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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Thumb Story checks out

Originally Posted by The_Precious_Juice View Post

Looking at my latitude, I'm going to head due east here and see what happens in NOLA. I've stepped up my networking game, and folk seem friendly on the Bayou.

Just rode back into Natchez with E. Monk.

Had a blast with the DSRL Guys! Great people.
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Juice Box
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Glad to have had the opportunity to host you for a few days. A good time was had! Enjoy the rest of your journey and if you are every back down on the bayou do look us up.....
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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maybe I should stay in the Deep south longer?

Originally Posted by Juice Box View Post
Glad to have had the opportunity to host you for a few days. A good time was had! Enjoy the rest of your journey and if you are every back down on the bayou do look us up.....
Thanks Juice Box,

Bless Pat if the cold is not going away. ,

It's going to be 10 degrees in Memphis tomorrow night!
WTF old man winter?
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Pics added

Updated posts with pics.

I hope to get the full ride report complete by April.

Lots of business...
And trip planning to engage in the days ahead.

Thanks again for all those who made the trip worth taking.
And special thanks to my American ancestors who worked so hard to make my life so pleasant. I'm grateful.
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Day 11

go to page 2 to see day 10

Coral Springs.

One of the good things about staying at a pricy hotel.
It has a check out time of noon. I left at 11:41. Also, they let you keep your bike under the roof in the front.

Of course, the rain starts back up when I pull off. No big deal. I plan on slopping up the rain.

Now, a more commited rider would have waiting out the rain and continued on to the Everglades and Key Largo, and dare I type, Key West.
Ok, the Everglades would have been nice. But, I did not have much desire to see the last two. However, many folk would have loved to have been that close and to have closed the deal.
I was not able to get my miliatry I.D. for the inactive ready reserves, so Key West would have been more expense. I was not looking for that type of experience, but one of culture. Perhaps a nother time. But, not this year.

Ok, back to the plan of the day. Going to the west side.
I took 817 south for a spell, then filled up the DR. 1.64 gallons. $5.52 total. It was $3.35/gallon. A little bit more pricey than most of my trip.

The rain was moderate. As I got on the I-595, I heard an odd sound and looked to my left. I saw what appread to be a White Chevy van doing a slow 180 on the interstate. Ok, so the track was slick. Good to know. It was a Thursday, so I did not expect much lap traffic on the Gator Alley.

After getting up to speed, I had to stop for the toll. I paid the $3 and said not a word to the lady. She left me with, "Try and Stay Dry."
I wondered if she had a dry/sardonic since of humor, or if she was just trying to be nice... as I begain a long ride through the rain.

The DR behaived well. I did not go over 70mph. Not my style. I spent a lot of time leaning forward to help out with drag. I'm talking helmet ride next to the odometer close. Who needs a wind shield, right?
I actually like this position. Any thing that changes things up on the stock seat and the tarp I was on is an advantage. I think I passed one car. The rest passed me.

I did not stop at all. I was already sooked in no time. I just wanted to get to a cheap hotel on the west side and dry out.

So I took the first motel exit I saw. Whick was 101. I never came to one. Not once.
The good news was that I was riding north. Progress.
I was hunting for a place something powerful. I damn near rode right thourgh a red light. So I pankied and grabed the front brake with four fingers (I'm a 2 finger rider) and mashed the rear brake peddle. I was suprised the DR stopped so well. I had barley went over the line. Wow, I fugued I would have dumped the bike doing that. What with the wet road and all.

So I'm off the interstate, but parralling her on the 93 or something. It's almost 1400 hours or so.
So I just start riding west. This takes me to Bonita Springs...

Which is just like Coral Springs.

So the best I could do was a Holiday Inn Express. $130.
Great recieptist who signed me up for free with the travel frequent deal. I got a "free" bottle of water and chips. She let me pull the bike up front and near the door.

Like before I took advantge of the great room, and got some tea from the lobby and such.
I started working on drying my stuff out. I used a old trick of useing news papper in boots to dry them quikcer.

I watched the cartoon show Adventure Time for the first time. Good stuff.

Later in the lobby, I wrote a few days worth on this thread. Stopping at day 10.

I missed the Atlanta, GA ice deal that cuased so much trouble. The Daily Show had some good material to work with.

I got on city data fourm and commited on San Diego's drought issue. Now, and in 10 years.

My favorite show, Shark Tank came on.

On FB, I had posted my location, and I had a Navy buddy who lived up the road in Ft. Myers reply. We planned on meeting up the next day. What good luck!

I contuied to work on drying my gear. I went through a lot of local golf news papers on my boots.

Next days plan of action. Slowly make my way to the Clearwater area. I planned camping out on the way there.

I went to bed knowing I'd kill the breakfast chow two times over. Just like the morning before.
So I set my clock for 0540 to get up and go eat at 0600. After returning, I'd do the same process over again, but this time 0835. One more meal for the road. Never mind the fruint and other goodies I took along with me!

122 miles


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1/5 of tour complete

Seeiing how there are 54 days on my tour, I'm going to review things in 11 day segments.

Total miles: 1,456
Miles per day: 132
off road miles: less than 2 miles.

drops: 1. The lose sand in Florida, near Ft. Pierce.
$/day: 58


Family/Friends: 6
Motels/Hotels: 3
Stealth camping: 2

The trip was going ok.
I was happy with the DR. Sure, 300 mile days were not fun.

The engine and gear ratios are my favorite thing about the bike. I really like the low end torque. I was having more of a vibe issue in the foot pegs than issue with the stock seat.
I had the 600 mile service done in Wilmington.

I was still a up tight and tense rider. I did not push the bike at all, instead I'd ride fairly conservatively and defensive. This is good 85% of the time, but you are setting yourself up for faliure for that last 15% when things happen really fast. The hard stop in the rain was one of those 15% moments and the bike helped me out there.

I was also sweating over tighting the chain and such. Keep in mind I broke in the bike with 220 miles before leaving on this tour.

Very light.
Good battary life.
strong wiffi

camera would lock up after about 15 pics.
device would shut down from time to time.
Horrible typing with texting.
Pre-paid minutes with Verizon.
The three times I used it, it had coverage.

Soft luggage:
I did not like the look, but it worked. I dropped gear in Wilmington, so that was good. I seemed to always have a tank bag that had plenty of room.
I was supprised how dry the 90s tank bag did in the down pours. The old med bag could withstand a good amount of rain also.

Once I got the dimensions down, and started to get a feel for folding her, it was much more easy to fit in the back pack.

Clothing: I brought too many t-shirts.

Sleeping bag:
The Recon 3, which was measured at 5 degress C. was doing well. I only used it once. So good fit.

Cold weather gear: I missed my Spartan cold weather gloves the day I rode from Wilmington in 28 degrees F. But, after buying some cheap gloves at a gas staion down the road, I managed better. I was gratefull for the temps getting warmer as I rode into S.C.

Meeting other Dual sport riders and networking:
Not good. I did not see anyone on the side of the road to park next to.
I attempted to network through the Florida region threads. I did not know about the tent space thread.

I thought my "in the works" thread was deleted, but it was taken from the fourm. Here it is:
It is smart to purge the titles. It prevents cluter. I just thought it was deleted.

I may have complained about the rain in Florida, but I did miss some cold weather as I rode south. Those six nights I stayed at family and friends were cold nights. It was in the teens one morning in Wilmington, N.C.

Mistakes were made on Navigating in southern Florida. Furthermore, I should have relaxed a little and travled into southern Florida. I would have been a lot warmer.

All in all, I was ok with the tour, and looked forward to visiting other locations.

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The_Precious_Juice OP
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day 12

Bonita Springs, FL

I checked out late again. 11:45.

No rain this morning. The clouds were starting to fade away.

Earlier, I never got a response from my Navy friend, so instead of riding to Fort. Myers up the road a little, I decided to push just souteast of the Tampa Bay area.

So by the time I got all of my gear loaded up and stuff it was 12:35 when I pulled out of the Holiday Inn.

By 1312 I was south of South Fort Myers. I saw a R1200GS here. There appeared to be a BMW ride area next to their lot.

I soon got on the I-75 and rode up toward the Arcadia exit.

I had a couple of drops of rain as I got on the 17 north.
I topped off my fuel with 2.39 gallons for $8.31, and lubed the chain at my stop and ate some trail mix.

I had studied my maps the night before and thought that the highway 70 would be a good road to travel toward Tampa with and find a good place to camp.

As I rode through Arcadia and got on the 70, I begain to like this area. Much more country and rual.

A good 2/3rds of the way through the lenght of the 70 I started to reliaze that there were not much choice on places to camp. So I took a chance on a wet and puddled dirt road that looked like it went a good ways.

The sandy/dirt conditions that Florida provides are not like terrian that I'm used to. Granted, I have virtually no off road miles at all while riding.
I also made the mistake of keeping my blue tarp on the seat and not putting it in my back pack before starting off.

I soon was having fun and consern for my saftey at the same time.
While going through the puddles and really soft stuff, It felt odd to have the front tyre move around so much. I really had to hold on at times. Of couse I was standing up at these times.

I'm glad I had a 21" tyre. It helped make up for my poor skills.

Well after about .75 miles or so, I came upon a home, and knew that I could not stay any where around. So I turned around.
The most techical part was the very first section of the road. I damn near had my tarp fall to the ground.

I took the time to fix her back on the seat before pulling off again. I had about 30 head of cattle watching me at the same time. There was a fence on both sides of the dirt road. I saw lots of cattle on my 1.5 mile off road trip.

Well, it was getting to be around 1610, and I was damn near at the end of 70 before she runs back into the I-75. I was scanning around the best I could, but all I could see were gates and more gates that were locked up tight.

Finally at the end, I an option on the left. A gate that was fairly far back from the road. Maybe there was some veg and some concellement near it. So I rode down the rode less than a mile and turned around at the Green Brook Village.
I did not know it at the time, but I took a right on Uihlein Rd. If you look at it on google earth, the gate is open in the May 2012 picture. And there was plenty of more veg than when I went.

So after riding close to the gate I killed the engine and looked around. There was the classic mattress and other garbage that folk had dumped off, but more importanlty there was some spacious veg that could not be seen from the road. I quickly found a trail of sorts and walked it about 30 or so feet into the bush.
Yeah, this would do nicely.
I had to move fast, because I did not want to risk a car glancing over and seeing me and burning my position.

I'm glad I hustled, because the farmers across the street came soon after and drove their truck into their property.

After about 40 mins of relaxing and taking pics and such I heard what sounded like a vic blowing a tyre. Bad news. That meant a cleaning crew had to come over and get up the debree. I had just started to put up my tarp.
They came quickly... I assume. The veg was really dense, so I could not make out really anything form the road. It was maybe a solid 30 feet away at least.

So as twilight approached I figured I was good. I was really pleased with this location. My previous two spots a Honda Fit could have styaed there. But, not here.
I learned my leason from before, and used my tarp as a tent, and the DR the tent poles.

I check in with base camp around 1900.

Facing toward Uihlein Road.

facing toward the N.W. The 70 can't be seen due to the veg.

That's as far as I can push the bike into the tree line.

The tent is ready. I have the sleeping bag and other stuff in side.

I did a poor job at first in closing up the tarp. Those mosqutoies could get into my space really easy. I think I had a good amout of bites on my face the next day. I tried to stay under the net that my sleeping bag came equipt with.
Here I had a plant hold up one end of the tarp so that I could crawl in and out.

Really good day. I had left southern Florida, and was back in the country. The DR took on a whole new life when off road. I had found maybe the best spot on the highway to camp. I was doing so well I listened to the radio on my MP3 player. I found a radio station that was oldies. Route 66. This was the first time I listen to my MP3 player while camping. I felt good about my cover and concellement.
Having rested up so well, I laid around for a several hours and later listned to my own music from the MP3 player. I maybe went to sleep around 2200.
Maybe a light rain sprinkle here and there.

miles: 119
off road miles: 1.5

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day 13

West of Arcadia, FL

The night went ok. around 0100 a loud noise for maybe 8 seconds from the bush woke me up. After that, good to go.

I started to get up around 0653. I still had plenty of chow left over from the Holiday Inn.

I had a few sprinkles from the East.

Trying to be as silent as possible, so I left the engine off. I pushed the bike out. This was a challenge because the lineiar suspension of the stock DR would plow into the ground when you would push her around. It took a while to get her turned, but after that good to go. I folded up the tarp in front of the gate.

I left at 0900, and rode toward the gulf coast. I wanted to check out the town area of Bradenton.

2.0 gallons of gas. That's one thing about the DR that is kind of irritating. Stopping for gas. There are times after a break or when shopping or something, and I want to make time, not stop 40 mins later for gas.

crossed over the Terra Ceia Bay, and merged onto the 19, then 93, then the I-275. I had my Florida map folded up on my tank bag and would glance at her at stop lights.

The morning was cloudy, but it was white clouds.

I paid the $1.25 toll to cross the gigantic bridge (sunshine sklyway lane bridge south) leading to St. Petersburg.
I thought this price fair seeing how much traffic you would avoid going into Tampa. The views were really good to match.

I was trying to get just north of Clearwater to link up with family. I rode up the 19.

I liked this area compared to Coral Springs and Bonieta.

As I pushed into Clearwater, there were cheap motels, and fle markets and Mom and Pop stores mixed in with more upper class area.

While riding, I saw a R12GSl riding southbound. It was the first liquiod cooled RGS I had seen.
This marked the point of seeing a good amount of RGS MCs for the rest of my time in Florida.

I got into the town I was looking for. Dunedin, around 1042. I pulled off at a Pizza Hut to get a Wiffi feed and eat some snacks I carried in. I also wanted to further review my notes for todays distination.

Furthermore, I got on the Clearwater, FL ADVrider fourm and checked in.

The day was quite wonderful by now. 11:48 as I rode to todays location of interest.

The "safe house" was hard to find, and I had to pull the holigan card and cut across the parking lot on a foot path. This was the second time I pulled the holigan card on the trip. The first time was pushing the bike around a secured gate in a garted community. I also took a foot path.

The link up went well and the DR soon got to take the rest of the day off. This was a great day of travel for me. Breaking from camp was easy and well before mid morning. Nice riding conditins and I checked out a region I never had been to before. <100 mile riding. Succesfull link up!
Good times.

pics to come soon.

63 miles

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day 14

Dunedin, FL

The DR got the day off.

It was a wonderful sunny Florida day. Like in Bluffton and Savanha, I did not do any MC stuff, so I cannot type about it. But, I will say, that I really like the town of Dunedin. Much like the other two towns mintioned. Wilmington is good to go as well.

I did give the DR a second chain adjustment. I was trying to go by the book as much as possible. Little did I know that with my riding style.
"slow is smooth and smooth is fast." I did not have to be so aggressive with adjusting the chain.

Good refit and reload day. Was able to get laundry done.

I went through my gear and dropped wight.
I got rid of a light of 550 cord (small rope).
I cut out some pages in my knot tying book.
A black pouch that could hold two 203mm rounds. Remember, I had old military gear that I was recycling.
Some AAA battarys. All of my gear took AAA.
a three digit pad lock
a mouth piece (don't know why I brought this)
straps and such for my gear on the bike. I was happy with the set-up, so I decided to get rid of the extra stuff.
maybe 3-4lbs of gear.

After this purge, I would not get rid of anything else... on purpose.

It would have been a Super day, but P. Manning and the Bronocs were destroyed by the Hawks. It was a Revenge of the Sith Super Bowl for the Emerald City. They got ripped off several years back with the Steellers.

0 miles

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day 15

Dunedin, FL

I was up around 0645.

There was a overcast this morning and a good amount of morning dew on my tarp.

I was fully rested and well feed, so I pushed around 0845. I believe this was my earliest I had left on my tour.

I wanted to take the back roads north, so I took Alternate route 19. The towns were small and well kept up as I pushed past Palm Harbor. The Monday Morning traffic was not bad.

I soon cut back east and got on the 98/19 north. I started making good time.

I took a break in Inglis, FL, around 10:45. Kind of a rual area also. I was quickly approaching the Alabamba region of Florida. With that typed, I was greeted by a man in an electric wheel chair with a beer can between his legs. We talked for a few minutes. He wished me a good trip.

2.18 gallons for $3.64/gallon. I actually had a beagel left over from Holiday Inn. . Got to get that $100+ a night stay back, right?
I ate some whey protein powder for amino acid intake. I brought two big bags full for the trip.

Man, it seemed like these breaks would just fly by. After getting gas and pushing the bike over to the shade and eaing a snack, and talking a bit, and going inside to fill up my two nalgiene bottles with tap water, it was 11:30. That was almost an hour stop.

I never was bored during the day. Even though I would only travel between 100 and 200 miles/day, the days flew by. Even when the hard times were upon me.
It's good to be mid 30s. Time during the day gets away from you quickly, but you are young and healthy enough to enjoy the time, yet old enough to have the bad times fly by.

So with 81 miles on the trip odometer, I pused north to Perry.

I rode a solid 100 miles to Perry. I was there around 1321.

My notes read that I had gmail issues or something. I seemed ticked.Can't remember what was going on. I'm sure it had something to do with the Nexus-7.

I remember the B. King parking lot in Perry. I was under a large tree. I spent a good while trying to get connected.
I posted on the Tallahassee, FL thread for some good advice on where to get an oil change and an air filter cleaning in the capital. I was trying to go by the manual as much as possible. Knowing what I know now, it was silly to want a air filter cleaning with less than 2,000 miles and no dirty air riding.
I had about 3 responses. I was suprised. Tallahassee folk do not like to spend money at the dealership.

After topping off my nalgene bottles I got on the 30west/98 toward the capital. I wanted to ride into the south of the capital and camp. Time: 14:38.

I had liked the look of Newport on my map, so I rode there. This is Newport in Wakulla County. A very small town I would find.

I had thought about getting gas before I stopped for the night, but figured there was a gas station in Newport.

So there was not one. No big deal I had less than a 100 miles on my tank.

I quickly rode through the small town and found a good off road location to camp. Time was 15:28

pics to follow.

I made a mistake and did not look around when I fiirst rode into the clearing. I got stuck in a large pile of tree bark. Man, the DR stock tyres did not like this. It took a while to get the MC unstuck. Espically when the front fork would plow into the ground at the least amount of debree on the ground.

To the left of the helmet was where the front tyre was. I was standing next to the big and pushing and working the clutch/throttle. I had to lay it down shortly to move a large stick that was preventing me from moving. The rear tyre just would spin back there.

I broke a good rule for survival. Do not sweat. I got too preocupied with getting the MC unstuck. No big deal. It was Florida not Canada... Well anything east of Victoria, B.C.

Here is the clearing. You can sort of make out the bark bile from here.

If I had just looked to my right when I first came in the clearing, I would have found this spot. This trail runs parrall to the highway.

Looking to the left from the last picture.

I felt like I had plenty of cover and concellement to walk around and get good pics of the Mighty DR.

I pushed/turned the DR around and started to pull up sticks and look for ant piles to avoid. I soon started to make a pile of grass for a sleeping mat. I did not bring an iso-mate with me. I always tried to sleep on the side of the kick stand and stabilze the kickstand with a piece of solid material. You can see the tarp folded up well and the Recon 3 sleeping system.

It was an early bed time. I had called in at the base camp by 1836 and had everyithing set up and ready to bed down before 1900. A fog was rolling in and the humidity was 100%. I broke out the MP3 player and listed to 104, The Gulf for an hour or so. Great rock station.
I actually went to sleep soon after.

222 miles


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day 16

New Port, FL

I was up and moving around by 0715. Like all of the other days in Florida the nights were well above 40F.
Man, I would soon learn how warm Florida was this winter season.

It was still kind of foggy and cloudy. When the wind would pick up, water would fall down from the tress above.

So at 0830, I was ready to start the bike up. Typical start up, but after maybe a minute it stopped. Ok, it has done that before, so I turned the "choke" or a flow resisting valve back down a tick.

I tried again. No joy. WTF?
I waited a minute to let her figure out if she wanted to right into FSU Seminol country today. About that time, I heard voiced form the road. I could not see who it was, but they were around for a while. Not sure what they were doing.

So after about a 10 min waiting period, I started to trouble shoot with the reserve fuel knob. For some reason, I thought that the MC could not start unless the knob was switched to fuel. Well I got on and switched the tank around, and then turned the bike on, and immetiadly switeched to reserve. It stayed on, but was giving me the sound that it was running out of gas. So it died again. Not wanting to run the DR out of fuel, I decided to just walk for gas. I was confused, because the bike had well below 100 miles on the last tank of gas, and I put the bike down the evening before without the bike in reserve (.8 gallons). So I had well over .8 gallons.

So I stepped at 0927. I was in such a hurry I should have changed over to shorts, but instead wore my joe rocket pants.
I felt the DR would be safe there.

I walked to the fork in the road that would take you north to the state capital (267). I came across the Motorcycle hang out on the left called Outzs' Too, and then crossed a bridge and saw a fisherman fixing to get his boat on the water. Retired fellow enjoying a Tuesday morning. I asked if the nearest gas station was in Newport; he told me what I thought to be true. It was up the 267.

So back tracked and walked up the rode a ways. I collected large bottles on the road. It was not getting too warm, but I unzipped my pant legs. In my bag pack was all of my important items I did not want to get stolen.

What was funny, was I say one Kawi Verys, and at least one KLR and two R1200BS in about a 20 minute period near the fork in the road.

I was fourtuante to find a gas station; at the intersection of 363. It just checked it on google, and it was 4.0 miles on the dollar from the biker bar. I got a cliff bar and snickers bar and ate them, then got to getting some gas.
I got out about .345 gallons for $1.25. It was win win for everyone. I got some exercise, and the highway got cleaned up. Although, I had my broken in combat boots, I was getting some hot spots on the way back.

I caught a break on the way back. Some men in a white truck were good enough to stopp and ask if I needed a ride. It was about .3 miles from the forks in the rode, and I took the opportunity. Man, that was like light speed! That took off a solid 15 mics.
I then walked back from the forks to my camp ground. It was maybe .7 miles tops.

So I dumped the precious juice into the tank, fired her up, and put her on reserve. Bob was now my uncle, great.

It was a three hour deal from the time I pushed to getting back.

I rode back to the same Kangoroo gas station and got 2.462 gallons of fuel.
After putting in the .34 from before, that should have been less than 2.8 gallons. I do not understand why the bike did not get thristy yesterday. Also, I had plenty of gas in reseve to start the bike.

I made it into southern portion of the state captiol by 1326. It was good to vist a hilly area in Florida.

So at the McDonald's I stopped for a wiffi feed. I sat down in front, and soon was offered a free burger from a person leaving the store.
I passed on the offer. Not so much that I did not want a hand out, but because I did not want to eat a burger from McDonalds.
I had to save face, so I got a salad and small wrap there.

I called the inmate halmc for the oil change package. I did not like to use my pre-paid minute phone, but this was worth it.
He gave me good directions to the local shop to pick up the needed gear.
I got his address and such.
I looked over my nav app and got the location.

I spent the rest of the day getting the gear ($28 for oil and filter). They had a 2013 S10 for sale. BEAST!!!
Its 1511 by now.
I thought the town was not too big. It was not too modern. Lots and lots of FSU shirts and hats on.

I got some much needed cash from the wells fargo ATM. No drama, as compared to getting cash from Columbia, South America.

I got lost twice finding his place. The second time I turned around just before the last turn that would have taken me to his neigberhood.

The vist there was great. It was like the Lord of the County took in a traveling pilgrim and rested his steed... well mule, and had good food and conversation. I would say Knight, but only if I had a Tiger 800XC. Those MC arebeast!...
yet regal.
We also is a big fan of the DR, and had one in the past. I mean, who isn't a fan, right?

I looked at the air filter. It was super clean. halmc said I was good to go. Hell, it looked brand new. I feel like an idiot sweating over this looking back. But, hey, I'm learning.

We both were in the Navy.
In his day, he was in a grey hull working on taking down North Vietnamese Aircraft while sailing the South China Sea. Vinh was a city with beaucoup red commi action.

In 2012 while on a "white hull," (USNS Mercy) I was doing humaniterian aid missions, AND taking liberty in the town of Vinh!
When we were told we were going to visit Vinh, Nam for the Pacific Parternship, I hurried and looked it up, and I was suprised to see it was old school North Vietman, and well above the DMZ.
I figured we'd go to a more southern town in the country.
With todays "New Navy." I figured the risk assesment for a liberty call there would be too high.

Anyway, back to 2014,

halmc, was good enough to offer me a room to sleep in, and more importantly took the time to show me some good places to visit while on the gulf coast.

All and all, this was a solid day on the tour.
MC issues.
good physical training ( dropped some weight, a goal for the tour)
found destination.
hung out with a great person
The air/oil cooled engine got an oil change. 2,158 mile mark.
refit and reloaded.

61 miles


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day 17

Tallahassee, FL

Very rested.

Maybe a little too rested. I could not go back to sleep after getting up at 0500. So I checked things over on the Nexus-7 wiffi.
I got up around 0630.

I had a good plan of the day. ride south toward Apalachicola, FL, then west.

The westher was good for a 0810 depature. A new early time.

halmc gave me a good route to get there.

I took some back twisty roads (twisty for Florida), then got on the I-10. I was enjoying the morning so much that I forgot the exit to get off on. 181, for the Pat Thomas Parkway. I also, damn near lost my Florida map from my tank bag. I had her sticking out of the plastic case a little too far, and caught her between my ribs and arm on the interstate.

I can't remember too well, but I may have gotten on the Smith Creek Road. Very little traffic. I do remember not finding the Forest road 368- 13 or so that I was supposed to take.

I had topped off once before, but again at the town of Sopchoppy, FL.
I only got .8 gallons, but I was concerned about fuel stops along the way once I got on the coast line.
I bought some pizza at the gas station and some cliff bars for the road. I'd prefert to buy in bulk in Walmart for better savings.

After leaving Sopchoppy, (102 miles so far) I rode south and got back on Higway 98.
The views and roads were good to go. Very recommended. I was feeling tired for much of the ride. I really needed a Honda GoldWing.

@1254, I stoped at Port St. Joe, and got a wiffi feed from B. King, and some chow.

Rode to Cedar Grove. Fuel and chow. Ugh, too much is being purchased at gas stations.

I was getting fairly tired before I got into Panama City.

I took the strip down, and west toward Panama City Beach. I took the Front Beach Road to check out the strip.

Not much to report. Very tourist like, lots of cheap hotels. Lot of T-shirt and surfer shops.

I had thought about gettting a motel here, but kept pushing west.

At the very far end of the town the 30 merged back in with the major highway (98).

Ok, so I did not stop. But, I had my tarp in my back pack and ready to hunt for a a spot. It was before 1600, so I had plenty of time to get a space off the highway.

Hunting for a place to camp, is maybe the best thing about touring for me. There is a little bit of exitment involved.

I had just rode a couple of miles, and saw a potintial area.

I pulled in and liked what I saw. It appread to be an desserted lot to put homes up on. Note the white pipe.

I heard the sound of a house being built in the far distance.
I had plenty of day light so I hung around and stretched out and hydrated/ate.

With no one around or stopping by, I pushed the DR into the overgrown drive. The curb had a level spot, so it was easy.

I walked around to find a better spot or look for anything useful. On the other side of the tree line there is pavement that incircles this field/lot.

Here is the location I camped at. It had the best veg and wind protection

This was to the left of the last picture. The veg went almost back to the curb. Poor concellement and wind protection.

Waiting on photo bucket to upload pics

By 1801 I was finished setting up for the night.

Miles: 240
Gas: $15.
Food: $15
other: $20
total: $50.

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day 18

West of Panama City Beach

Something strange happened that morning.

Even though I was in Florida, I was a good ways away from the Clearwater area.

So, it got cold. Maybe low 30s not sure. Not that big of a deal. I've been much colder.
I put my liners in my pants and jackets.

It was cloudy and windy.

Even though I started moving around at 0653, I was gone by 0845.

Rode to Miramar Beach, which is 24 miles away. I was fairly cold, but the selection for breakfast was not good. It is always good to get a nice breakfast after a camp.
I went to Wafflehouse. You can't ride 4 miles without seeing a Wafflehouse from the panhandle of Florida to western Mississippi.
No joy on wiffi. They were still on DSL. But, a worker told me about a hot spot in the corner. Five Guys I believe.

I checked the weather, and it was 37 degress F in Pensecola.

The rest of the day was cold and windy. This day was my worst riding day for weather.

I was making fairly good time, as I took the 30 west.

An old Navy friend from FB messaged me after I had already rode past Pensacola (?), Florida. Another missed opportunity.

Stopped at Gulf Breeze, Floriday at their Walmart. I got about $17 worth of trail mix and other good stuff. No wiffi in Walmart.

Soon after leaving I rode to a gas station and got 1.9 gallons of gas. $6.31.

After topping off, I pushed the DR to StarBucks (50 feet away). I pulled the jerk card, and went inside to get warm and use their wiffi. I just can't spend money in StarBucks.
No joy on networking with FB and ADVrider.

View from StarBucks:

I always tried and park in a normal car spot. I did not want to risk a ticket.

I soon went away from the big city life, and went back into the counrty.

I rode west on the 98 for a spell., I stopped at Fairhope, AL for directios and some hot chow (BBQ sandwiches). I could not find any hotels in my price range, or any hotels for that matter. I was assuered there would be hotels up the rode a spell.

I visited Ala. for the first time. . This region was flat.

So, by this time, I'm really cold, and shivering on the bike. and rain drops were coming here and there.

I rode north a little ways to Daphne, AL.

I got the Eastern Shore Hotel for $53. Really cute girl working there.
Great deal, great deal. Super hot shower. I washed some clothes and relaxed the rest of the evening. I'm nott a T.V. guy at home, but on the road I reallly veg out. The weather channel is my go to guy while on the rode with a MC. Hard to believe it is TH, the week is flying by.

I was super tried, so I was a sleep by 2005. I used the hotel Wiffi to check in back home. As I do all the time, I parked the DR as close to my window as I could.

Hard day on the road, but visited Al for the first time.

139 miles.
$90. That's ok, $17 was food, and $53 was to get some solid sleep.

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day 19

Daphne, AL

Got a solid 9 hours of sleep in a row.

Looked over maps. Could push as far as St. Bay, Miss.

Check out was 11:00, so left 1029.

Fairly chilly, and cloudy. Went through Mobile. I went around the down town area.

I just rode 36 miles to Irvington, Al. 1128. I was taking the 90.
Yet another 1.8 gallon fill up. There for a while, I seemed to get 1.8 gallons.

It didn't take long for me to visit MS for the first time.

I rode to Ocean Springs for a McDonald's break. I'm not a fan of fast food, but, the wiffi is what takes it over the top. I get the salad and wrap every time in McDonald's. I can't stand the amount of waste they produce when you get your meal. Too much paper and plastic. It seemed like McDonalds always gave me a bag even though it was for "here." And the staff at McDonald's is horrible. Lastly, they have this alarm noise that goes off all the time. They tend to ignore it, but it sucks.

I wish, I would have gone out of my way to get more trail mix and such at Walmarts. But, like I said, I stopp for gas so much, I do not feel like stopping 10 miles later for Walmart. I guess I have not one to blame but myself.

I had checked the weather in Ocean Springs around 1300. It was mid 40s. Even was actually a nice day on the MS coast.

Soon after I rode through the Jefferson Davis estate on the Beach Blvd. I did not stop inside.

I really liked the lay out of the road.
This picture sort of illustrates what I'm typing about.
a paved spot for walkers and runners.
rode going east.
rode going west.
turn off lanes.

Here is the DR relaxing (1438). I should have gotten more pics of the area.
Now, this pic was right off the 90. Do you'all reckon that white house was newly constructed post Kitrinia? I hear tale that everything south of the train trax was destroyed. Seems odd that so much destruction took place in this relaxing area.

I kept on the 90 and headed toward NOLA.
I really wanted to see this city. That and linking up with another DS rider was the tops on the list for this tour.

Clouds cam in and the terrian looked fairly intimadating to stealth camp in. I passed up some area, but never turned around to look around. They were not calling for rain.
As I progess into LA, I passed through flat low lying, with a lot of bodies of water (Bayou), and rode over some really old bridges.

Not having a go pro, but the Nexus-7. Pics would have slowed down my pace even more so. So, this tour is weak on pics. No duh, right?

I stopped at the first place I saw, which turned out to be ok. I wanted to prestage out side of NOLA. The place, Pearlington.

I tried moving the DR next to the window, but the Indian owner said to move it, some one could sue. What was funny, was that there were no true handicap ramps at the motel. I know, I had to push the DR a could was to get here up on the sidewalk.
I just pushed the bike inbetween the curb and the yellow parking guard.

First time in LA.
This would mark the end of visiting new states for the first time on the tour. So, Al, Ms, and La were new to me.

$50 room.
Continued to network through ADVrider, and almost was able to hang out with an inmate. Turns out he had to work on Sat.

The evening was 48 F, with some light rain.

I really enjoyed watching Futurerama and Keenan and Peele.
100% funny:

miles: 155

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