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Old 10-29-2013, 09:01 PM   #31
Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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The Beast Amoungst The Giants

I woke this morning to a fog so thick you could lose yourself in it.
Perfect Riding Weather I told myself and smiled happily as I pulled on my "extra layers", which have now become "essential layers" these last few days. I love riding in fog, or at night, there's something very primal about it. All your instincts scream at you to PULL OVER, STOP!! or SLOW DOWN!! You have to physically will yourself to turn the throttle and override any sence of self preservation you may have within you. The very thought of it gives me tinglies and makes my hair stand on end with excitement.

I was up and dressed before the sleepy little town I stayed in had a chance to wipe their eyes, yawn, scratch or roll over. I was going Giant Hunting!!!

I whispered the plan for the day to the Big White Beast and thumbed the happy button. She sprang to life with all the fury of a T-Rex that's just found out it's contracted the clap.
And we rolled out of town eager to see what the day would bring.


The Road twists and turns, meandering it's way slowly through the early morning mist, the condensation slowly growing ever more present on the outside of my visor till it's finally big enough to form a full drop of water which then trickles it's way around as the wind pushes the water out of my line of sight. My brain screams at me to slow down as I tear down the road through the Giant Redwood trees, hell bent on giving the big bike her berries. I was laughing in my helmet, terrified by what I was doing to myself, scaring myself senceless, I loved it. But I knew I wouldn't get away with it for long before I came short, so I pulled over to take a few photo's and then set off at a more sedate pace.

I loved the way the road would flow through the trees like a river, you'd go around a corner and your helmet would be inches from a 3000 year old tree that had stood rooted to the earth since before Christ had walked on it. That still blows my mind and I love the thought of it.

I was on the Avenue of the Giants till it petered back into Highway 101 where I once more headed North. I then took a turn towards a little town of Fernbridge. The bridge in this little town was built all by hand with no Machinery what-so-ever and officially opened in 1911. In the meantime many bridges have been built to replace "the old relic" but all of them have been washed away by the river when it swells. It kinda makes me think those folk that managed to get through highschool without google must know a thing or two

A picture of the bridge

I left Fernbridge and headed north on the 101 again. Fortunately for me the sun had come out and it was no longer as cold as a conversation with my ex-wife.

So I stopped at Humbolt Lagoon State Park to have a walk along the beach, sit in the sun and just relax for a minute. It was fantastic, I could have stayed there all day, next time I'm definitely bringing a fishing rod!

When I eventually left I wound my way towards the Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park. The road was fantastic and I loved it. Fast sweeping turns one after the other but there were a lot of other vehicles on the road and it was carriage way until I hit the 199. I turned off the 199 onto a little dirt trail and rode up it for a while until I was deep inside the redwood forest

When I got here I climbed off the bike and walked around for the better part of an hour, sipping water from my camelpak and just enjoying being where I was. I can't wait to come back here when it's warmer so I can camp!!! (I love camping oddly enough, I just don't like camping cold)

(sorry for the nostrils, they're the best nostrils I have )

I loved the way the moss hangs on the trees like a veil, it looks so mysterious and spooky to me. I was fascinated by it.

I found this cool looking stump that had been burnt out in a fire but still had a large portion of it standing, I named it "The Rocky Balboa Redwood"

It's so difficult to convey the size of these trees, I didn't manage to take a single photo that did them justice. The only thing I could find that would show how big they are was one that had fallen over. The out-house next to it is infact, right next to it, this is NOT an optical illusion or an error of parallax, that is the base of the tree next to and slightly further away than the out-house

I had walked around for almost an hour and time was once again slipping away from me, I knew I had to make it back to Garberville for the night in order to begin my return journey in the general direction of homewards. Reluctantly I donned my gear, I didn't want to leave, I wanted to stay with these ginormous trees, walk around, smell the moss on the ground and hear the old leaves crunch under my boots, but I had no choice, father time had rung his chime and I had to mount my trusty steed and point her in the right direction.

We'd found the giants we were looking for and now it was time to go.

One last look at the coastline before we make our way inland and onwards

Tonight I'm back at my little motel in Garberville, tomorrow I'm having a lie in and then heading to the next thing I've always wanted to see, I'm looking forward to getting there but it's a bit of a ride and I'm a little travel weary already so it's going to be a slog. Nothing for it though but to simply put my head down, grip the throttle, and put my elbow on the footpeg!!
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked
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Old 10-29-2013, 09:02 PM   #32
Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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Originally Posted by piratehood View Post
just wait til you start heading south on that PCH , its beautiful and full of plenty of twisties , and try to go through Malibu!!
There's something else I wanna see

I'll save the south bound PCH for next time, I may just have to burn that Thanksgiving Turkey as previously suggested
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked

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Old 10-29-2013, 09:27 PM   #33
I look lived in.....
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Good job on the RR. Great pics and description.
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Old 10-30-2013, 09:07 PM   #34
Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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California's Best Kept Secret

The dawn broke dreary and wet today, misty, overcast and full of foul intentions. I couldn't be stopped though, I had to press on to a new days adventure.

I thumbed my big white beasts starter at 08:30 this morning and she roared to life with her usual enthusiasm. We had a big day ahead of us and I fully expected it to be a mile by mile grind, each turn of the wheel subtly eating away at my impatience to get to my destination for the day.

What a surprise I was in for!!! It was an AWESOME days riding!!!!

I headed out of Garberville on the 101 and twisted the beasts throttle as much as I dared on the cold, wet surface of the road. I made a right turn on to California's Route 36 headed East and stopped at the first place I could find for a cup of coffee. It was so cold I could SEE my farts, I had to stop.

The little gas station looked beat up and run down and was in dire need of a lick of paint, but when I walked into the shop I got a pleasant surprise. It was very much updated and upbeat, belting out modern country tunes AND, they had Gourmet coffee (yes! with a capital G). Bridgeville's gas station (it's the only one) is a Super nice little place to stop.

Feeling fortified by the warm drink I pointed my wheels east once more and began the slow laborous task of eating up the miles, not five minutes out of town the road turned into a glorious, twisty, mountain road that snaked its way through Giant Redwood trees!!! This road was IMACULATE!! It put the alley of the giants I rode yesterday to shame and it carried on and on, twisting and writhing like a wounded snake as it wound it's way between these behemoths.

The posted limit for the road was barely attainable as I snicked my way up and down the gear-box. Rolling it on hard as I carved my way around the corners. My footpegs gently massaging the surface of the road in smooth controlled arcs, sliding along with all the grace of a figure skater on ice. There was no room to stop on this road and even less room for error. The trees packed so densely along the edge of the road that every decibel of the beasts 1200cc's reverberated off their bulk and beat me in the chest with all the finesse of a jack-hammer.

Route 36 is by far and large California's best kept secret. The surface of the road is as well manicured as the greens of St Andrews. Take care though if you travel it, the road calls to you, begs you to wick it up, "just a little more" "go on, you can do better, try harder this next corner" DON'T GET CAUGHT!! Very few of the corners are indicated and in the gloom of the forest, they're easy to misjudge.

I was on the road in the forest for more than an hour before there was a break in the trees where I could stop and wrap my head around what I had just experienced. I was no longer thinking about how cold my hands were, my breath had slowed to keep my visor from fogging and my vision clear, my heart was pounding as hard as it could and my adrenal glands were working in over-drive. By the time I pulled over it felt as though my brain had turned to jelly. What an experience!!! If you ever find yourself in that area, go ride that road, be careful though, you might not want to get off it

When the Redwoods end it's very dramatic. There is an eery openness as the world reveals itself to you with all the wanton abandon of a reunited lover, your brain assails your eyes at the over stimulation of visionary input and you have to blink hard to get used to the daylight before the next corner arrives. You've spent so long in the dark of the forest that the sunlight seems oddly out of place.

I thought the road would straighten out after the redwoods but it only gets more twisty as you're now on the side of a mountain. Steep, sheer drop-off's are the order of the day and you giggle in your helmet as you realize that the gods of motorcycling were definitely smiling when they made this road. The corners are perfectly cambered and there's so much traction you carve around them as if on rails. Heady and exhilarating are words not strong enough to describe the feelings evoked while blasting along this piece of the planet.

I found some "wildlife" too

A little way before"The 36" crosses over Interstate 5 at Red Bluff I saw the most awesome little off-road area to the South side of the road which made me wish I'd brought something a little more nimble with me. It's a good thing I didn't or I'd still be on the road though.

How's this for a "play-ground" !!!

After Red Bluff, I stayed on "The 36" heading East and couldn't believe the contrast of the road between the one side of the interstate and the other. the Western side had so much vegitation and greenery along the route and the Eastern had a lot less, for the most part, there are sections that are the exception to this on the Eastern side but nowhere near what the other side looked like.

The Eastern Side of Route 36, divided by Interstate 5.

As I headed into the Lassen National Forrest it started to REALLY get cold. The temperature plummeted with every corner and it wasn't long before I was shaking so bad I felt like I was dancing. I was riding through the pine forest with the crisp, cold air chilling me to the bone. The clean smell of pine needles reminding me of Christmas. I railed a corner and looked around me at the sights to be seen.

The sights I saw was SNOW!!! No wonder it was colder than my ex-wifes heart!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I haven't seen snow in YEARS!!!!

Little did I know at the time that I was going to be seeing a whole lot more of that before the day was through.

I left the Lassen National Park and drew a bead on my final destination of the day. I only had another 90 miles to go. I gave the beast her head, she flared her nostrils and galloped for the California/Nevada border at full tilt.
The last 90 miles was a straight rip down a dead calm highway surrounded by snowed in mountains. The Beast cut through the ice cold air like a chainsaw through butter and I arrived in Reno not 5 minutes after sunset, frozen to the core and supremely happy to be within striking distance of the next thing I want to see.

Just for interest sake, I had a full 10 hours and two minutes traveling time today and I also hit my 2 000th mile of the trip. Yayyy!!

A picture from the last stretch to Reno.
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked

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Awesome RR Keep it coming Sweety!!! I look forward to reading them every morning!!!! I wish I was there with you!!!
Have fun and keep safe!!!
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Old 10-30-2013, 11:19 PM   #36
Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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Originally Posted by schaffer40 View Post
Good job on the RR. Great pics and description.
Thanks Schaffer40, I appreciate you tuning in
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked
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Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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Laugh If American detours look like this, I wanna ride them all

I had a late start this morning. The temperatures were hovering around freezing temperature in Reno last night and my bed was warm and toasty. I wasn't getting out of it easily.

My seat was still frozen up at 09:00 when I went to go load the bike.

So I let her sleep for another minute while I went to go find some breakfast

When the last dregs of coffee had been had. The beast and I rolled out of town through the traffic of central Carson City like a posse of one and his trusty steed.

We were slabbing it to the Yosemite National Park!!!!! I couldn't wait to get there. The traffic was seeping along far slower than I wanted it to and I started to get a little frustrated with the people that believe wholeheartedly that their car is a phone booth on wheels (but that's a story of another nature better not put in here). That's life on the road I guess, everyone slower than you is an idiot and everyone faster's a maniac, what can you do?

I was in for a nice surprise when we left town though, just around the corner and over the hill awaits a most wondrous sight!!

Lake Topaz!!!

(yeah, sorry the picture doesn't do it justice. It's beautiful though, you should go take a look)

By the time I passed Lake Topaz I was freezing again as I'd been on the bike for almost two hours and the temperatures were still hovering not far above freezing. I managed to find a little dirt road going up the mountain on the opposite side to try to get a better picture of the lake and I followed this road for about 20 minutes till it petered out in a little clearing. I pulled off my ice cold gloves, whipped out my gas stove and made a nice hot cup of coffee to warm the body.
I loved the dirt road going up, it wasn't very challenging at all and it was nice to stand up and feel the bike moving around beneath me as the tires searched for the grip they needed to propel the beast and I up the slope.

When I got back to the road I knew I had to get my head down and do some miles or I wouldn't have any time in Yosemite. So, that's exactly what I did.
Until the road I was traveling on suddenly disappeared into a box canyon!!
What a stroke of luck!!! I couldn't believe it!! It's hard to think of anything other than the cold and discomfort of the ride when all you're doing is pinning it in a straight line down a strip of asphalt with no end in sight. That changed in hurry though, I was ripping through corners and concentrating hard to be smooth. Fast in, even faster out!!!! It was awesome. I stopped in a lay by to get a few photo's when I heard a stream rippling over some rocks near by and went to have a look. My "look" took a while cause I ended up clambering over the rocks and having a great time of it.

When I got going again I knew I was only about 40 miles from Yesemite and I was eager to get there.

I rolled straight through the little town of "Mono Lake" and made a right turn to take me over Toiga pass, 12 miles to the gate up a windy twisty mountain pass!!!

"Toiga Pass"

I rounded a corner as fast as I dared on the snow covered road to find a frozen lake staring straight at me from the other side of the road. It was so beautiful I had to pull over, I didn't care if the car I had just passed came back by me again. I was stopping come hell or high water.

I enjoyed the peace and tranquility at the lake, I stomped around in the snow for a while and was sorely tempted to make a snow angel
When I got to the gate at Yosemite, bitter disappointment awaited me, but right now, I din't know about it yet and the thought of it never even crossed my mind.

This is as close as I would come to seeing Yosemite, today

The road was closed because of the snow

I spoke to the park rangers at the gate, flashed them my national parks annual pass but there was no way around it.
As I was leaving, tucking my bitter dissapointment way down deep in my pocket, the ranger called me back!! He said to me "Hang on there a minute son, you can't get in here, but that doesn't mean you can't get in at all"
Great!! tell me how!!!

The park ranger gave me this map and said " the closest road is probably also closed because of the snow but the one North of that should be open. The only way I'd know is if I went and had a look.

I asked him how far the detour was and he said the close one is about a 6 hour drive

Slowly I drove back to town to go consider my options. I was throwing thoughts around in my helmet the way the Cardinals quarterback throws a football. In other words, I was all over the place and not getting the results I wanted.

I got to town and headed for the restaurant thinking I should get a room for the night and proceed to drown the sorrows of a ruined day in Budweiser when the waitress asked me "what's the matter hon?" So I explained my dilemma and she said, Oh, her brother works for the people that clear the road there, she'll find out for me. A little too eagerly I practically threw my cell phone at her and begged her to follow through. She promptly dialled his number and in less than a minute came back with an answer. THE ROAD IS OPEN!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!

I was out of there as quickly as I could pay my tab. Gone like a bad first date!!!!!

26 Miles later I found the road I was looking for

I saw the sign to Senora saying 82 miles and it left me doing a bit of a confused head scratch. Had I found a short cut?? The ranger said about 6 hours.

As it turns out, it's definitely about 6 hours by car cause that road is AAAAWESOME!!!!! It has got to be one of the twistiest roads I've ever ridden!!! It bob's and weaves, jinkes and jives like prize fighter doing his best not to get hit. It's got one elevation change after the other. Some of the corners feel like they go straight UP!! I was riding my beast hard to try make up time and it felt like I'd strapped myself to a home sick angel!!! It's 60 miles of immaculately paved twisties!!!!!
The gods of motorcycling were smiling again.

There's a lot of camping places next to the road and it's a very beautiful area with massive granite rock faces that would make any climber jump up and down with excitement. Most of the places are now closed for the winter though, and the road closes tomorrow for the season. I couldn't have timed it better. NO RV's Today!!! It's so, so difficult to get a good photo of the twisties though cause there just isn't a place to pull over where you need it. Okay, okay, you got me, I'm lying, there was place but I was just having too much fun and didn't wanna stop riding for the sake of a photo. (yeah, I know, I'm bad)

Close to the top of the mountain there was a stream I could see on my GPS. I stopped to go have a look and do a little more clambering in the snow. I had a great time up there but was eventually getting so cold I was using my teeth to scare away the fish they were chattering so hard.

I had a great time here messing about on the rocks in the snow.

From the top of Senora pass I was hauling the mail as fast as I could to try find a motel before it got dark. I pulled into "The Miners Motel" between Senora and Jamestown with just enough time to spare that I could dump my stuff and go find some beers before the last rays of daylight left the sky completely.

Whooo hoooo!!! I've got less than an hours ride in the morning in order to get to Yosemite
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked

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Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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Originally Posted by 750Volts! View Post
Go man go! We are all envious, Brian. You will be missed tomorrow night and certainly the topic of many a discussion. Stay warm brother. Ride safe and keep writing this awesome write up so that we know you are having fun and are doing okay, -Paul
Thanks Paul!! It's nice to see a familiar name here
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Love it. Can't wait to read the rest of the RR.

I took great care in observing the "unwritten man rule" of Never Look Another Man In The Eyes While Eating A Banana.
^^ That's really, really funny
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Easy Bonus Loop
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Major Medical
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Great job Brian, yup, jealous......
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Grandpa to 3
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Thanks for your great ride report. I've ridden many of the same roads, seen the same sights and felt the same emotions but could never put them into words as well as you have. The pics bring back a lot of memories too.
'07 DR 650
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The King of Analogies! Here's One I learned from you in Toroweap!

Man! Reading this RR while at work is making me about as useful as tits on a fish!

Keep up the good work! I'll be following along from now on.
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Welcome to Cali. Great report.
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we build, we fight
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good to see youre out having a great time. sucks that yosemete was closed! that is a great place.
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