If you’re a motorcyclist, then you know that it can be challenging to find accommodations.

Most hotels and motels don’t have designated parking or rooms for motorcycles; even if they do, it often comes at extra cost. That’s why it’s important to know about motorcycle-friendly accommodations—places where you can rest easy knowing your bike will be safe and secure, and where you won’t have to worry about any of the hassles typically associated with traveling on two wheels. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best motorcycle-friendly accommodations options available, so that you can hit the open road with peace of mind.

There are several tools/apps you can use to find your accommodation of choice. Depending on budget and preference and the circumstances of your trip, you can use one app or the other to find the best motorcycle-friendly place to stay for the night.

Starting from the cheapest way possible to find shelter, iOverlander is undoubtedly one of the best go-to resources to use when finding a place to crash for the night. This app is updated by users only, and contains thousands of wild camping spots with photos/reviews for your perusal. It works offline, so you don’t need connectivity for using it. It allows you to travel relatively safely in a zone that’s been tackled before by other overlanders. You can find hostels, hotels, and AirBnB too, but I would use this app to find camping spots or border crossing information.

Booking.com seems maybe too “fancy” to be used by a traveler on a budget but, once you reach Genius-Level 2 or 3 (which is the highest reward loyalty system available) you will get pretty amazing deals on accommodations, including hostels, that go even beyond the regular prices you can have directly at the desk. Many times I had to book my bed right in front of the hostel receptionist because she couldn’t match the cheaper price I was getting through the app. However, some countries or certain areas may be so remote that Booking.com will be useless. This is the time to use Google Maps and search for the local word for “hostel,” which could be pousada, hostal, agriturismo, etc.

If you end up traveling in Latin America or Asia, a lot of hotels/hostels will allow you to store the motorcycle literally INSIDE the building. They may not have parking or a secure location for vehicles, but you may be allowed to ride inside the common area, or the kitchen, or even park inside your room. Flexibility for parking changes once you get to first-world countries, where rules and policies get enforced more strictly.

A great way to find accommodation and a bit of entertainment, while passing through a new area, is to contact local motorcycle clubs via Facebook, WhatsApp groups, or Instagram. Several motorcyclists will go out of their way to find you a place to crash and hear some of your stories from the road.

Motorcycle-friendly accommodations are not always easy to find, but with a little research, you can find some great places to stay while on your next motorcycle road trip. I’ve put together a list of over 300 motorcycle-friendly hostels, camp spots, cheap hotels, and B&Bs that I found during my 20,0000-km trip around Australia, the Americas, and Europe. Here’s the link to my Accommodation guide e-book complete with reviews and prices (not unfortunately up to date).

Whether you’re looking for a place to rest your head after a long day of riding or want to spend the night under the stars, we’ve got you covered. So load up your bike and hit the open road—the world is a motorcycle-friendly oyster!

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