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Old 12-19-2013, 08:58 AM   #76
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Got relaxed just looking at the photo. Very nice.
For the record, I hate snakes!

Admiral's Voyages
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Originally Posted by Rainbow007 View Post
Sherry you are doing an amazing job on the ride report. I know this is taking a lot of time and effort because you had at least 2000 pictures to go through and pick out only a few. To relive this through your RR brings back so many giggles and memories. The best AARP Gone Wild ~ BAJA Style ever

Barry just agree with me it will save time

Lee and Sherry you two are the best comardes to travel with

I can not think of anything to add yet to the report.

I did like that geritol comment earlier
Thanks Becky. I started with 1800 of my own pictures then when I got yours and Lee's that was about another 1800. Luckily Barry is a little more selective in his photo taking and was under 30 while Bruce didn't get caught up in that click happy frenzy. There were a lot of triplicates, a lot of blurry photos, thumbs and fingers.

Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
Pulpo (octopus) omelets. I don't know how good octopus in an omelet is, but it's great in a cocktel or fried in olive oil.

I have found quite a few places in Mexico that don't even bother to offer octopus to gringos (or else they leave it out of the seafood cocktels) because they are so aware that most of us won't eat octopus.

I ordered octopus in olive oil once and the wiater very politely asked a friend of mine, in Spanish, if he thought that I knew what I was ordering.
If it's called Calamari it's squid and thought of exotic and we like it. I'm thinking octopus would be the same as squid and I like squid as long as it has a fancy name. Like caviar which is simply fish eggs but called something fancy it changes things and it becomes a delicacy. If you call raw fish sushi it's great stuff but the same people wouldn't think of eating something called raw fish.

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Sweet!! Volvo Laplander, I just tried to trade my BMW for one.
It looks like it would be fun.

Originally Posted by TheAdmiral View Post
Got relaxed just looking at the photo. Very nice.
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During breakfast we talked about what the plan was for the day and we agreed it would be a kickback easy day of just messing around. In the afternoon we could take a ride down to the Valle De Los Gigantes and see the big cactus. We talked about picking up some water and Bruce mentioned going back to camp to relax and read a bit. We asked him if he could haul the water back on his bike and he agreed.

There goes Bruce headed for camp. Thanks for taking the water with you.

So far it had been a rough morning we watched the sunrise, walked to town, ate breakfast, bought water and now it must be siesta time.

Uh oh, I think I woke up Becky.

Ah heck she might as well be awake she wanted to find a long sleeved white top to buy so letís go shopping.
I think this place is catering to the Gringo market.

And bikers too.

Lots of things like this.

This store got our interest. Be Happy

Thinking of
CeeBee - Where is that guy?

There is a story with CeeBee "smuggling" vanilla over the border and becoming the Cake Baker.
Moving on



Barry and Becky in hot pursuit of the elusive long sleeved white top.


"Grass" skirt anyone?


Letís get a closer look at that white t-shirt.


Oooooooo I found me some new shoes.


Hey, whatís that? A long sleeved white shirt?



Lee helping Becky decide if she wants it.


Dang, I thought I got a picture of Barry teaching Becky how to negotiate the price down. The shirt started at 220 pesos and Barry got it down to 170 pesos and did the walking away thing to get the final price. There was the "she doesnít have that much money" type of negotiations, "too much", etc. Then after it was all said and done the smallest bill Becky had was 500 pesos and had to use that to pay. So much for "she doesnít have that much money"Ö.. Probably another one of those stories that's a lot funnier when you are there than afterwards.

We had lots of laughs during our shopping excursion and it was fun watching Barry negotiate. Heís good at it in the U.S. and even better in Mexico.
Time to walk back to camp.
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Lucky Rider
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Ladybug scores!!!

Great report, LB. I'm having a great time reading your most excellent report.
Ratman.......Pete .... My Solo Continental Divide Ride
....and of course, Luck beats good...
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Thank you Ratman. It looks like I need to take a look a the olden days in your sig line.
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We wanted to get a better look at those racing boats we saw on the way to breakfast. Barry was familiar with those long skinny canoe looking watercraft and told us they are called sculls. We discovered San Felipe has developed a winning sculling team.


The gate was open so we went in. Itís probably not a tourist attraction open to the public but the few people that were there didnít say anything and just smiled as we walked around checking out the sculls.


Many of the sculls were 30í long and those rowers carried them down to the water like they weighed nothing.


The rowers workout schedule. No wonder they can carry the sculls with ease.

Looking up into one of the sculls. Not very comfortable looking seats and the shoes are secured into the floor of the scull.

There wasnít much in English that I could find about the rowing team but I did find this: San Felipe Sculling Team. When I tried googling using the rowing team's name, Delfines de la Bahia, that brought up a lot but it was all in Spanish. I did find a mention about them in someoneís travel blog and they were described as very dedicated, up before dawn and practicing twice a day. While on our way to breakfast there was a young gal, maybe 16, stretching getting ready to go out. Barry tried to talk with her but she didnít speak English. She smiled sweetly and looked like she wanted to talk with us as much as we would have liked to talk with her.

This is the type of thing our goal for Baja was set on, seeing the things along the way and taking the time to really experience the things around us. It was too bad that Bruce missed this by heading back to camp but we had no way of knowing what we were going to be seeing along the way by walking. I was disappointed that Kootenai Rider wasnít able to be on this trip with us because I know he would have really enjoyed seeing the sculls and being able to watch the rowing team practicing while we enjoyed breakfast.
OK we really are going back to camp now.

Look at all those pelicans.

Some nice places along the way. Condos maybe?


The broken glass on top of the wall caught my eye.

The glass is embedded into the concrete and when I questioned it Lee explained itís their security system to keep bad guys from climbing over the wall and accessing the home.

We finally made our way back to camp and of course the fun doesnít stop. One thing led to another and Becky was going to take a test ride on Barryís CRF250.

There she goes. Careful Barry, your bike might not come back.

Itís about time we go for a rideÖ..
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Moto rider
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Nice RR Bug Sister! Enjoyed it very much from my couch.
Chapter 3 of my life...... with Faith, Hope and Courage!

Ride of my Lifetime...... Thread started 5/11/2011
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tony the tiger
yeah - what he said...
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Didja' get the sandals?
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Old 12-20-2013, 08:35 AM   #84
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Originally Posted by Radioman View Post
Nice RR Bug Sister! Enjoyed it very much from my couch.
Hi Mark,

I'm glad you found a few minutes to stop in and join us for our Baja fun.

Originally Posted by tony the tiger View Post
Didja' get the sandals?
The nice thing about being overly packed is there isn't room for anything else so no buying anything extra. I didn't buy the sandals but should have just for laughs.
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We suited up and headed out for a ride. It was nice being able to ride without the bikes so heavily loaded.

On the way out of San Felipe we passed one of the many buildings started but not finished.

Bruceís GPS showed a route out of town that followed the water so we were following it. This looks fun.




What the GPS didnít show us was the road goes into a housing area and there is a big sand dune between this road and the highway we needed to get to. That didnít matter because it was fun following the road to see where it went. Time to turn around and try again.

Letís stop for a photo op.

Letís get the riders in there.

How about one with me in it?

After I saw those pictures I wished I would have pulled out my tripod and got one with all of us in it. We werenít in a hurry but I was still in the "donít waste time" mentality. It takes time to really get where I donít feel like I need to rush when Iím with other people.
Back out we go.

Back through San Felipe.

And we are on the highway. Where we were earlier is over there to the left a ways.

Thereís that sand dune I was talking about.


The vultures say it all.

Cinderella's castle.


Interesting terrain.

This is where we are headed, Valle De Los Gigantes

The "keeper of the gate" was a nice guy.

Welcomed in both Spanish and English.

The motorcycles waited patiently while we gathered up our pesos and paid the entry fee.

He posed for me so I could get a photo.

Still working on the mirror shots and still don't have it mastered.

Since I had so many problems riding in the sand a few days earlier I was hoping I would do better with the bike unloaded. I know what I need to do, keep the weight back and the speed up. The speed up is where I have a problem because all I can think of is the faster I go the harder Iíll hit. . . . . I keep trying but keep having the same results, I just canít get my right hand to get the speed up so I "float" on top of the sand. I was surprised to discover my bike even felt squirrelier unloaded than it did when it was loaded.

Even though I wanted to go out into the cactus forest I didnít want to ride the deep sand and take the chance of falling down again. I was there last year with Kootenai Rider during the Mexican 1000 and knew the sand would get deeper and softer.

Kootenai Rider was one of the racers and I was driving one of the chase trucks for Outta Sight Racing. If you like vintage motorcycle racing check out the full thread. This will take you to the page where Kootenai Rider and I visited the Giants: That race sure was fun and I smile every time I think about that adventure.

I got a bit off track so back on track I go.

Bruce, Lee, and Barry were ahead of me and Becky was following me to make sure I stayed out of trouble. When I started to get close to where the sand was going to get deeper I started to look for a shady spot to stop. I told Becky to go on and have a great time checking out the cactus and go find the geocaches. I said Iíd either wait there or if I wasnít there when they returned that just meant I headed for camp.

While the others headed further in I walked around in the desert and checked things out. There is a lot of interesting things to be seen out there.
Desert or mesquite mistletoe.

I stood under the mistletoe for a while waiting for a handsome hunk to come kiss me but it didnít happen so I moved on to the Dr. Suess Christmas tree.

Itís not a very friendly tree. It will poke you if you get too close.

Since I had a lot of time I even pulled out the tripod and took a picture of myself. Why did I take an AK shirt to Baja?

Where the others went.


Thereís a statue up on the hill and I thought about hiking up to it but I wasnít comfortable leaving my motorcycle along the road unattended.

Itís fun seeing the designs in the sand created by the desert breeze.

Flowers that thrive in this harass environment.

Who lives here? I knocked but no one answered.

I donít know what these things are

But when they dry out they do this.

The Superbug waits patiently for me to finish wandering around in the desert and for the others to return.

Iíll be back in a bit to show you pictures of what the others were doing . . . . .
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Dan Diego
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Originally Posted by MufflerBearings View Post
Good times! I hope I can mark my 77th birthday on a motorbike in Mexico.

Waiting for more...
I couldn't have said that better.

Great ride report so far. I'm enjoying it as much as you are!
I have no interest in living a balanced life. I want a life of adventure.
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Erudite inchoate...
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GREAT stuff as always, LB!!

"...when I handed the 40 ouncer to him, he got that far off stare that a cat gets when it just gets done licking its ass for the last 15". Yeah, THAT stare." -WTF-Over
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Hi Dan Diego and DaFoole, nice to have you along.
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Boldly going Nowhere
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Entertainment at it's best.
"Living life one adventure at a time" Me
AARP Gone Wild ~ Baja Style 2013
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Ladybug0048 OP
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How about we find out what the rest of the group was up to. It looks like they had some fun.

They found a big cactus.



Lee, Bruce, and Barry off looking for a geocache.



Thereís a Barry in this cactus, look close, heís there playing whereís Waldo.


It looks like heís kissing the cactus.


Lee is looking for the cache over here.


Barry is looking for it in there.


Leeís checking the clues.


Is that Bruce back there on the left looking for the cache around the cactus?


Becky is looking for the cache here.


And in the big cactus


They found the cache


Iím glad Iím not riding in this.


Very nice view.


With Lee and her bike near these cactus you can really see how huge they are.



As Iím relaxing and waiting for my riding pals I see them coming.


Hi Bruce. I hope you had fun and got to see some cool things out there.

Heading back to camp the views change with the placement of the sun in the sky. The hillside is more defined.


Things along the way. I wondered if these places were finished and occupied or like so many others and started but left unfinished.



So much attention to detail.


We rode back to camp, parked the bikes and once again walked to town for dinner. Had to walk because drinking and riding isn't a good idea and beer was wanted with dinner. Like the other walks we were seeing new things even though we were walking the same roads. With the sun setting it added to the ambiance of Baja.




San Felipe as the sun is setting.


So pretty.


Back on the malecon we discovered Baja Mar Restaurant and the best chicken fajitas ever.

Not sure about Beckyís soup. It was probably good but didnít look spectacular. Then again what do I expect from a bowl of soup.


Bruceís coconut shrimp looked pretty danged good though.

Notice how happy we all look when we have a table full of food in front of us.


We could have had a burrito.

Free wifi is a selling point in many places, just like in the U.S.


As we were walking back to camp we saw some young people in an outdoor gym practicing their boxing. Itís another one of those times when I wish I would have gotten a better photo.


Back in camp Barry fixing his dessert of coffee and a Zinger. I think that might have been last one and he enjoyed every bite.


After enjoying another beautiful moon rise we were all off to our tents for a good nightís sleep.
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