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The_Precious_Juice OP
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day 49

Conyers, GA

I was not too rested. I lost two hours yesterday.

One at the state line, and the other due to daylight savings.

It was a wonderful early spring day in the Deep South.

I did not do any riding, but hung out with family.

I debated on when I'd leave the metropolitian area the next day. I decided to leave around 0530, and push to Springer Mountain. The southern terminus of the A. Trail is close by.


It was a good day. I enjoyed hanging out with family.
I was a sleep in no time when I racked out at 2208
miles: 0
$ 3

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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Location: Roanoke Valley, Virginia
Oddometer: 2,163
day 50

Conyers, GA

0409 was up and did my best to remain silent.
I was able to eat some good cereals before having the DR loaded up and warmed up by 0553.

Due to the savings effect, it was really dark, and would be for some time.

I only had one issue with a cage before today. It was in Round Rock, Texas. There was lots of traffic, duh; and I almost started to pull out in front of the beast of an SUV. I caught myself after only a few centimeters of movement. I still got a horn, but for a second or two.

This morning while on the 138 and heading toward the interstate, I made a mistake while trying to get on the I-20. I was in the middle lane and not the left land. I checked my blind spot and was good. It was a solid white line, so I was in the wrong. The light turned yellow. I slowed down, and it looks like a Honda Element was speading up to beat the old green.
I had not seen them or their lights a second before hand.
I cost them the light. They let me hear it. I thought I was going to get ran over by the way the horn was blarring for a good 5 seconds.

I hated it for them. I've been there before. Missing a light when riding to work does suck.

After getting on the I-20, I made a easy transition to the I-285.
I knew the milage on where I'd be after I took the turn off to go north on the 400, but I never saw it. I should have gotten an exit number.
I did not want to start doing laps around Atlanta so I decided to just get off and go from there.

Lukily I picked the 141. Good ol fighting 141. I actually was a little too impatient. The 400 was fast approaching.
Within no time I was seeing signs for the 400. The 141 is just 28 miles, and provides thousands of folk a good route to get to the I-285 or the 400.

And man, where they driving south this Monday morning. Atlanta is big time when it comes to folk going in to work.

I was able to get on the 400, and pull off for gas about 17 miles south of Dawsonville. I was already close to 67 miles. I got 2.0 gallons. My hands were actually a little cold, so I got warmed up a little before heading back out.
I left at 0720 and I could start to see dawn approaching.

After going through Dawsonville, I had to stop a couple of times to get my bearings.
I eventually found the 52. I looked at my notes and new what the next road would be.

I got impatient again and stopped to look on my nex-7 map. I was just a few hundred meters from her. Forest Service road 28-1.
At the 28-1, I took a snack and rest break before grabing some pics. I also folded up the tarp. It was time for the DR to indulge in her dark gift of off-roading.

In the 15 min break, there was maybe 3 cages that pulled off into the road.

The Forest road was fun. Sure, a Subaru would get the job done, but again, the DR couples fuel economy and fun at the same time!

It wouldn't be a road without the me making a mistake. My directions did not have me pulling off on Forest road 77.
I figured as much. Not even a friendly sign for a trail head to the most social trail in North America. No worries. I got directions at a 4-H camp that is owned by the Univeristy of GA. Their agriculture department or whatever works there. Man, I'd like to burn my G.I. Bill there. Looked like a great place to studya and meet new people. I got some freindly directions there, but almost got set up for faliure. I wanted the Springer Mountain parking lot, but the person, although good enough to give me a map, had me going the wrong way. Lucikly a person near him over heard the conversatin and stepped in.

By 0940 I was in the Springer Moutain Parking. The parking lot was damn near full, so the DR, with her tiny footprint found a easy spot. I servuyed the lot. There looked to be two vics that were there for months and months. Indeed, their tyres were flat and leaves were bunched up on the tyres. WFT?

Soon after, a white van pulled up and unloaded about 5-6 hikers, each of which were fixing to hike to Maine!
But, first they needed to go .9 miles south to the trail head. The registor book is there (in side the rock {pro tip} and some good plaques to take pics of.

I noticed a female there talking with the hikers. Turns out she is part of the A.T. and her home office is out of W. VA at the H.Q.
There are only a hand ful of others like her along the A.T. up to the Mason Dixon.
We got along well. I talked of the cold. She has a tent near by. This is a big time of the year for hikers to insert onto the trail.

I was still cold, so I did a green horn thing, and wore my full coat up the trail. Dumb. I hate sweating during a hike. I knew that I'd be warm later, but I was lazy.

Ok, backing up to the through hikers that got out of the van. I felt like pulling the KTM card and being a jerk and going up to them and saying: "you'll never be happy with that heavy gear load, you need to tour with less weight."
Being a scavenger and a minilismist, I'd say the best places to pick up gear/water/snacks is at the very first 150 miles. This is where the most drop outs are.

So, I had a nice hike up to the top. I took some pics, and helped some folk gets some pics of themselves.

One green horn said good bye, and turned around and started walking back north and did not know that a water bladder had fallen from his pack on the ground. We had to stop him and tell him to turn around.

The hike got warm, sun was fully out on this side around 1040, and I took off my rider coat and had a good hike back to the lot. I was thinking how nice it would be to hike the A.T. in 2015.
I had actually did a good amount of research for hiking her in 2014, but thought that touring around in a vehicle in North America would be for the best. The price of gasoline will never go back down to past numbers, and besides, I'd have plenty of time to walk all over the place once the Zombie A. gets here.

I got some directions from a guy who knows the area, and came down on the north side of the moutain. It was an easy ride for the DR. I saw plenty of what looked like National Guard drilling.

I also zig zagged the A.T. a couple of times. A trail angle had about 5, 1 gallon water jugs on the side of the road for the hikers. It'd be nice to get those up in Maine.

I came out at Cooper's Gap, and was on the 60 over looking the Woody Lake. Sutches was just to the N.W.

I headed that way and started working my way to Blairsville.
For the rest of the day I wanted to work my way closer to North Carolina.
I had been working with an inmate for a place to stay in the town of Ashvhille.

Ohh, and the twistys had started. It was a good thing that I had plenty of tread on the outside of my tyres. I was going to need it.

I arrieved in Blairsville around 1300. Wonderfull sunny day. The town is really small and cozzy.

It actually looked fairly clean. I turned off at the traffic circle and happened upon Pappa Pizza. For $5.33 I got a buffet with a water beverage. That had to have lost money on me.
I talked to the manager later and he said they had been in business for about 13 years. He's business is based upon bulk orders. "no sh%t, right." He's angle is to have folk come in for the buffet and then become a regular and come back for take out. Yeah, he was losing money with me.

I wanted to go to Hiawassee next.

I ended up going northwest and crossing into N.C. Opps. I hadn't been back in Tar Heel country since January the 10th. I stopped for gas (2.0 gallons), and pushed the DR over to rest for a spell and eat some trail mix.

By the time I left it was 1517. Ok. now I was really digging the new time change. I had an extra hour to find a place to camp. It was 64 degress F, now.

I was kind of tried, and decided to start looking for a place to camp early. I had already done 181 miles.
I pushed east.
I did not see anything that really looked great, so I kept moving. I came to a cross roads, and decided to back track south and go to Hiawassee.

Great play call.
As I toured through the town, I was scanning about, and saw a BMW R1200GSA parked in front of a waffle house. I pulled a Erronous Monk and pulled into the pakring lot next to the beast of a boxer that was second to the KLR in most dual sports on the road.

Before I could walk in, he walked out. He, being inmate, Helmet Head Cycle.

I told him my story, and my plan for the rest of the evening and he invited me over.
I mean, it's not an ADVtour without riding with a RGSA, right?
He asked if I had heard of Helen. I could not remember her at the time.

HelmetHead Cycle took us down the union turnpike as we rode deeper into GA. We crossed the A.T. and I waved at some hikers resting and slowed down to a stop to let some cross. I'm a big fan of A.T. hikers.
We went through the town of Helen. I remembered her now. I had researched Helen in my initial A.T. hiking planning. Not quite a trail town, she is too far away to hike to. 9 miles is a long way to walk to.
Hell, at my last and final duty station, I Salior was from Helen. He worked at the Pirate put put there. He was not a fan of the town.
Well, I am. Years ago the town was having some problems after the timber industry was going belly up.
At around 1,500 feet, the towns folk took a tourist angle in the late 1960s that has the town looking like a Bavaria-Alpine town.
The place was hopping. October is said to be super busy. Sure it's all fake and all, but the town of 500 or so is alive and ticking.

HelmetHead Cycle is a good rider. From a far I could see the top of him as he leaned over and took the turns.
All day, I had done a sick amount of high embanked turns myself and was getting better myself.
This region is a clinic for twistys.

We stopped in the area of Nacoochee. His home is a cabin kit like home and is really really nice!
After coming to his home we got to talking and found out that he sales "The Original" Helmet Sunblocker. As seen here:

I got to learn about his business and was very impressed.
We had another beer and later had some really good potato soup that his friendly wife fixed.
The RGSA is from 2008.

HelmetHead Cycle was good enough to hand cut and fit a sun visor on my helmet! Nice.

I was able to get on the wiffi in the room I sleept in and researched riding into Ashville.

I'd like to be in Bristol on Wednesday. There was some rain in the forecast mid week.
I was able to rack out before 2200.

It was good to have such good hospitality. Thanks again!

miles: 234

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The_Precious_Juice OP
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day 51

Sautee Nacoochee, GA

The plan of the day was to get to Ashville, N.C.

I was up after 0700, and after checking over the net, and getting a shower, I was all set to leave by 0853.

After saying goodbye, I took the Sky Lake Rd back north and got on the 356.
This was a good road.

The 197 is a good road, but it was going to get better.
Lots of turns, with good banking.

The sun visor was doing it's job because I did not know the sun was there. I did not even think about it until later.

I then took the 76 east to Clayton. I had done 29 miles, and stopped off for some breakfast chow Burguer King style.
It was damn near 60 degress F when I left. Now these are some great late winter Deep South temps I was looking for.

By 1055 I was back in N.C.

The twistys never let off, not once. Taking the 106, I sooned road into the more upper class area of Highlands. Good homes. I saw at least one Golf course. The town looked clean.
While riding through town, I did not see any gas stations, so I pushed east on the 64.

This route took me over the Eastern Continintal Divide, and soon into the White Mountain Rec. Parking lot.

I took a break and got my bearings. My bum was getting tired from all of the twistys.

I rode north and stopped at Tuckasegee, and stopped for some gas. I refolded my tarp a second time to allow maxium folding. I then put on the sheep skin seat cover over top of that. It helped.

I was right there at the 281, so I took Canada rd. The area of had plenty of Canadian flags on display.

The 281 (Canada Rd) was good, and I turned off on the 1756 (Charley's Creek Rd) to continue N.E.
Wow, this road was perhaps the best of the tour. Very little traffic and really fun.

I then turned north on the 215. I rode for a good while and decided to take a break off the side of the road. I lubed up the chain in doing so. It was 1512 when I pushed.

I then went to the town of Canton. I wanted to see the statue of an old mercenary I knew. His name is Jane. Jk. That's a Firefly reference. It was a T.V. on Fox for one season.
I tell you this about Jane, their I-40 signs were horrible. But, I found her and road fast into Ashville.

It was odd riding into a big city. It had bee so rual and country like for a short time after Atlanta.

I saw some MCs, riding into the Biltmore estate. A second gen KLR rode by me on the interstate without so much as a wave. I thought us mid 30 horse power thumpers were better than that. Jk.

Well, by 1600 I was at the Biltmore estate ticket parking lot.

The doors had just closed, but I was able to get on their wiffi and try and get intouch with inmate Yeager. He did not answer.
While chilling and waiting, I talked to a ground's keeper guy who really liked working there and was telling me about the place. The Biltmore estate employees 2,000 people! That's 3nd in private employess in the county. George W. Vanderbilt II was a "robber baron."
After looking at the price of admission, I was for sure riding to Bristol the next day.

So why am I in such a hurry. Well, another night in the mid to upper 20s was coming on Wed and Thur night. I'm done with the cold, and paying for motels. So I figured I'd stay at my cousine's house in Bristol, VA on Wed and stay two nights, and then ride in to my base camp on Friday.

Typing of the weather, I decided not to call Yeager again, but instead look for a place to stealth camp.
I later saw a sick amount of Dual Sport. The largest daily sighting I've ever had by a whole lot.
More KLR. A Tiger 800X. Some V-stroms. A thumper of some kind. A old BMW funduro.

While at a traffic light a crusier MCs, told me that in N.C. riders can go through red lights, but only after you have waiting for a while for the light to turn green, and it is safe to go.

Man, I was back in Subaru country. Being in San Diego for two year while in the USN, I knew hipster folk, and I was back in their turf. I'm actually maybe 25% hipster. I'm a conservationist and a scavenger, but country like, not urban. I'd prefer to be in a urban down town area to a suburbain area. I'm also an individualist, and big into education. However, I believe that folk should be governed from the home not Washington D.C. That puts me at odds with a lot of hipsters.

Now, who's ready to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and stealth camp?
Well, after a while, I discorved that the Parkway was too sterile to camp on. It did not have the small road and hidden spots to go into. Sure, there was areas where I could just ride off into the woods, but the veg was not there, and the traffic was kind of high. I did see lots of pople out riding their bicycles.

I tried pulling off into a camping area, but did not want to pay the over night charge. So I turned aournd and went back to Ashville.

I stopped at a McDonald's lot and PM Yeager and told him the change of plans. No worries, he had forgotten all about me and had taken a nap for the rest of the evening (I found out later.)
It looked like it was going to rain all day tomorrow, but no worries, I was going to be in Bristol in the evening.

I got on the I-240, I wanted to go a little north of town to pre-game for the next day's ride.
I turned off on a couple of road looking for a road north. I liked the town of Ashville. Any town that has a huge bill borad for a T.V. show that was on back in the late 60s (and was number one it's last year) is good to go in my book.

So, after looking at my maps more closely, I decided to get to the Riverside Drive, and hand rail the French Broad River and the future I-26.

It was getting later, and I'm glad I had that extra sun light.
I found a good spot right off the road, and after turning back around and missing it the second time, I turned around and got her the third time. It was 1948.

The area was really trashy and I figured humans were close by. I was off the road far enough for cagers to only see me if they were looking over my way. Which they do not tend to do in curves.
I got out the rabbit slayer (pocket knife) and scouted the area. There was a lot of bursh, but a lot of side trails about. I hope they were game trails. After about 45 mins or so, I was thinking I was alone.

I picked a area for the DR to stay for the night, and imagained what side the kick stand would be on. I pushed her over to the spot and it took a while and a lot of effort. I felt like I was good to go to turn the engine on and I did so. Standing beside the DR, I worked the clutch and throttle as I pushed the MC around.

I was furtunate enough to scavenge some cushions from a sofa that was dumped there.
Good, I'd need them if it rained.
In classic fashion, I checked for ants and cleaned up the bedding area. After putting the sofa cusions down, I then put the tarp over them. I was good to go by 2020. I checked in at he home base soon after. All day, I did not see any clouds, but as the sun was setting I saw them coming in. It really was a great day to tour.

I just crawled into the lean too and layed there for a spell. I wanted to see if anyone was going to walk up on me. I was trying to doze off when I heard a nose that was deeper into the tree line. Of course your imagination thinks it's a human, but after a while of hearing it get closer, I knew that it was deeper into the brush (but closer) and was a small animal of some sort.

Around 2108 I let my guard down more by getting into the recon 3 sleeping bag. Perfect for these conditions.
My location was not great, I was on a little bit of a decline, but the DR was there to rest up upon.

miles: 196

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day 52

Just north of Ashville, N.C.

I had a wicked dream.

the rain came nice and easy like at 0400.

I decied to get up at 0550 and get a move on.

I pushed the DR out of the brush and placed her on her kick stand.
The rain was here and there, but nothing major as the DR was warming up. After folding the tarp in a postion that would cover my soft bags, I soon was ready to go.
That's odd, the seat fills much lower than I remember. No worries, I have the tarp folded a differnt way I'm not used to.
So I start to pull out. Man, it fills like it is not all that warmed up and kind of hard to get going. No worries, she runs lean and warm ups take a while.
Ok, so I take a right and back on the Riverside road. It's rainy so, I'm taking it easy. Man, the rain has washed away all of my confidense, I feel like crap in the turns. I was going slow because it was still dark and the roads were wet. I'd pull off here and there to let cars pass. Again, it felt hard to get going from a stop.

After about 16 miles, the rain starts to pick up, so I pull off at a gas station near Marshall (1748) and gets some shelter and fuel. Man, the MC feels like it does not want to go as I feather the clutch to the pump. WTF? The kick stand acts like it does not want to go down. I'll just tip toe to the next pump and get a better angle to rest the kick stand on. Ok, after dong so it is a litte better.

2.2 gallons of fuel. (3.46/gallon). It was raining fairly steady. I did not have any good shelter outside of the pump area to rest.
I looked at my Nex-7 map (I did not have a hard copy map of N.C.) and decided that I needed to get to Mars and then the future I-26.
So inspite of the light rain I headed out to find the 213 east. Of course the rain picked up right after wards.

Due to the rain, I'm going slow and taking my time. I get to Mars and look around and find a great gas station with a good shelter in front of the door. The breakfast platter was just $3.73!
This was exxon/Hardees package, and with it all of the retired guys who hang out there for about 3 hours in the morning.
I quikly found out that it had a Hardees. So chow and wiffi was good to go.
Even better, the weather report is looking good in 4 hours!

Yeah, so I was feeling good. I decided to map out my trip home from Bristol to Roanoke. I decdied to take some back roads that are on the other side of the New River Valley.

Well the rain was starting to fade, and I decided to get another bit of chow before pushing out.
So after ordering my Turkey Burger, a stranger told me, "You know, your rear tyre is flat don't you?"
Of course not... No serisoulsy, all of that description that I wrote above did not register with me until some time later.
So, I thanked him for telling me.
So, I go out, and hope that he just meant that my rear tyre was bald.
Nope, flat.
My thougts at the time was that I had just gotten a flat and she was a slow leak. Of course, I did not check the tyre this morning, at the first stop, and here when I stopped some time ago. GREENHORN!
I was complacient and not even trying to have any kind of preventive maintenece with the MC.
All I have is a tyre guage, so again, at this time I thought I had a slow leak. So I pushed here over to the air pump and put in $.75 and filled her up to 30 psi.
By the time I pushed her back and posted on the DR thread, she was flat again. Damn!

So I posted a thrid time and said that I had a instant flat.
So post 89177 on this link for a play by play.

Well, I decided to ride and see how far I could get. I did not want to go back to Ashville, but push north toward Bristol. I figured I'd find a good place along the way.
Ohh, she nearly fill over right there in front of the gas station. I had to catch her.

AFter getting on and riding: Instantly, I was like, wait, this is how the DR handled all day so far. You doorknob, it's been like this all day. And that's when all of the clue's hit me at one time.

It's good to be a Greenhorn on the east coast. There are plenty of people to help dumb people out like me.
Again, I did not have any spare tubes or spoons or anything.

I had 66 miles to Bristol. I left at 1220. Hell, in no time I rode past a tyre repair shop in town. they had some MCs, out front and I stopped in. I was meet at the MC, and was told they could not help me. The MCs, were just there for sale.

So, after wasting precious tyre life, I pushed north again.

I parralled the future I-26 and was on California Creek Rd for a spell. I was lucky to.
1. Be so close to Johnson city, Elizabethton.
2. Only have 66 miles to the Foward Opperations Base.
3. Be a week day and little traffic.

Well, one thing about riding at 35 mph, you get to take in the views a lot easier.
I did not have hardly any rain on the way north.
However, it would have been a great day to ride with a full HD tube in the old bridgestone tyres, because Sam's gap looked like it would have bee a great ride.

I was on Flag Pond Rd as I rode through TN for the first time on the tour.

Even though the day was fine, I did not want to ride too much and get it too warm. I guess it would have to get really warm to cause any problems.
I took a break not long into TN, and rested for a spell. It looked like the parts of the tyre near the rim were starting to break up. Opps. I had planned on getting a new tyre for my next tour. Looks like it will be earlier than I had hoped.

I did not have any issues in Erwin. It's a spread out small town.
I got on the 107 to Unicoi.
The clouds never went away, and I started to ride into some dark clouds.
I pulled off into a sheltred area and took a break to miss the rain that had just started to come down really hard (and blow hard). I did not get off the bike, but stood up. I did not want the MC to tip over. I had done 67 miles so far.

Slowly but surely I was getting there. By this time I figured I could go the distance. There were times when I could not get over for cages that wanted to actually go the speed limit (55mph), but instead I slowed them up. There's always some a$%hole on the road. Today, it was my turn.

Elizabethton is old looking, but clean and tourist like.

I took the 19 east and with it the winds were starting to pick up. It was not that bad as such speeds as 40mph at times, but it pissed me off that it was causing me to get squirmy. I did not want to hurt the tyre anymore than I was already doing.

As I road into Bristiol, I saw "Welcom Race Fans!" Was the spring race this weekend? Let's see, what day is it? Ohh, it's Wednesday, I'm good. No such thing as weekends when you are out ADVtouring. You just have to me aware of what day it is for the cagers.

I stopped at B.K. around 1609. I got a wiffi connection and checked in with the DR thread.
I did not dare get off the DR. The winds were horrible. Maybe the worst I'd seen. The damn B.K. sign looked like it was trying to blow away.

Of course, I had plenty of folk point out the tyre for me. And good on them.
I rode a few meters to the gas statin and filled her up. 1.5 gallons.
With the high winds the DR cools down really quick. But, we have been over this before.

I'm back on and in VA around 1642. The first time since 10JAN2014.

I pulled into a gas statin to check my Nex-7 for what road to pull up. I got on some kind of a incline and the DR did not like that. the tyre felt really squirmy after I got back on the staright away for a while.
Witin a few minutes I had made it. Great! My cousin was there and he helped me park the DR out back. We got a hoe to make a hole in the ground, then put a rock down for the kick stand to rest on. I stripped her of some gear and put the tarp over her.

It was time to go inside and catch up on the year, and make a plan for the next day.

miles: 106

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The_Precious_Juice OP
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day 53

Bristol, VA

Rest day.
It had gotten fairly cold over the night. It was below freezing this morning.
The local schools ended up closing down due to some light snow. Now, a days (east coast) schools close down with the least bit of weather. We have gotten very conservative on preventing law suits. The kids just go to school in the summer more to make up days. No worries, its not like they are out on the farm missing any good labor.

I knew form what my cousin had told me there was a Honda Suzuik place right down the street.
I looked over the slime stuff that riders put in their tubes. I researched that and what next tyre to get.

I decided to just take it easy and, maybe I'd ride over there tomorrow on the way home and see if they could help me out.

miles: 0
$: 0
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day 54

Bristol, VA

Well, it was warmer today. I had about 144 cager miles to get to the home base.

By the time I left at 1021, I had gotten warm with all of my gear on.
I would soon cool off.

The DR handled well down the resedential street. It was just 25mph, so no worries.

My go to guy all day would be the Lee Highway (the 11 north).

By the time I got to the MC shop, I had my mind made up. I'd go the distance.
I figured the tyre was done for, I had all day, and I knew the area, so I was not really missing much. In fact, I'd get the opportunity to see the towns that are just off I-81.

I took it slow and easy, and had my first stop in Wytheville. After Abingdon, all of the towns are small and really country like until you get to Wytheville. She has actually grown a lot in the last 5 years.
I've talked to vendors and such, and they discribe S.W. VA ending in Wytheville. There is not much going on south of here. Abingdon and Bristol have more in common with TN, than VA.
I had done 70 miles so far.
I parked the DR on a unlevel service, so I was able to get off and go inside and top off the nalgene bottle.

I made a mistake and got on I-81 and not the 11, opps.
It's three wide here, and it was light traffic so I was good to go.
I was just doing 50mph.

I got off around Pulaski and road through Dublin.

I rode through my old college town, Radford.
By now it was 106 miles and my bum was getting tired. I stopped for some fuel.
I had the tarp folded to the max and sheep skin cover on her. I got about 1.98 gallons, and dared not walk away from her after I pushed her to a parking spot.

It was actually a really nice day, but kind of windy.

I got a wiffi connection, and checked in.

I pushed around 1441.

Before the hour was up I was in Christiansburg.

By 1527 I was in Roanoke County. I had just passed a slow truck and no sooner than that, the slight bump that I felt with the rear tyre got worse.
I pulled off and looked at her. She looked good. Damn, I was real close.
I was 15 mics from splash down.

So after this stop, I was done with anything close to 40mph.

I was quickly in traffic and with it slow speeds.

I slowly got ito the city via Salem and then 10th Street in Roanoke City.

I made it home at 1647.
Hell yes!

miles: 153

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The_Precious_Juice OP
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5/5ths of tour

Well the last fifth of the tour will be just a 10 day package, not the 11 days from before.

I started off with visiting the Vicksburg Battlefield. It was plenty cold, and the last cold day of the ride.

That night was my last motel stay of the tour.
On day two was able to link up with solid inmate just east of Jackson, DavidQ
Here, the Mighty DR got an oil change!

Networking on the tent space thread came through! mill is a good dude.

I was able to get some good twisty road milage behind me.

E. Monk guidance on stopping and introducing yourself to DS riders was sound advice!
I got to ride with a soon to be retired into the hall of fame: RGSA 2005-2013!
It was good to recieve the gift of the helmet sun visor, and meet another solid American small businessman.

Like the first part of the trip, I was able to see family as I got closer to the east coast.

I learned to at least do a morning check of my MC before pushing off.

Also, AL is not joke with wild life. Those wild pigs were interesting, and the jakels in the woods was very unsettling.

I also learned that a flat tyre will do pretty well on the tarmac if you take it slow and easy. I did over 200 miles on the old Bridgestone.

Almost every day of the last ten days was either Friends/Family or Camping. Get some.

motel: 1
F/F: 7
Camping: 2

I started in the Deep South, and ended the tour on time and where I need to be.

Milage: 1,444
Miles/day: 144.

$/day: 31.5

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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Places I pushed from

1. Roanoke, VA_______________________________20jan
2. Wilmington, N.C.___________________________ 21jan
3. Wilmington, N.C.____________________________22jan
4. Wilmington, N.C.____________________________23jan
5. Bluffton, S.C.______________________________24jan
6. Bluffton, S.C._______________________________25jan
7. Bluffton, S.C._______________________________26jan
8. near St. Augustine, FL________________________27jan
9. Daytona, FL________________________________28jan
10. Near Fort Pierce, FL__________________________29jan
11. Coral Springs, FL_____________________________30jan
12. Bonita Springs, FL_____________________________31jan
13. West of Arcadia, FL____________________________01feb
14. Dunedin, FL__________________________________02feb
15. Dunedin, FL__________________________________03feb
16. New Port, FL_________________________________04feb
17. Tallahassee, FL_______________________________05feb
18. West of Panama City Beach, FL_________________06feb
19. Daphne, AL__________________________________07feb
20. Pearlington, LA_______________________________08feb
21. Lake Charles, LA______________________________09feb
22. Lake Jackson, TX______________________________10feb
23. Corpus Christi, TX______________________________11feb
24. Corpus Christi, TX______________________________12feb
25. Scenic Loop RD, near Cross Mountain, TX___________13feb
26. Kott Road: S.W. of Fredricksburg, TX_______________14feb
27. West Oak Hill, TX_______________________________15feb
28. East of Round Rock, TX__________________________16feb
29. Austin, TX_____________________________________17feb
30. Austin, TX_____________________________________18feb
31. Austin, TX_____________________________________19feb
32. Humble, TX____________________________________20feb
33. Jennings, LA___________________________________21feb
34. West of Avondale, LA___________________________22feb
35. Metairie, LA___________________________________23feb
36. North of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch, Homochitto, MS__24feb
37. North of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch, Homochitto, MS__25feb
38. North of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch, Homochitto, MS__26feb
39. North of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch, Homochitto, MS__27feb
40. North of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch, Homochitto, MS__28feb
41. North of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch, Homochitto, MS__01mar
42. North of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch, Homochitto, MS__02mar
43. Natchez, MS___________________________________03mar
44. Vicksburg, MS__________________________________04mar
45. Jackson, MS___________________________________05mar
46. Montgomery, AL________________________________06mar
47. Montgomery, AL________________________________07mar
48. Taladega Forest, AL_____________________________08mar
49. Conyers, GA___________________________________09mar
50. Conyers, GA___________________________________10mar
51. Sautee Nacoochee, GA__________________________11mar
52. Just north of Ashville, N.C._______________________12mar
53. Bristol, VA_____________________________________13mar
54. Bristol, VA_____________________________________14mar

Ohh, Florida and Texas tied for most days (11). Seeing how Flordia is ranked 24th in MC/capita, and Texas is ranked 48th; and I actually got to hang out with a DS ADVrider in Tallahassee;
Florida wins.
If I would have went down to the Everglades, Florida would have dominated (and much warmer).
But, I'm cool with that. Mississippi took third, and kicked ass with her 10 days.

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Gnarly Adventurer
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Enjoyed the report! Quite a nice trip on the ol' DR!
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Final 54 day Assessment


First of all,

I'm fairly pleased with how the tour went. It only got better with time.
However, it would be good to go see the Everglades during the winter time. I'm not that far away.

I'm glad I went with the Mighty DR, and stock for that matter.
I'd always be curious if I could have done the tour on a more eco friendly MC.
Power and acceleration was always there, and besides the soft suspenion, she was easy to get settled into a cozzy spot when stealth camping.

The trip was way too much tarmac for what the MC was designed for.
A KLR650 2014 New Edition would have been good, or even a 2012+ DL650. Granted, with both of these MCs, I would have been less fun at certain days. Maybe 4 at the most.

I complitmented the DR with only riding on average 122 miles/day. The total amount was 6,593.

Sure, it was the coldest winter in the Deep South in like 30 year, but it could have been a lot worse with the temps and rain.

I was disapointed in the lack of DS rider out there. But when you consider that every region has their "winter" time, it was cool. For a Canadian, riding in 40 degree F weather would have been a great day for the winter season. Not so much in the Deep South.
Furthermore, I'm under the opinon that all of the more aggressive ADVtouring folk are somewhere else on the globe at this time of year.

Cost/Day went well. After you factor in my full coverage MC insurance that I paid off for the year, it was around 39/day. And I would have done better if not for the cold temps.

Things I regret.
I was disapointed in not exercising hardly at all while on the tour. I did not feel like it. My strength and stamina was fine for the first couple of weeks, but started to go away bad late.

I did not eat very good. I was actually gettiing more leaner the first 10 days or so, but was starting to put on body fat at near the end.

I hated McDonalds. Never more. Taco Bell, you are still good.

I should have done better at buying things in bulk and more healthy stuff.

Maps, I should have stepped with all of the maps I would have needed. Greenhorn mistake.

Route planning should have been more aggresive at certain times. I really got turned around southwest of Atlanta (near Newnan), and it should not have happened.

I got into the Tent Space thread way to late, but she was solid after I did.

I should have checked the MC first thing in the morning, or soon after leaving a stealth camp.

I should have gotten away from the DR more, and walked around more. I limited myself due to not having much day light late in the day due to stealth camping.

I'd would have liked to have visited some chamber of commerce centers along the way, and do a little more tourist opportunities.


The Nex Tablet was ok. Just do not go crazy with pics, and it will be fine. The GPS on the Nav app was hit or miss on finding your location.

Verizon pre paid minutes was fine. Only once did I not get service.

No need to go for a Go-pro, next time.

Foot pegs. I need to fix the vibes on my foot pegs. The handle bars and tank, and seat are ok.

There she is.
I feel a lot better and more confident in going into my next tour.

Maybe in the next couple of years, I'll get back to the thread and get those pics back up.


Within the next week, I'll start up my next "up coming" thread.

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Man what a ride report. Glad we were a part of your history brother. You shined down here in the south and you're always welcome at my campfire. It was great meeting you and hoping you can make another ride down this way.
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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Thumb Pics back up.

The pics came back up.

I'm not sure why or how it happened.

At the beginning of page 9 I went back and put in the pics to finish the tour.
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Great report PJ !
That was a really fun read.
Frank Reinbold

"Every bike I ever had, was the best bike I ever had, when I had it"
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The_Precious_Juice OP
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The next report will have a primer style.

Less subjective and more objective.
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