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Old 11-04-2013, 05:35 PM   #31
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You are doing the speed limit, coming up on a flashing yellow that means caution, and you cant stop?

This is something to think about.
What do you think would have happened if you did not make it, loose a leg?

And there was no way to avoid this bad situation?
I always tend to think cars do not see me and try and be ready for when they do not.

If there is an intersection, and any cars are around, I roll off the throttle and plan for them to pull out.

Originally Posted by Izzo View Post
I was going about 55 on a 2 lane country road, coming up on a flashing yellow light- driver with a flashing red starts coming SLOWLY across the intersection like I'm not there. Can't stop, have to choose in front of car or behind- twist the throttle, I'm riding the white line, miss the front of the car (still moving) by about an inch. Don't know if it was a drunk or what. I don't get that pissed about little things anymore, because in that situation and a couple others my luck was good when I really needed it
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Old 11-05-2013, 06:03 AM   #32
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Did roll off throttle, glad I didn't slow more or I wouldn't have made it. To stop I would have to have slowed to like 20, and I don't know of anyone who rides like that.
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Old 11-05-2013, 08:33 AM   #33
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I have had two that really stand out. The first one was a few months after I started riding on the road. I had a Triumph Bonneville at the time, and I had been riding off road for almost 15 years at that point. I was coming up a long hill. I saw a white mustang approaching the intersection that I I was coming to. A voice in my head said, that asshole is not going to stop. I covered the brakes and backed off the throttle. Sure enough he came out into the road and then stopped in the middle. I needed to panic brake and came to a stop about two feet from hit door parallel to him. I was yelling and kicking, when he pulled away I saw that he would have a very large black scuffed dent in his door to explain to Daddy.

The other was just a few weeks ago. I was cruising along and a thought came into my mind that I hadn't seen any deer in a while. Sure enough about 100 yds down the road one jumped in front of me.

I guess I have a sort of 6th sense.
K1100RS, R75/6

Speed doesn't kill anyone, suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you - Jeremy Clarkson
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Old 11-11-2013, 10:58 PM   #34
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Every day in Kyrgyzstan

I live in the country of Kyrgyzstan. Here many people buy a drivers license but cannot buy ability! I had been without a bike for several years and really wanted to get back into riding. I found the prefect bike for the roads here and for getting back into riding, a 2008 KLR. I just bought the bike and was taking my new joy home to meet the wife. Driving down a one way road I meet the first of many idiots. This cool guy was driving head on at me, now this has happened while I was in my car too. Most of the time they will pull over to the side and let you by. Not this brain surgeon. He cut over across to my right going in front of me and across every lane of traffic. I had not been on a bike in years but was able to lock the back brake up bringing the bike sideways and then at the last second let off the brake and crank the front tire to the left and just passed his rear bumper clipping his trunk with the back rack on the bike.

This should have told me something!

During my first year on the bike I was almost squished between two small busses trying to compete for riders. Had a small porter truck pass me on the right, in my lane, while I had another car on my left. He found that he did not have enough room and moved in on me as if I was not there, slammed his mirror into his window and then he noticed me. Was turning left at a light and had a small bus fly up on my left and stop, was able to rest the bike on his door not dropping it, and then made adjustments to his mirror. Driving to town had a small bus passing in my lane on my right and the car passing on my left decided to come in my lane too. Kicked his door and he finally saw me. Traveling the speed limit going through a green light a supper smart idiot coming from the opposite direction pulls right out in front of me. Traffic is stopped ahead of him and he cannot go anywhere but can just sit in my lane. Cannot go around him for on coming traffic. Hit the back brake bringing the bike sideways but don't have any room to speak off behind him. A car moved over just enough and I hit the bumped with my crash bar and ankle. In Bishkek a near death or at least a bad wreck can happen every time I get on my bike.

That was all 2012. 2013 has been a rough year for me and for my bike. Worked all winter on my bike painting and repairing upgrading and tuning. Warm weather was coming and I was getting happy. One night I had to take a friend her keys. All I had to do was ride half a mile to the light and left for a block. Did not make it to the light and a drunk came over into my lane, I pulled over to the right and the more I pulled over the more he came into my lane. I was off the road and could go no farther plus I was almost stopped when he hit me. My crash bars ripped the front fender open making an opening for my leg. Then they stopped the bike and I flew over the handle bars hitting the windshield post with my forearm. Once I hit the ground I saw the rear tire coming at my head and was able to roll away as the car kept rolling for another 50 feet. You would think by this time I would get smart enough to stop riding. Messed up my left knee and broke my arm. Two weeks later I was riding my reserve KLR . See it is hard to get parts here so you need two bikes just in case.

I wish I could say that was the end of close calls. I will fast forward to the end of the riding season. We were in the mountains and I did let it get too late before I headed home. Came down the mountain okay. Got on the pavement and thought we are good now. It was 2200 hr and no traffic. I got up to the speed limit (60 kph) and then saw a white cow coming onto the road. First I slowed but he was already too close. Hit the gas and went to the right just in time to see the black cow right in front of me. Praise the Lord I did not T-bone him but did catch his head and his horn pierced into my left hand. Went down hard on the right and hurt my right shoulder, collar bone and a few ribs. The bike was okay and I road it home, just a little tough pulling in the clutch with a hole in the palm of my hand, all the way to white bone.

About two weeks after the cow I took my first ride; had to go to the funeral of a friend. He was riding a sport bike through town and a car made a left hand turn in front of him, crossing the double yellow line. He broke his brain stem and died two days later. I was riding to give my condolences. As I was pulling up to a red light a small truck jumped out in front of me and proceeded to make an illegal U turn. It is hard to write and explain all the details. This was a four lane road, I was in the left lane and it was clear all the way to the light. I was not passing cars in the left lane, was not speeding, and was not breaking any law. There were several cars in the right lane and this idiot was in the right lane. I covered the brakes, hit the horn, and rested the bike on the side of his truck. Did not drop the bike but it sure hurt my shoulder.

I have been told by many that this country is too dangerous to ride in. We have lost many bikers this year, nine just in Bishkek. Those are just the ones that died and that we know of. There are many more that have been hurt. One young man, just beginning to ride, was hit by a car and the last I heard he lost his leg. It is dangerous anywhere. When I bought my first street bike at 18 my mother made me promise to always pretend like I was invisible. For 33 years I play that game on my bike. It has saved me many times. I love riding and don't plan on giving it up any time soon. I trust in the Lord and trust He knows when my time is up. I just pray that I will not get hurt to the point that I cannot ride no more. If I do, I still have many wonderful memories of trip I have taken. We should not ride like an idiot. But also why take life so carefully as to arrive at deaths door safely?

Every day with the Lord is an adventure.
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