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Old 08-27-2014, 10:42 AM   #331
grease monkey
Joined: Jan 2014
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Just finished reading through your ride report here, what a great adventure!

I envy your spirit and Spirit. I wish you many more adventures, and many more stories to share.
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Old 08-29-2014, 04:10 AM   #332
Beastly Adventurer
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I hope you continue posting your work and life when you go back to Hawaii. I think there is a small military base on Kauai with rooms to rent. Hawaii islands are in my future in the next 5 years. kitesurfing mecca I understand :)
2012 VSTROM ADV 650

kitesurfer screwed with this post 08-30-2014 at 04:10 AM
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Old 08-29-2014, 11:13 AM   #333
Ben Quick
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Dance with the lady with the hole in her stocking
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Old 08-29-2014, 09:09 PM   #334
Blame it on my 80HD
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Really enjoying this RR - thanks for the effort to take us along!
"Never try to sell a meteor to a dinosaur. It wastes your time and annoys the dinosaur." - gapingvoid
RR: CHEAPER THAN THERAPY 2014: 10 Days out West
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Old 09-01-2014, 07:56 PM   #335
Life is great !
Joined: Jan 2006
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If you decide to take a loop around the Cabot Trail enroute to here I recommend that you do the little sidetrip to visit Meat Cove in northwest section. You do need a good weather day to appreciate the view from there though.
Rory aka "Riverman"

'11 WR250R
'13 Tiger 800XC
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Old 09-02-2014, 04:13 PM   #336
NomadGal OP
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Rain rain go away come again some other day ( preferably 2 weeks from now)
At a camping 10 Minutes from Port Aux Basques right now. It was sunny all day but started raining once I got closer to the coast. The ferry to Sydney leaves at 11:45 but they want me to check in at 9:45!!!
Not sure why that is, cant say I fancy standing in the rain for 2 hrs (bikes load last)
There will be wifi, so I will finally get to post my RR
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Old 09-02-2014, 05:02 PM   #337
Jettn Jim
This is Liv'n!!!
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Dang the rain... I know you'll see the sky clearing on Cape Breton!) It stayed sunny here into the night and a clear moon now. Hope it stays thataway till I reach St Barbe 2mro night and yup yup for another 2wweks!.
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Old 09-02-2014, 07:37 PM   #338
just jeff
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Nov 2012
Location: LacLaBiche Alberta Canada
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Sorry for jinxing us by mentioning the good weather earlier ! : ( It has rained every day since. Hope you get better weather soon!
ErikMotoMan: "People struggle with many things in their lives. But the answer to struggle isnít MORE struggle. Itís peace. If you want more joy, peace, love, happinessÖ you have to GIVE those things first. You have to THINK those things. You have to have faith that theyíll come to you, despite what you may see. The truth isnít in what you see with your eyes. Itís what you feel in your heart."
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Old 09-03-2014, 02:40 PM   #339
NomadGal OP
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OMG you wont believe this, but the ferry to Nova Scotia that I am currently on, had to respond to a distress call.
We found the sunken fishing boat in the foggy ocean, and the three fishermen who were huddling in an orange emergency float!
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Old 09-03-2014, 02:55 PM   #340
just jeff
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Nov 2012
Location: LacLaBiche Alberta Canada
Oddometer: 1,202
Amazing Esther! You certainly do get into the thick of life's adventures! Any pics?
ErikMotoMan: "People struggle with many things in their lives. But the answer to struggle isnít MORE struggle. Itís peace. If you want more joy, peace, love, happinessÖ you have to GIVE those things first. You have to THINK those things. You have to have faith that theyíll come to you, despite what you may see. The truth isnít in what you see with your eyes. Itís what you feel in your heart."
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Old 09-03-2014, 06:17 PM   #341
Gnarly Adventurer
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More on the rescue.....glad the fisherman are going to be OK.

JRCC coordinated the rescue with another nearby fishing vessel, a Hercules aircraft and a Cormorant helicopter from Greenwood, N.S. (Twitter/@JTFAtlantic)

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax says three fishermen were rescued off the coast of Flint Island, N.S. late Wednesday afternoon.

The crew of vessel issued a mayday around 4:45 p.m. when the boat started taking on water. The three soon abandoned their vessel for a life raft.

Maj. Martell Thompson with JRCC says they called for a Hercules aircraft and Cormorant helicopter from Greenwood, N.S. The vessel The Highlanders also responded.

He says it took about two hours to find the men and make the rescue.

"The conditions were right for a positive outcome," he said.

It was a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary ship that picked the men up and brought them to Glace Bay.

Their condition is not known, but Maj. Thompson says they were very lucky.

"The good news story is that we have three individuals who will be heading home to their families."
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Old 09-05-2014, 08:54 AM   #342
NomadGal OP
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Joined: Mar 2012
Location: Everywhere and Nowhere
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As I am posting this Iím sitting at a little cafť called Frog Pond Cafť on Cape Breton, having just packed up from one of the most amazing camp spots yet!!
Youíll have to wait until later for that ride report, as it will be a while ere I have all that typed up.

Our stay at Gladysí was wonderful! She is such a wonderful and warm person, and we felt right at home. She let us do our laundry there as well.
She and Jim got along fabulously, and he enjoyed talking to her about a couple of books he had read about angels. Her husband had passed away not too long ago, and he wanted to ease her pain by telling her about them.

After she had made Jim a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, and me some maple oatmeal, we set out toward Red Bay, but not before I took some pictures of the flowers in her yard.

The view from her house

I told her that if I ever came back Iíd paint her a new sign.

Sandwich bay

The helicopter was either delivering or picking up supplies for a camp somewhere.

The day was nice and sunny, and a vast difference from the day before!!
The views on the road were amazing, and even though the road was gravel, it was fairly easy going until we hit Fort Hope Simpson.

Yep, we had to add that silly half hour to our clock! What the???????

We both pretended to be in England for a few minutes.
I wonder how many pictures Jim and I took that will look the same or similar.
Guess Iím gonna have to wait till he gets back home.

After we got to Fort Hope Simpson the road was going to get worse we were told.
Some folks told us that it actually took them 5 hours to get fro Red bay till there because of all the waiting at construction sites.
Jim and I had gassed up and sat down in some comfy seats outside enjoying the sunshine on our faces.
After all that rain it was total bliss!!
When we finally continued it was around five, and as it turned out, most of the road was clear and the longest we had to wait was about 30 seconds.
The road itself was indeed very rutty!! Lots of potholes and after a while I figured Iíd just go fast and fly over them, because there just wasnít a way around them.
That actually worked, and nothing rattled loose on the bike, which rally amazed me!

Nearing Red Bay

Awesome hitting the other side of the continent!! You can see the trail of dust that Jim leaves behind!

We found a restaurant, and at the door was a map with pins in locations that their costumes were from. I looked and there already was a pin on Kauai. Hmmm, I wonder who made it there, and if I might know themÖ..
Jim ate for three again, and I had a salad and a baked potato. It was really good!!
They also had a drink with a ďsecretĒ non-alcoholic ingredient, and after drinking it I was pretty sure that it was ginger ale. When I told her what I thought it was I watched her face, and I think I hit it right on!!
She of course couldnít confirm it but she did say I was quite clever, which I guess means I was right.

After dinner Jim went shopping there, and he bought a whole bunch of stuff, including some chocolate and a Labrador sticker for me.
I bought a fleece scarf, as I must have left my balaclava at Red Bay somewhere.
Jim liked it too, so I got him one as well.

It made such a difference to keep my neck warm. That is one thing I really donít like about my fly jacket. No collar!!! What were they thinking???

Afterward we went outside to look at the bay. The sun was setting and it was very picturesque.
Jim decided to keep riding to the ferry and grab a Motel there so he could catch the 8 AM ferry to Newfoundland.
Another motel?? LOL, I have never stayed in that many motels in my life as I have since meeting up with Jim.
I prefer sleeping in my tent, just cause I can breathe easier, and most of the time itís just quieter too. Luckily we are comfortable around each other, and best of all he doesnít snore!! He does talk in his sleep a lot, but somehow I manage to sleep through that (most of the time at least).

The next morning Jim got up at a 5:30 and I had planned to take the next ferry as this was where we would go our separate ways for a while anyways.
As it turns out, promptly at 3 some machine in the hallway started making a racket ! So much for turning around and sleeping in Ö.
I figured I might as well leave too, and see if there was room on the ferry for one more bike,

Taking a shot from behind me

Our ferry

When I got there I walked up to the counter and asked the lady if there was room for a bike, and she said sure honey
I paid my cheap ticket and rode toward the ferry where Jim stood waiting in line.
Iím not sure if he was surprised to see me, but I hope he didnít mind be being on the ferry with him.
We were last to board, and as I was edging my bike a tad further to line up with the anchors I somehow lost my balance, and felt myself teetering to the left.
An older ferry guy was standing next to me, and even though he saw me falling, all he did was just stand there and watch me fall into him and knock him on the ground with me on top of him and Spirit on top of both of us!!
The other guys quickly came to the rescue and got Spirit upright. The guy luckily ws all right and so was I (other than my pride, or what was left of it, )
The bummer was that the fall broke my mirror off, and also the part that hold the mirror on. Go figure, did some major dirt roads, mud, sand, gravel, ruts, and I didnít drop her once. Then all of a sudden, doing something simple, I drop her!!

Jim strapped Desire down and I strapped Spirit, got my laptop and book, and went upstairs.
I was a tad grouchy now, not enough sleep, just dropped Spirit and I was hungry to boot. Then the only thing they had on the ferry that I could eat was a fruit cup with horribly sweetened fruit pieces. Yuck! So I had to focus to lighten my mood and make it positive again. I was lucky that the mirror was all I had broken, and I was sure I could fix it somehow.

Heading toward Newfoundland

This was the last picture I took, as I had filled up my memory card!
I spend most of the trip downloading all the pics on my laptop, and erasing my memory card so I could use it again.
The ship was European and mostly had the big electric outlets that wont work with American plugs.
There was one I could use, but it was in the hallway next to the door, which would have been pretty awkward to use. I skipped it as I still had a lot of juice on the laptop.

First picture of NL

Once we landed in NL, I stopped at a gas station to fill up and see if I could fix my mirror. It was dry which was a blessing indeed.

Yep, I like the ball bearing mirror mount that Jim has. Very practical!!

I removed the broken piece from the mirror, when Jim pointed out that there was lots of thread left on the remaining piece. We screwed the mirror back on, and I JB-welded the big gap closed. Then Jim fixed the part of the mirror that swiveled by popping the glass out and re-inserting the rod and ball to the inside of the mirror,
I superglued it and wrapped electric tape around it to keep it in place.
I worked great for quite a while, but when the buffeting winds appeared the mirror started sagging. I got to redo the tape!

I said bye to Jim who headed toward Harvey place, and got a top up for my telus phone at the gas station.
I left afterward and headed North to Nordstad the Viking village.

Wow, surf!!!

Yep, another lone cottage by the sea. Somehow these just make me wish to move in!

Breath taking living locations for sure!

I took a few breaks on my way and bypasses a few areas where it looked like I might be able to pitch my tent, but I figured Iíd better keep going as the weather forecast for the next day was not as nice.
I made it to Nordstad, and saw a couple of bikes and a few bikers in the parking lot

Yup, Spirit didnít look anywhere near as packed up
One of the riders was also an ADVer named Ktog?? I donít think thatís how you spell it though, as I couldnít find him in the inmates.

I went in the ticket booth building and paid my $10 to go check out the houses and ship. I kinds was wondering why they wanted admission to see some old houses

Looks like a hill but was the back of the ship shed. Immediately I thought, Wow, hobbit homes!!

side entrance

This is a reproduction of the Viking ship and it actually made itís maiden voyage the way that the Vikings came to Newfoundland

Inside one of the buildings.
There where holes in the roof to let the light and air in, and smoke out, like a teepee.

I loved the ceiling beams!!

Chicken pen including chickens!!

All the people there were in costume.

I thought I had taken a photo of the weaving loom, but I guess I didnít

The rooftops were covered with wild flowers

This guy had his hair cut accordingly, and I loved his costume, the shoes especially!

I left Nordland in search of a place to pitch my tent. I figured it wouldnít be so hard in a remote land like this. In a way it wasnít hard, but it did take me a while. Some spots were just too close to the road or ended up being someoneís driveway LOL!

I ended up in a small town called Saint Anthony Bight, and asked a local guy where a good place to pitch my tent would be. He told me about a little park off the loop right outside town on the lake.
I remembered seeing the loop, so I went back there and hopped on the little road.
Sure enough, I found the wooden arch. Shucks, yep, there was no way I would get Spirit all the way down there. But I got her there partially.

The sunset was awesome!! I took a lot more pics then I posted

The sound of the waves hitting the beach was awesome, a little like the pebbles beach Jim had been describing. It started raining during the night, but I kept crossing my fingers that it would be dry in the morning.
I just love sleeping in my tent when it rains, think I mentioned that before LOL.

The morning was quiet other than the slight pitter-patter of the raindrops on my tent. It was so peaceful there that I decided to just hang for a day. Riding with Jim was awesome, but a lot faster paced than I am used to.
It was definitely a lot more luxurious than I am used to as well, as he opted a lot for motel rooms. At least this part of the trip I actually showered on a regular basis!!

I read and knitted, my favorite past times, walked the beach some when it only drizzled, and checked on Spirit to make she she wasnít going to thump over.
Occasionally someone would walk by my tent, and either comment or stay quiet about me being there. Everyone let me be though, so I relaxed.
I packed up most of the stuff in the evening time, and went to bed early.

The next morning the rain had let off and there was actually a fairly good breeze.
By the time I had everything packed up, the breeze had dried the tent pretty darn good. I rode Spirit back up the trail and took of toward Gran Falls Windsor. Jim had given me the heads up on dropping by the cabin.

I decided to go by Roddickton to gas up and see a bit of the North east coast.

There were little fenced areas all along the road, like they used to be gardens but got overgrown.

Entering ?Roddickton
Once I had filled up my tank I headed back toward Deer Lake and then toward Grand Falls Windsor

The coast line was gorgeous!! It wasnít really sunny but just having clouds and no rain was just fine with me.

There was still fireweed along the road edge!

Somehow Newfoundland reminded me of Kauai, and I felt a twinge of homesickness.
I can see what makes this place special, it has almost the same energy as Kauai.

after hours of riding and taking breaks I realized that there was no way Iíd make it to Grand Falls in one day.
I looked around for places to camp, and on a whim looked at a campsite at Green Point, and saw it was only $15. I did not see a shower there, but the location was nice, and I was too tired to go and look for a deserted road.

The campground was pretty packed but I found a spot that gave me a little secludedness (hmm, donít think that is a real word but Iíll use it anyways)
The was a family with 4 kids camped next to me, and they had the time of their lives screaming at the top of their lungs. I remembered when my kids were that age, and what a difference it makes with what you can tolerate. Now it almost got to me, but I told myself they are having fun and it is still early.
I get so used to the quiet that loud noise is something I have to mentally deal with and let go of.

Steps from the beach to the campground

Still Fireweed here as well

it was a beautiful sunset

I slept great until about 3 AM when the father of the family next door decided to start his truck and park it the other way around. What the???? It took me a while to fall asleep again, so I woke up a bit later and not so rested the next morning.
Thank goodness it wasnít raining, even though it was very cloudy. I packed up my tent and was out of there by noon, right as it started drizzling. Perfect timing!!

Sometimes I think the rain adds a different dimension and feel to photos. This shot would have been beautiful in the sun, but now with the rain and cloudiness it just feels even more amazing.

Just amazing!! I loved this stretch of road from Rocky Harbor to Deer Lake

Iím guessing some sort of rockslide happened

I made it to Deer Lake in no time and found a Burger King. I was longing for some fries, and wanted to download my camera pics and charge my laptop some.
After ordering fires and a salad, I was told they were out of salad, and there was nothing else I could eat. Bummer. Then I realized they had smoothies so I ordered one of those. The girls there were so sweet, they gave me that on the house as they were out of salad.
As I was sitting there the weather cleared Yippee!!

The ride to Harveyís cabin was sunny and beautiful, but nothing like the Rocky Harbor/Deer Lake route

Found the turn off to Harveyís cabin

As I am writing this part I am on the ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia so Iíll end it here as I really want to go upstairs and enjoy the sea breeze.
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Old 09-05-2014, 09:27 AM   #343
NomadGal OP
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Will post more once I get to Rory's home in Moncton!
He told me I can leave Spirit with him until spring!! Awesome!!
I will also reply to everyone's comments then.
gonna hit the road again
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Old 09-05-2014, 10:18 AM   #344
Joined: Oct 2013
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Great ride report Esther! Love the pictures too. What a beautiful flowers again!
I cannot wait to hear the rest of your story.
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Old 09-11-2014, 10:03 AM   #345
Jettn Jim
This is Liv'n!!!
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Hello Esther, Nomadmom and all who are riding along with Esther! Aloha...

I look forward to adding my perspective of our 3.5 weeks riding together... It will be in a week or sooo when I return home. I have been off the grid since leaving Newfoundland and coming down the North Shore of Quebec.. amazing villages with little contact with the "outside" world, perfect!^)

I have purposely kept my computer shut off for most all of this ride as I wanted to try something different and be in the moment during the event and then post up a RR in perhaps third person in one shot after completion.
Unlike in the past when I tried to keep it mostly live.( I am currenty in an Auberge "Hostel" called Au Sommet du Fjord- over looking Ans de Roche "Rocky Bay" along de RIvie'r Saguenay with wifi, so I can now reach out)

Upon returning home to PA I will add my side of the story to Esthers RR then start my own. WooooHooo

I must say that Esther is ONE AMAZING Woman!!! Her skills of riding Spirit have more that went off the chart since I met her in Mai 2012, she can more than handle her bike and I was always amazed at how soon she would appear when I would stop for a picture on a long dirt road! Pretty much within moments! She can easily ride at 80-100km on the dirt roads!!! Though she seems to prefer 80km and I can't blame her... Desiree' prefers that speed too.

Her life skills set is above and beyond most anyone you've probably ever met... she has mastered most of the things necessary to live a full and wonderfully abundant life. Cheers to her...
The wonderful friends and other folks we hung out with while on the Island of Newfoundland were soooo amazed by her!!!

It has been an honor to ride along with her and get some more insight into what makes NomadGal tick.
I'm uploading some pictures now and will just throw a few that have transfered up as a bit of filler...

Peace and Love,

Goodbye Sherri...

First donation money for the trip and an au revoir from my wonderful friend Nick.... he wants to make sure I treat Esther to as many hot showers as possible!) haha Thank YOU Nick!

Perfect day for an adventure...

Shoot still uploading will post many more asap.

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