to what I’m used to.

[i]Colin showing us how to ride in style[i]

The whole day was amazing and we were so fortunate to get to go out on the water for what would probably be the last nice day of the summer. A huge thanks to Frank, Tammy, Mary, Mark, and Rebecca for the lovely weekend and hospitality!

Tammy, our lovely host for the weekend!

Frank, our host and boat driver extraordinaire

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Wow he obliterated that pelican case hahaha

Looks like a great ride so far!
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What day did you leave? And why didn't you come to Colorado?! You know what we have in Colorado, besides great beer?!
08 KLR 650
Originally Posted by Misery_Goat
Everyone should be so lucky as to be able to ride a motorbike through the Himalayas.
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Roddy boy
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Met you three amigos while waiting for the ferry at Crawford Bay. I was the guy riding the newer KLR, my wife was on the little Suzuki. We hope your ride is going well. Enjoy your adventure
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