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Old 07-11-2014, 03:18 AM   #91
Jeffrode OP
Joined: Jun 2014
Oddometer: 25
Ride Resumes: Chicago to Michigan

7/10/2014: Today we were able to leave Chicago,IL and get back into the ride headed towards Coldwater,MI.

This morning we had an early start and were wanting to work our way through the city early. Who thought of that no we are stuck in the traffic and canít split lanes since we aren't in California.

We discovered the best way to get into the local area. Get stuck in traffic because you are able to experience everything. See the bus stop, the people walk to work, the trashman pick up trash and the police and fireman driving through with their sirens. We ran into tons of people riding their bikes to work and we were enjoying doing the same. I also think my scooter is quite a bit more powerful than theirs.

My dad is looking at him, are you really trying to compete with me. We both blow him away leaving the next light. We keep working our way deeper into the city and the bicyclists start to be able to keep up and even sometimes beat us through the traffic.

We are now getting right into the heart of town. My dad is giving me one of those lectures, ďwe are getting into out for everyoneÖĒ. After his words of wisdom we work our way into the chaos.

We are mixed in with everyone and looking at the amazing buildings in the city of Chicago. We are right on the Chicago river waiting to get through the traffic and work our way out back to the little towns. We left the city and headed out around the bottom of the lake and through Gary,IN.

It was a little scary as we were entering one of the worst cities in the US and running into a tank at the outskirts. We entered with the assumption that it was going to be really bad. Continued to get deeper and deeper in the poverty and had more and more people walking along the street.

We thought it was going to get worse but we were able to avoid lot of the poverty by working our way along the BP plant. We never felt threatened just did not want to have to stay there for a long time. We started to get a couple waves and then started waving at everyone and they we all happy and waved back. Scooters are loved everywhere from the high end cities to the poverty strained communities. Next we stopped and had lunch at this local Gyros stand.

Had a great little lunch and then worked our way into Michigan. 3 States in one day? Thats right the scooters made it through 3 states in one day. In Michigan we worked our way back into the farmlands and back into the spectacular tree covered roads.

Traveling through the farmland we ran across this guy who was a collector of all sorts of antiques. He had a awesome little vintage gas station with the pumps and signs, so we took a picture and continued on along our route. Finally got into Coldwater and wrapped up our day. We traveled 225 miles and work our way through downtown traffic as well as a crime stricken town and farmlands to our destination in 8 hours.

We ended up taking apart the scooter again and today went into the started motor.

We found out that the starter itself had been bad so we put so grease in it and it will work a quick fix but it really needed a new bearing. Since it has undergone so much damage now we probably will just replace the starter motor for the next ride. We didnít think it was the starter before since we pulled it out and tried it and didnít make any noise. So we replaced the starter clutch instead which didnít fix the problem. Anyways it is fixed for now so we can keep on going.

Video from the Day

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Old 07-12-2014, 03:36 AM   #92
Jeffrode OP
Joined: Jun 2014
Oddometer: 25
Scooters Day 14 Ohio

7/11/2014: Today we left Coldwater,MI and were headed across Michigan and around lake Erie towards Newton Falls, OH.

We had a little bit of a late start today but the scooter started right up the first time without any noise. First we left Coldwater and headed east towards through the farmlands towards the great lakes. We ran into a cool little store that used to be a gas station and took pictures.

We have ran into many of these old roadside stores throughout the journey that were abandoned and just left to rot away. They are all really cool and have way more character than the new gas stations. This is when they were owned by individual trying to just make a living instead of big corporate businesses. Anyways we continued on to our first gas stop and a little while after ran into a fellow scooter.

This is what scooter used to be like when they were more mini bikes put together by a young kid. Using an old lawnmower engine and a few other bits and pieces to make your own mini bike. This is also a lot like the old cushman scooters from back in the day. Anyways we continued on and made our way to another forgotten building.

Whoever owns this land however still cares about it since they went through the effort to mow the lawn. It was a cool old building the still looked pretty sturdy but we didnít look around too long since we had a long way to go. Our next stop was lunch at this cool little dinner called Blondies.

This was our lunch stop was a little dinner and drive-in. Just one of those cool old styles dating back to the 50ís where everyone would want to hang out at the local fast food joint. Sorry McDonalds but I donít really want to hang out there, the drive through is enough for me. Our lunch stop was also right at the border and we have now entered Ohio. Next we began to wrap around lake Erie.

We were traveling along looking for a great view to take a little break but there was not any place that was right on the water so, we decided to stop at this lighthouse and check it out. My dad went back to his childhood of trying to not get caught by the cops as he snuck over by the lighthouse for a picture. We continued on a found a better place to check out the water.

We were able to ride right along the coast for miles and miles. This reminds me of the outer banks in North Carolina as you are just right on the edge of the water and for as far as you can see there is nothing except the beautiful blue water. It was amazing to me that there wasnít more of a tide like in the ocean and how perfectly still the water was since the lake is so massive. It also would be incredible to see in the winter when it turns into ice. We continued on through the tree canopy and rolling hills and entered Amish territory.

We didnít run into any Amish today but tomorrow i am sure we will as we cross through Pennsylvania. Today was a long day covering some 310 miles and takes us right around 10 hrs. For this scooter thing you have to be tough and able to do 10hr days back to back otherwise it is impossible to make it across in such a short time frame. We are almost there just 2 days left and we should arrive at the Statue of Liberty in NY. Ready to be done with the riding thing for a while at least on a scooter need to get back on a real bike and out on the trails.
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Old 07-12-2014, 04:40 PM   #93
Let's Ride
JT105's Avatar
Joined: Jun 2014
Location: SE Michigan
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It would be interesting to know the route you took from coast to coast. Can you post a map when you complete your journey? I wouldn't mind checking out some of the places you mentioned if I find myself in the area.
"All bikes are created equal, but some are more equal than others." - Motorcycle Farm
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Old 07-13-2014, 02:48 AM   #94
Jeffrode OP
Joined: Jun 2014
Oddometer: 25
Day 15 Penn

7/12/2014: Today we left Newton Falls, OH and headed towards Pennsylvania and the Amish country to Shamokin Dam, PA.

We started out the ride this morning REALLLY early we left the motel right around 7am. I donít know why he wanted to leave so early since the day was about 30 miles shorter than the previous 2 days. So we got started and leaving town ran into the glimpse of our future.

We are getting really anxious to finish and get off these silly little bikes so, we stop at every chance we get and act like we already made it but, no there is still another day left. After passing by some New York sights we continued on and were looking for a donut shop to get some breakfast. After my dad passed a couple I thought that he had given up the idea and we werenít going to stop but he proved me wrong.

We stopped at this little bake stand on the side of the road and picked up some cinnamon rolls. They were really good and then we asked her what it was like to be Amish. She said they werenít able to use electricity and had to drive little buggies instead of cars. She wasnít very descriptive so we continued on along the route. We drove for another 30 miles or so passing a bunch of Amish and then ran across a sign for another for a bake shop and we had to stop at this one since there were like 20 buggies and a large crowd of people there.

We got more cinnamon rolls but these werenít nearly as good as the first ones. The lady explained that their mom had passed away and they were having an action of the belongings. This is why there were so many Amish in one area. We left the Amish community and continued on our way came up to a little town that had a couple awesome murals on the side of the buildings.

We continued on and made it to our lunch stop and had a great sandwich from this local sub shop. We continued on and ran into some fabulous roads that had great tree coverage and we really flowing and fun.

We work our way through miles and miles of these flowing roads. Having a great time and flew by a couple of deer off to the side but you have to look out so you donít startle on and send them bolting across the road. Continued on just having a blast and then ran into another dirt road.

This was quite a well maintained road just a little bumpy for the scooters springs. Was a nice way to get off the main road and know you are remote since there is a town every 10 miles or so but you were able to find the only dirt road in the area. It also wasnít bad since it was only a mile section and then back onto the winding roads. We continued on and then ran into forest gump.

He was walking and running across the entire US. He is a little more hardcore than we are even on the scooters. Maybe I should crawl across the US? Yea right I would become soooooo bored. His name is Zachary James and if you want you can follow his journey at He was a great guy and just wanted to talk but we still had a bunch of miles to travel so we continued on. On the way into town we ran into some redneck fun.

Nothing better on a summer day than tubing right? I guess in Pennsylvania you donít need water to enjoy this. Probably would be too much fun falling off the tube. We made it into town and finished off our day covering some 310 miles and it took us a short 8 and a half hours. One day left and hopefully the scooter will make it since it has been leaking so much oil recently. We will just have to wait and see only 200 miles left and we should be in New York. Watch out for these little motorcycles making it across America.

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Old 07-13-2014, 09:19 AM   #95
Iron Butt #31
Joined: Mar 2004
Location: been there
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arrival in NYC

any idea when you would get into the NYC area? Perhaps some of could meet up and escort you in?
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Old 07-14-2014, 08:16 AM   #96
Jeffrode OP
Joined: Jun 2014
Oddometer: 25
Final Day to New York

7/13/2014: Today we left Shamokin Dam, PA and headed across and through New Jersey towards our final stop the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The day began with us leaving town early because we wanted to finish the last leg. We started through some amazing forests and wound our way in and out of little farming towns and through Amish country.

We found these amazing back roads through Pennsylvania which seemed to be abandoned since there was no one on them. The continued on and wound through the trees just having a blast and chasing each other in and out of corners. The benefit with the little scooters is that you can go as fast as you want and you canít get into trouble since you still are not speeding. On these remote roads we ran into some farm lands once in a while.

Some of these farms have awesome view of the hills and mountains surrounding them. This is one of those places where you would not mind doing a little manual labor in order to live there. We continued on and again were working ourselves along the Pennsylvania bicycle route.

The bicyclists really know some of the best routes through the area with incredible roads and views. They also were quite remote without running into another car for 10-15 minutes. They worked their way in and out of little town and just continued on. We also crossed quite a few large rivers, including the Delaware river and work our way into New Jersey.

Welcome to the garden state and the mark that we really had a shot at taking this 100 dollar scooter from coast to coast. We continued on nearing ourselves closer and closer and then decided to stop and take out last lunch break.

This is our final lunch stop of the journey at this little hole in the wall italian restaurant that was quite delicious. We had a wonderful lunch break and were quite anxious to get back on the road and finish our journey. By now we were getting really close to the city so we stopped and my dad decided to break out the victory cape.

We were down to the last 10 miles and boy were we getting the looks. Here is a note to all the harley guys if you want people to look at you instead of spending all of your money on exhaust and chrome buy a little cape. Everyone was looking at us and cheering us on almost like they were all reading our blog. The little kid all had the biggest smiles as we rode by them. We worked our way deeper and deeper into the city and then reached the last bridge.

This was our final water crossing of the journey. We were so close we could see our destination and knew that if anything happened now we could still push the scooters to the end. We now entered liberty park and work our way to the parking lot.

We made it to Liberty park, the scooters had made it from coast to coast. Now you know that a CT70 and a 100 dollar chinese scooter can be reliable and be used on an epic adventure. Our journey had taken us 16 days to travel from the Golden Gate in San Fransisco to the Statue of Liberty in New York. We traveled 4,685 miles on two little motorcycles and made the impossible possible. These little bike were able to manage averaging 32.3 mph for the entire journey. Our trip had finished. What do we do now? How do you go back to ordinary life? Guess we have to ride the bikes back home anyone want to join us?

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Old 07-14-2014, 08:20 AM   #97
Two Wheeled Explorer
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Simply Awesome!
Two wheeled adventures exploring Ontario,Canada.
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Old 07-14-2014, 08:40 AM   #98
Beastly Adventurer
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Wow great trip, thanks for taking us along.
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Old 07-14-2014, 08:51 AM   #99
such a pud..
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i have no words...

this thing is AWESOME... and makes the mach V look like a vagina!

There will only be two things left moving after WW3.
Cockroaches & KLRs.
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Old 07-14-2014, 09:08 AM   #100
Affluenza Free!
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Keeping a ride report up-to-date takes a bit of dedication. Thanks for making the effort. Great trip!
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Thief and Saboteur
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Fantastic! Thanks for the ride!!

I've got a '68 Honda 90 I want to do some long trips on and you guys are an inspiration!

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Old 07-14-2014, 10:03 AM   #102
Beastly Adventurer
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I'm totally impressed with your daily mileage and stamina. Unbelievable that you guys and those scooters held up so well.

So what are you doing with the scoots?

Loved the report, thanks for sharing this ride with us.

Don't you know there ain't no devil, it's just God when he's drunk.
Tom Waits
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Old 07-14-2014, 10:28 AM   #103
Smooth Operator
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Congratulations! Awesome trip!
2013 Honda Super Cub
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Old 07-14-2014, 11:02 AM   #104
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Originally Posted by ride4321 View Post

I'm totally impressed with your daily mileage and stamina. Unbelievable that you guys and those scooters held up so well.

So what are you doing with the scoots?

Loved the report, thanks for sharing this ride with us.
Take them to Wheels through Time or Barber. They need to be in a museum somewhere!!
Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, but I've had a good life all the way.
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Old 07-14-2014, 11:36 AM   #105
such a pud..
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Originally Posted by Chico View Post
Fantastic! Thanks for the ride!!

I've got a '68 Honda 90 I want to do some long trips on and you guys are an inspiration!

Just picked up a 68 ct90 as well. Getting it sorted and planning a trip with a buddy on his passport next year. Not of this magnitude though.
this thing is AWESOME... and makes the mach V look like a vagina!

There will only be two things left moving after WW3.
Cockroaches & KLRs.
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