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Old 09-24-2013, 02:07 PM   #16
Hurricane Harry
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Originally Posted by liviob View Post
You fellas think this bike has ABS? If so can it be disabled?

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The ABS operates similar to the ABS system in any vehicle. If there is a fault in the ABS system, the module shuts off the ABS and the vehicle/bike can operate normally without the assistance of ABS. Unless something godly wrong; an ABS fault should never put you down.
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Journey not Destination
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Originally Posted by liviob View Post
He says he has a muffler for it but its not installed? He says he removed it to install a full size paneir. He says the cat is nearly as quiet as the muffler installed.
That is true.

Many of that model ran an undersea exhaust with the Jesse Luggage system. That was basically a pipe from the CAT up under the seat.

The "exhaust" was from a Germany company Hattech near Stuttgart (if I remember correctly - IIRC ....took me the longest to figure out that acronym). I don't think Jesse sells them anymore but Hattech is still around. I was on the site a couple of weeks ago.

I had one while in Germany. Loved it. Loved the full bag size. From the sounds of it, he just has a shorty pipe off the CAT and not the undersea route. A bunch of folks ride them that way. If you don't plan water crossings it won't be an issue and the bigger bag is a good thing. Noise should not be an issue.
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Old 09-24-2013, 04:40 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by liviob View Post
You fellas think this bike has ABS? If so can it be disabled?
bike in ad has abs rings.
BMW abs works very well, nice to have.
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Old 09-24-2013, 05:33 PM   #20
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This is from the Gspot FAQ

7.3 I'm buying a used bike - what to look out for?

The Gspot FAQ:

My shorty pipe. The PO is correct in saying the bulk of the sound deadening is performed by the cat/collector. We measured the sound with and without and it was about 2 dB louder.

Here's mine, 36,000 miles or so without a hitch:

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Ginger th wonder dog
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Originally Posted by liviob View Post
So there is no muffler on this bike? Photo shows no muffler
What is HES senser? The HES detects crankshaft position and provides this information to the Motronic 2.4.
How do you check clutch thickness and splines? Remove the starter motor and inspect.
This is a dry clutch? Yes
As previously suggested, take a BMW GS savvy friend with you to inspect the bike.
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long strange tripper
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I would add to get the rear wheel off the ground and check for lateral play with your hands at 12 & 6, then 9&3. There should be none!
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liviob OP
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Originally Posted by def View Post
Check list;

Since you're not BMW savvy, I would take someone with you who is.

1- Rotors and brake pads
2- Tires
3- HES sensor
4- Fuel system maintenance (filter, rubber tank lines).
5- Clutch splines
6- Clutch disc thickness
7- Engine compression
8- DOT4 changed
9- OE rubber brake lines lines replaced
10-ABS equipped? ?If so, operational?

If these check out OK, then, go for a ride...not some WOT nightmare but a slow ride in each gear at about 3500RPM. Listen and feel. Is everything OK?

Report back.

BTW, where is the muffler? Ask for it!
Thanks, you fellas have been very helpful. Unfortunatly I dont know anyone who is familiar with these Bikes so i went and took a look at it solo. The owner was very helpful and answered all of my questions to the best of his ability. He did just recently replace the front brake hoses with steel braided lines. They need to be bled there is a little air still in them. I can perform that service work. Considering all that was said between my two double posts i feel like i got a fair buy. The bike is clean with some minor service work to perform. He does keep fresh oil in the bike, but i think i might change all of the fluids so i know they are fresh and from what date. I was able to get all of the accessories shown in the add with the bike for $5500. I did ride the bike and i can touch the ground flat footed. The bike rides well and sounds fine. Everything seems to work as it should with the exception of the front brakes needing a bleed.

1- Rotors and brake pads: They look good. The rear pads need to be replaced. What brand and type is recommended? I have used EBC red pads with good success on my dirt bike. I believed they are sintered.
2- Tires: Look good. They are the 50/50 tires.
3- HES sensor: He didnt know what this is so it didn't get checked.
4- Fuel system maintenance (filter, rubber tank lines): Still needs to be checked. No leaks though.
5- Clutch splines: Did not get checked.
6- Clutch disc thickness: Did not get checked.
7- Engine compression: Did not get checked, but seems fine. Plenty of torque.
8- DOT4 changed: Did not get checked. Is Dt 4 standard in these bikes?
9- OE rubber brake lines lines replaced: Replaced
10-ABS equipped? ?If so, operational?: Yes to both.
11-Modifications? He has added some wiring to accommodate the accessories he shows in the add. At a glance it seems ok, but I will need to clean this up.

Edit:This morning I took a hold of the back wheel at top bottom & front back and push pulled on it and noticed a tiny bit of play. When i test rode the bike the chassis would sometimes wiggle under acceleration. I thought the wiggle might have been caused by the concrete road surface, but after discovering this i believe this is the cause of the wiggle. Is it difficult to change out the bearings in the rear wheel spindle assembly? I did ask the owner about this wiggle and he said that he had not noticed it before when riding the bike.

liviob screwed with this post 09-25-2013 at 06:57 AM
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liviob OP
Studly Adventurer
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Thanks BobbySands. I will look there.
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The bike you are looking at is in need of some care, but otherwise really looks solid. And the price seems right.

I just bought (4000.00) a 1997gs1100 who didn,t see much dirt with 73000klm and I'm going true the same process.

One nice things about these bikes is you can do most of the maintenance yourself if not all. With the Clymer/Haynes manual some tolls and your brain marvelous things will happen

SS Brake line coming, brakes are ok
HES sensor to be checked for dry wires
relub all that is to be relub
Fluid change all over
Bought engine swmotech protection and hard part(specific to gs11)
New Big Block tires
Installed my gps and a vista cruise
And other goodies.

My k16gt stays in the stable a bit more but when I take it out it's a blast !
Best regards
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Old 09-26-2013, 02:11 PM   #26
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Just last week I purchase an or, same color, milage and condition with street tires for $4500 in San Diego. But it has the Hepko panniers (sides/top) which I think came from BMW. The PO did not do much service in the last 8K miles, but I managed to do most of the important ones myself. The one thing I'm skeptical to do is the Complete ABS system flush. Make sure to check the lateral rear wheel movement like mentioned from another poster here. You have a good buy here and enjoy the ride.

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