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Old 02-26-2014, 02:17 AM   #31
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Thumb Hi!

Really nice report!
The pictures are awesome

I`ve also been on the Transalp Meeting. Maybe we`ve even seen each other. I`m going again to Poland to the ITT this year.
You`re there too??

If yes let`s share a piwo together

Lets ride around the World...

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Old 03-02-2014, 04:31 PM   #32
fried okra
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Nice report, and beautiful pics!!


fried okra
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Old 03-03-2014, 08:56 AM   #33
Formerly H20Pumper
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Nice trip, cool pics.
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Old 03-03-2014, 10:16 AM   #34
Quaere verum - Seek truth
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Awesome ride report - keep it coming!!

There's something very magical and intriguing to me about Eastern Europe - one of the areas in Europe I have yet to visit - so your story and photos are very inspiring.

Bravo - well done.


PS - your English is very good and enjoyable to read
By grace alone. Through faith alone. In Christ alone. From Scripture alone. Glory to God alone.

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Old 03-04-2014, 01:51 AM   #35 OP
Joined: Aug 2013
Location: Poland, Krakow
Oddometer: 28
Transalp Meeting - Rogacz

Thank You all for warm words.

ShinyRider (Agnes) it's small possibility that I'll be on ITT (but I help a little bit with it) - I have plan to make big trip on 30th birthday and the time cover up.

canadius_maximus if You have any question about travel in PL fell free to ask, pm me.

Before we start story about Small Transalp Meeting on Rogacz (Rogacz is name of top, and also name of cottage) - link to web site of cottage:

I want to boast of a bit - I was "shopping" and from Saturday I have 2 TA

Blue one is my "old" Hania - I'm making bigger service before new season, in HRC is new one

But return to main story.

On polish TA forum I found info that 15 km from my home will be meeting - so I decided to help. I prepare touristic route.
In past I was making mountain guide license and I'm really interesting in word about me - so I know my region quite well.

About 6 am I started from Krakow (night before I had corporate party) - about 8:30 I was on Rogacz - were the party stared night before.

About 10 am main routes begin - beacuse of law regulation we had to divied into groups of 10 bikes - 2 group was on road and one group off road.
I was guide one of the on road.
From Wilkowice (village in base of Rogacz) we ride to Jaworze (this same as in my second post). In Jaworze there place called Goruszka - old spa:

From Jaworze via Górki Wielkie (there is very nice legal road in mountain in forest) we ride to Gordziec. There is chateau founded by Melchior Grodecki - man who made the first map of Polnad - now chateau is privet - we just take a look outside and into park complex.

Next point was Rudzica - in that vilige there are 2 very intersing points:
-Gallery of "strach polny" I dont know Engilsh name of it - and google translate wont help me - it's gallery of creatures like this:

Second intersting point is chapel of saint Wendelin with miraculous source.
Water from that source has special power to threat eyes.

As next points we ride to Pierściec - st Nicholas church, and by the mountains we ride do Wisła, where we meet with the second on road group. In meanwhile my brother came with the dinner (my friend has a small restaurant and she prepare for us delicious dinner which was eaten on parking of petrol station ) You can see it on film in the end of story.

Wisła is also know in world because of Adam Malysz - ski jumper - we visit ski jump place:

Next kilometers was highly recommend for every bikers route to Kubalonka and Koniakow.

We made short break in one of the my favorite places in Beskidy - photo of "my" group:

Next stop - Wegierska Gorka - place called Westerplatte of south - during September 1939 there was very heavy battle.

We ride to Jezioro Zywieckie - photo form dam:

Finally we get back to Rogacz where we have party again.
Night view from Rogacz:

Photos are not mine but I was said that I can use it.

And as usually map in the end: is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-04-2014, 03:48 AM   #36
Studly Adventurer
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Thoroughly enjoyed this, Poland is a very special country to me and since first going there by accident (yes really) I try to get back whenever I have the chance. In fact I just got back from Zakopane/Krakow a fortnight ago though I left the moto at home this time.

In particular I normally travel to see good friends in Chelm and in the villages North of there so it was good to see some ride report along the river Bug and up to beautiful Augustow (where I have enjoyed peace relaxing in the same lake that the Polish pope used to enjoy kayaking in)

I've come across many tracks and trails along the way

Here is my buddy Ed demonstrating why having Michelin deserts on the bike doesnt help in sand if they are on the rack

But I was wondering if you can help me source what kind of maps are best to help me explore the unsurfaced tracks and trails of Poland and any issues that you think are relevant from a legal point of view (I wish to cause no problems/offence on my travels)

I have asked my fearsome Polish biker gang friends but they didn't seem to know

Perhaps I can buy you a beer in CK Browar to wash down some Moaburger the next time I'm in Krakow! Piwo to moje paliwa!!
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Old 03-07-2014, 02:24 AM   #37 OP
Joined: Aug 2013
Location: Poland, Krakow
Oddometer: 28
Beskid Niski - part one

Stickysidedown if You will be in Krakow just let me know - I'll show You better place to get some beer than CK Browar

About maps of legal tracks - I don't know if there is that, but if You looking for good map PL for Garmin I recommend UMP TOPO - it's free map - You can download it from:

Let's go back to the RR.
This time we will discover Beskid Niski - great area for adv riding.

Friday I get free day from work and about 8:30 I ride thorough Krakow in SE direction. Beskid Niski is known form wooden churches and tragic history of " polish Lemko" and their villiges which disappear after "Wisła Action".

First place I visited was Lapanow. Church there was flooded 4 years ago and now is restored.

Next stop Lipnica Murowana - church is on UNESCO list, it's nice but I have seen much better:

In Tylmanowa I meet woman who was guide in church, we have long talk about history and art - OK about art I was just listen to.

I ride few kilometers and rain stared - I have 3 breakfast in bus stop
I waited till rain was finished and ride to Roznowice.

Next point was Binarowa - highly recommend by

Lot of chures... it's not all - next one was in Trzcinica:

By Jaslo i ride to Krosno. Here there is nice old market sq. and old city.

In Kroso I had dinner, I lost my mobile (but week later I get it back).
In Bobrka there is museum which is in my opinion one of the best I've ever seen - Museum of Oil and Gas industry. Maybe You will be surprised but in the oil industry stared here in Polnad - by Ignacy Lukasiewicz in 1852.

If You will be in Poland in my opinion is "must to see" point.

By Dukla - place known by st John:

I get to Zawadka Rymanowska - place where in old house is some kind of hostel (shell we say). Here will be my base for next 2 nights.
I leave my stuff there and I took trip round.

By the fileds full of poisoned Barszcz Sosnowskiego:

I ride to beautiful meadows:

In the middle of nowhere I spot cross:

Than I get to "main" road:

After few km I get to first abandoned village - Krolik Woloski. Only remains are rests of church and cemetery.

After that I ride to Krolik Polski - there is catholic church:

Last point on my track was Baluciance with orthodox church:

I returned to Zawadka Rymanowska - to have a beer and for long night talks. is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-11-2014, 07:44 AM   #38 OP
Joined: Aug 2013
Location: Poland, Krakow
Oddometer: 28
Beskid Niski - part two

Saturday morning starts with the rain.
In that Lemks house time is going much's 9 am and we are in beds - there is only one sleeping room for circa 10 people (we are 5). In between I get call friend from Krakow is coming - OK I'll wait. That man is know as a good guide in that region - for sure there will be fun

About 11 we are starting - it's light rain so we stop time by time in bus stops. You have to say - it perfect fitted for bikers:

We are going to Krempna... by the way we are flying by wooden bridge...but unfortunately literally we are flying. My friend visit somebodies garden, I've made serious slide. Protection bar (engine guards) have a lot to do - they are grinned about 1 mm. My leather trousers get a small hole - but it's only loss - not bad.
Finally we get to Krempna:

In Huta Polska we found nice church:

and horse farm:

By the way to Kotan we spotted unusal bride and groom in their way to church/wedding:

Orthodox church in Koton:

Direction Radocyna by abandoned village Nieznajowa:

Only remainder that here were village:

By the way we have to cross 5 fords - water level is not to high, but anyway it was great fun.
We stop in Radocyna to eat something (also You can book room here).

We visti Slovakia for a while:

We are going back to PL to Ozenna - one of 537 cemetery form 1st WW:

Me make a photo session in forest:

We are going back to Krempna to see second church:

and artificial lake

Some shoping for long evening and we are going back to Zawadka Rymanowska, where small Transalp meeting take place:

end of the day two :) is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-11-2014, 11:33 AM   #39
Gale B.T.
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Jun 2005
Location: Pagosa Springs, CO.
Oddometer: 1,580 , thank you very much for your RR, I love the pics and your information on the rides.

'In 1991 I rode through Poland and I loved the people and your country. I met /roomed with some wonderful people and saw many awesome parts of Poland .
I crossed into Russia at Breast.

Here is my report, if you see any place or any person you recognize, please let me know. I kept in contact with my "Polish family " for many years before losing contact.
My RR:

Thanks again for your RR
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Old 03-12-2014, 12:50 AM   #40 OP
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Location: Poland, Krakow
Oddometer: 28
Beskid Niski - day third and last

Gale B.T. in 1991 I was 7 - so sorry I don't remember a lot. I can only recognize polish car - fiat 126p Anyway it was pleasure to read Your RR.

Sunday morning in Lemks, tea, breakfast....You really don't want to leave - in that kind of places time is going slower (I know I wrote this, but it's true). But finally we have to say godbay to our hosts and in 3 TA we are gong to explore and go back home.
The first kms we are riding in direction of Olchowiec.

Over the village there is unofficial, private museum of Lemks. Old owner (ca 80) during summer spent time here, but winter in city. He has the biggest collection of polish Lemks stuff and cloths.

By the hills and abandoned villages we are going to Ozenna one more time:

From Ozenna we ride to Radocyna (yes we will have a dinner - if You remember previous post):

Guess who have scotoiler :)

I have to make break here - I will continue... is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-13-2014, 04:37 AM   #41 OP
Joined: Aug 2013
Location: Poland, Krakow
Oddometer: 28
Yesterday I had emergency situation, so I had break story.

From Radocyna we start riding back to Krakow.
We stop by old centenary:

Next stop was next to church in Krzywa:

No so far from Krzywa there is place where during 2nd WW Halifax (plane) crashed - there is monument to remaind that fact

We stop next to beautiful church - we were able just to lok inside by the key hole:

On Magura Malastowska there is other cementary from 1st WW - realy worth to see.

On the way back we visited one more orthodox church - this one was open.

With have nice stops to make photos:

We cross Dunajec river by ferry - last photo during waiting time.

That was nice, long weekend.

As usual map in the end: is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-25-2014, 09:57 AM   #42 OP
Joined: Aug 2013
Location: Poland, Krakow
Oddometer: 28
Sorry again for long break.
Today we will ride not only in PL (also visti SK) - we are going to ride round the Tatra Mountains.

First map:

I want to ride with my college - to test if we can or not ride together (I used to ride quite slowly) - he also - so prediction was good.
We set metting point in Stary Sacz - by the way I riding throught misty and sunny places like that:

In Stary Sacz:

We cross the border in Piwniczna and see spots like this:

Slovak city (I don't remember the name):

Tatra Mountains in its beauty

Two TA close to Liptovski Mikulas:

From that place we ride to Chyzne (border) and divide - I ride to Krakow, second TA ride to Wroclaw (more than 300 km).

That was good day - test was past by us both, and we decided that we can ride for longer trip (which will take place this year).

I have only one more story from 2013 - but also nice so stay tuned on. is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-25-2014, 10:09 AM   #43
Studly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by View Post
Here we have small misunderstand

We use roadbook like this - with checkpoints

Our country is free of solder checkpoints etc. Usually You may be stopped by the Police for over speeding
old rally Tulip style symbols, no GPS needed. I like it.
Maybe one day i go back to my dads Home town. "Sonnenburg" must be in Polan.
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Old 03-26-2014, 12:24 PM   #44
Gnarly Adventurer
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This RR was perfect in every way.
Thx for posting it.
Thomas Sells
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Old 03-31-2014, 04:35 AM   #45 OP
Joined: Aug 2013
Location: Poland, Krakow
Oddometer: 28
III Spotkanie Festung Breslau und Dolny Schlesien

This time we will ride in the west direction - Kotlina Kłodzka.

Friday about midday I started from Bielsko.
After 30 km first petrol station, one call, and welcome adventure

After ~150 km I spoted Sudety Mountains:

First place on my list to see was Otmuchow - city which is famous from Day's of Flowers (usually in Julie), but we have October so I ride to see Otmuchowskie Lake:

and city itself (here market sq.)

Meeting point was Zajacowka - place which is very motobiker friendly (owner has a bike also) and they are making navigation rallies.
Evening was as usual...nothing happens but only long motobikers stories.

Next morning welcome us with amazing weather - in gruop of 5 bikes we make an onroad trip (most people made off).

We visit Museum of paper making:

Then through the mountains:

we ride to almost empty village with nice church:

We also find nice lake - greatr place for break:

Later we had views like this:

or like that:

By the way we saw church tower - than all church (it's 300 years old):

Than we raide back to Zajacowka - and again we had long talks

In Sunday morning I had to leave very early (my grandma had 77 birthday):

I was riding home and in one moment I spotted polish flag on the road side... ok lets check:

It the place where Marian Bublewicz (polish famous rally driver crashed his car):

I return home - and it was the end of season 2013.
Thank You for Your attention.

Of course in 2014 I will continue stories - but first I have to make my bike in one piece. is offline   Reply With Quote


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