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Old 05-13-2014, 10:52 PM   #316
Mishutka's Avatar
Joined: Sep 2011
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 34
The rain. How much within that sound is blended for a traveler’s heart!
How much is echoed there!

It has been raining all evening and night.
Our modest reserves of fresh vodka were clearly too small for such a gorgeous evening.
Well at least "spaceshitters" were not so active, they had enough for happiness:
just the awning over the head and a few tablets of Imodium.

Our hope that the weather will clear up by morning broke and turned into a slurry of finely dispersed rain and fog.
We take down our small wet houses, drink a cup of hot tea and eat a cookie, no time for breakfast THE BORDER will not wait.

Night and morning has passed under the watchful gaze of the elder brother.

Amir, with crutches atilt, is fastened with space super-strong adhesive tape to KTM and he is sent to the border bar.

We finish to pack the tents, split Amir’s stuff. It’s not the long way ahead, but additional 10-15 kg make it much harder.
After two days of heavy rains the road became pastry. We don’t go but swim in a dirty mash.
For better sensory acuity the rain became harder. It looks like Mongolia loves us very much.

There were 10 cars on the border.
We thread our way through the crowd to the border gate.

We change Amir for two Mongols in one of UAZes to go to the check-point.
We stay and rest under the gray raindrops, waiting for the border to open.
No trees, no bushes, no awning. Well, at least we are here.
When we made the papers we lost Amir’s bike’s temporary import permission.
That would be a fine and long delay. Finally we found it in the UAZ with two Mongols.
We put stamps and shift to Russia.

Homeland. Gray sky, heavy rain. Stripped barrier and watchful guards.
We crowded into the border wagon like sardines, but the mood is GREAT.
Amir can even not stand on his feet. Neatly he hangs in the air without straining the injured leg.
Well, just like in the Tokyo subway. We stand, breathing in turn.
All are in the positive mood. And then girl, the captain, added fire:

- Your purchasing in Mongolia?

- Diarrhea and plaster!

- How is it?

Well here we neighed with inhuman voices.
Wagon bulged at the seams, glass cracked, door jammed, linoleum reared.
Poor she did not understand what is happening.
We have shown all signs of a mental disorder and bacchanalia.

Shift supervisor came, looked at us with fear and let our sins.
He waved his hand and said ‘Get the fuck out of here!’

They didn’t even make us to pass through the quarantine annihilator, in order to avoid it’s breakage.
Of course we called A_Big to fix a house a little. Indeed, it was State trailer, not a private toilet on the spacestation transfer.

Monda town met us with pleasant cafes and rescue Flying Saucer from Irkutsk (Black Bears MC)

We thoroughly stuffed our bellies and started to completion of the mission "lifeguard".
Amir was loaded on the flying saucer, instead we got quite healthy driver.
We told him where the first and second gears, where is the throttle control and sent this space tandem to the glorious city of Irkutsk,
where intergalactic teleport to Moscow was chartered.

Our goal is Lake Baikal - we tear the claws.
Under the wheels there is an unknown substance - locals proudly call it "asphalt".
We were afraid and did not used to use asphalt. We need adaptation!

And then KTM again ‘never breaks’.
We set up camp, make a fire, put up a tent and start a process of resuscitation.

Clamp, Torx, letherman, Torx, Torx yet, wrench 10 to 13, letherman. Devil, that is not the problem!
We're here for a long time ...

While there is resuscitation,
we find in a ditch police hiding-place: prohibiting signs for every taste and color from the speed limit 40km per hour to prohibiting overtaking.
Che had a stomach upset, he curled up near the fire and was still.
We decorated him with ‘no overtaking’ sign.

Sooner or later we found a problem and went ahead to catch up with intelligence group.

A_Big and Grom found us beds in a space dormitory on Ork’s planet "Sibirius".
Have coordinates – will find it.

We arrived late in the afternoon and went to swim in the cold lake.
Judging by the number of viewers it seems to me that the guys have announced our arrival and were selling tickets.

life is a struggle

In the evening at the nearby leprosarium there was a disco.
What can I say - time machine exists!
If you want to get into the 90s country club, you are welcome.
To everyone's surprise reconnaissance group returned from a disco at full strength. Retreat.

That same six-seater "Camping Tent"

Space breakfast with not less space COCOA

The next point is Ulan-Ude. A_Big is the motor of trade. Buy an omul or get kicked!

Ulan-Ude. Half-day restoration of the human form.
Sergey’s dacha has special sandbox for oil change and tires change.

Intergalactic advertising company! First time in the history of peaceful space - Mazda starships can reach UU.

Photographer asks: ‘So, whose head is the biggest here?’

Youth is making plans

Fishing spot

Fresh food

And it is clear, a bear, escaped from the circus, loses his will when he sees a bike.

An evening UU

And the cultural apogee of our promenade was a Mongolian restaurant, converted for us into karaoke.
For a long time I did not laugh so hard. It was good I didn’t wear a helmet.
Then laughing cheeks would be swollen and I can not take the helmet off before going to bed.

Flushed by "Grand Oracle" in the restaurant consciousness swayed long and could not lie down on the usual track.

Evening meetings, we watched a couple of movies about ‘winter road 110’ out of SUV window.
Goal place we chose for dessert. (neighing smiley)

In the morning we had a long lunch; changed the oil, filters, brake pads; welded racks, subframes;
discussed Barguzin crossing.

Pate drove to the market for ropes.
We got 150 meters in chunks, there was no more.
Serge helped us in the production of the necessary parts.

By lunchtime, all preparations have been completed; it was time to clear out the dacha.

On the asphalt, we flew to Lake Baikal.

We rushed to Ust-Barguzin.

The first crossing of the river Barguzin. We stuffed to the ferry already unmooring.
Grom worries that there is no fence here, a vessel shakes and his fast KTM is very heavy.

Comrade Space Marine, as always is in great demand among local residents.
Gulliver is on the ship – it’s time to take pictures!

On the other side there were waiting for loading Krasnoyarsk off-road team with thematic club name "Tarbagán" (Marmota sibirica).
We are to debate a bit on our logo and their club name.
They just came from the winter road.
In the upper reaches fords are more than 120 cm deep.

Lilac fast food was great! All day without eating, we ate all stocks of pies in a stall.

We wanted to exchange Andrew for two buckets of pies with cabbage and meat, but we failed.
Countrywoman guessed our plan, Andrew will escape in a half-day back to us.

Through the winding isthmus between lakes and bays we're going to warm bay.
Sunset. Baikal lake and no hard overcoming!
We go by gravel road with heads twisting around.

We arrived to the beach, found a place, scattered across the clearing our belongings and went to swim.
Water was really warm.
Fire smoke curls over sand beach, smoked fish smells – this is a complete relaxation.

Remaining vigilant and cautious we disinfected strictly in scientific purposes.
We had some vodka with moonlight.

Morning, Lake Baikal, seagulls.
We live on front line with sea views - the oligarchs from Moscow.

In the morning neighbor (fisherman) warmed us by brandy and it laid down mentally after bathing so good!

Che's establishing contact with extraterrestrial fauna.

Mishutka in the lake BAYKAL

Gradually other motorcyclists moved up into our space camp.
And we took pleasure craft under the influence of brandy and went on to pirate in a warm bay.

Sixteen cosmonauts on a dead man's chest. The secret map.

Somebody, turn on Celine Dion!!

Birds Island

Training flights

We found the cave with a chest of gold in the bird island, but it stinks so hard that no one wanted to get the chest.
Let it lie there yet a while.

We arrived at the reserve on a warm bath.
We bought magnets and steamed our asses in hot springs.
This is beach vacation! Conveniently jacuzzi is just right on the beach,
when you feel that it boils, you just go to the Lake and hair stand on end.

We have shaken up the fruits of the money tree.
It was enough for a couple of bottles of vodka.

Che did not want to dive, but necessary - means necessary.

By the afternoon we began to resemble locals. Guess which one of us is where.

On the way back we ate all cookies stocks on the ship.
A_Big hosted mini lessons in Latin dances for passing schooners.

This is a view of our cosmo base from the water.
In the background there is a house of "toilet fairy".

The camp was in charge of Miha Pate (Misha, Michael is the traditional bear’s name) ,
he was waiting for us on the shore fully armed.

Battle for the insides of our fish.

Freshest fish according to the secret cosmic recipe.

On the wharf, I mined some fresh vodka and we began the meal.

While we were walking on the captured destroyer there was a curious case in the camp.
Gust of wind caught the Che’s star relaxation capsule and threw it in a free space (the water of Lake Baikal)!
Manly guys in a passing boat caught house and returned it.
However, the entire bivouac filling required drying.

The rock rises above the camp, people go there to call and to text.

Romantic texting over a cliff and the clear waters of Lake Baikal.

Unique sand spit with access only from the water.
Well, that is theoretically possible to go over the rock, but damn it is not convenient.
A secluded retreat in a kilometer from the main clearing.

Travelers from Archangelsk came in the evening, so we had to drink for the northern guests :)

Since we were the only people who didn’t have rods, everybody gave us all their catch.
When else you will be able to feed the famous space conquers.
A_Big is busy with common Assault routine - mopping up.

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grom OP
Joined: Apr 2007
Location: Moscow
Oddometer: 67
Originally Posted by ERIC DN View Post
Me too , on a French 400 XR forum
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Old 05-14-2014, 11:49 PM   #318
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Joined: Sep 2011
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 34
Again this laughing seagull! Damn bitch!
All day yesterday she mocked us and do again today.
If I catch it I’ll cover its beak with sticky tape. It is seven in the morning and she laughs like a horse!

Baikal morning after the rest day is charming.
Organisms are full of energy, but too lazy to get out of the tent.
Still we have half an hour to pin down on a cushion, to the sound of the morning surf, but no,
that bitch guffaws on the water's edge.

Paratrooper should look sexy even at civilian breakfast [Dance every day!]

While we finish drinking morning coffee, Andrei fulfills the title of "most beautiful bike"
because on XR650R there are special grooves for mounting juvenile sandals.

BMW fails to start. We do jump-start, looks like it works.
But after driving a couple of kilometers from the camp it gets breathless in the middle of the forest.

Pate came to me and we start it with a pusher.
We drove a couple of kilometers and see the same picture, it stalls on the go.
Engine overheat light is treacherously blinking.
We scratch our heads, wipe the lights lenses, and knock on the wheel.
Suddenly, with a horrible crunching branches and falling trees VAZ-2121 (NIVA) falls on the road.
‘Broke?’ ‘Yeah, something wrong with electronics’ ‘This is easy :))’

From the trunk he gets "two-handed" tester, pliers and other tools.
He finds a sensor, measures some value. Then he plots scheme on the send and calculate the resistance.

From the depths of the same trunk he gets an armful of resistors or resistances.
All this bunch is twisted into a bundle, we close sensor with deception.

Warning light is off, but the starter does not twist. We start it with a rope. It seems to work.

We warmly say goodbye and rush to catch up with the guys who are already waiting for us at the crossing.

Hope to stock up on pies was not confirmed. They are waiting the first batch only for dinner.

In the upset feelings we lie on the course.
The only hope remains to find meals in the district center, morning coffee have been already completely digested!

Regional center met us with a traffic jam at the gas station.
Bagging is on the full. All available capacities, suitable for the carriage of fuel are used.
Ahead there is almost 500 km of autonomous motion.

Why the fuck you go to road 110, do not know how to fish!

Well heroism is heroism, but dinner should look tasty and be plentiful. To die hungry is not nice.

Refueling power has increased the team morale, and shaking off stardust from
mighty shoulders we rushed towards adventure in graceful formation.

We drilled through the woods and went to the beach.
Barguzine river was opened in front of us. The water was cold and very fast.
To relieve stress we drunk 150 and took snuff of pine cones.
Che started infernal disco on precepts of DJ PG.

We slept and dreamed "The Ninth Wave" and footage from the "The Perfect Storm" movie.
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Beastly Adventurer
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Great photo says it all
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Awesome update!!

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Death have Mercy
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Your space capades are stellar!

Steal6 on Tapatalk
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grom OP
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Video diary part 14

Baykal lake
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Old 05-15-2014, 08:25 PM   #323
Beastly Adventurer
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Absolutely awesome.

Cannot believe how open and unspoiled that much country exists.

You guys are blessed to be able to play in it.

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Old 05-16-2014, 02:03 AM   #324
Gnarly Adventurer
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#12 - #20 days

The following stage:Hubsugul Lake - Ulan-Ude,
#15, #16 and #17 days:
Ulan-Ude - Barguzin river,
#18, #19 and #20 days:
Russian north, enduro ride
Russian Off-Road Challenge 2010

Pate screwed with this post 05-19-2014 at 12:38 PM
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hunting wabbits
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Thanks for taking us along for the ride

My 4 year old daughter walked by while I was watching one of the video diary entries and she sat here with me and watched every single one. Then she asked, "Daddy when are we going to do that?"

My heart fluttered with joy!!

Thanks again!!!
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Originally Posted by grom View Post
Baykal lake

Just awesome...
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another great video, guys!
*** New Sibirsky Extreme Trail DVD Trailer HERE ***
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Old 05-17-2014, 07:27 AM   #328
SS in Vzla.
Totally Normal? I'm not!
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Great video and photos
SS. '98 BMW F650 / '06 WR250F / '07 KTM 990 Adv
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Searching for sanity
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Great video again! I'm always looking forward to all of your updates!
"Fear is the moment before you decided to do it anyway, courage is every moment after that"-AKMotorbiker
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Old 05-19-2014, 04:16 AM   #330
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I was very curios about eastern shore of Hovsgol Lake in Mongolia. It's very nice to ride there.

Also, the eastern Baikal is now on my "wish list".

Bob / Cristian
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