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Old 10-17-2013, 04:42 PM   #16
Joined: Jan 2013
Location: Central MN
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More Please! Great report, thanks for sharing!
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Old 10-18-2013, 11:01 PM   #17
PDX Alamo OP
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Talking June 6th Yukon or Bust!! 296 miles Dease Lake, BC to Teslin Lake, YT

Pack it all up , eat our Oatmeal and instant coffee, and say goodbye to the Tazmanian family wishing them luck on their adventure. We also offer some tent space for them if they ever make it by Portland way . Hit the road and swung by Boya lake where I had wanted to camp. Beautiful spot and looks like a great place to spend the night.

Hope Lake wasn't bad either, I’ll let the pics do the talking here as we leave British Columbia behind us.

We made it to the Yukon and you can see how horrible the weather is there, wow look at that sky!!

Had to backtrack a bit at the Alaskan Highway intersection to hit Watson Lake for some food and supplies. They have a first rate grocery store there and home to the sign forrest. Lunch was at “A little Taste of Home” and it was deeeelicious. We planned on stopping and checking out the sign forrest but our buzz by at 40 mph seemed to fill our need for sign forrest desires. Slapped a Yukon sticker on my Pannier , subsequently flew off a day later and now time for the road. We got a bit of construction through the Yukon, but it wasn't to bad at all

Right outside of Tesllin a beautiful view from the overlook and one long metal grid bridge to cross. Grabbed some supplies at the gas/grocery store and were recommended a Yukon campground about 5 miles out of town. Teslin Lake was pretty nice place to be and cheap. Here is a link to a map of all the campgrounds in the Yukon (

Grabbed a lakeside spot and met a fella from Minnesota on an old Concorde who had his Fed ex employee ID number stitched into his seat and affixed to his helmet. It was a running joke amongst his friends that took on a life of its own. He was wearing a bright blue Aerostitch suit so since we always forget names immediately after we meet people he was known as Mr. Blueberry. Mr. Blueberry was putting down some serious miles and a hell of a nice guy. He gave us several recommendations on places to go and see and even offered a free pair of ratchet straps. I would have loved to take them but couldn't fit an ounce more on the bike.

A bit later I walked over to grab some more water out of the well and saw that Mr. Blueberry was laying flat on the picnic table with a blue tarp on top of him. I had to do a double take but that I suppose that was his tent. Man thats hardcore minimalist camping, makes me feel like I have overpacked yet again.

We planned on a campfire but were to tired to bother, off to sleep in the bright sunlight with a beautiful lake in the background.

In case anyone was wondering I don't keep nutty financial records of my trip I used my Capital one card for everything, ( only credit card with no foreign transaction fee)

Camping $12
Lunch $33.
Gas $28
Gas and groceries $40
Total $113
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Old 10-19-2013, 07:15 PM   #18
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Yippy Skippy

Glad to see a post. Another good one. How cold was it at night ? Trying to figure out the right sleeping bag.
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Old 10-20-2013, 01:10 AM   #19
PDX Alamo OP
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Originally Posted by terrapinneck View Post
Glad to see a post. Another good one. How cold was it at night ? Trying to figure out the right sleeping bag.
We worried about the same thing , it was chilly but not anything to bad. I had a Big Agnes 15 degree encampment bag and it was awesome ! I also used a Nemo astro insulated sleeping pad and I slept like a champ. I think nemo has a new bag which is a modified mummy so it might save save space over the Agnes. Make sure you bring a Stocking cap , Bennie , watch cap or whatever you call it where you live and use it at night. I slept better with this set up on the road than at home. Just because your camping doesn't mean you have to sleep bad. That night we had ice on the tent but the 15 degree bag was perfect and that's sleeping in a t shirt and undies.

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Old 10-26-2013, 12:08 PM   #20
PDX Alamo OP
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Location: Portland, OR
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Laugh June 7th Where’s my peoples spray? 263 Miles Teslin Lake to Destruction Bay

Wake up and begin our super slow starts as always, usually not on the road until after 10 and usually the last to leave the campground. Hey we are on vacation I have enough schedules at home. Start rolling and the scenery just starts getting increasingly more awesome as we get closer to Alaska.

I thought my lady may have had her fill of no showering and tents so contemplated getting a hotel in Whitehorse and exploring the city. I ran that idea and she wasn't to interested in it. Great !!!! because I didn't want to but thought that was the gentlemanly thing to do.

Pulled into Whitehorse and my a slight detour to check out Miles Canyon, that took 5 minutes. I guess pimping was big back in the day since there was a large sign warning Ho’s that Danger was ahead.

We were both irritated as we pulled into Whitehorse since the peaceful isolation away from people. Im not knocking Whitehorse it’s just not our cup of tea since we have no desire for homemade fudge, follies, or bedazzled shirts. We needed to grab some supplies at Walmart, mainly HEET for our Alcohol stove and some food. I also picked up a AAA lithium battery for the Spot for a low price of $24 for 4 batteries!

I ended up at the Canadian Tire for the HEET and grabbed a Sterno can to try that for cooking, ( Sterno doesn't work for cooking at all, not hot enough).

I think any trip to Walmart in any city would irritate me but my lady came out looking frazzled exclaiming “Where’s my peoples spray”, ( A term stolen from LittleWan ride reports). We want to go back in the woods please, after grabbing some lunch at Klondike Rib and BBQ and throughly being disappointed with that $47 meal of two sandwiches and one beer it was time to get the F out. The expression on my face is probably from the crap food and huge bill.

I gave the bike a rinse on the way out of town as it was getting pretty nasty looking and off we go to Destruction Bay for a campground with showers, we were pretty ripe at this point.

On the way we saw a mama grizzly with her two cubs on the side of the road. As we passed by one of the cubs stood up to say hello, very cool. My lady said “I didn't get a good picture drive be again”. I thought this was a bad idea since mama was with her babies but I did it anyhow 2 more times. Pictures are taken in mythical Bigfoot style , sorry.


Crap! Destruction bay was gorgeous we stopped several times and marveled at the scenery.

We pulled into Cottonwood RV Park and I am usually skeptical of private rv parks as they are usually just a parking lot. This one had top notch tent sites right on the lakes edge. It also had good wifi and no time limit hot showers, ahhhhhh

After some much needed grooming we sat down to cook dinner, I had told me lady to grab some canned chicken and rice at Walmart for dinner. I started my man duties of opening the can with my military can opener and “Chicken Flakes, what the fuck is a chicken flake” I looked at her and asked why she bought Chicken flakes? “Thats just what they call it here, it’s Canada. Its like any canned chicken.”

I explained that flakes are the scrapping of chicken bits and leftover crap on the cutting room floor, I opened the can up and actually gagged as it was pink paste in a swirl. I dubbed it chicken toothpaste she called it chicken pate. Well thats all we have to eat so we’re eating it and If anyone can make chicken toothpaste taste good it was my lady, she’s the best cook ever.

Well dinner wasn't bad but when you got a chunk of gelled chicken paste you knew it...yuck.

Clean, full of chicken toothpaste, and content it was time for bed. In the middle of the night it rained a little and the design flaw in my Half Dome Plus 2 tent caused a bit of leakage through a vent, but microfiber to the rescue and problem solved.

Campground $ 30
Lunch with a beer $47
Gas $ 15
Batteries and supplies $35
HEET stove fuel $15

Total $142
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Old 10-26-2013, 03:48 PM   #21
Let's Go!
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Operation AK13

Enjoying the RR and the pictures greatly. I'm planning a trip north next year and the information you have posted is really helpful. Thanks much.
BTW the chicken "pate" is a good source of vitamins and protien.
2008 Varadero
"When things don't go right; Go left."
TCAT Ride Report .
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Old 10-26-2013, 04:46 PM   #22
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Thumb Enjoying the report

I am subscribed. I am looking at making an Alaskan trek Summer of 15'. Great info. Thanks. (I do think I'll pass on the chicken toothpaste...)
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Old 10-27-2013, 12:13 AM   #23
PDX Alamo OP
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Welcome aboard

Glad y'all are enjoying it. I read dozens of these before my trip so I'm trying to write it like infotainment plus Ill do a gear review at the end. Sorry for the irregularity of my post but man these things take forever to write.
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Old 10-27-2013, 06:19 AM   #24
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$47 meal of two sandwiches and one beer it was time to get the F out. The expression on my face is probably from the crap food and huge bill
Exactly. I was in the Yukon in July. Felt like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking money out of my wallet after eating a bad tv dinner.
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Old 10-27-2013, 06:46 AM   #25
What's ******width?
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Great RR!
Which one of you FF's was it?...FOUNDER!

Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem
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Old 10-27-2013, 02:08 PM   #26
Formerly H20Pumper
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Thanks for posting another nice trip!
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Old 10-30-2013, 02:33 PM   #27
2 Dogs
2 Dogs
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Awesome report! Keep it coming
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Old 10-31-2013, 11:49 AM   #28
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loving your ride report...i'd better start saving $$$
2012 VSTROM ADV 650
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Old 11-01-2013, 10:20 AM   #29
PDX Alamo OP
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Wicked June 8th Alaska or bust! 225 Miles Destruction Bay to Tok Alaska

We woke up to an amazing morning and as we started boiling the water for coffee I began staring at the lake....What is that foam...What the hell is that? I head over to the edge to my surprise it’s giant chunks of ice washing up on shore. It’s a gorgeous sight. I had to grab a chunk or two, yes its mighty cold. It’s...well.. Ice.

After a good chain cleaning with a toothbrush we are off to Alaska

I did pass a guy on a crotch rocket loaded up with luggage and extra fuel bottles, much respect sir, ride what ya got.

The frost heaves were pretty ruff and at one point the lady bounced up pretty high and came unplugged from her jacket.

Saw a couple of cruiser guys who said they were having a rough time of it bottoming out non stop on the last bit of road before we got to Alaska.

Pulled into Buckshot Betty’s restaurant in Beaver Creek YT, nice place but my overpriced chick sandwich was comically small for $13. The waitress brought it over and sat it down. I think you forgot the chicken, I said, she apologetically replied “yea its kind of small, sorry”. This became known as the thumb chicken.

We made our final run for the border after meeting some nice people in the line for the road construction. I didn't stop at the famous Alaska sign as I was first in the line of cars and didn't want to be last in line. I regret that decision now.

Alaska!!! I couldn't remember the directions for the famous Thompson’s Eagle Claw Motorcycle park, luckily the first gas station I hit had some of her business cards on the wall.

We arrived at the Eagle Claw and its a first rate place that I think is a must on your trip up here. We were the only ones there though as we were hoping to meet some other adv riders. They have a cooking station, tools for the bike, and basically everything you need. Vanessa the owner said she made the place how she would have wanted it when she was touring.

We of course had to break out the bear masks, my lady even put on her Sunday best.

Made our self comfortable and rented a 4 wall tent for the night at $20 and made a great dinner. Vanessa arrived a short time later, what a nice host and wonderful person all the way around. Grabbed a few beers, made some real dinner, spent some time in the sauna, and slept very well. Tomorrow we head to Valdez which tuned out to be the one of the best rides of the trip!! Pictures a plenty.

Just a word on the money, yes its expensive and I am the type of person who has his fun meter and cost meter directly correlated. With that said I kept telling myself "You didn't go on this trip to save money" otherwise you will drive yourself crazy getting upset about the prices because their is nothing you can do about it, thats just how it is except maybe pack lunches.

Camping $20
Gas $55
Groceries $72
Lunch $37
Total $184
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Old 11-01-2013, 03:53 PM   #30
Gnarly Adventurer
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I'm gonna pack lunches, beer, and mosquito spray... thanks for sharing your trip !
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