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Old 07-21-2014, 05:42 PM   #46
PDX Alamo
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I second the salt lick in driftwood Texas , the absolute best BBQ I've ever had. Also Elgin TX is famous for their Links. End of BBQ lesson
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Old 07-21-2014, 10:31 PM   #47
h2oboy OP
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Day 15 Saturday June 14

Houston TX to DeRidder LA

This part of Texas and southern Louisiana are sooooo flat it's boring me to death.

I saw this in Texas.

I found this amusing. A coal fired power plant in the middle of oil country.

I took back roads so it took me longer than expected but it was still all straight and flat roads. I would get excited when I saw a corner.

Made it too DeRidder in time to visit a little bit before heading off to my very first Craw Fish Boil.

Verdict - Yummy but biting into the corn that was in the pot was a shocker. It just soaked up all of the spices and then proceeded to burn the crap out of my lips. After the initial shock wore off it was all good. Finished the corn, potato and many Craw Fish.

I was told that I didn't eat nearly enough though. I don't know how they pack away so many of them. I was stuffed and I felt like a wienie for how few I ate compared to the rest of them.

On a totally different topic. Those southern states have some of the highest obesity rates in the US.

Ok, maybe I don't feel so bad about not eating as much as them.
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Old 07-22-2014, 12:15 AM   #48
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sub'd! Can't wait to see where the rest of the adventure takes you.
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Old 07-22-2014, 12:55 AM   #49
Studly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by h2oboy View Post
Day 5 Tuesday May 20

North of Las Vegas to Phoenix

There is a joke in here somewhere. You can also see the wind in all of the flags.
Haha looks like you got gas in ur anus
Ride reports

Malaysia and Thailand


Back home Georgia to Florida

its not what I do, its the way that I do it.
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Old 07-22-2014, 09:11 AM   #50
Max Wedge
ADVenture mowing
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A corner..YAY!

Reminds me of Michigan. 20-60 minutes to set-up for a corner. Hilarious!
'10 R1200GS

-you never see a motorcycle parked outside of a psychiatrist's office.
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Old 07-22-2014, 09:18 PM   #51
h2oboy OP
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Day 16 Monday June 16

DeRidder LA to New Orleans LA

I successfully made it through my cousin in laws sermon (he's a preacher) with out being struck by lightning. I took that as a good sign so it was time to push my luck with the higher power. Off the New Orleans I go.

I had never been there before and I was this close, I would hate myself if I didn't go check it out. I tried to take back roads but you end up on a freeway for a lot of the way into town. I took the more southern route hoping that I would see lots of swamp and swamp critters. Very little swamp was seen and only herons were seen for swamp critters. I'm sure I could have seen more if I got off of the main road but I was focused on getting to New Orleans in time to sight see.

I made it and got checked into my hotel between the French Quarter and the Garden District. Only being in NOLA for one night, I was told I had to go to Bourbon Street.

I started walking to the French Quarter. I was still about 10 blocks away when I saw a sign in front of a bar that said "free shots with every US goal". Sweet. I forgot that the US was playing in the World Cup this day. I went in and grabbed one of the few empty seats. Only 7 min had transpired in the game but I had already missed 1 free shot. That made me happy and sad all at once.

The game went as expected. The US sat on there lead and let Ghana have way to many opportunities to score, which Ghana finally did at the 82 min mark. Everyone in the bar except one of the waitresses was totally deflated by Ghanas goal. Then the place erupted with lots of hi 5's and hugging when the US scored the go ahead goal. After the game was over I remembered that I was supposed to be on a quest to explore Bourbon Street.

I reached Bourbon Street and started walking down it. I figured I should eat something first before I drink anymore. I found a promising looking restaurant called Oceana. It looked like a hole in the wall place from the street but it was huge inside covering several floors of the building.

I asked for the most New Orleans thing on the menu. That turned out to be the RedFish LaFouche. I thought I was getting catfish but my waitress had upgraded me for a mere $5 more, which I didn't know about until I saw the bill. The dish was good but I got sticker shock when I went to pay'

Through out my time on Bourbon Street and walking to and from it, I came to the conclusion that there are 2 types of people in NOLA. Tourists and those who will do whatever it takes to get money from tourists. Every one was nice, from the bums holding a bottle in a brown paper bag that just needed $1.76 more to get on the Trolley (which I had walked the whole length of the route) to the shoe shine con men to the upgrading behind your back waitresses to the sweet talking whores umm I mean "dancers" /wink. They were all nice. But they cared about nothing but the green in my pocket.
This is why I hate touristy places.

Welcome to NOLA

Off Bourbon Street

I was back in my room by 10pm. That's just not my scene
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Old 07-23-2014, 05:31 AM   #52
Pata de Perro
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Originally Posted by h2oboy View Post
Day 10 Monday June 2

Puerto Vallarta - Zacatecas "Love Motel"

I reached a military checkpoint about 20km south of Zacatecas and they actually pulled me over and wanted to search my bags. I had gone through many police and military checkpoints so far on the trip but they always just waved me through.

Before I left the check point, I asked them if they knew of any hotel in Zacatecas that had parking where my motorcycle would be secure. I thought that he said San Miguel and he described how to get there, so I thanked him and continued on towards Zacatecas. The signs were a little confusing going into town and I passed a sign that pointed to a hotel named Samil. After not finding San Miguel I decided to try and find it on the GPS. It listed many hotels but none named San Miguel.
The hotel name is Don Miguel

Great RR!

" If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself " - Max Ehrmann
Chiapas Ride 2013
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Old 07-23-2014, 12:58 PM   #53
h2oboy OP
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Originally Posted by Arte View Post
The hotel name is Don Miguel

Great RR!
Damn it. That looks like a better place to stay than the Love Motel I was at.
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Old 07-23-2014, 03:00 PM   #54
h2oboy OP
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Day 17 Tuesday June 17

New Orleans LA to White Oak State Park AR

As I previously mentioned, Southern LA is flat. No fun roads were had until I got up into Northern LA.

I passed through Mississippi on my way north.

Hills started forming and roads started avoiding peaks of hills which made them twist and turn some.

They got better the further into Arkansas I got. Garmin even routed me on a road that reminded me of some of the paved forest service roads in Oregon. I was in bliss for awhile.

Then I reached my campground.

This is the 3rd time on this trip I'm camping. Some times I feel guilty for not camping more. I would rather spend time with friends and family than be alone out in the woods though.

Also, I'm not sure I would recommend tent camping in the south now that I'm laying in my tent sweating like I'm in a sauna. I hope I don't die of dehydration during the night.

It is nice laying here in the tent listening to all of the frogs and owls making noise though.
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Old 07-23-2014, 08:24 PM   #55
h2oboy OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Day 18 Wednesday June 18

White Oak State Park AR to Mena AR

Woke up after a night of sweating to the froggies and it actually didn't feel that humid in the morning. Why couldn't it have been like this last night? The campground did have shower facilities so I utilized them before hitting the road.

I didn't have that far to go today so I decided to back track a few miles and look at a historical site. Poison Springs battle. It wasn't that great of a site. It appeared to be more of a picnic area that had some historical information there.

I had to try for some more adventure so I set Garmin to find shortest route and ensured that "avoid unpaved roads" was not checked. I was blessed with actually getting some unpaved roads on my route. I was also finally getting into some really nice paved road riding. Hills are nice for motorcyclists in that way.

Pulled into my friends house early afternoon and settled in for a few days of catching up.
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Old 07-24-2014, 10:48 AM   #56
h2oboy OP
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Day 19 Sunday June 22

Mena AR to Pryor Creek OK

The plan for the day was to make it to a fellow ADV'rs home Throttlemeister in Pryor Creek OK.

My left fork seal had been leaking a little bit since I left Mexico and I figured it would be good to get it fixed before I started doing the TAT (Trans America Trail).

John is a really nice guy.

He opened his home and his shop to me and bent over backwards in helping me get the bike fixed. We went ahead and changed out the oil also. That was a little bit of a fiasco due to me not seeing the oil rise through the site glass. I thought it was still low so we went and bought another quart or oil only to have to suck out a quart and a half later on. We had never met before this. I figured that I would be the last person John decides to help with all the little issues we ran into while doing the work. He assured me that he would continue to assist other bikers that need it.

The motorcycle community is great all over the world. I'm blessed to be a part of it.

John has ridden his bike all over the place including South America and Cuba. Not many people can say they've ridden their own bike in Cuba. He has some awesome stories and is a good story teller. Which is much better than having great stories and being a sucky story teller. Stop pointing at me through your screen, that's not nice.
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Old 07-24-2014, 10:52 AM   #57
h2oboy OP
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Day 20 Monday June 23

Pryor Creek OK to Liberal KS

John had given me some spots to go see on my way through OK. I was anxious to get on the road and see some sites but not while it was pouring down rain. I finally left his house around noon.
I was going to try and do a little bit of the TAT and see the sites John had told me about.
The first part worked out ok. I did some of the TAT until I came rather suddenly upon a water crossing at the bottom of a kinda steep hill. It had been nice easy graded roads until that quick downhill into the creek. Luckily I wasn't going that fast and I was able to stop about half way down to the creek.
With all of the rain they had gotten the last couple of days had made the crossing really muddy. I could tell how bad it was due to the truck tracks through it.
I decided I was going to wimp out of going through this one on the premise that I needed to make up some miles and I wasn't going to be able to if I got stuck in that mud. I took the bypass route.
I was then trying to find the grassland that John had old me about in the hopes of seeing some Buffalo. I have seen Buffalo before in Yellowstone and on some farms so the fact that I couldn't find them or the grassland wasn't a total bummer.
The other 2 places John told me about were a salt flat and some sand dunes. I was wanting to see them but by the time I got to the salt flats it was already dusk and not very good visibility and when I got to the sand dunes it was totally dark. 3 strikes and I was out. Since I got such a late start the only thing to do now was to make miles. I pushed on until Liberal KS when I pulled in about midnight and got a hotel. There was pretty lightning in that part of the country that night. I wasn't going to be camping.

Brick roads in Elgin?

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Old 07-24-2014, 12:43 PM   #58
h2oboy OP
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Originally Posted by fasttortoise View Post
Wow I didn't realize your were going to ride the TAT. Keep going- I'm enjoying your report!

Any thoughts on the WR you'd like to share? Seems like you've put on quite a few miles this trip.
Thanks for the support.

The WR - it is an awesome bike in sumo form for doing everything. The only wish that I had while on this trip was a little more power. Passing at speed and headwinds kick my ass.
I have since bought another WR250X and a 690 Enduro. I haven't had a chance to take the 690 out on any dirt trips yet. Once I do, I'll make a decision on whether I keep both WR's (1 street, 1 dirt) or 1 WR in street trim and the 690 for my adventure stuff.

Why not a WR250R? I rode my friends the other day and I didn't like it. It started getting head shakes at 65mph and got tossed around every where from any road grooves. The X seems much more stable all around.

Keep following the thread for upcoming dirt.
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Old 07-24-2014, 02:40 PM   #59
h2oboy OP
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Day 21 Tuesday June 24

Liberal KS to Trinidad CO

Woke up bright and early at 9:30. After the late night riding I decided I deserved to sleep in a bit.

Today's priority was to get to New Mexico and try and complete at least 1 of the 4 things John recommended for me to do.
This last item was a track that went through the mountains and into Colorado. From there I planned on meeting up with the TAT somewhere in SE Colorado.

A spot to pee in the panhandle

I was on the road by 10:30 and making miles to New Mexico. I have been roughly following the TAT through Oklahoma but I've been staying on the highways instead of the dirt TAT route for speed. I have made a commitment to friends that I'll be back home in time for the 4th of July celebrations. Besides, I figured I was seeing about the same flat terrain just with less dirt in my teeth.

I was riding through Boise City. Oklahoma not Idaho. I spotted 2 bikes at a gas station that looked like the owners were probably doing the TAT themselves.

I pulled in and found 2 English gentlemen (Steve and Geoff) inside enjoying a snack while on a break from riding the TAT. Steve is sstout here on ADV, Geoff is not an inmate. Steve kept an awesome blog of their travels at

I proceeded to inject myself into their conversation and tried to glean what information I could about the TAT. We chatted for a little bit and they seemed like good people. They stated that they were going to end up in Trinidad that evening and I should look them up if I went that way. We all took some pictures, because that's protocol for adventure riders. Then wished each other a safe journey. I headed for New Mexico on the highway and they continued to eat dirt on the TAT.

The winds return. Not since I was heading south and into Mexico did I encounter winds like this. I recalled as I was riding how much wind sucked really really badly. I was still on a mission, a mission from John.

I got to New Mexico (YAY), then I think I got to the road John told me about. He had called it Calle de Val but that was nowhere to be found. I did however see a marker for Valle Vidal.

There were only 3 roads in that area and this one sounded the most promising. I headed up it. Colorado here I come.

Not so fast.

The road I was on had several branches on it before Colorado. So I selected a spot on a highway in Colorado that this road should connect to and I told Garmin to route me to there.

Adventure ensues. It starts to rain.

Then it stopped

I'm following Garmin, I haven't seen anywhere to turn but I'm sure I was supposed to turn before I got to where I am. I zoom out and it looks like I'm on a loop and headed back to the highway I just came from, only connecting to a different spot. I have indeed passed where Garmin wanted me to turn so I head back that way.

I find a potential shortcut, so I take it. I take a nap on the road before it ends at a fence saying "private property keep out".

I get back to the spot Garmin wants me to turn but there is no road there. I see the road on the other side of the valley that I'm supposed to be on to head north into Colorado but the only way I have seen to get to it is through a gate a couple miles back. I head to that gate and it says in big letters that it was private property. There was a call box at the gate so I used it. The lady on the other end confirmed that indeed I "shall not pass". I asked her if any other dirt route to Colorado was available. She said that she thought all routes were still closed and I would have to go back to the highway and take that around into Colorado. Kinda strike 4. I say kinda because while I hate to back track, I had ridden over 20 miles in this beautiful valley. I had seen a herd of Elk and a Bobcat on the way out. I'll call it a success.

I got back to the highway and headed for Trinidad Colorado. I saw many many Antelope along the way. And I got to play in the wind again now that I was out of the mountains.

I pulled into Trinidad and rode through town looking for a couple of Brits. I think I missed my calling because I can be a pretty good stalker. I found them without any trouble. I got the last room in the hotel then went and knocked on their door. No one answered. That will not stop me. I went to my room, took a shower and unpacked my stuff. After I got done I noticed that their door was open, so I pounced on the opportunity. I went over and injected myself into their lives.
They told me about a good Mexican food joint around the corner. I left to get food and a promise to return with beer. Return I did and we talked and drank and watched the lightning storm until time for bed. They invited me to join them in their TAT adventures. I don't think they know what their getting into with that invite.
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Old 07-25-2014, 08:54 AM   #60
Beastly Adventurer
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You where on the right road, I could have sworn I called it the "Val ve dell"
phonetically spoken, oh well you where on the right road. Would have been a great way to get up to Colorado, love that route, at least you got to see some of it. The garmin is only so useful, don't try to route screwed you this time

Nice meeting you man
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