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The_Precious_Juice OP
In Garrison.
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Location: Roanoke Valley, Virginia
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day 20

Pearlington, LA
Well rested. Late getting going like almost always. Gone before 0800.

I wanted to make sure I'd be good on gas all day while in NOLA, so I stopped just up the road and got 1.9 gallons for $6.09.

I took 90 west. It was a Sat and early, so I felt like I could go damn near anywhere in NOLA and not get in any domestic troublle.

As I approached into East NOLA, the phantom street lights were annoying. Seemed like no one was around and the lights would trip. I had to assume that it was still on the night shift scheudle.

I had done a little bit more research on the city the night before.
I like the phrase: the most northern Caribeen city.

I wanted to hit Paris Road or highway 47 in order to come in through the lower 9th Ward, but missed the street signs.

So I came in from the 90 (Chef Menteur Hwy).

I rode north into Gentilly. The DR had to put on her urban assault vehicle cap for these roads. Some of the less travled roads had holes and jacked up pavement.
I may have been on Peoples Ave. She is in between Franklin Ave and Preston Dr.

I saw a chicken in this hood. I'd never seen a chicken in a big city just waling around.

I got to the most northern road that runs east west off of Lack Pontchartrain, and took a break near the University of New Orleans.

Facing north to Lake Pontchartrain. It seemed odd to have a nice shelter with standing water in it. It did not rain really at all the night before.

Turning around, the parking lot. It was before 0900, so I doubt these cars were here all night? Maybe.

Ohh, I did not go over the plan of the day.
I wanted to check out the New Orleans City Park, and check out the French District and see what happens.

Ok, so to the park.

I rode west sort of along the lake coast (Lake Shore Drive). I saw some interesting gate sturcutes that most likely are used in case of flooding.

The hood around the park was nice. NOLA, like a lot of old towns had good and bad locations fairly close. I guess the canels divided things up here instead of rivers or train trax.

Some pics of the park's fishing area.

I looked at my AAA street map of NOLA a lot today. I wanted to find canal street and head to the French Quarter.

Along the way I saw a Green Wood Cemetery as I made the left on Canal St.

I took canel for a good ways, and ended up comeing in from the southwest portion of town near all the near Audubon Park.

I eventually hooked around to Decartour street and rode through the French Quarter, being a Sat, the place was doing it's tourist thing. I did not stop anywhere.

I rode through down town for a spell and thought about staying at a nice hotel for a few days and walking around the town.
I did not pull the trigger, I was not feeling it.

But instead, I headed north toward the River. I got on the I-10 for a few miles before getting on North Causeway Blvd.

So I rode out of town before 1200.

Wow, what a big lake. It took a while to cross her. The temps were fine, but the clouds looked bad.

I stopped off at Covington to get my bearings at a B. King. 1128.

Around 1245 left B.K, and went back south for a couple of miles to get on the I-12 to make time riding west. The traffic was really heavy as I rode back south. Again, it is a Saturday.

Topped off on gas. Another 1.8 gallon stop.

I was making good time inspite of traffic being slightly congested. The transition to the I-10 went well.

This all changed at Baton Rouge. At mile marker 157 things went down to a crawl. Damn, I did not think I'd get such slow traffic on a weekend like this. I did not see any car wreaks.
I used the time to strectch my legs at the frequent stops.

I made it thorugh and soon was crossing the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge. A bridge carried the traffic over for miles and miles.

My notes are fuzzy, but I recored 60mph on the higway from doing the map from two stops. I was tucked in behind... well I'd type wind shield, but there is not one.

So, I slowly made it closer and closer to Lake Charles.
I had stayed at a motel for the last couple of nights, and one tends to get used to such things, and thus a cycle starts.

Being from Roanoke, VA, I decided to get off at Roanoke, LA. I got back on the 90 going west. I never found a good place to camp. Too many cars driving by, or too many gates, or the location was not closed off enough. I was disapointed in not finding a place here.

I had actually grown a lot of confidece up to this point on finding a camp sight and not having any issues.

So by this time I was in Lake Charles. I gave up on a place to camp. It was 1727 when I checked in. Another $50 expense. It was actually a good place. It even had cereal for moring chow!

I posted on FB where I was, and a good buddy from the Navy had his father living there. After looking over my maps and time table, I decided not to stay in Lake Charles the next day, but push toward Galvistain.

I ended up watchign Dumb and Dumber on TBS or something. Fun stuff.

I had a big day in milage. Maybe my third biggest day. I also had my earliest depature time.
The peg fibrations on the DR were giving me some comfort issies.

I did some TX research off and on, and wondered about the prospects of linking up with DS riders along the coast and into Brownsville, TX.

278 miles.
$74 (food/gas/motel)

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The_Precious_Juice OP
In Garrison.
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Location: Roanoke Valley, Virginia
Oddometer: 2,158
Day 21

Lake Charles, LA

I punished the Knights Inn with the morning cereal. I also took some for the road.

1000 check out so gone by 0915.

The plan of the day was to take the coast down into Galveston, TX.
I was lookng foward to this town because it was in the same Congressional District that Ron Paul worked out of. I'm a big fan of the libertarian values.

After going west for 10 miles or so, I turned south on the 27.

Thus far, I have not really done a good job in describing the terrian and geography of my trip so far. Well, it has been on the coast line for much of the way. So flat (except FL's capital). Lots of small bridges and large briges to cross rivers and lakes. Lots of green veg.

Riding south on a Sunday morning, this are was really rual. There was an overcast, but no rain. Good stuff.

I rode into the Subine National Wildlife Refuge. Lots and lots of birds. Big white ones with long legs. We do not have birds that big back home in the mountains. Except turkey vultures, and they are much shorter.

I took a right on the Gulf Beach Highway. Highway 82.
This was a very depopulated area. With cloudy skys and straight aways for miles and miles, the only good things was the vast Bayou wilderness. No high tress, just low veg.
There were a good amount of cattle to be seen on the right side of the road. the left, the Gulf of Mexico.
Most of the homes were on very tall stilts. They were very far apart.
I wanted to skirt the coast, but knew that Port Arthur would need to be navigated through.

I rode around Pleasure Island first, before hitting this town.
I took the bridge which was M.L.K. Jr. Drive. Not a good sign.

The town had a "The Walking Dead" land feel to it. Old and dirty.
In the down town area near the Museum of the Gulf Coast there were fairly large empty buildings with their windows and and all jacked up. I'd never seen a town like this.
Sorry no pics, I did not want to make myself a soft target...

I'm used to seeing modern cities with their down town areas looking at least presentable.
This is how I imagned a lot of big cities in the 60s and 70s that had folk leave the city for the suberbs. I knew that San Diego was one such town.

I failed to get a AAA map of Texas back home in Virginia. I should have asked what they had behind the counter. Green Horn mistake. This lead me to stop for guy on the ground directions. I did like the bars on the gas station building. Hell, I could not get inside before a crazy dude tried to get a cig from me. Of course he talked to me for a spell. He said the town used to have a lot of oil, and now was in bad shape. He blammed President Regan. I was able to get directions from him, and soon left. I do not think it was noon yet.

On highway 73 going west I stopped at Winnie, TX for gas. 1.7 gallons. Gas was really cheap in this region. I think I saw about $2.99 once or twice.

I had done 128 miles so far. If I can do 100 miles prior to noon, I've put down a lot of miles. I do not know how riders do such heavy milage througout the day. Granted, I have a stealth camp handicap. I have to be on location about one hour before twilight. Even thoush it is the deep south, the sun is done before 1900 hours. So I'd like to be setting up camp no later than 1800s.

I got on the 124 south back to the coast. As I rode on the Bolivar Penn, there were lots of signs for weekly rental and such. If it would have been sunny and warm, I may have looked into checking out one. But, I doub't I'd have wiffi. So I pressed on.

By 1423 I made it to the free Ferry.

More weak sauce pics.
The Nexus-7 was hit or miss on being in focus.
I caught this ferry. There was plenty of room after me.

A trend for things to come. Lots of trucks and lots of USA flags in Texas.

Underway at 1422. Really foggy. 175 miles so far today.
Note the green piece of synthetic line that holds all of the soft bags together. I still was in the bad habit of putting my helmet on the seat. Lastly, I'd let certain clothing articles air out during the day. My old green side green t-shirt had its turn for the day. Stock tyres with less than 3,000 miles.

This was all I had for a Texas map. Opps.

My notes do not have how long the ferry was. Maybe 30 mins tops.

Galveston was not what I had excpected. Big time tourism. So typical beach drag strip. It also had lots of port and industry stuff on the other side of the island. There was some old mixed in with some new. I thought about getting a cheap motel and checking out the area the next day. Once again, the erge to ride was too strong.

San Luis Pass road, or route 3005 lead me south and west. The place kind of had a southern Florida feel to it. What with all of the condos and stuff.

I paid a $2.00 toll to cross the Bluewater Highway. Ahh, so that's how the ferry is paid for.

My nexus nav app showed that I had to go into Freeport, TX. I was there at 1648.
this is good motel checking in time. One gets to maximse their cost/hour.
I looked into a place, but was getting tired of staying a Indian owned places. I did talk to some contractors who were staying there. One was from Kansas City, KS. He gave me directions.

I really did not care for this region of Texas. It seemed to have lost it's twinkle. Sure, the clouds did not help and it was a Sunday, but things just seemed to be depressed. Very little activiity going on. Plus, the places looked dirty.

However, if one wants to get into the plan or industry business. Look no furhter than this region. Lots and lots of jobs all over the damn place here. TX, LA, MS. All kinds of plan jobs on the coast. I guess most are oil refinerys. Not sure.

I had issues at another gas station. Did not want to go inside and pay with dudes talking with me. Worried about a grab and go. So I went to another one down the road and got 1.76 gallons for $5.41. Pushed about 1738.

The next hour and change was me going to Lake Jackson and looking for stealth camps and or going to motels and walking out because the rates were too high.

I wanted to pull a Church lot camp, but it was Sunday. The area was fairly populated, so suburbs were not looking good.

So at about 1857 I did a brazen thing and just rode behind some industrial buildings out side of town.
Things worked out as the minutes went by. I eventually got comfortable enough to sleep under my tarp and in my sleeping bag. I felt good about the insert. No cars had seen me.
No pics, no MP3 player or even red lens flahs light. I knew that it being Monday tomorrow , I would have to leave really early.

miles: 269

$15 (gas and tolls)

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Awesome report. Am sure I'm not alone with the Just the facts-style of daily report, but I really like your style T.

Not giving anything away, but I'm hanging on until you cross paths with Erroneous Monk and the DSRL Crew.

Have you made it back home yet? My son Cam and I were sharing your trip tale with one of his riding buddies over a few Root Beers and cheeseburgers at Twin Peaks last night.

Ride Safe Bro!

No, really, the mustache means I love you.
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Originally Posted by dirty_sanchez View Post
Awesome report. Am sure I'm not alone with the Just the facts-style of daily report, but I really like your style T.

Not giving anything away, but I'm hanging on until you cross paths with Erroneous Monk and the DSRL Crew.

Have you made it back home yet? My son Cam and I were sharing your trip tale with one of his riding buddies over a few Root Beers and cheeseburgers at Twin Peaks last night.

Ride Safe Bro!



Yeah, I made it back on the 14th of March.
At this pace, it is going to be hard for me to finish all 54 days by early April. Looks like maybe the first week of April.

I hope the KTM's clutch is good to go now.

Cam, like all the other youngins from DSRL showed politeness, respectfulness and maturity.

Be on the look out for day 35.
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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day 22

Lake Jackson, TX

There comes a time at a camp sight when you know you are good to go until at least the morning.

0200 is the time I start to feel like I'm good to go. If anyone witnessed the insertion, and waited this long to come back and let me know I'm tresspassing or to start problems, then I'd be suprised.

It was warmer this morning and really foggy. I had my cell-phone set to go off at 0350. I got up well before this. I was gone by 0445. No way will I ever beat that departure time. No way.

I rode down the road to get my bearings at the beaver looking gas station, and soon discovered I had lost my bearings while trying to find a place to camp. Not a big deal in the Deep South for someone who speaks the launguage and all, but could be an issue in Columbia.
As typical, most folk do not really know the route numbers just the highway numbers.
I has able to get a good direction toward Bay View, and I was going to get there via the 35.

It took a few stops along the way, and the Nexus-7 nav app came through with picking me up on the GPS, but I started making time southwest. The only thing that sucked was that the fog was really thick. Visibilty was maybe 75 feet or so at best. It felt like I was riding down hill on a grade. No way, I was already at sea level.

By 0646, I had gone 52 miles, and it was dawn in Bay View. McDonald's and the breakfast platter, with two breakfast burritos. $6.46. What a deal. I kept the burritos for the road.
I stayed for a spell and tried to network on the various ADVrider Texas threads. I was entertaining the idea of renting a beach house on the coast.
It should rain today.

Pushed at 0812. Still foggy. Timed a gas stop after about 30 mins of riding. Who needs a new seat on their DR?

I was riding into Texas, and not down the gulf, but the terrian really did not change much. The sky seemed to get bigger.

By 0931 I was in Port Comfort. So I was making good time. The clouds to the west were really dark. I could give a sh$%. Florida taught me to embrass the choas. However, I did set up the tarp to cover my gear while I rode. I had just gotten rained on a little, and this pace looked like it got a whole lot more.

By 1000 I was off again and south on 35.
I had some rain here and there, and the winds were bad, but for the most part they were behind me. A low pressure front was coming in from the west (Arctic blast sort of) and winds from the east were flowing in with moisture.

I decided to make a quick turn into a picnic area.

Blast the tables did not have any shelter.

Fairly flat cattle country.

Rain mode. Not that great for protecting water from underneath. Just don't store dry goods there.
Note the silver carabine that is holding the tarp to the small green alice pack.

I used the right side strap that hold my old small med bag in place to hold the tarp down.
The bridgestone trail wings are holding up ok on 99% tarmcac.

It started to rain harder her in the picnic area, so I made a call to unless the tarp and camp for a spell. It was well before 1100, so I had plenty of time to travel more.
The think about unlessing a 16'X16' tarp in such highwinds is that it is damn near impossible to fold back up.
I pushed the tarp up against the front finder and then pushed the bike up against the picnic table. I then did my best to secure the tarp down to the bike. The wind was coming from maybe the northeast and a good angle, so I kept fairly dry while seating on my empty back pack.
I had thoughts of the finder snaping off, but then I remembered, that was for the 2012 BMW Sertaio before the recall.

During this time I wrote in my journal and ate my last burritto. I had actually done 141 miles so far, so I was making great time. I actually managed to get some shut eye, which is hard to do when the tarp is wipping about something fierce.
I had some visitors too. Mostly truck drivers taking a 15 min break or so.
A funny moment was when the ground keepers came to clean the trash cans, and one dude said tomorrow was suppoed to be 70 degrees.
Then after a minute he said, "no, that's going to be Wed. All this weather will still be here tomorrow."
I had to laugh at that one.
I also had a trooper of some kind stop by. A car pulled up and someone got out and started to pull the tarp up.
I just said hello.
He actually asked what I was doing here.
All I could say was that I was staying out of the weather.
He said he had no clue what I was from the road.
I asked about when the weather would stop, and he said that he did not know, but a cold front was coming in and bringing in all of this moisture. He left with saying "Good Luck."

That's what I'm talking about. In the deep south it is more Big Boy Rules. Sure, personal freedoms do not match that of Alaska, and victumless crimes are something to avoid in the red states, but for the most part, folk are excpected to behaive and act with common scence.

I thought he would say. "Well, this picnic area closes atsuch and such time, and you need to be out of here by then."

So I pushed at 1425, with aspirations of Corpus Chrisit. the tarp got folded as best I could.

I had a little rain here and there.

I made it into this rather large town with a good amount of traffic. I got my bearings at a McDonalds near the southeastern region of town. I wanted to get a motel near the beach to stage for a landing.
I looked at the weather and Tuesday was going to be a wash also.
Damn, they were calling for ice and snow in Victoria!

I found a Motel 6 and booked her for 2 nights. $45/night.
During the transistion to the Motel parking lot, I lost my bearings. I thought my window was looking east. Ok, no sun light, that's fine, but the wind was coming from the north, like earlier today. More on this later.

This was the first time I'd be so far from the DR. The large tarp envoloped the MC fairly easy. It was a bitch to keep her on with the wind. I had to back the DR back up to run over the tarp, and put some of the tarp under the kick stand.

Weather channel and Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.
Looks like some more ice is coming to the Atlanta area.
I washed my clothes and did some ADVrider research and looking into the town of Brownsville. Looks to be super Mexican, and I do not have any contacts, so no joy.

On Wednesday, I'll ride to the Mustang Island State Park and see what happens.

miles: 201.

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Originally Posted by The_Precious_Juice View Post

Yeah, I made it back on the 14th of March.
At this pace, it is going to be hard for me to finish all 54 days by early April. Looks like maybe the first week of April.

I hope the KTM's clutch is good to go now.

Cam, like all the other youngins from DSRL showed politeness, respectfulness and maturity.

Be on the look out for day 35.
Yep-Jr. totally fried his clutch trying to unstuck himself on that sandbar.

No, really, the mustache means I love you.
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Too bad I didn't know of your trip though South Louisiana before hand. Could of really suggested a much better route than I - 10. Maybe next time.

A '00 KLR 650 40,000 miles, A '07 1250S 74,000 , A '03 5.3L Chevy Truck 78,000 + '43 style dude , Simper Fi ;-)
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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2/5ths through tour

Another 11 days down in my book.

I managed to go 1,746 miles. So, 159 miles/day

and spent $551. So, $50/day, or $7 less than the precious 11 days.

Family and Friends: 3
Camping: 4
Motels: 4.
I still had a healthy ratio of avoiding motels.

The DR was doing well, she had a good oil change, but she had started developing an oil leak near the top of the cylinder.

The peg vibrations were annoying, and I had not figured a way to stop them.

The 21" tyre got the job done back in the sandy wet off road conditions of western, Florida. That was a good experience. The internet had me believeing the stock tyres were complete garbage.

I had gotten 60mph with good conditions.
But, man the DR is thristy in the morning.

I was good with the milage, but not with the coin from the purse.

The weather was much better. Sure, it was rainy that last day, but it was managable. Good to see Texas get some rain. I hear tale she has been in a draught for years.
I was able to dip my feet into the Gulf of Mexico in Dunedin, so that was great.

I made several blunders. One of which was leaving Florida. Hell, I was dumb enough to think that a typical southern winter would finally take hold. Little did I know but my coldest day was weeks from now.

I had greatly miss understood and under estimated the Dualsport rider activity in the Deep South.
Only sunny Florida had the type of action I was looking for, and I was in and out in 16 days or so.
Not many day trippers and big time tours going on during this time of year.

My Public relations guy sucked bad. I had tried to network thruogh the regional forums with ADVrider, but it was without any results.
I told myself, I'll just finish the ride report and that would be it with me and ADVrider. Well, maybe I'd promote the DR from time to time and look over some S10 pics.
Something did not seem right about the tour. Something was missing. It's almost like I had the next state or next city I was interested in as the big time place to go and hang with DS riders and hang with solid folk.
Not that I wanted to, but returning to VA would have been really hard. Man it was cold up there.

I did not feel like doing any physical training on the road. I got lazy in the motels.
While on the road, I did not get away much from the MC either. I was always worrried about team of thiefs picking up the less than 400lbs MC and taking her. So I did not really see too many tourists stops or museums. But, that was ok. This was differnt than being in a cage. The DR brought another variable. One that I had not tapped into yet.
The trip was sort of a daily event with a very similar feel.
But, the best thing was the hunting for a camp sight.

So, the KLR and the RGS/RGSA were the most ridden MC I'd seen DS wise. But, the nod was given to the GS in numbers. These riders seemed to be always going the differnt direction I was going.

total miles to date: 3,200
145 miles/day.

Total expenes per day average: $54

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The_Precious_Juice OP
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day 23

Corpus Christi, TX

Rest day on a cold/rainy/windy (20mph) day in Corpus Chrisiti.

I set myself up for faliure by not staying at a motel that was within walking distance to good eats and such.

So I continued to eat my own cereal and trail mix. I actually had to turn to vending machine snakes.

This extra day of rest was good to let my clothes dry out after the wash. No rush there.

I researched some things and wrote up my impressions of the DR own her forum.

I decided to go to San Antonio. I mapped out the road and prepared it on my tank bag.
A inmate on a Truimph Tiger had cruized through here before and recommended the "Three Twisted Sisters." over in the Hill Country.

The icey cold front was workiing its way to the Carolinias.

I networked through FB, and had some old friend in the Waco area. I'd go by there on the way back to the base camp.

I got to watch Shark Tank Tuesday's on MSNBS or something. Great show.

Vedged out a bit and serfed the net on the Nexus-7. It was good to be in doors.

miles: 0
$ 47

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day 24

Corpus Christi, TX

A good sign.

A rider wants to ride. I was in that motel for well over 36 hours, and I really wanted to go. The day was to be sunny later.

@ 0710 it was 39 degress F and cloudy and windy. The winds had shifted, and were blowing out of the North, northwest.

As I left, I felt bad for the "southeast" she was getting hit hard again by a snow/ice package.

Ok, here was were I made another nav mistake. If you are not going to have a GPS to keep you honest, due use what you have.

I had a hand held compass that I used once this tour. It was back near Ft. Pierce, Florida.

I should have used it here. What was worse, was the clouds actually started to go away and the sun was coming out.

So I left 0958, and ended up riding west out of the motel even though I wanted to go east toward the beach. I was thinking that the town was huge because I was so close to the beach at the motel. That's thick headed.
The wind was brutal to me. I burned some calories holding on that morning.
So, I just said to hell with it, "lets ride to The Alamo".
I had Ozzy Osborne in my head that day. We all know the trouble he got into there back in the mid 80s.

I got off the interstate because I did not want to ride in those winds like that. However, when big rigs would go by, I'd pick up about 20mph in speed. If I was reall good, I could have had a much more fuel efficent ride, and made better time.
That's another thing about Texas that is Big Boy Rules. The highway speeds are way up there at 70mph.

So first stop was Sinton. I was lucky to have a McDonald's and gas station attached.
So I just pushed the DR over and topped off with fuel and then took off. I like to push the DR around as much as I can.

I rode up to Kenedy and took a break at Walmart and finally got some more chow.The temps were at 50 degrees F around 1330
As I got more into the heart of Texas, the truck populations started to increase more and more. I would later find out that the Ford F-150 is America's number one sold vehicle. No sh%# after riding through Texas. There are fleets of trucks out there driving in formation.
Hell, at the Walmart I was at, a clown in a White Dodge Truck had his sound system (bass) super loud. It was silly. I'd never seen/heard that from a truck that size here in VA.

As I approached the San Antonio area, the roads were becoming more and more hilly and curvey.

I was making good time, and was in San Antonio by 1540. By 1556 I rode through the Alamo mission. It was odd to see a building surronded by such tall buildings around her.

Around the Northern western portion of town I stopped at a gas station and topped off, and got lucky and found a WiFi hot spot. I was able to get my bearings. I got 2.31 gallons, I rarely go over 2.0 gallons at my fill ups.

I wanted to stage near the Three Sisters. I ate the hell out of the trail mix I made. I put my tarp in my pack, and filled up my nalgene bottles and heading N.W.

By now the winds were much better and the roads were much more fun to ride on. I saw a couple of gravel roads that were not cager approachable to go up, but did not have the confidense to go up.

I ended up on Scenic Loop Road near Cross Mountain.
I rode around a bit, but the area had lots of middle class homes and little wood like areas. The population was really high in this area of Texas. Not Houston high, but high.

I passed a potintial spot with no gate, and then turned around. Blast, a cage was present before I could make the turn. This was typical for being around 1745.

I pulled in and road in for 40 feet or so and killed the engine. I could see a house in the distance so I had to be extra quite. I pushed the DR to a good spot that prevented traffic on the S. Loop Road from seeing me.

I took all of these pics from behind a rock like berm. Not shown here.

Just to the right of the last pic, you can see a SUV cager riding past heading north. the berm is to the bottum right of the pic.

Looking to the far left: around the rock berm was the interance I came from. I would go on and push the DR to the treeline. I got me away from the house and the cages could not see me anyway as they drove by going 40mph.

Bed was around 1925 after checking in at the base. It was good to not sleep in a motel.
It was good to get away from the coast. I knew the nights would be a little cooler as I got more into the desert like region.

198 miles
$43 (high number due to purchasing supplies).

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day 25

Scenic Loop road, near Cross Mountain, Hill country, Texas

Even though I sleept well for several hours, after midnight until dawn, I was really cold. I adapted by putting more cloting inside my bag and on.

My feet were real cold. The last three toes had lost felling. They felt massaive when sliding them aorund the bottum of the sleeping bag. Kind of like when your chin is numb from surgery. It fells massive in your hand.

Ok, so right when I was fixing to crawl out of my bag ( I was starting to shiver at 0630), I got my first burn notice of the tour. A dog started barking at me, maybe 10 mics worth. Maybe it was 40 feet away or so. Seemed old. The house beside this lot had the owners calling for a dog yesterday. The barking ended, and I redoubled my efforts to leave.
I never heard from the dog again while getting ready.

I had plenty of room to fold my tarp, and thanks to the sun light I knew which way to head out. I needed to head south, then turn right on the 16 toward Medinia.
I was gone by 0940.

It took about an hour to get to Medinia. I had done 47 miles.

I took in a Church lot next to R337, the beginning of the 2nd best road route in Texas, or so I heard. Big Bend is supposed to be number 1. I actually saw a yellow RGS ride by, but he/she kept going and did not take the left turn to the R337.
A elderly man on a nice bike peddled by and asked if I was ok. Great area. There was a place to rent right were the R337 ended. I thought about how nice it would be to rent that for a summer, and work in the area, and host riders as they rode through.

The terrian was very hilly. GA/N.C./TN has the snakes and curves, Texas hill counrtry has some roller coaster hills.
My left eye started acting up and causing pain. I still had my 30 day contact inside. Ugh.

I stopped at Leakey at the Buck Stop at 1222. Really neat country town. I really liked this area. GAs was $3.199/gallon. I got 1.74 gallons. I had done 86 miles so far.

I had to stop and get some pics. These were taken not too far north of Leakey on the R336

Having not gotten much sleep I was really tired.

I debated on continueing on with the "Three Sisters", or cutting east toward Austin. If I stayed with the Sisters, I'd have to sleep with one tonight.
I decided to cut east when the R336 connected with the 41.

I somehow got on the I-10 and rode a spell, and stopped at a picnic sight. I took a nap, then lubed the chain. I left at 1537. Soon I'd have to start looking for a place to camp.

I felt a little better as I pushed into Kerrville. I did a McDonald's stop. I was 24 miles from Fredericksburg.
The bast camp got 20" of snow today!

I noticed that the Austin DS riders could have a get together this Sat in Bee Cave. Today was Thursday. The weather forcast was looking good.

I pushed from Kerrville around 1700ish. I haad 167 miles so far today.
I had the tarp in the back pack. It's time.

Again, it's tuff in Texas to find some woods to squat in. Mighty tuff. I was on highway 16 and riding toward F'burg.

I picked Knott Rd to go down for a spell to look for some locations.
There was a sign to look out for live stock on the road. Interesting.
I rode over some cattle stopper deals. We do not have many of these back home.
I saw some little deer (doe) walking around. This was their time of the day. There were some homes here and there off the road a ways.
I turned around when a couple of cattle were near the road. I wanted to double back and check out a spot.
I went back and road up this. I took this picture after insertion. It was stupid to walk back from concellement and get this pic. I jogger could have seen me. I guess I was getting complacient in the the field. Ok, sure, A Subarua Outback could maybe get up there. Maybe. The approach angle of the car would have been tight.

It takes a spell to lay dog and wait for the birds to come back and sing just a few feet away from you. But, after that I fell like I'm alone.

Looking west. Just over the horizon could have been a home maybe a 100 meters away. I did not want to crawl up and take a look. It was not worth it. Plus, this terrian has some nasty pricker like thorns.

The DR would camp here, and me on her left side. I had to spend some time clearing out the ground and such. I do not have a iso-mate.
Not how the pipe has plenty of clearance from the soft bag there. No way I'm I burning anything of mine on this tour...
Also, note how plump the back pack looks. The S10 blue tarp is inside.

At beyond the veg is the road at the bottum of the decline. Really good concellment here.

There was very little traffic on this road unlike last night's.
There were two cattle stoper deals, so I could hear vics approach form both directions.

I checked in by 1920, and listened to "The Duce." Yeah, I felt comfortable up here. The Duce played country songs that I really did not know, but were good.

I changed things up on my sleeping set up.
I always put the orange poncho down after the tarp,
What was new:
then the rider paints. They are fairly heavy and offer some good insulation from the ground.
Then the sleeping bag. I took off my outer layer of my jacket and wrapped it around the end of my sleeping bag. The inner layer of my jacet was underneath the upper part of my sleeping bag.
Inside my sleeping bag was every bit of clothing I had. I had them to fill up pockets of air to better warm me. I had shorts on and my only long sleeve shirt. My trusty orange hunting dickie was on and my old USMC brown beenie on my head.
The forcast was not going to be as bad as last night, but I was going to get some better sleep tonight.

Fairly good day. Classic ADV touring day.
miles 181.

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day 26

S.W. of Fredericksburg (Kott Rd), TX

Sleept much better than the night before. I did not start getting cold until 0500. Being fairly secure in my setting, I did not start getting up until 0700ish.
It was a really sunny morning. I listened to npr radio. They had a retired NASA engineer on.
So taking a step back and looking at things, I'm spending almost half of a 24 hour period down on the ground. Damn. Some of that 12 hours is sleeping, some is not. No wonder I'm averageing well below 200 miles per day.

The pricker deals were hard to get off the tarp and my gear. I even had one in my boot.

I was ready to go and fired up the DR around 0958.
She fired up, but went silent after a few seconds. Well, I had about 100 miles on the tank, so no way I'd have a problem. I took charge of the situation and jumped on the DR and swished the tank around, then started her up, then went right to reserve. She slowly start to get come to life.
Pheww, I'm glad I did not have to walk this time.

I had a easy egress without anyone seeing me.

I rode 8.8 miles to a gas station and put in 1.7 gallons, so I was about .9 from hitting reserve. Score one for fuel injected I guess.

By 1046 it was getting warm. Not Daytona Florida in January hot, but much warmer than yesterday morning. I took off some layers and filled up the nalgene bottles and looked over my maps. I talked with a Vietnam Army vet. He moved to the region after coming to take care of his ageing dad and stayed. He is a native Texan.

I left around 1118.
I really like the town of Fredericksburg. I have Anglo Saxon heritgage myself. Granted, I was not a fan of the town not being down with the Confederacy, but VA had multible towns not down with the CSA. They all became West Virginians in 1863.
But what I liked was the old look, and the tourism money that was pooring out of the cages. It was hopping on this Friday mid day.
I did not stop and go in any stores or anything.

I pushed east of town to Johnson City. Highway 290.
I had read a book written by LBJ's Sec. of the Press. I wanted to see this town.
The population was well below 2,000.
She has the orginial plot of land of LBJs relatives (uncle) who founded the area back in the 1800s.
I actually got off the DR and walked away from her and checked out the historic farm... err ranch. We do not have ranches back in the mountains of Virginia. Also, we have Howdowns instead of Honky-tonks (a bar that plays country music).

It was a nice sunny breezie day.
They have a tokken Long Horn on display

I pulled out around 1242.
I can't remember how I got there, but I went southeast, and stopped in Dripping Springs, TX around 1325.

I stopped at McDonald's and parked next to a white 2014 Subaru Forester. Best SUV on the road IMO. I talked to the owners for a few minutes. They did not know if it was a premium or a limited. The limited has X-mode which is beast.

I had my lowest recording salad, small wrap combo of the tour. $6.89. Nice. Most are a dollar more.

It was 80 degress F here!

There was a lot of chatter on the Austin Hill country thread so things were looking good for tomorrow. But nothing looked final or in stone.
I wrote down the address of the location in Bee Cave. I researched the population of Bee Cave and saw that she had less than 4,000 folk there.

When I rode in around 1528 I was all like, damn, there are a lot of people here. And damn, this place looks high end. I do not remember any cheap motels, not that I needed one; but one can get a feel for the the town with these around.

I found the Country Galleria, got some more fuel and went hunting for a space.
It was hard due to all the folk around getting off from work.

It took a while, maybe an hour and a half, but West Oak Hill was the place. The spot was a Dandy. I had actually out did my self from yesterday.

The pics below are horrible. Hell, I can't even describe where they point to.

The area was suburban, but with a spot clear of veg that a 4-wheeler or MC could get through. No houses or anything withing sight or hearing. Plenty of veg.
There was heavy signs of folk being around in the past. Lots of bottles and trash around near the road, but it went back a good little ways into the brush. I was so tickled that I did something for the first time. I pulled out my Garmen GPS and got the grid of the location.

You couldn't ask for a better spot. I was planning on making a gear cache for tomorrow while out riding with DS riders of Austin Hill Country... Maybe.

It took a while to bed down because I took off everything and created the cache that night. If I was made that Friday night by some punk kids, I could always come back later and get the gear.

I bedded down under some thick brush. No way anyone was walking up on me. For the second time, the DR was by herself during a camp. And no tarp! I used the tarp to make a more comfortable bed and to provide better insulation.

Checked in at the home base at 1930 and had no issues at all with anyone for the rest of the early night.

miles: 120

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day 27

West Oak Hill, TX

I was up and gone by 0713. It was cold this morning. I can dig the desert enviroment. The summer humidity of the southeast is much worse than the temp swings in the desert. Granted, Hill country is not true desert.

I did not take my orange "thick gloves", but my ass whoopin gloves. Because of this I had to stop on the highway 71 and warm my hands next to the DR's air cooled engine. Stupid cold.
I was in Bee Cave by dawn. I stopped at the Hill Country Food Mart. This place is awsome. In the spand of 45 mins, dozens and dozens of workers were coming in and gassing up and getting breakfast. Damn near all of them were Mexicans. Good to see that a lot of construction and such was going on in the area. Like I typed, I did not see a crappy house in the area. I got a good breakfast from the hot chow they were making.

I filled my nalgane bottles up and topped off gas (.78 gallons).
There was less wind this morning and the DR dropped a solid 25lbs in weight easy.

I did not find a wiffi hot spot, so I was not sure if the Austin Hill country riders were meeting up or not, so I rode over to the mall.

I was able to get a feed at the McDonald's there. No joy this morning. Looked like a couple of guys were doing something way to the northwest, but I would not make it in time.

AFter the rush to link up at the mall, I took some time to get some pics of the DR with hardly anything on.

So I rode back to last night's camp and loaded things up.

I was heading northeast by 1050. It was a great day to ride now that it was warmed up.
The traffic in Bee Cave was actually a little heavy on this mid morning Saturday.

I rode on the Intersate and made good time. I sort of went around Austin, and doubled back and stopped at the McDonalds' on MLK Blvd.

Several days ago, I had posted on a Texas forum here on ADVrider, and tried to get a good recommondation on a good garage. I do not remember getting a reply.

The 4,000 mile service was coming up on the DR, and i wanted to stay on target of meeting them all for the first 12 months.
So, I looked over the ones in town.
I rode to Woods. Huge place, and it was rocking and rolling this Saturday afternoon. The whole thing took 45 mins. That's how long it took me to wait in line back in the service department only to be told it would be $336 for a service that did not involve a value check. Nothing really had to be replaced but the oil. In my head, I estimated it to be $75. Man, I got out of there in a hurry. The dude behind the counter just pushed in the info on his computer and that's the number that came out.
I got some free hot chow out front before leaving, and left a $1.00 tip.
The same dude got in line beside me and said he would talk to his boss about the estimate. I said, "that's BMW numbers man. No I'm good."
To be far, who brings in a DR to a big time place like this for a simple 4,000 mile service? No one. I doubt it has ever happened since 1996.

My battary was getting low on the Nexes 7 as I rode out.

I almost linked up with a local DS rider. But, due to the lagy nature of not having streamless connection on the road, it did not happen. Most likely a good thing. He seemed like a jerk.

I rode to Joyville to a Starbucks and pulled the hooligan card when parking. Man, I stuck out bad here. I had a long beard and rider gear, with the DR out front. I stayed just long enough to give some juice to the Nex_7 and MP3 player.

I did not know if I should ride north toward Waco, or keep working on Austin. I wanted to check out the down town urban area and musumes and such. The folk are good to go, but a flat line with the DS community.

That early evening I rode toward Round Rock. I hunted around for some spots to camp in this urban setting. No joy. I even road east of Round Rock, but past up on some roads to pull off in. They lacked veg. Veg is the edge with concellement. So I ended up working my way back to the I-35 and decided to go south and get a room closer to the down town.

I topped off one more time. 1.3 gallons. $4.35. It was 1608 in Round Rock.

Man, the traffic got super terrible after that as I was riding back south. A motel 6 happend to be there while I was stopped in traffic. I rolled int; but a dude got the last room. No worries. I did not want to stay there anyway. I had plenty of day light.
It's kind of confussing, but I passed through Round Rock at least twice today.

I went west on the back roads and went north back to Round Rock. I got on highway 79, and someplace east of the Old Settlers Park I pulled off into an industerial area and parked behind a building and camped there. I had to chill for a good bit. I was in the blind spot of anyone if they drove or walked by.

I actually got a wiffi hot spot. The first time since camping. I used it to check in later.
A car did come by later, but nothing happened off it. I was worried that me useing the wiffi would have set off a secruity device of some kind. I was not going to use it again until the morning.

By 1900 is was totally dark, and I was chilling when a big owl flew to a telephone pole and perched thare and bellowed: "Who Cooks For You!" He did this for a while. Even though it was a good ways away, it looked huge.

I slowly got ready for bed. I did not want to get camp set up, then have to move.
Due to this, I was down at 2040.

I almost had my first ride with other folk on the tour. Almost.

miles: 107

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East of Round Rock, TX
It was a warmer night. I did not have any problems, besides not sleeping well. Overvast morning.

I checked the forums for some possible link ups. Just some stuff going on for some Canucks riding through.

I left the industrial park of sorts by 0903. At the intersection to the highway, I police car was at the light. I was concerned that he would stop me. It was a Sunday morning, and I looked the part of a traveler. He/She drove one way, east, and I south toward Austin.

The firt motel I stopped at was too far from downtown, so I went further south.
I eneded up back on M.L.K. Blvd heading west.
There was a good amount of traffic, and I saw some joggers going north.
I later found out that it was the Austin Marathon. No wonder there was so much traffic yesterday from the north.
Well, the running conditions were near perfect. Over cast morning with little wind. I found out later that the track record in town was not beaten. I figured it was with such a perfect day to jog 26+miles.

I guess some folk were in a hurry, becase a car went to do a three point turn to get going the other way, and a car right behind did the same thing. The first car ran into the front of the second one. There was noticeable damage to both cars. The first car apppeared to be a young lady, and the next was a dude in his 40s maybe. Both were SUVs, and looked to be well kept vehicles. The dude, could not even lay on his horn it happened so fast, he just hollered. It could have been avoided if
A. she looked behind her before flooring the car in reverse.
B. He Did not follow so close from behind.

I had the DR off, and was slowing coasting down the hill. It took sevreal mintues to get there, then I fired her back up.

I rode around a little bit. Good town. A lot of new and old. Poor and rich sections. Good parks and such.
I noticed a heavy police presense (squad cars patrolling around). I'd never seen so many police cars in a town before today (on my tour). Maybe it was due to the marathon or something.

I eventually found a Super 8 motel that had great placement. The price was good. I got 3 nights for $293. The tax on the rooms was high, but I was within walking distance of downtown.
It was 1201 N I-35. zip code: 78702

By 1140, I had done 42 miles. I had the rest of the day to go do stuff, because check in was around 1500. I had not had my post camp morning breakfast, so it was Denny's. They were super busy. I runner came in while I was waiting for a table. He did just under 4 hours. That's moving!

I then went to the LBJ library. I try to go to these as much as possible.
It was ok. Not as good as Truman's, or Eke's. The building was made back in the early 70s and has the look of it. At the very top you can look out to the southwest and see the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memerial Stadium. They expanded the field some time ago and planted trees, so you cannot see the field.

I was in there about 2.5 hours or so. They had free wiffi, so I used her here and there. I posted on the Texas forums I had a room for three days, and invited anyone over who was passing by. I also got some really got maps from the library of down town.

I took the back roads to the Motel 6 and came out at the right road. Wow. I rode by some of the old cemetrys.

I checked in well before 1600. After putting the tarp over the DR, I watched some winter Olympics. Curling. Ok, I guess. I'm suprised it got so much T.V. time.
I posted on ADVrider's trip plannig thread to give some info for riders coming through my neck of the woods, or where I've been.

I also posted on the DR650, my second fuel issue from a couple of days ago.
It was good to shower after a four days of missing one. However, by day 28, missing a few days without a shower is no big deal. Baby wipes go a long way. Now, after going months with regular showers every other day, then missing a shower after a few days, that's a good shower. Basically, by day 28, I was in field ready.

miles: 47
$114 ($8 for library, $95 for room, $10.00 @ Denny's)

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day 29 and 30

Austin, TX

I was a walker these two days.

I just checked out the musumes and such. I really like Texas history.

Some pics.

I did not get to see any DS riders around, but got a pic of this first generation KLR.

Even though it was a federal holiday, there was still plenty of traffic in the early evening

miles: 0

$ 101 and $112

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